Can't print from Notepad.

OT: printing.

I got a letter in the notebook, but when I print it does not come as shown on the computer?

Example of

Feb14, 2016 - Happy Valentines

Hopefully everyone will spoil here Valentine.

February 14, 2016 - I'm frustrated, I'm trying to print.

On the other hand when I print it it comes out

February 14, 2016 - Happy valentines

hope everyone will spoil here Valentine

14 February 2016-i am frustrated I try to print

Thank you very much for your help!

Thank you for your response. I ended up using the word microphone. It worked! Thanks again for your help.

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    I have a Canon I-Sensys MF8050CN printer. All of a sudden, I can't print from Notepad, Word pad or Microsoft office packages. I can print from the internet and can print the printer test pages.

    Thank you

    I had the same problem. It turned out be the black ink cartridge. Change the color of the font to something else and print something. See if it works.

  • I can't print from my laptop or desktop

    I have original plugs so I can use my laptop away from my router. I thought that was the reason why the laptop suddenly had a fit irritate & stopped printing. Now I can't print from my office either. Firefox continues to send me apologetics messages saying he has embarrassed it does not work, but seems not to do something. I checked the configuration and everything seems fine.
    A clue may be that I get something about XPS documents whatever they are?

    Yes it of true - cut for at least a minute, then turn it back on. I get a very similar problem with mine, and reboot the router always does the trick, hope if it works for you.

  • XP computor - when I run Firefox there is no file tab/button so I can not print from the web how to make this file button to atart upward of firefox?

    I am a rookie to computors - I can't print from the web with xp - at the start of firefox there is no buttons above the address bar if no button give or anyhthing - help please

    Thank you

    You can start printing via the keyboard using {Ctrl + P}.

  • I can't print from my Tablet AT300

    Hi guys

    I can't print from my tablet to the printer connected to our home wifi wireless.

    What is happening as I type on the 3 points on the left sharing, select top of page of a page, then hp eprint.

    But all I get is 'file is empty or could not be read' appear as a message. There are also actions of the printer, but who wants to pay for an app.

    Can someone out there help... Thank you


    First and foremost the AT300 can't stand the printer connected to the USB port.

    But I don't have any experience print something using an android device connected to the wireless printer. Perhaps you need a special app for example PrinterShare or iPrint

  • I can't set up defined page before printing. File for all pages then it happens... the entire depth running above the bottom. I can't print from the web

    I can't set up defined page before printing.
    I'll file to all pages that comes very close up and tabs Format & Options and margins, headers/footers.
    Here is the entire depth... running above the bottom. I can't put footers. I can't print from the web

    When I go to preview before printing I get a totally gray screen

    See this:

  • I have a samsung s3 android. How can I print from my hp wireless printer? How to intsaller it?

    I have a samsung s3 android. How can I print from my printer hp DJ3525 wireless? How to intsaller it?


    Please use the following application: & hl = in

    (Note: you printer must support this otherwise it will not work).

    Good luck.

  • I can print apps but I am wireless and can't print from the web wat I do?

    I'm not sure why I can print apps and I can't print from the web, but I'm not sure what to do ideas?

    my printer is hp photosmart d110 all in one series

    Sorry tkdchick25, I see where you have Win7. Just click the start menu > Control Panel > programs and features > IE9 are updates once installed display that you are here in the list of updates and uninstall.  This will go back you to your previous version of Internet Explorer.  Let me know if it helps.  Thank you!

  • 4500 envy: Envy 4500 print from Notepad

    Want to 4500.  Installed as printer wifi.  Test page printed, analyzed correctly.

    Cannot print from Word, Excel, etc..  Print not since Acrobat (reader or pro).

    You print from Notepad.

    That's why I used to Kinko's for so many years.  Woman wants now to our own printer, and I get this.

    He solved.  Looking for 2 days in the forums found MANY people with this problem.

    Found a person who actually had a solution... Create a new user account in Windows and give him Admin rights.

    My printer now prints word, excel, etc. files.  But I have now two folders of Documents, downloads, etc. to manage.

    As the other person speculated he must have something to do with permissions on the first administrator account.

    I will continue to compare permissions between my two accounts to find the right setup and will put the info here for others to use.

    Until then, fix solution is to create a new user.  Permission settings SHOULD be part of the HP print & scan software game or AT LEAST part of the scan doctor.

    Good luck to all


    Fixing HP screwups in 2015

  • My computer is a HP Pavilion slimline and my printer is a Dell 968. I can't print from my computer, are these compatible?

    My computer is a HP Pavilion slimline and my printer is a Dell 968.  I can't print from my computer, are these compatible?


    ·         What happens when you try to print?

    ·         You get an error message or code?

    Your Dell 968 printer is compatible with Windows 7, check out the link:

    Method 1:

    Try to install the latest driver on the Dell site and check if it helps:

    Method 2:

    Follow the steps in troubleshooting section and check if that helps:

    Printer in Windows problems

  • How can I print from the samsung galaxy tab 10.1?

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and I recently bought a printer Photosmart HP 6510. Both are in the wireless network but I can't print from my tablet. Anyone have any suggestions?


    You can print using HP ePrint home & Biz, from the Google game store available:

    Kind regards


  • can I print from my blackberry torch?

    I can't print from my flashlight? Help, please

    Hi gapeach60,

    Function of the printer you are trying to print to, methods can vary.

    With an HP ePrint printer, you can always send the print job to the ePrint printer's address.

  • I can't print from my inspiron 1525, but I can from my office...

    I can't print from my laptop, but I can from my office.  He says that the problem is conectivity, but appears not to be the problem.  What can I do?


    What you are trying to print?

    You did it that the printer is set as the default printer?

    Why can't I print?

    What attributing virus and firewall are you using?

    You try to click on, file, print, and check that the appropriate printer is enabled?


  • I can't print from internet on my printer

    I can't print from internet on my printer. It primts OK my created the documents, photos, etc.

    Hi, Bill.

    Sorry, it took so long for a reply, but you posted in the wrong forum.  I get you to the forum hardware and drivers as soon as I finished.

    Do you receive Error Messages When you try to print?  Please post the message in full.  Also, did you look in Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application error log which coincides with the date and time you tried to print?  Post back message and event ID #, please.

    Start > type services.msc

    Press enter

    Scroll down to print spooler

    Right-click on print spooler and select stop

    Wait for Windows to stop the print spooler

    Services nearby

    Start > Control Panel

    Open folder printer

    Right-click on the printer icon and select open

    Think you that all documents pending / waiting in the queue?

    Click file > cancel all Documents

    Close Control Panel

    Start > right click on computer

    Select manage

    Select Device Manager

    Click on the + sign next to Ieeee... compatible printer

    Right-click on the driver and select uninstall

    Click on the + next to imaging devices

    Right-click on the driver and select uninstall

    Click on the + sign next to printers

    Right-click on the driver and select uninstall

    Click on the + sign next to Bus USB controllers

    Right-click on the printer and select uninstall

    Close the Device Manager

    Restart the computer.  Windows will reload the driver.

    Return to the services as described above, and then restart the print spooler

    Go to the manufacturer's website and search for updated drivers

    Try printing again

  • I can't print from my laptop to our shared printersince my husband got a service uninstall Vista and install Windows 7

    I can't print from my laptop which has Windows 7.  It is a residential group which was able to use the same printer, until my husband uses an online service that changed Vista to Windows 7, about two weeks ago.  Please help me - I need to print.  Thank you

    Determine the version of Windows 7 you need (32 or 64-bit) computer right click go to properties, then go to the printer manufacturer's website and download the driver windows 7 if they are available.

Maybe you are looking for

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