Can't find my notebook section drivers HP Pavilion 15 - e053se Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (E0Y27EA)

HP Pavilion e053se-15 Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (E0Y27EA)

I can't find my product in the drivers section and I guess that my drivers are not updated. HP support Assistant download updates, but none of them moved.


Each of them should be on the following link:

Kind regards.

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  • HP 15-g063nr Notebook PC (ENERGY: AMD graphics driver high definition (HD) for window 7 HP 15-g063nr Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR))

    Please help me .i install window 7 64-bit but the video driver not working.plz tell me what better driver for my

    HP 15-g063nr Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)


    Have you tried the driver support for your laptop and driver page?

    If this isn't the case, it's here.

    AMD graphics driver high definition (HD)

    File name: sp67327.exe

    Now, if the driver does not automatically install, try to install manually as follows...

    Go to Device Manager and click on the video controller problem requiring drivers (usually listed under the category of display adapters).

    Click the driver tab.  Click on set to update driver.  Select her browse my computer for driver software option and find the folder of the driver that was created when you ran the file.

    This file can be found in C:\SWSetup\sp67327.  Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and see if the pilot goes like this.

  • HP 15-f024wm Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

    Can I add extra RAM in this PC? I currently have 4 Gigs factory. Can I safely move the RAM to 8 gigs?

    My PC is a...

    HP 15-f024wm Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

    Since you have the "path of the Bay' computer processor laptop 15-f024wm has a single memory slot in order to pass 4 concerts at 8, you'll have to get a new module simple 8 gig.

    A link to your repair manuals

    For instructions, see page 30.

    This is the reference HP memory you need:

    693374 001

    There is a door memory easy access so you can just open it and replace the old module with 8 GB. We have received reports favorable fom other users 8 GB of the 1600 DDR3L memory works fine. It's like I said the aka PC3L-12800 DDR3L-1600 and is the low density of 8 blocks from the side not 4. The DDR3L means low voltage 1.35 volts not 1.5 volt.

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  • Laptop HP ENVY 15 t-k000 CTO: add additional SSD for HP ENVY 15 t-k000 CTO Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)


    I have my laptop new HP ENVY 15 t-k000 CTO Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) yesterday itself. He already have writer BRD. Can I replace my BRD burner with extra HD SSD? If yes what is the procedure for that?

    You can, but you shouldn't. The port for the optical drive is a SATA-I have the interface. Slower than the port for HDD/SSD. So if you want to just add storage put a regular mechanical training in an optical drive adapter. Also any drive in the optical drive adapter will not be bootable. This will help you:

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  • need to reset my HP ENVY 17 t-k000 CTO Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

    HP ENVY 17 t-k000 CTO Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

    I need a recovery kit for my cause of laptop I did upgraded for Windows 8, Windows 10 but it shows not winth 10 windows partition so I can't launch the LT.

    I have contact the HP SUPPORT but no way of didn't have the recovery disk set... can anyone here like me where I can buy it


    If you definetely can't get HP recovery media, here are a few suggestions.

    1. if you live in the United States, try the 3rd dealer part on the following link.

    2 as long as the previous installation of Windows 10 had activated Ok after upgrade from 8.1, you can simply perform a new installation of windows 10 as stated in the guide on the following link.  Note: On the activation screen, select "I don't have a product key" - Windows will activate automatically once installation is complete.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP ENVY 17-j112tx Leap Motion: Overclocking my HP ENVY 17-j112tx Leap Motion SE Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

    Hey all,.

    My laptop that I liked for the time I got it, so a pretty good personal camera all-round.

    However as I just realized, the processor isn't quite cut. For these unfimilair with this product, it's Intel Core i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20 GHz. Which is decent except the Gigahertz.

    And as I came to learn, the BIOS Overclocking locked so my question to you is if I can overclock my processor in anyway eventually (even with a cost?). I'd give perfer to keep this laptop as it has a 16gbs of ram and a decent graphics card!

    Thanks in advance.


    My loan last year machine was a HP ENVY 17 t-j100 Leap Motion SE Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (t for machine CTO). My current loan machine is also a HP Envy 17 t wGen 5 CPU and best card NVIDIA but no movement of jump. They are great machines. But for overclocking, you need to buy any other kind of laptop, the Envy series will not support it.

    Kind regards.

  • Laptop HP 15-r030wm: I have a HP 15-r030wm Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) and he said something about how Tablet but idk how t

    I have a HP 15-r030wm Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) and he said something about fashion Tablet but idk how to remove the keyboard. I have a Tablet one mode I tried but it work I would like to touch or use a pen?

    HP 15-r030wm Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

    Your laptop lacks a touch screen. Simply turn the Tablet mode is not capable if the material is not there.

