can use gtx ti 750 with HP compaq 8100 elite minitour


I have mini tower hp compaq elite 8100 and I want to upgarde graphics card GTX 750 it so I can do it or not!

my spec



320W PSU


I see no reason why it wouldn't work, but I can't guarantee it will be.

You must just have an empty adjacent PCI, you can remove the extra width of the map.

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    At any time.

    I am pleased to have been of assistance.

    There should be a driver disc in the box.

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    Use an adapter for your 2nd diet, it's what has worked for me.
    5.00 after all my research I've found the answer, it's not pretty, but it works.

    Plug one of your SATA power to branch (from your current diet) on the cable resulting, plug your new power supply ATX ATX plug adapter and you're good to go. When your old power supply switch on the adapter will turn on your new, it's great.

    Add2PSU is an adapter popular

    You could buy a dedicated power supply if you can find one, but I recommend not, they are expensive, make a lot of noise and heat.

    It was a nightmare for me and I don't want other people to have to go through what I did.

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    Hi Emily Ho,

    ·         What happens when you try to install Windows XP on your computer?

    ·         You try to install Windows XP from a disk of resettlement or a recovery disc?

    To update the chipset drivers, I recommend you contact the manufacturer of your computer for assistance.

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    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

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  • Virtualization in HP COMPAQ 8200 ELITE MINITOUR


    I got new machine: HP COMPAQ 8200 ELITE MINITOUR, [email protected] INTEL CORE I7, windows 7 64 BIT

    I need to enable virtualization in the BIOS, but I'm unable to find it.

    Please help me on this.

    Thank you


    You can find the setting in the Security menu.

    Please see the section of the installation guide for the maintenance manual on the link below for the precise location of the setting in the Security menu. (Chapter 2, page 13).

    I have an Elite CMT 8200 and enabled VT

    Do not be alarmed if you change the setting when the PC automatically stops and 'playing possum' for a few seconds before it starts up again.


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    Here is the support page for your system:

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    I recently bought a HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF and want to update the graphics card. My friend has a MSI Nvidia GTX 770 2 GB graphics card in sales and I was wondering if it would be compatible with my PC. I said I'll need to upgrade to the power. Will it be possible? If the graphics card of my friend is not compatible with my PC, what is the best graphics card (ideally a similar to the MSI Nvidia GTX 770 specs/price range) which will be compatible?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    John, welcome to the forum.

    I think that you will get more answers to your questions if you start a thread here.  The members who know your best computer.

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    What JDBC drivers supported versions of Oracle database?
    11.2.0 JDBC drivers can talk to RDBMS
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    So basically the latest driver can "talk" to what after 8i. In addition, g 10 drivers are not available for Java 6 (which has been around for a while now).

    Published by: Bill S. on November 18, 2010

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    I see in the manual that the rocket can use MicroSDHC cards, but can they read both MicroSD cards?

    Thanks again!

  • Compaq 8000 Elite COnvertible: compaq 8000 elite minitour convertible pci driver windows 7

    Hello, I had trouble finding the right drivers for my port of compaq 8000 elite series minitour convertible pci and pci simple communication controller, running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit...

    I found a link in a different thread, but the link does not work...

    Could someone help me please? It would be greatly appreciated☻

    Kind regards



    You need these drivers for devices...

    Simple Comms:

    This package contains the device driver Intel Active Client Manager Host Embedded Controller Interface (HECI) for desktop models and operating systems supported.


    Serial port:

    This package contains the Intel Local Management Service (LMS) and the support of Serial - over - LAN (SOL) for Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) for the supported desktop models and operating systems. This software is part of the Intel Digital Office Initiative.


  • Can someone help me pls with the compaq presario s3030il drivers for Windows XP

    the HP site doesn't it have not please help me


    Here is the link to the product for your PC:

    I can give you links to all the drivers, but the card network and modem based on what I see on the link.

    For the network card and modem, if you do not have the drivers for them already, please click in the Device Manager. Then click on the Details tab after the first string you see.

    Those who will identify the make and model of the network adapter, and I can send you the link for the drivers.

    Drivers: Install in this order and restart:

    Chipset: Download and run the first file listed. * & DownloadType=.

    Graphics card: * & DownloadType=.

    Audio (I think): If this driver does not work, please post the device details like I asked you to do for the network card and modem.

    Accept the agreement. Download and install the 6th on the list (Windows 98Gold/98se/Me/2000/XP/2003(32/64 bits) for driver only. For Windows 98 SE, DirectX (R) 8 is required to enable advanced features. (Executable file))


  • HP Compaq 8100 Elite CMT: Updated memory 8100 Elite CMT with 2x4gb TwinMos 512 x 8

    Hello. I'm new here.

    Of after the plug technical QuickSpecs, I recently bought 2 x 4 GB of "TwinMos PC3 10600 4 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz CL9 U-DIMM ' memory. The chip configuration is 512 x 8 single sided. When I put the memory inside, my PC will boot only until the Windows logo and keeps on rebooting. I tried the two modules together and separately, black fill slot DIMM1 still. But the problem persists.

    After much research on the internet, I found the idea that it could be due to the configuration of the chip 512 x 8.

    Is there such a question? How can I solve this problem. I plan to uprade max 16 GB, and it's the only 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz available here.

    Thank you for your time.


    It's the memory that I used on my 8000 Elite that uses the same specification of memory...

    This memory has 8 small black chips on each side of the chessboard (16 in total).

    I would say that the memory you bought is too high a density for the PC to manage.

    The memory I bought works fine in my box.

  • HP Compaq Elite 8000 small: what type of cable should I use for dell dual monitors hp compaq 8000 elite?

    I'm not very tech savy when it comes to computers. I'm trying to understand what kind of cable I need to buy to allow both of my Dell, monitors to connect to the back of my Tower. I have only 1 connection vga at the back of the tower.

    Not at all.  Gold is one of the best drivers.

  • HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF: Upgrade 8 GB to 16 GB

    Hello everyone

    I wanted to know if someone could send me a link where I could buy RAM (from amazon, Ebay,...) which would be compatible with my computer.

    I bought so much ram (4x4Go) with a different frequency and CL, and none of them work. My computer beeps (with a red led) or it starts but stucks in the logo of the window.

    I checked on the website of intel:

    And even if I buy the RAM at 1333 Mhz and 4x4Go I have always the same questions.

    I want to say that I do not see where I made a mistake. Is it because my power supply is not powerful enough? I got this pb

    Thanks in advance for any advice or links (and sorry for my bad English, I'm from France)

    @SirPlease, welcome to the forum.

    This is the memory that is advised by Crucial memory.  If their programme recommends the memory, it is guaranteed to work or they will replace it free of charge for you.  They make good memory.  If you have any other questions, you can contact their Technical Support.  They have always been very helpful.

    In addition, if you want to speed up your computer even more, you should look at the SSD they recommend.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

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