Can Qosmio G50 - I replace the graphics card?


I would like to know if it is possible to replace the graphics card in the default value of G50 (9600gt) with a better (for example 9800gt).
Thank you for your help and information.

I am dissatisfied with the performance of default graphics card. Is there another way to improve performance?



I m wondering really that you are not satisfied with the performance of the 9600M GT graphics card. What games do you play?

Friend of me has the same graphics card in his notebook and it can play all the games. For a laptop, the 3D performance are really good I must say. :)

About the graphics card update I can recommend this:

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  • Can I replace the graphics card on Tecra M2?

    I have a Tecra M2 and the display shows verticle lines across the entire screen. These lines also appear when plugged upward on a normal screen.
    I checked Device Manager and it says that the nvidia card "cannot start." The problems had me uninstall and won't reinstall, no luck.
    Next option is to unplug and then plug back in, but is it possible? If it is separate would rather just replace the card. Thanks for any help.


    From your description of the error, this really sounds like a malfunction of the GPU (graphics processing unit).
    Unfortunately, it is a serious offense and if a replacement of material you will not be able to fix this :(

    It is a case value because you can not only replace the graphics card. You need to replace the whole motherboard because the GPU is soldered on the Board and cannot be removed easily.

    There is nothing to my buddy.
    Seems that you need to contact a support technician.

    Good luck

  • Re: Satellite A300 - can I replace the graphics card?

    Can I replace the graphics card with a best in Satellite A300-14 (PSAJOE)?


    As you can read in 100 other discussions here in the forum s not possible to repalce the graphics card because it s attached to the motherboard.
    [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop computer? |]

    Here are several interesting information:

  • HP pavilion e073ed 17: you can replace the graphics card for hp pavilion 17e073ed

    I have a HP pavilion 17e073 ed and I want to replace with a better graphics card. The problem is that I can't find anywhere if I can replace the graphics card. I want to replace it for the best benefits of games. I already bought an SSD and some more RAM.


    There is no graphics removable, replaceable and upgradable 'cards' in your laptop.

    The graphics quite part of the motherboard, and to improve the graphics, you would have to see if there is a motherboard listed in the guide service and maintenance for your laptop that has better graphics.

    Replace the motherboard would be a labor intensive and expensive project.

  • can I replace the graphics card on my compaq presario cq71-308ez?

    can I replace the graphics card on my compaq presario cq71-308ez? It must have a dedicated graphics card which should be variable... If it can be replaced, what type of cards can be used...

    thx to advancce


    The G 103 M of your laptop is integrated into the motherboard and therefore, is not an evolutionary element.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • You can replace the graphics card on an Acer Aspire 5920?

    If so what card would be compatible? I currently have an Intel GM965 Express Chipset, and unfortunately Intel stopped supporting this video card in 2009. I am running windows XP Professional service pack 3

    My computer lists the specifications as:

    Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU
    T5450 @1. 66 GHz
    1.67 GHz, 2.99 GB RAM
    Physical address extension

    I hope that I do not need a new computer just to get my hands on a better graphics card, but if it is not possible that's life. It will be that nothing that is more important than a new computer.

    It is not possible to replace the graphics card.  It is part of the motherboard.

  • How can I replace the graphics card Nvidia FX1500M in my Compac HP nw9440 (faulty after a fan failure)

    How to replace the graphics card Nvidia FX1500M in my Compac HP nw9440 (faulty after a fan failure). Works well with VGA HP

    chart but when FX1500M applied, it hangs at the blue screen.  Suspect that the graphics card from Nvidia have suffered under excessive heat due

    to a fan failure.


    Should be in the book above. It shows you all.

    Good luck.

  • Satellite L500-12 q - change or replace the graphics card

    Hey guys I'm new in this place
    Could someone change or replace the graphics card on Satellite L500-12 q with a better game card?

    I searched the Web for a better card, but couldn't find any info on my laptop with the exception of increasing the performance of certain software such as mentioned in a youtube video

    Please someone heeelp

    Hi samuniv,

    As you can read in 100 other threads, it of not possible to replace the graphics card because it s fixed/soldered to the motherboard. Therefore, an Exchange is not possible.
    You should also check out this interesting article:

    According to the specifications of your laptop is equipped with an Intel GMA 4500 graphics card. The card is good for the office and Windows but it s not a graphics card for new 3D games. You can play older games on the low resolution of the screen, but newer games will not run.

  • Is it possible to replace the graphics card on my Satellite Pro?

    Is it possible to replace the graphics card on my Satellite Pro?
    I need to so that it can run CAD software. Anyone know if it is possible, or it is soldered to the motherboard :(

    No, it is not possible given that the graphics chips more are part of the motherboard.
    In some cases, it of possible to remove the graphics chip on the motherboard, but in this case that it must always use the same GPU for this motherboard.

