can someone tell me how to disable the guest account. I do not have the password and the administrator. my pc is vista Home premium

can someone tell me how to disable the guest account. I do not have the password and the administrator. my pc is vista Home premium


Enable or disable the guest account the

I hope this helps.

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    This is information from Microsoft for when you forgot your XP password.

    "How to connect to your Windows XP-based computer if you forget your password or if your password expires"


    Other information above, we can not help you more with this.

    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Here's information from Microsoft, explaining that the policy:

    See you soon.

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  • How to disable the Welcome screen in windows 7 Home premium

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    1. If you have Windows 7 Professional or ultimate edition, open the Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following policy.

    Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local political / Security Options.

    In the right pane, double-click the policy:

    Interactive logon: do not display last user name - change to "Enabled".

    2. If you have the Home Premium version, you can set this policy using the registry.

    * Make sure that you back up the key before making changes

    Open Regedit and navigate to the following location.


    In the right pane, locate the dontdisplaylastusername value. Double-click this value and change the value to 1 data. Click OK.

    If this value is not present, right-click and select new/DWORD (32-bit) Value.

    Name the dontdisplaylastusername (respect for case-sensitive) value, and then make the above change.

    Here is a screenshot of the login window.

    Let us know the results.


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    I don't think that there is a mysql_connect but rather a mysqli_connect or PDO, which I have no idea how to use. Can someone tell me how to configure my Dreamweaver CS5 to contact mysqli_connect rather than the old and fixing to be deprecated mysql_pconnect. I have searched the Internet over and backward and impossible to find a person or an article that explains how to do this seemingly simple task. Everyone?


    If you want DW to this code, you will need to buy the Extension MySQLi (improved) Web server behaviors help. Currently available at 50% off the regular price.

    MySQLi server behaviors. Dreamweaver extension | WebAssist

    Otherwise, you must manually code yourself.

    Nancy O.

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    There is no option in Windows to change the color of the progress bar. I suggest you to browse the Internet using the search engine and look for the applications (or even topics) that can change the color of the progress bar.

    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • Can someone tell me how to expand the columns of names of files in file Explorer?

    In each program, I've never used, all the user has to do to make a column more wide is to click on the divider bar at the top (or the side of the column) and drag the wider column. Instantly. Easily. Nearly second nature without looking.

    Now, clunky Windows 8 coming, and it's so frustrating!  I went on line and saw hundreds of people griping about the same and some of the answers are right-click on the column heading and click on the size, or to choose the longest title in your file and right click and choose the size of the car, but I don't have any of these options.  I right click on the longer title and don't get choices such as car size or size.  There is not a definable column header.  Above the list of files is a bunch of stuff in the Ribbon, none of this centered above the list of files.  Above, there are a few possibilities for right click produce the word "size" in the box that opens, but is not an active link, and I can't click on it.

    I'm amazed that I bought this "top of the new version of line everyone will go to" and it does not with ease.  It is not calculate how wide to make the column... computers are great to calculate.  Why not Windows 8?   When a program allows you to work harder, take four or five steps to do one thing, that is not good design. He should do it for us, we should not be on the right side of the mouse, click on the left side, etc.

    My main question is how to do widen the column, and my secondary question is how can we get Microsoft to listen to us?  I read the comment after comment on dozens of complaints, which is one of the most common.  Thus, besides wishing they would listen to us... I'll call their hotline tomorrow and complain... what someone knows in the meantime what can I do to see all the title of my files?  Right now they are all cut in half way through.  I want to enter this bar on the right and drag it to the right to reveal the name of file in the way of how work most computer programs.

    It almost seems as if Microsoft tried to make it more difficult for their base of users and new users.   It boggles the mind.

    Of course, I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me if it is still possible to make the column wider, and I would love it if there was a response that is easy without going through a lot of steps.  Thanks in advance to anyone out there who has thought about it!

    Happy new year!


    There is no difference in the way you make the columns wider if I understand the question.
    I guess you see something like this (without the arrows highlighting red and pointing to the column headings and separators that you hover over, click on + hold and drag to make greater/smaller in the method you describe):

    Or are you speaking of something else than the "File Explorer" you mentioned in your question?
    Also - if you get the "double-arrow" cursor hover at the same place as you would drag to the size of column wider or narrower and rather - double-click on - it (as it always has) calculates the necessary width to see everything in the column to the left of the separator you are clicking on and re - size accordingly.
    I think that the right click of the column header (see section highlighted above) and change the size to fit refers to this menu, you would get when right-clicking on the column headers highlighted in the picture above...

    Now there's something for everyone - you have to be in DETAILS view (as always) in order to get these beautiful columns.  "Very large icons', 'Large icons', 'medium-sized icons", "Small icons", "List", "Tiles" or "Content" views will not have columns to sort by...

    In addition, if you notice in the last frame, in the "Détails" view, you must, depending on the size of your window, see "All columns to fit the size" as an option in the view menu.
    And the "size of all columns to fit" as shown in the two methods I could think casual to show calculations for all columns and adjusts large/more details for all visible columns in the display of the Explorer of files in all areas.
    Oh - and in case you want to "Détails" view to be the default view from this moment for your windows 'Windows Explorer '... Change to it (as shown above) and find the 'Options' button in the top Ribbon (usually the one furthest to the right) and click on it (not the arrows on the side of it - click it to select it) and should open a new window called "Folder Options."  Select the 'view' tab and click on "apply to folders" and all other folders that you open from the moment which will 'View' by default (unless you change it.)  * Special note * here - you can be originally 'Computer' or 'My PC' Windows Explorer - display you must have at least one folder of the selected (such as "drive Local (c)") drive and active in order to see the button 'Apply to records' assets to click.
    New - this is essentially the same since Windows XP.  Some of the options have changed names (heck, even Windows Explorer is referred to as 'This PC' now instead of 'Computer' and 'My Computer') and there were a few additional views added and deleted - but even advanced stuff are quite similar to the latest methods to infer.
    Hope that helps.  Ask if you have any other questions and please come back anyway let everyone know if the response was satisfactory!

  • Can someone tell me how to clear the memory of password for one of my accounts please and thank you?

    I clicked on a box that allows f/f to remember my password on one of the many sites I visit. I get an error message and cannot return to this site. I would like to disable the functionality of password do not forget that I can change the p/w but also to disable the feature. Could you please help me with this?

    Note that Web sites to remember you and automatically log you on are stored in a cookie, so you can delete cookies from a website (domain) to make the Web site to forget you.

  • Hello! Can someone tell me how to select the two scenes of an existing project and color correct them in black and white exactly please?

    Hello! Can someone help me please? I'm learning just on Final Cut Pro and I have a family movie finished, edited by a professional editor years ago but I need to move from the stage two very bright red (shot on film light of day and used inside) only black and white. Whenever I select the specific images to change black and white selects the entire movie instead. Can someone help me please? Thank you, Tony

    Very fast: select, type command-6 to open the accelerator card and bring the Saturation all the way down.

  • Can someone tell me how to fix the error no.: o8oocccoe at with outlook express 6 e-mail

    I changed my provider and I can receive emails but cannot send them the error is not: 0800ccc0e any advice. Jenny

    Hi Jenny,

    1 you can send emails correctly earlier?

    2. have you done any hardware changes or software on your computer before this problem?

    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    Troubleshooting error messages that you receive when you try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and Outlook Express

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

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