Can't see some names both in the address book.

Original title: address book

I see a few names at a time, not the list goes.  It shows what she calls frequent contacts, not an entire list.   must continue to add names. manually instead of just the ability to scroll down the list.  Whenever I send to a new name, I must start allover again to find the next recipient.

Tried to do my own users frequent (?) list, but he returned to Outlook posted.

I finally got spell check-thank you.


Hi Fran,

Welcome to the Microsoft community. According to the description, you can only see a few names at a time, not the list goes in Outlook.

·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

·         Are what prospects you referring? What is a client Outlook or

If you use the Microsoft Outlook client, you can post your query to:

If you use Windows Live, you can post your query to:

I hope this helps. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

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  • How can I get the address book to sort by the name of 'Family' (using v 31.3.0).

    After a computer crash, I had to load Thunderbird (v31.3.0) in my computer running Windows 8.1, and I managed to import my address book backup file in Thunderbird (v31.3.0).
    My problem is that I don't see an option to sort the address book by name of 'Family', which was available with the version of Thunderbird, I had before the crash.
    How can I get the address book to sort by the name of "family"?

    "Address book".
    Select address book
    "View' > 'Show name as' > last/first". "

    You can sort by name.
    Click on the 'Name' column header to change the sort order,
    Reversed, then click on the 'Name' column header again to reverse the order.

    'View' > ' sort by ' > select 'Name' and 'Crescent '.

  • How can I include street address in the address book list?

    I have street address in the properties. But I can't tell how to include in the address book list.

    The list is limited and that you have observed physical address is not among the options in the list.

  • How to enter a foreign contact in the address book?

    How to enter a foreign contact in the address book?


    How can I enter an alien contact in the address book, without affecting other household contacts?

    I'll card > add field > model > General and change in the country, but it acts on all contacts. How can I do so selectively?

    I think you're overthinking this.

    There is an entry for the country to each address, so all you need to do is fill it out if necessary.

    I'm in Portugal, while most of the addresses mentioned no country, which means that they are national. My daughter lives in the United Kingdom, so his speech looks like this:

    That's all.

  • in Outlook Express, how can I send the same message to a group important (in the address book already), but have to each recipient can only see his name (not the Group)

    In Outlook Express, how can I send the same message to the large group (already in the address book), but have to each recipient can only see his name (not the Group)?

    To use the functionality of the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), in a new message window, click View | All headers and type the addresses separated by a; Or: Click the button to. You will see your list of contacts and the choice to put them in the To, CC, or BCC field. Click on an address, and then click BCC to add it. Repeat for all of the contacts you want. (Note: most of the providers have limits as to how many messages you can send both a. 25 is common, but it varies).

    Put your own address in the box to. That's the only name/address that any recipient will see. If you leave the field empty, some people may not receive e-mail because of message rules they put in place, or restrictions imposed by their ISP.

    You can also make an entry in the address book using your e-mail address, but put something like the mailing list in the area of the display.


    You can also create groups if you send e-mail to the same people often.

    To create a group of contacts:

    You can create a single group name (or alias) to use when sending a message to several contacts at the same time. Just create a group name and add individual contacts to the group. Then just type the name of the group in the box for when you send mail.

    1. in the address book, select the folder in which you want to create a group. Click New in the toolbar, and then click New Group.
    2. the Properties dialog box opens. In the group name box, type the name of the group.
    3. There are several ways to add people to the Group:
    a. to add a person from your address book list, click Select members, and then click a name in the address book list.
    (b) to add a person directly to the group without adding the name to your address book, type the person's name and e-mail address at the bottom of the Properties dialog box and then click Add.
    to add a person to both the Group and your address book, click New Contact and enter the appropriate information.
    (d) to use a directory service, click Select members, and then click search. Select a directory service in the drop-down list at the end of the text box. After finding and selecting an address, it is automatically added to your address book.
    4. Repeat for each addition until your group is defined.


    a. to view a list of your groups separately from the list of address book in the address book on the view menu, make sure that folders and groups is selected.
    b. you can create multiple groups, and contacts can belong to several groups.

    If you want to send to a group without addresses are displayed for each recipient, open the address book and make a new entry. Enter the name of the group in the area of the display, but use your address. (Some Internet service providers require a legitimate address in the line to and recipients will know it's from the Group).

    Click on the button to. Enter the name of the group using your address. Enter the group in the BCC field.

  • My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also backed u

    My computer with two hard drives and 2 starting systems has the car crash in the solid state. When I got the new drive and tried to restore from time capsule, I lost some data. How can I see what backups are on the time capsule? My laptop is also saved to the time capsule. Everything is in 'Data' when I look through the Airport utility. I think that the information that I've lost are still there since I was a Capsule 3 to.

    Time Machine backup to a sparsebundle.

    The sparsebundle will use the share name of computer. So, it should be obvious who is your Macbook and that is your Macpro.

    Open the sparsebundle in Finder and keep open the subfolders until you get to the backup of each separate hard drive...

    You has of course set the exclusion in Time Machine?

    By default, Time Machine will exclude your second drive unless you have included it. Did you?

    Once you get to this level during the backup, you can do a full restore manually whenever you want.

  • Can I sent some info custom as the name of the db in my audit standard audit trails?


    I want to register my audit trails db name while doing a standard audit. Audit process can you provide some contexts custom as the name of the comic?


