Can't send or receive messages for the Hotmail (bwheatingservices) account.

Can't send or receive messages for the Hotmail (bwheatingservices) account.

Server error: 0 x 80048849

Server: ' '.

Windows Live Mail error ID: 0 x 80048849

Having two computers laptops, wifi, windows7, and ie8. Your laptop, send and receive. Calendar and contacts works perfectly. Second computer, when you attempt to read emails via messenger or ie8, I get the above message, also calendar is not updated.     If I connect directly to hotmail, bypassing ie8 and Messenger, everything is there, I guess it's a timing issue. Would appreciate any help. (worked fine until about 3 months ago)



Hi barnie236,

Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forum. Your question it will be better answered by the experts in the Windows Live Hotmail Forum. Pleae repost your question here.

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