Can update my AIR Android app with an app without AIR?

A few years ago, I published an Android with Adobe AIR application. Now, I created a new version of the application with a different technology (HaxeFlixel / OpenFL) which uses the native C++ code.

The certificate that I used for the AIR version is in the format "p12", and it seems that I need to use the format "jks". I tried to use a converter jks p12 I found online, which seemed to work, but when I try to submit the app I get an error saying that the certificates do not match.

Any suggestions on how I can update the application with an app without AIR? Is this possible? Thanks in advance.


Just for the record, I was able to solve the problem by removing the certificate of the apk and again sign the jks certificate, jarsigner. I followed essentially this: te-than-what-it-came-with if the problem had something to do with the way the application was signed, not the certificate.

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