Can not uninstall the CC with Lightroom or Photoshop CC using FREE creative cloud

I tried Lightroom CC and CC in Photoshop using 30 day trials.  Just before the end of these tests, I bought Lightroom CS6 and Photoshop CS 6 stand-alone applications.  Whenever I tried to sign in creative cloud, I received a message that my trial was expired. So, I reinstalled the FREE creative cloud and he ran in order to uninstall CC with Lightroom and Photoshop CC but not appear in the list of installed applications, they are shown with only the option "try."  In the meantime my Lightroom CS6 now does not open.  I don't know, but in a rush, I had installed Adobe Application Manager 10, thinking that would help, but it might be what is in confliict with Lightroom CS6.  Photshop CS6 always opens but strangley "recent files" option on the "open file" menu dropdown is now "clear".  I cannot uninstall Adobe Application Manager 10, Photshop CC or CC with Lightroom feature Microsoft 10 UNINSTALL APPS.  Can someone telll me what I need to do?


Cloud of reading resumes for ideas (see answer #1).

Tags: Creative Suites

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