    In 11 GR 2, the only custom value that can be set and which is also found in the audit trail is the aud$ .clientid that you can set with dbms_session.set_identifier.

    in 12 c with Unified audit there is a new feature to include data of application context in the audit trail to the statement of VERIFICATION OF NAMES of CONTEXT,


    Damage ten Monkshood

  • Can't see some WiFi networks, while others may

    This problem only occurs on the floor of a convention center (and it takes place in several events)

    (1) I see some networks, but not the designated convention center WiFi free

    (2) everyone around me (a few feet), automatically detects and connects to the network

    (3) I do my cell phone a hotspot.  I detect cela, but does not connect.

    (4) I go back to my hotel room, easily detect / connect to the wifi at the hotel, as well as easily detect / connect to the hotspot.

    I use Windows 7 Professional

    Compare the networks that you can see with one of your colleagues.  You see them with the same signal strength?  If it is then maybe your ability to receive card WiFi is abnormal and the desired network arrives just in below the level that he can cope.

    If this is the situation then search this forum, the support site for your computer manufacturer & their forums of users for your WiFi card.  See if other people have reported similar problems and how they fixed them.  If there is no guideline anywhere then reinstalling the card driver WiFi might be the first thing to try.

    I made this suggestion because my card WiFi Dell Inspiron 1545 [Broadcom 1397] could never receive the same strength of signal to others could.  Several other users of Broadcom 1397 reported the same problem.  In this case, the solution was to uninstall Dell utility WiFi control then [Device Manager], select the WiFi card, look in its properties, driver tab and back the driver by default that came with Windows 7.  I don't pretend that your solution will be the same and I invite you to search for reports from other users.

  • G42 - 490 YOU: what changes can I see or wait until after the upgrade of RAM?


    My PC model # is G42-490TU, processor - Intel Core (TM) i3 CPU M370,
    RAM: 6.00 GB (2.93 usable), System Type: 32-bit operating system.

    I've recently upgraded RAM 2.00 GB to 6,00 GB with 2.93 GB usable, that's what it shows.

    I want to know if this 2.93 GB of 6,00 GB usable the correct value of the memory that is made available?

    Also, I want to know what changes can I see or wait after upgrading the RAM from 2.00 to 6.00 GB where 2.93 GB is usable? How does this improve the effectiveness of my PC? Is there something that needs to be done on my own apart from adding the RAM to increase performance and the maintenance of my PC?

    Thank you best regards &,.


    The problem is the operating system of your laptop is 32-bit.

    A 32-bit operating system can use @ 3.25 GB installed memory.

    Install additional 4 GB to a laptop that had 2 GB was a regrettable mistake.

    As long as the 4 GB memory module you have is compatible, you'd better remove the 2 GB module and put the 4 GB module in its place.

    You won't find a lot of improvement with the current configuration of a 2 GB module and a 4 GB module. With this memory configuration does not work in dual channel mode.  You would be better with two modules of 4 GB, but this is only if you upgrade your operating system to a 64-bit version.

    In fact, you would have improved if your OS is 64-bit. A 64-bit Windows operating system will recognize and use the installed memory.

    If you really want to improve the performance of the laptop, you should consider upgrading to a SATA SSD 256 GB drive at least.

  • Outlook - can not see contacts in the address book.

    I lost the address book in Outlook (Office 2007) when I migrated from Vista to Windows 7, I use Outlook as my e-mail program. I checked that the address book is enabled but I can't select the check in contacts in the properties box that says "show this folder as an e-mail address book", it is grayed out. I also tried adding an entry in the address book, and he came with a message to add a PAB file to your profile in the account settings. I've added as a PAB file under the data files - still does not work.

    See the following articles on how to view the address book in Outlook 2007 and check if that helps:

  • Why can I see my other computers on the same LAN after typing netstat b in same cmd if I didn't make any connection?

    Why can I see my other computers on the same LAN after typing netstat b in same cmd if I didn't make any connection?  owner of result [svchost.exe] TCP - PC:5357 ESTABLISHED


    Thanks for asking!

    This is because the network discovery is turned on.

    If you want, I suggest try tuning off the COAST of the discovery of the network and check if it helps.

    Enable or disable network discovery

    Reply back with the results. I'd be happy to help you further.

  • where can I see what DPI is in the PDF?

    where can I see what DPI is in the PDF?

    A PDF file does not have a DPI (resolution). Instead, it contains a mixture of text, vectors and images, each of which can have a different resolution. If you need to enforce a minimum or maximum, you can use Preflight to verify the criteria you want to apply.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not see contacts in the address book after you synchronize with PocketMac

    Model 8830. Macintosh OS 10.5.8. Latest version of PocketMac SYncManager 1.2 (1.4).

    Contacts have been working well. I have sync'd with PocketMac by ticking the peripheral crush, and first of all, I had a lot of duplicate addresses. Second sync seemed to delete ALL my contacts, but by checking the properties of the address book, it shows the 706 entries (twice what a book Mac address


    Nothing not done, I ran twice SyncClean and 'Reset all devices to the first SYnc State'. I have re-started the Mac and Blackberry several times.

    What to do next?

    I deleted all my data via the Options > Security Options > then wipe Handheld. Necessary for the re-registration

    the BB with the carrier and then by downloading my backed up address book & calendar

    Re-creation of speed dials, themes, ringtones, etc., but it cures the problem of address book.

    My calendar now has 3 copies of holiday in the United States, but I can live with that.

    I find it interesting that nowhere on the site Web Blackberry or PocketMac is there any

    clue on how to clean a calendar book or address munged. Maybe the next

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager will fix this problem.

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