Can't erase my hard drive recovery utility

Hello everyone,

Huge disappointment a few hours ago. My system would not start. Rebooted from OS X Recovery and scanned with utility disk to find out there was a mistake not repairable in the hard disk which told me that I should restore with time machine. Fortunately, I had my backed up system and that's what I was doing. After the process, I found that my data was back, I have not all apps! No safari, no itunes, no store apple to re - install applications, nothing... Maybe I should have stopped here and ask for help, but given that my data has been backed up, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try the other option in the OS X Recovery: reinstall OS X.

So I tried to reinstall OS X. It took a few hours, and when the system was finally restarted to complete the installation, it prompted a message saying that OS X could not be installed (don't remember why).

Now, when I try to start the computer, it automatically goes to the recovery, and practically I can't do anything... I can't use time machine because the hard drive to the mac does not present as an option to install the system. It won't let me delete the partition that the system created to install the OS X either (about 1.3 GB)... the options for 'clear' are grayed out.

I tried to erase everything, but I'm not power, and it seems that there is not much I can do, given all the options appear to be available... What a physical error in the hard drive? It was working perfectly before this happened, and the laptop has not left the office in between.

The system is a MacBook Pro from 2012 (originally with the Mountain Lion and now ran on Yosemite). The hard drive is a semiconductor.

All the miraculous solutions are welcome!

Thank you!

Should be explained a little more disciplined, please.

For example: the system created to install the OS X is (about 1.3 GB) is not clear: 1.3 GB is much too small to install OSX on it, then of course, you can't go. And you cannot use the RecoveryPartition for anything other than repair or reinstall the disk 'real '. The Partition Recovery itself not even 1 GB by a long shot...

Since you have the TM backup, what you can do is:

in the recovery partition, open DiskUtility, select the disk (not the partition, but the disk with the name 'complicated': DiskUtility should give the size (128GB, 56 GB or other): then in DiskUtility choose tab partition, then the partition: 1 partition, OS X Extended (journaled), (Advanced :) button) GUID Partition table.

a when you're done, exit DiskUtility, select install OSX then TM, or install it directly from TM.

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    Hi GJuss,

    What is your boot volume? If so, you will not be able to.

    It is an external hard drive?

    Kind regards


  • How can I erase my hard drive on a Dimension 3000? Please help soon.

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    When I try. It asks the next question.

    Installation of Microsoft XP Edition family



    The following list shows leaving them existing and space unpartioned on this computer.

    Use the ARROW UP and DOWN keys to select an item in the list.

    • Partion1 [FAT] 47 MB {39 MB free}
    • C: Partion2 [NTFS] MB 72645 {51513 free MB}
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    • F: Partion3 [FAT32] 3585 MB {1356 MB of free space}
    • Unpartioned 8 MB of space

    ENTER = install D = Delete Partion F3 = exit

    Remove a? If so, which. I am a noob on this Yes, you can be VERY detailed.

    Here's the info of computers:

    Dell Dimension 3000

    Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU 2.40 GHz

    2.39 GHz, 512 MB Ram

    Maxtor 6Y080L0 80 GB HDD

    Windows XP Home Edition

    NOTE: remember that I want to just reinstall windows in order to erase my HARD drive. using the reinstall drive.

  • Can't erase my hard drive using the recovery CD

    Hi all

    A few weeks ago, I bought a new recovery CD to clean my hard drive and start over.
    However, I still can't do that as the recovery CD has no facility for this.
    I can't find anywhere on the laptop screen which will allow me to reformat the hard disk, the format option seems to be gray...
    Tghis becomes very frustrating.

    Can someone tell me please an easy way to format my drive?
    Thank you

    Hello Gehd

    As much as I know there is no option to do this, because this will be done automatically before the recovery image installation begins. Just follow the on-screen menu and start the recovery image installation.

  • I can't access HARD drive recovery utility

    I hold '0' and running, but I get nothing by doing this... I bought my t130 2 days ago... Disk recovery utility HARD do not just start...

    Can you tried this using F8 at startup.

  • How can I erase my HARD drive?

    Hey guys,.

    I recently just got a new HARD drive in the mail and it's so much better than the one that came with my Dimension 8250.  My problem is that, because it's faster and things, I want to make my boot drive so that my computer can also improve.  Unfortunately, I can't do without deleting everything on my old hard drive first and then installing XP on my new HARD drive.  To restate, I need to know how to delete my old HDD.

