Can switch ports Sg300 52, I use all ports of 52 at the same time?


Does anyone know if all the ports on the SG300 52 can be used? Or allowing a link rising port SFP neutralizes an access port?

I know sometimes under the hood that the SFP ports share the same hardware that 4 last access ports so they are mutually exclusive, but I can find no record of the architecture of these switches.

Thank you very much

Tom Whittle

Hi Tom,

Yes, G51 and G52 ports are ports combo with SFP slots. FPS has a higher priority, so RJ - 45 would be disabled if you connect miniGBIC on port next to him.

Data sheet contains information about ports combo. If you have a switch in front of you there is a feature on ports which basically says that it is a common interface.

I hope this helps.


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    Kind regards


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    PS: Speaking of upgrade to Win8, you might find this interesting-online

    [Last updated - July 11, 2012, 06:27 UTC]

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    Apparently, it is not possible to output sound via the HDMI and the headphone jack at the same time.  But if you want to watch the video via HDMI and listen via the headset follow these steps:
    Right click on the speaker icon in the task bar > left, click playback devices > right-click on HDMI > disable.
    It works for me.
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    cs6 hearing support, or any other software would help?

    Your screenshot was a little small so I zoomed in on one of my friends... the 'I' is the area click on my yellow arrow is pointing:

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    If that helps?

    select* from mbr_account where substr(member_number,-2,2) between 80 and 90
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    UTC/GMT is 03:46 Sunday, October 28, 2012

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