  • Is possible to extend the graphics memory or replace the graphics card on the Satellite P10 504

    Anyone know if it is possible to extend the video memory on the satellite p10 504, or to replace the video card. Because the memory is too small to play most of the good games.


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the graphics memory or replace the graphics card on the laptop computers of s.
    Please don t compare cell phone technology with the desktop simply.
    Laptops use other motherboards and graphics cards are mostly welded on the boards!

    Nothing to do, buddy

    I wouldn't buy a laptop if you want to play the latest games! Why? Because of the possibilities of upgrading equipment.
    The desktop PC can be upgraded very easily but not the laptop

  • Can I replace the graphics card on Satellite Pro A100

    Hi all

    Just a quick question about the graphics card in my Satellite pro a100 computer laptop. I heard different stories about this.

    The ATI RAdeon Mobility x 1400 card can be replaced on this laptop. If so how easy it is to do and how I could tell which cards would be compatible?

    Thank you


    You cannot remove, replace or update the graphics card.
    The graphics chip is attached to the motherboard and it of not possible to remove it.
    In addition, the motherboard is compatible only with the current graphics chip.

    Good bye


    I bought a computer laptop vaio eseries, but now I find that my computer laptop vaio has no high graphics to play good games. So for that I want to replace my graphics card. Thanks in advance.


    Without knowing the exact device model, I can't say with certainty, but most of our units of the video card is integrated into the motherboard and can not be upgraded without swapping to a different motherboard...

  • Can I replace the graphics card on Equium A100-549

    Hi, I bought a game on Saturday, or a simulation game, I got one installed on my laptop.
    The game ran very slow so I removed the programs, a clip which I don't use pictures, one has tried it yet once one was still chance?

    I looked on the web one found that the game runs slowly on my card reader.

    Can I get a new graphics card for my laptop?

    The card I have is ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 M SERIES, one lap top is an Equium A100-549? can anyone help thanks chris

    No, the graphics card can be replaced on laptops.
    Especially the GPU chip is soldered on the motherboard.

    Welcome them

  • Can I replace the graphics card in my laptop?


    I was wondering if it is possible to change the graphics card in my laptop, if so, what kind of graphics card is compatible with my laptop. I have a hp Probook G1 450 with a graphics card intel HD 4600 and an AMD Radeon 8750 M.



    Manual (version 4.9.1):

    You cannot upgrade graphics system. The first which is the maximum value of the support of your model. Then, the card chip & integrated Intel graphics graphic AMD is welded on the map.



  • Tecra M2: Can play a game of the graphics card?

    It seems that play Flight Simulator could destroy the graphics card on the laptop! I never thought this would be possible. I gave a friend my old Tecra M2 (as a wedding gift) which he also uses to play FS9. A few years ago, he had to have the motherboard replaced (Fortunately it's still under warranty then) because it has become defective. This has happened while he was playing FS9. I never thought that at that time.

    It seems like the same problem comes up again, but this time the laptop isn't under warranty anymore. Nothing has been changed on the video card to "accelerate" or "chip" or another - it is standard at the factory. The latest drivers are installed for the Nvidia GeForce FX Go5200 32 M / 64 M and the portable computer has 1 GB of RAM (and a lot of space on the HARD disk).

    At startup, the Toshiba logo has green vertical lines. The Windows logo also has the same symptoms, the vertical lines. I was able to boot in safe mode, a few times, then it started normally (I was onto a winner of thought), but now it seems just blue screen and reboot after Windows Logo (even if I didn't no reset in case of failure). After the reboot, I got a blue screen (BSOD not usual) with the next STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0 x 01010101, 0xF7911378, 0xF7911074).

    Any ideas? I'd be really upset if I found out that a game could physically cause a motherboard to replace on a laptop! If this is true, can someone tell me how to prevent it in the future? I have a Tecra M3 and I don't want to happen to me either!

    Thank you!


    Hi mate,

    the fact is that I would NEVER play FS9 even on my machine which is a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz with 1 GB of RAM and a geforce 7800GS.
    Flight Simulator 9 needs AS many system resources and in your case it s like you take 500 tons of steel and throw on a single donkey.

    The M2 is a pure business machine and not scheduled to play these games like FS9 needing beasts of machines to run * correctly *. Maybe the older games are playable, but I think that it s right that FS9 could probably damaged your graphics unit (overheating).
    You won´t move swap the motherboard and let your FS9 fingers when you hold an M2 or M3 or a set of non-game in your hands.

    The man, who is ill, the poor M2 then FS9... :D

    Clear from the statement to me: Yes, a game CAN probably damage a portable system, but not for sure! And an M2/M3 is not to play these games. Rather spent the money for a system with a Geforce 8600 Core2Dou or something similar.

    Welcome them

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