    Message edited by linklord010 on 08/10/2008 20:31

  • Re: HARD drive recovery does not work

    Dear Toshiba

    my laptop in brick and now I got

    during the restoration that he bricked once again and now it is not a choice of the repair of your computer in the F8 boot more

    How can I start the hard drive recovery now?

    If the option is not available then HARD drive recovery option is screwed to the top.
    You have created recovery DVD Toshiba recommendation?
    If Yes use this disk for the installation of the OS.

  • Satellite L650-11F - how to access HARD drive recovery?


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L650-11F.

    The other day I had a huge massive Goner virus (lol) and the computer is turned off. Whenever I tried to turn it on, it started to load Windows, and then restart. I tried to start Windows in safe mode but the same thing happened, just keep restarting. I tried to repair Windows (by pressing f8 and etc.) and without success, he kept restarting.

    So I tried to put it because it came from fabric and when I press 0 or F1 happears just 2 options: choose an opperating system to start or press tab to select a tool: Windows 7 tools: Windows memory diagnostic

    Can you help me please? Is there another way I can access the hidden hard drive recovery partition? Please :(

    Hi dakova,.

    Ist it Toshiba's original OS is still installed? I ask this question because it of necessary for the recovery of HARD drive. If you have installed another OS, you can access t HARD drive recovery option.
    In addition, recovery of HARD drive option is available if you press the F8 key before Windows starts. In the advanced boot menu, select fix my computer. The exact procedure is described here:

    Alternative, you can take the Toshiba recovery disc. This will also restore the original settings. :)

  • Satellite A300 - how to start HARD drive recovery after own OS insatallation

    Hi guys.

    I have a question.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300, which came with Windows Vista.
    Normally I have the recovery with the normally pre-installed utility partition.
    After that I formatted the system partition, I installed a clean and fresh Windows 7 copy.

    My question is this.
    Since the recovery partition does not get soiled with, is there not a way to install the disk recovery utility hard back in recovery of Windows of F8 before the boot options?

    Please don't tell me that I need to have the recovery disk.
    I already did, I just want to find a solution because it is not that hard for someone who accidentally formatted the system partition and had not created the disks, but the recovery partition. My guess is to do some modifications in the files of the Windows recovery environment that are launched when you use the option to repair my computer at startup, because normally, HARD drive recovery utility appears as one of its tools-options.

    The problem is that I don't have to where these files are, maybe (C:\boot?)
    Currently, I am trying to see if a facility upgrade of windows 7 on windows vista will keep options for hard drive recovery then maybe I will find what it takes.

    All suggestions are welcome!
    Thank you for your time.

    OK, just a hint more, I found what is happening with the recovery environment, and which must be replaced to include more tools...
    This article was really helpful:

    Also, I found a few guides microsoft on changing windows 7 recovery environment.

    So I continue and I think I'm close...

  • Can satellite A300d-16W - I use HARD drive recovery after installing Win XP?

    I formatted my PC and installed XP. Can I reinstall Vista using HARD drive recovery?

    > I formatted my PC and install XP

    No, you cannot use the recovery HARD drive after installing Win XP because looks like you have formatted the HARD drive and the HARD disk partition has been erased.

    So you need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk that I hope, you created before you formatted the HARD drive.


  • ThinkPad R60 cannot install Windows XP After erasing the HARD drive using the lenovo diagnostic utility

    WinXP pro Setup cannot find that any installed HARD disk so cannot install windows. Unfortunately after many attempts to use rescue and recovery to restore the factory settings and for some reason constantly default... After leaving another utility popped up giving me the opportunity to erase the HARD drive and so I did... After fact as well and all I had was a blank screen, no windows more or no matter what utility to reinstall windows, then I used my winxp pro installation CD, but the program installation would continue not after a certain point by saying that the installation did not find any HARD disk installed. followed by "ensure that any disk HARD r turned on and correctly connected, and that no matter what material associated drive configured correctly, this may involve running a manufacturer provided diagnostic or Setup program. Clearly it took me by surprise. What was supposed to be a cut to white erase and reinstall now me baffled and angry. Formats the HDD of the solution? If so why didn't not the usefulness of lenovo do... If not, what is the problem? Someone help pls

    Welcome to the forum!

