Can someone explain please the NEW, process RECENTLY CHANGED to "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 40.0?

The process of "bookmark all tabs" apparently has recently changed. The window "New bookmark" that opens after choosing ' bookmark all tabs "does not make clear what needs to be done now to save all open tabs. It was a simple matter of just to name the folder. Now, it's not not clear to me that parts of the pop-up window must be filled to actually get the tabs open bookmarks instead of just get an empty folder called [name of folder].

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Seems to be a problem with the Tab Mix Plus. See:

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    In the case of an error in probe (4SNS), to determine what type of sensor is referenced, look for his first letter, which should be 'I' for the current "V" or "T" for temperature, voltage.

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  • The new version not allows to bookmark all tabs?

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    Right-click on a tab to see this menu item, or use {Ctrl + Shift + D}.

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    Thank you


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  • I can't find the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 5 used to be there. He moved or just removed?

    I can't find the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 5 used to be there. He moved or just removed?

    You can also right click on a tab to see this menu item.

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    I managed to recreate the error entry "Fastboot didn't work (disable)" and here are the steps to make it work:

    1. update the OneKey optimizer at v1.2.24.07 (previously

    2 disable the quick start and then go to the files tab optimized and restore all entries related to the hard drive optimized and inputs of optimized Boot Partition then reboot (you should see that the fastboot.log is no longer produces an error).

    3 re-enable all the entries you disabled in step 3 then restart (you should see the error "Fastboot didn't work (disable)")

    4 restart 3 times more, and you should now see "Fastboot worked (enable)" (it seems that it takes a few reboots to fully optimize the system).

    I tried the steps above on a Y510p with OneKey optimizer v1.2.24.07. I can't tell if it's going to be the case even on a Z50-80, there are currently no here sampling unit in the laboratory.


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    Right-click on a tab and you will be able to bookmark all tabs. Or use the Alt + B keyboard that opens old style menu. You can make changes to Firefox, as explained in this post: /questions/799856 #answer - 155765

  • What happened to the function "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 4.0.1?

    I found the function "To bookmark all tabs" very useful when I went to close Firefox (for recovering the memory), but wanted to be able to remember the bookmarks. In the 4.0.1 Version that seems to have been supplanted by groups of tabs in Panorama, but this isn't the same thing. I want just a simple way to bookmark, or make a group of tabs of ALL open tabs.

    {Ctrl + Shift + D} to trigger bookmark all tabs or use the menu option bookmark all tabs... in the context menu for each tab.

  • I paid to be a member of the Adobe every month, and I just noticed that I can not download a complete version of all creative products only a trial... This was never the case! Can someone explain please why this seems to be a scam?

    Hello world

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    Someone at - it from Adobe can give me an answer to this, because it seems to me that I throw my money out the window.

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    Please refer to the steps below: -.

    First of all, disconnect, then back into creative cloud, using adobe id to pay for your subscription.

    Then, if you launch any product of CC 2015 and the pop up still shows a trial message window, please check this link for the resolution:

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    One way would be to create a mask of pixels in a layer that got the white glyphs on a gray background.  Then the background would be partially transparent, while the glyphs for text would be completely opaque.

    Another way, which would leave the layer that defines the 'live' (editable) text would be to duplicate the image and fade in the background, and then create a clipping with the full-contrast layer mask and the text, as shown here:

    A Variant can be to make the data of the duplicate image partially transparent, then you could put it on any background color you like...


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    The desktop of your computer, click on the tab "Start", usually located at the bottom left of the screen (on Vista, it's maybe the windows symbol instead of the word 'Start').

    Now, find and click on the program title 'run '. Vista users can locate this program by typing "run" in the area of research at the bottom of the menu 'start '.

    Once you open 'Run', type 'MSCONFIG' in the empty box and click 'OK '. This will open the System Configuration utility.

    With the open System Configuration utility, select the tab "Services".

    Scroll down the list of services (it may be advantageous to click on the 'service' column to sort the services by alphabetical order) until you find the program "Windows Installer".

    Now, click on the checkbox next to the name of the Windows Installer and click on the button 'Disable' at the bottom of the Configuration of the system.


    I tried several times now to be able to find the shortcut icons on the desktop, I had before my last batch of automatic updates. I also tried since to add new... but it's like there's an invisible on shield! Looks like they are copying as they would normally, and yet they are still not appear on my desktop... I searched many boards of friends now also with no luck... surely, someone here must know why it happened? I'm goin' out of my mind... try it please help!


    Right click on the desktop to get a menu, click on view/show desktop icons. Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

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    I read this thread , which indicates that we need to replace our preferences. It refers to 21a.html for the replacement of the preferences, but once on this page, what should we do?

    Peter said 'you must be VERY fast by pressing the keys after clicking on the shortcut. "It might work for them and hold and click a shortcut on the desktop while they are in hurry. What shortcut and what keys?

    Peter said ' try just rename the two files, InDesign Defaults and InDesign SavedData.» How can we find our user profile to find these files?

    He has also advised, "the simplest method will be a search, including hidden files."   Do a search where and for what?

    Thank you.

    Both the individual documents and the numbering of the pages of book options must be defined. Make sure you open the numbering options in the book panel menu e.

    Adobe InDesign CS4 * setting preferencesis the same page referenced in the other thread. If you scroll down you will see directions for repalcing the keyboard preferences. You must close InDesign and press the combination of keys for your platform after the restart of ID (the shortcut is a shortcut that lanuches the program).

    If you want to delete or rename the files manually instead, use the operating system file search to find them. Default InDesingn must be:

    Windows XP
    The documents and Settings\ [username] \Application Data\Adobe\InDesign\ [Version]-[language]
    Windows Vista
    \AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\ directory Users\ [user_name] [version]-[language]
    Mac OS
    [user name] / Library/Preferences/Adobe/InDesign / [version] / [language]

    InDesign SavedData wiil be in another (Settings\Application data\) branch of the XP user profile, but I am not sure of the paths for Vista or Mac, that's why I recommend to leave the computer to find. Do a file search is pretty basic stuff. You say you don't know how to do this? Tell us about the OS and maybe we can help you.

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