Can't hear audio when recording.

I checked the preferences and I think that everything seems ok, but I can't get a peep out of him. Connection is headphone for pc,

I also tried pre amp for pc but still nothing.

As a test, I tried various tests and other freeware audio editing software and I can hear the sound when recording. I just can't hear when using Audition CS5.5

Uses Windows 7 and hdmi sound through my graphics card. I think there must be a setting somewhere but I don't can not find. Thanks in advance for any help.

Well, I had a play with the Realtek integrated sound card on my laptop - not my normal way of record - and has been able to monitor the entry as it was recorded.

I used multitrack view (as one normally do) and the only thing I had to do was click on the 'I' symbol (next to the "M" (mute) (solo) "S" and "R" (arm for record) buttons.)  The 'I' is for the input of the monitor.

However and this is a big however, on my laptop as soon as I specify the HDMI output, it disables the power supply of my helmet.  I can't try it without re - arrange my house, but I am betting that if I plugged the HDMI output on my laptop to my TV, the sound would be.  But it is certainly not on the headphone output of my computer.  It reappears on the headphones as soon as I select 'speakers '.  FYI, I also have to mess around with matching sampling frequencies since the HDMI is locked to 48 kHz and no digital output is set to 44.1.

I hope this helps.


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    Click the keyframe that contains your sound.  in the properties panel, change the synchronization stream property.

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    Original title: his record game

    Audio output spkrs or amp stops randomly

    mobo is processor of Msi p45 neo - f is Intel Quad-core and several readers including ssd as master

    in Windows XP without problems

    new OS Win7 all drivers and bios updates

    Audio chipset is Realtek... I installed the drivers updated and latest versions of the 1 version... no fiix

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    pull 1/8 inch cable off sound... chips back detect this and I can get back audio... either that or reset

    It's a nuisance...

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for asking the question in the Microsoft Community forum.

    From your description, I understand that you can not hear the sound.

    To better understand the question, please answer the following questions:

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    2. what happens when you try to run the audio?

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    Come back with more information to help you better.

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    Thank you.

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    Hi kennethcollinsjr,

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    Kind regards
    Manasa P-Microsoft Support.

  • CS6: Is he still hear audio when you press on "<" and ">"?

    Hey, I was wondering if there was a way for me to be able to hear my audio when I press on ' < ' and ' > ' (ignore frames)

    It would be beneficial to me when I do the lip sync. Is there anyway to enable audio playback?

    Also this isn't a question of streaming audio, it works very well in the timeline panel. Just no audio not playing when I press on "<" and ">" "»

    OK, just checked, in CS6 the actual location of the Jsfl commands that you see under the orders of MenuItem is here (Windows 7):

    Votre_nom_utilisateur/AppData/Local/Adobe/Flash CS6 / yourLanguage_yourLocale / Configuration / Commands


    Now copy both this jsfl files in this directory (close Flash he can update the Menu)


    Timeline = fl.getDocumentDOM () .getTimeline ();

    timeline.currentFrame = timeline.currentFrame + 1;

    timeline.startPlayback ();

    timeline.stopPlayback ();


    Timeline = fl.getDocumentDOM () .getTimeline ();

    timeline.currentFrame = timeline.currentFrame - 1;

    timeline.startPlayback ();

    timeline.stopPlayback ();


    then edit the names.xml in the same directory and add

    before the closing tag

    3reopen Flash-> the two commands should now be available in the Menu commands

    4if you have never created a personal profile of shortcut, create one by duplicating the Adobe Standard existing in the command window button and name it "PersonalShortcuts".

    5where it shows the hierarchy of your MenuItems Navigate to custom jsfl commands you just added and assign them a shortcut

    6do not forget to click on save/change, so that the shortcut is actually added to your profile.

    When I test on my machine it produces the expected behavior: when I keep the related shortcut rear down he jumps through the timeline with audio streaming "audible."