    Go into the BIOS (F1 at startup), set the "compatible" SATA mode (NO AHCI), then press F10 to save and exit, and you should be all set.

    Good luck.

  • How can I delete file from HARD drive recovery?

    I burned a copy of the HDD recovery folder and would now like to delete the original folder on my hard drive that I need the space.
    Unfortunately I don't seem to have permission to make changes to the file.

    Any suggestions? (I'm a noob in vista)

    Thank you

    > burned a copy of the HDD recovery folder
    I think this will not help you if you would try to recover this file of HARD drive recovery once again!
    You need a recovery disk! This disc would only create a HARD disk partition once again!

    This means that you must create the recovery disk, first using the Toshiba recovery disc creator! This tool is preinstalled!

    So after you have created a successfully recovery disk, you can try to delete the folder from the HARD drive. But to be honest, I don t recommend this I want to say that this folder can be very useful in the future in case something goes wrong with your system

    However, I think that you cannot delete it because you don t have permission to admin
    You can try to disable UAC first
    Disable UAC is as easy as start > run > msconfig > tools > disable UAC > Ok.

  • Qosmio F50 - the hard drive recovery?


    I had a very big problem.
    I've made a few changes with my Vista regs and then I was unable to start again.
    So, I started the recovery program (second HARD drive), backed up my files and selected whole HARD drive recovery.

    Well, now problem - everything was going well, but when I walked into the Vista installation I had to shut down the computer.
    Now, when I start up the pc and load Vista I message I need to reinstall my computer again.

    Well, they say nothing about how load the recovery file but I have no option for this - only emergency mode, with the support of network, etc., but without recovery emergency. Moreover, when I select emergency mode, I can't load Vista-it says I need to run the Setup in normal mode, which told to re - install. Yep, circle-_-.

    Model: Qosmio F50

    Do you think that when I erase all the Vista disc manually - for example with linux, and then start the computer, I get a possibility to load the second part of the drive to start the installation?

    Thanks in advance because I'm really despair


    > So, I started the recovery program (second HARD drive), backed up my files and selected whole HARD drive recovery.
    I'm a bit confused of m.
    How do recover you the laptop?
    Have you used the Toshiba HDD recovery option which could be launched by pressing F8, select fix my computer-> Toshiba Recovery?

    Usually, it is a procedure how to start the Toshiba HDD recovery.

    I guess you didn't create a recovery Toshiba drive in the past is good?
    It was a big mistake buddy because the recovery disk would help you in difficult situations

    Well, as I said above; You can try to start the HARD drive recovery. If this will not help you I think that you would need a Toshiba Recovery disk.
    You can order it here:

  • Worried about HARD drive recovery deleted files


    Recently I deleted files recovery from HARD drive on the second drive hard partitioned on my laptop so I could melt in a hard drive.
    After doing so, I realized HDDRecovery can important.

    But I'm a little confused if you backed up to DVD/CD I did in any case the same utility?

    So I have nothing to fear?


    HARD drive recovery is a nifty feature that would allow you to recovery of the laptop without the use of the Recovery DVD.
    You could simply recover the laptop using the recovery of HARD drive option.

    But now it's not possible because you have modified, deleted the partition of HARD disk and therefore, you can only use the recovery disc.

    I think it will not copy the files from HARD drive on the new partition recovery, because the previous HARD drive recovery contained some hidden signs and flags that advocates for HARD drive recovery settings

  • Question on erasing the HARD drive and partitions

    Hi my name is Fanta and I want to sell my laptop to someone, but I want to avoid impersonation so.
    I'll use an erasure software that will wipe away my whole HARD drive until there is no data.
    This is why I would like to know if there is a recovery on my HARD drive partition ready, and if there is a partition to the HARD drive recovery.

    Wipe tool will wipe the partition on the HARD disk. If he wipe the partition will take the recovery partition and if I need the recovery partition and I don't what will happen?


    Generally, you won't find any recovery on the HARD drive partition. The Toshiba Recovery CD should always be supplied with the device. It must be only installed the operating system with the Toshiba drivers and utilities.
    However, if the Erase tool will also clear your partition then all files and data will be deleted.

    The HARD drive will be formatted again during the installation of the OS. If you want to use partitions on the HARD disk, you can create it in addition with Magic8 Partitions. I use this app and it of very great.

Maybe you are looking for