Can we have more than one attachment to the activity "email with attachment.


I have a condition in which the process has n number of approvers in the stream, and each approver can add attachments to the form in the variable list < document > which transports rasthaus documents.

At the end of the process, I'm supposed to send an email with all the files attached to a help desk team.

I know that the activity to send an e-mail with an attachment supports one attachment. y at - it a possibility or any other activity that I can use to send an email with any number of attachments?


Hey Ashok

The service you want is called "send with map of attachments. This service is not on the toolbar.

If you drag on the market to define the activity type "email" in the search box, you can see the title of the foundation that there is 3 e-mail services.

Choose send with map of attachments.

For help on this service, see:


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    Hi Beckie,

    I'm afraid in the current PLM4P, we do not support function on the document to support customer demand. However, we have some improvements to 6.2 to support the document, I suggest you to submit an enhancement request and wait for the next major version if it is not urgent

    Thank you


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    Yes we can
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    It seems that you can only use one address for this widget.

    To do this you will need create map in Google Maps with all your points, and then copy the Google embed .html into Muse.

    Example of a google map embed with several points imported into the Muse:

    (Object/Insert HTML)

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    Yes, you can have more than 1 key (composite keys) in the recon field mappings.
    Matching will happen to consider them as composite keys...

    Thank you

  • CMDGW_CAT:3441: ERROR: can not have more than 3 entries in the LIST RACCESSPOINT

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    CMDGW_CAT:3441: ERROR: can not have more than 3 entries in the LIST RACCESSPOINT
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    Service LDOM = local_domain RDOM = dom1, dom2, dom3

    sets the remote domains of failover for this particular import. It is not intended to provide access to a service in several areas. What you want, it's basically what you were doing, i.e.,.

    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom1, dom2
    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom2, dom3
    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom3, dom4
    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom4, dom1

    It would provide balance between the 4 areas and always provide areas of failover, although assigned to the ON_STARTUP linking strategies, then the following is sufficient:

    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom1
    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom2
    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom3
    Service LDOM = local_domain, RDOM = dom4

    As only active areas will be used and those inactive is ignored.

    Kind regards
    Todd little
    Chief Architect of Oracle Tuxedo

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    Hello RiversidePaulD,

    From now on, you can have a single (unique) signer who can esign Widgets online. If your second signatory is fixed, then counter signer is the best option. Apart from that, it is not possible to have two different esigners who continue to change. I took this as a feedback however.


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    You can have only one list of automatic reminder of family, but you can create your own playlists and share them with whoever you want.

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    ICloud there than one disc for each Apple ID. You can, however, create more than an Apple ID, but that creates other issues as demanding that you trade ins iCloud to access the content of the newspaper reader.

    You can create subfolders in your drive to iCloud for work and personal use. You can also purchase a subscription to more storage if you need.

    No solution to this question. Each has its compromise.

    Could you use, say, iCloud for your personal files, but use Dropbox for those work-related?

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    Certainly, you CAN define functions with OUT parameters. It is generally not advisable to do so, however. Working with settings, for example, can be called from SQL, among other useful things.

    If you are wanting a function that returns multiple values, you would generally be

    -create a procedure that has several OUT parameters

    -create a function that returns a type of object that encapsulates the values that you want to return

    How to make FUNCTION returns several columns and several outputs line

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    oracle function to return more than one value

    You must give several values of function that can be found in Sql

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    I have a WRT110. I have two laptops wireless and a wireless on a network printer. Whenever I turn on more than one thing, it's my connection drop. Example, I have my laptop and if I want to print something, I turn on the printer and bam, I lost my wireless connection. What I am doing wrong? Its to the point where if my husband is online and I turn on my Ipod it connect to internet and my husband ends. We continue to have to reset the router and the modem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    On all the computers in Win 7 disable IPv6 under properties cable adapters and wireless LAN.  Restart the computers.

    In the router, turn off UPnP, under settings wireless Beacon interval 75, RTS and Fragmentation threshold to 2304.  Save the settings.  Now connect again and test it.

  • How can I have more than one window open at a time, for example to compare the information?

    I am doing family research, I need sometimes to open a window so that I can transfer some information to another window, or check dates etc. Although the information is available instantly by clicking on the tabs, I still prefer to have in front of me for the comparison.

    You can tear off a tab (right click: switch to the new window) to open it in another window and resize the two windows, so that see you them at the same time.

  • How can I have more than 3 recipients to send an email?

    I'm all new to Mozilla (really miss Microsoft Live Mail).

    I can't see how to allow more than 3 recipients to emails I send?

    Press ENTER after completing the last address field and they keep their appearance.

    If you want to see more fields before they scroll upward and out of sight put the mouse on the line below the subject field, and when the cursor turns into an arrow to head double left click, hold and drag down.

    If you have not discovered the Contact Sidebar in the window of writing that turn by pressing F9. Now go to the bottom of the list and select all the contacts for e-mail. Select multiple holding the key CTRL key while clicking on them. When you all chose them one of the buttons add to use down to respond to the email.

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    If each of you have a separate Windows account, then all of you automatically have a separate Firefox profile.

    If you use the same Windows account (not much privacy in this case), then you will need to create a separate profile for each of you and a shortcut on the desktop to start each profile.

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