  • Tecra A2 - can not find the CD of drivers and applications for download

    Hello support,

    I can't find anywhere on the Toshiba Site "TECRA A2 Applications and drivers CD.
    Why are you doing if difficult for your customers to find all the drivers needed in one place?

    Please provide me a link to download the full drivers disk.
    The driver downloads page lists 30 pilots unique instead to offer a package.

    Thank you.


    Have you checked on the Toshiba driver page?

    There is not a full driver package, you must download the only drivers and install them keeipng the proper installation order.

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  • Where can I find XP x 64 drivers for Portege R500 - hotkey / power management?

    Where can I find the downloads that will enable the power management or hotkey support for my Portege R500?

    I already installed the drivers for everything except the fingerprint reader (do not want), tpm (really envy) and hdd (tos620a) motion sensor (not embarrassed at this time). Most of the drivers are recent original sites of the seller or, in the absence of those, leaving Toshiba 64-bit Vista download areas.

    Everything else works generally: wifi, graphics & chipset, sound, lan, bluetooth stack, cardbus, card reader, etc.

    However, after doing this, are the following questions:

    FN keys do not work for suspend to ram, suspend-to-disk, * screen * brightness *-essential to extend the life. FN keys for digital/Board pad, rocker of external surveillance * work

    Dedicated toggle backlight button does nothing

    However, in order to get the lifetime of battery beyond ~2.5 hours and closest alongside 7.1 hours, I need to turn things down / stop occasionally. What software can help and where I can get, as it runs on Windows XP x 64 edition?


    I tried packages of 32-bit xp which provides Toshiba, they do not seem to work on x 64. The package 'chopsticks' requires 'cmod', but 'cmod' gives this error:

    Installation of Modules common TOSHIBA
    Not an ACPI machine. Cannot install TOSHIBA ACPI peripheral logic.

    I tried the 32-bit xp package called 'pwrsav '; It installs a bad help link in my Start menu and adds a few exes, tpsmain and tpsoddctl, to my automatically starts. These 32-bit executables left immediately after execution.

    I tried to install packages of 64-bit Vista from Toshiba hotkeys / common modules / power management, but the only one of the three I can find via is the common modules, and unfortunately this zip file contains only .inf, .cat and .sys files, no program installation.

    I use a new installation at the same time because the default installation of Vista is unusable (900 MB of memory used on a fresh startup desktop, disk divided into several partitions, trial, adware and with broken software at left and right)
    I use x 64 because I am software engineer the next product needs to work on x 64, and this new laptop was a likely first candidate


    Bad news first :(

    The European driver Toshiba page provides the drivers for XP 32 bit and Vista (32-bit & 64-bit).
    I did find all the drivers for XP 64-bit OS.

    As much as I know XP 64-bit drivers is not exist for one of the series of Toshiba laptops.

    Now a new better ;)

    I found a tool called display Tuner.
    It offers convenient access to the monitor settings, such as brightness, contrast, color settings.

    Perhaps this is an option for you.
    Google a bit

    See you soon

  • Satellite A50 - where can I find the network controller drivers and others?


    I'm not quite sure this is the right forum for my question. I can't find this exact computer match when looking for drivers. I don't know if this computer is the United States and Europe, but hope to get help.

    The computer is
    Satellite A50 system unit
    Model - PSA50A-04601E
    Serial - P 64014134

    Basically, I want to create a CD containing the drivers for a friend and I seem to have as much success as he did. Assistance or management that helps to accomplish this is the most popular. Basically I want just to compile a cd of drivers for him.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    I tried a bit with Google and I founded on the Satellite A50 PSA50A is an Australian model, because there I found it: > Support

    I hope it's you want! :)

  • Satellite A200-1GH - where can I find all the XP drivers?


    I have the Satellite A200-1GH (PSACE0) and I can't find any drivers for my knees. I have the most problem with the pilot display and Bluetooth.

    Y at - it all the drivers on the only place, please?

    You have downloaded THIS driver?
    Have you installed all the drivers in the order of installation, right?

  • HP Pavilion Notebook 15-n290sa: where can I find the right battery for HP Pavilion n290sa-15 Notebook PC

    When I turned on my laptop it came with a warning on my battery and it may need replacing. I can't find where I can buy a new battery for it.  Where can I get this part?

    Dear customer,

    Description-battery 4 cells, 41-Wh, 2.8 - Ah, Li-ion battery
    Spare part number:728460-001

    You can order the part from HP parts store using the link below. Or buy any store of the computer room.


    Contact HP All over the world

    You can also check your warranty here to check the status of the guarantee

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on the white button on the right to say thank you Thumbs Up *.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you


    I'm not an employee of HP

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