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    First, make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime from the site.

    Then, start a new project, and when you do, click on the settings button and make sure that you have selected the project appropriate for your Flip camcorder. (You don't say which version you use, but this feature is only available in version 9).

  • How can I stop audio when you return to slide

    On one of my slides, I have a smart form with click box crept on.  When learners click on the action is: access to another slide.  On the other blade is a close button that navigates back to the last slide visited. When they go back, it restarts the audio.  How can I stop the audio when they return?

    You don't need to click on a smart shape box, it's much better to make a button to the form:

    Click box has by default a point of suspension at the end of his chronology. If you don't, take a look at accordion Options, where you can uncheck the break.

    A default form button is no break, but you can add a suspension point to the Timing of the shape button accordion.

    A click box, a button, a button of form are intended to trigger an action, they have a break or not. When this action is simple (on the accordion of Actions), and the user clicks top, action will be executed (as something) AND head out of reading, it will continue until the end of the slide, and then go to the next slide. If the action is "Go to the next slide", the images after the suspension point of the form/button/click on the button box will be passed, has not visited.

    Be careful with the navigation to the last visited slide, that you don't get in a loop.

  • Can't hear sound when video editing

    Hey, guys! This is my first time on these forums so I hope, it will be a good experience for me! So to start recorded this video with my friend on my iPhone and I imported the video on my computer. I slap it in first, and I hear the audio. My playback devices are 100% correct. For some reason, it doesn't let me untie the audio from the video, so I feel that the audio is not yet there in the first place. Is there anything you can do to help me? I tried to convert the file to an audio file just and when I put it in first, it randomly cut the audio and played random bits of audio. When reading it without first, it worked to agree.

    Most likely, it is a VFR check... variable cadence. PrPro plays much better with the media of the CFR, constant rate.

    Recommend that you download and run MediaInfo, drag and drop your video file from Finder/Explorer on it, and then go to the tree, get a screenshot and who post here...

    Media Info:

    If it is the VFR flight, then goes to the handbrake to convert to the CFR is a good option.

    Handbrake download page:


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    Select Save as, and then make sure that all boxes are unchecked.

  • How can I delete JavaScript when recording?


    I have several models, I did for my colleagues at work using the Document level JS.  I want this JS to disappear when my colleagues save the PDF as something else.

    For example, I use the following syntax:

    getField("Date").value = util.printd ("mm/dd/yyyy", new Date());

    This will update the date every time it is opened.  However, I only want it in the model.  When template.pdf is registered under workdocument.pdf, I want JS went though the date is no longer continues to update.  I don't know that it's something simple I'm missing but my Google-Fu is failing me.

    Any help?

    Thank you!

    In this case, you can remove the code, or replace it with a code of "white"...

  • can't hear sound when you slide on the timeline

    I'm trying to animate a character speaking in CS3.  What should I do to be able to hear the dialogue when I drag on the timeline?  Currently, I don't hear anything, but if I am controlled the film it plays very well.

    assign sounds to stream, no event synchronization.

  • Can't hear playback in hearing

    When you open any audio file in ' to the ', all of a sudden I can't hear anything when playing. Any other program on my PC audo works well, except "at the", however eralier it worked perfectly for months, even the minutes before I tried to open a new wav file. I could have badly adjusted something, when you open this file, but I can't find what it was.

    Post edited by: Robert Howes to shorten the title

    Transport begin? I mean, the cursor moves along your file while you hear nothing, or nothing moves in fact when you click 'play '? If this is the case, then hearing is disconnected from your audio device, and you need to go to Edit > Preferences > Audio hardware to reassign. If the transport is actually moving, but you still have no sound, first make sure that the output correct are used in Edit > Preferences > Audio Channel Mapping, and if a correct you must take a look at how your audio device is set up. Don't want to go further until you said if it comes to Mac or Windows, and what operating system you are using.

Maybe you are looking for

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