CAN the c series modules and drivers XNET and Ethernet expansion chassis cRIO compatibility issues


I encountered a problem with my current setup which was not picked up by the tool advise cRIO or by the engineer of applications OR that we used to check our configuration before starting the project.  It turns out that the NI 9853 CAN modules require a XNET driver that is not compatible with the NI 9149 expansion chassis.

We currently have a system with a cRIO NI 9068 with general IO and some CAN controller and CAN open modules in a carrycot and an Ethernet NI9149 with more general IO expansion chassis and more CAN and CAN open an another pod remote modules and all of this should work under water, so I can not move the modules of the expansion chassis to the chassis controller without a lot of overhaul of the system and equip and a team of angry engineers and technicians.

I have developed the FPGA code for the 9068 OR and have CAN and CAN open networks works with happiness.  Then I tried to copy the same FPGA code on the expansion chassis and it compiles, but when I try to launch it I get the error-63184 code.  After long calls OR support, and tries to install the missing drivers on the expansion chassis, we discovered that XNET is not compatible with this chassis.

Can anyone suggest the best course of action?  Is there an expansion chassis Ethernet that will support XNET?  I have here no information online about this compatibility issue that I can't find?

I'll be communication with DIRECTLY, but from previous experience of the "odd" questions, I know the community often hold the key.  Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thank you, Ed


It's official.  CAN open modules are not compatible with the expansion chassis.  I have them moved to RIO and will get the upgraded pods.

Thank you


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    You can activate the Wifi and cable connected at the same time, but you can use the Internet from one of them. The computer will prefer the cable if the cable is connected.

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    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have other problems with Windows in the future.

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