Can't set up Firefox (29.0.1) "never remember history".

Attempting to set Firefox (29.0.1) to "never remember history" do not work. It boils down to "not forget history."


It is perhaps a problem with a corrupet file, try to go to your profile folder and rename or remove the file pref.js.


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  • Firefox guard handed himself to "never remember history" even if I say "use the custom settings for history".

    Firefox seemed to work fine until yesterday. When I used Firefox yesterday, my home page was changed to Firefox start page and did not open my tabs from the day before. I went to settings and changed the homepage back to and told to "use the custom settings for history". I closed Firefox and opened it again and my homepage was, as I put it, but it was back to "never remember history". I tried several times, yesterday and today, but Firefox keeps affecting himself never "remember history".

    Choose the 'use the settings customized for history' parameter is not make changes to the parameters of the history and cookies.

    Firefox displays the "use the custom settings for history" as an indication that at least one story and cookie settings is not the default to make you aware that the changes have been made.

    If all the history settings are default, custom settings are hidden and see you "conservation rules: (never) don't forget history."

    Don't remember history"means that private browsing is active and"Always use private browsing mode"Gets a check mark.

  • Why should Firefox back to "never remember history" whenever I go to "remember history"?

    I've seen many questions similar to this problem, but they are all about the custom settings and none of them does not seem to work for me.

    I want to have Firefox value "Remember history" and to stay like that, but when I close Firefox, the next time I open that the setting has been restored "never remember history" and what I had done at the previous session has been lost, including my cookies and log-ins.

    I am currently using the latest version of Firefox, and I'm running on Windows Vista. Everything worked fine until a few days after Adobe Flash of overload. Any help will be appreciated.

    Hello, does any act in aid here to fix the problem? : How to fix preferences that will not save

  • Can I set up Firefox sync on Android Tablet?

    I want to set up on the Android Tablet & synchronize on the 2nd Android tablet. Please tell us how to do this.

    Thank you.

    You will need a Firefox Office set up an account unfortunately. This could be done on any computer can run Firefox. May be good to use therefor. You will need to make sure you get all 3 bits of info from the configuration.

    • Synchronization user name
    • Password synchronization
    • Sync key

    Then use the configuration options manual for Firefox Sync on your shelves.

  • Can I set "When Firefox opens" a special series of different pages of my Home Page?

    I installed Firefox to bring up three specific tabs. WHICH works very well.

    But here's the problem: when I open a new Firefox window, these three tabs back upward. This is not what I want. I want another one simple page coming soon. A blank page would be nice, as well. But I don't want the three tabs to come fresh whenever I press Ctrl-N.


    COR - el-

    Thanks, it works.

    Initially, I don't think. I had copied my setting of the homepage, which had all three URLS separated by vertical lines (|), and only the first comer. But I replaced the lines with spaces, and it works.

    Now I have the shortcut with the three URLS on my startup folder, then on my desk.

  • How can I set bookmarks firefox to vista on the old computer file to a Windows 7 computer?

    used firefox on vista for a while. I am able to copy the profile from there that seems to have bookmarks and other personal items but win 7 professional does not reveal where to mozilla firefox data to be saved and firesfox will not let me browse the file you want to import.

    Hi jpparks,

    to find your profile directory, simply open Subject: support in a new tab and click on view in the Explorer

    Another thing you could try is Firefox Sync.

  • How can I set up Firefox with already registered profiles? I had to wipe my hard drive but saved my Firefox profiles on another drive first and copied their return, but I do not know how to configure the browser reload / recognize them.

    Mac OS X 10.5.8 PPC G5 2.5 GHz double - processor
    Firefox 3.6.24

    Nevermind, I got it. I found the page on 'Manage profile' which explains everything. Thank you for your time if you were planning to meet.

  • Firefox will never return history immediately after I said to use personalized story.

    Firefox will not keep my setting of "personal history". I said to use personalized story. I close the window options, and even if I do not do anything, when I open the window options yet, Firefox came back to "never remember history". I tried to delete cookie and preference files. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Firefox. I tried to delete the file profile.js or whatever it is called. I tried all the solutions I found online and nothing works.

    Thank you for your response. I understand that made the need for changes or he's back by default. I had brought a change. I does not solve the problem on my own with some tinkering, however. I changed something different, then it changed back and makes somehow the settings would you like.

  • Can I set up Foxbrowser on my iPad and iPhone?

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    There is no Mozilla browser for the iOS due to Apple restrictions on what browser and JavaScript engines that can be used., 2817,2416461,00.asp

    Mozilla did have a browser experiment for iOS called Jr. a few years ago, however, he has no motor pets JavaScript and Gecko used by Firefox due to Apple restrictions.

    With Mozilla's mobile Firefox is for Android 2.3 +.

  • The pages I visit that needed to set one ID and password does not remember them

    I have windows vista. I visit my regular pages and enter my ID and password and click on the box next to remember password. However, I close the page and when I open it it is still asking my ID and password, I went to the tolls on top then went to options and went to safety. There is a place that says remember passwords for sites. But I can't click on it, it won't let me. But he doesn't use a master password under which I can, but the one I want to will not let me click on the box, please help

    Hello yurdominatrix, firefox will not save your passwords when you put up permanent private browsing mode ("never remember history" in the privacy of the options panel). the connection information is stored in cookies, so make sure you websites where you want to stay connected are allowed to set cookies and they are not deleted when you close firefox (as is also the case for execution in firefox's private browsing mode).

    Enable and disable the cookies that Web sites use to track your preferences

  • Why firefox doesn't let me remember usernames and passwords?

    Don't forget passwords is not highlighted in the security settings, it is as if it has been disabled and will not come back on - WTH?

    Hello fryear, firefox will not save your passwords when you put to execution in permanent private browsing mode ("never remember history" in options > Privacy panel).

    Privacy, historical settings of navigation and-no-track

  • How can I not "remember history" but still keep the history of end of seizure semi-automatic and password

    I checked the box to save the passwords and AutoComplete as well as "never remember history" however nothing is maintained, I only wanting to not keep my browsing history.

    Make sure that you do not use clear recent history to erase these data when you close Firefox.

    Compensation of the "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, windows pop up, installation of software and passwords.

  • Firefox does not remember any history, even if the setting is "remember history". How can fix this?

    I do not use private browsing and the setting ist "remember history", but Firefox doesn't remember the stories. What can I do to let Firefox remember history again?

    One possible cause is a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

    See also:

  • How can I set a password for firefox so that everyone must enter the password before running firefox

    My younger sister run my firefox just to this afternoon (she origin use IE), and she saw something that is not visible. How can I set a password for firefox so that everyone must enter the password before running firefox?

    Another option is the master password + extension.

    You must first make sure that Firefox uses a master password, for more details on how to do that see use a master password to protect stored logins and passwords. Then with the master password + extension in its options, go to the getting started section and make sure that "ask for password at startup" and "Exit if cancelled" is selected both.

    As with all extensions, this protection is quite weak and can be bypassed if start you Firefox in safe mode that disables extensions.

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    These computers usually use Xandros, a linux version is more actively developed. Unfortunately, I don't think that there is a good way to update Firefox on these machines. I suggest that you install a new version of linux (Ubuntu is very popular and easy to use). It's a bit beyond the scope of this proceeding, however, I suggest looking on a few linux forums. They can help you find a version of linux that is more modern, faster and more secure and help you with the installation and set up. You will be able to use the most recent Firefox at this point here, your OS will be updated and faster.

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