Can we use Adobe sign API in Windows applications?


Can we use Adobe sign API in Windows applications? When I use it in the browser he asks me to connect to the account and then give me the Code to get the access token.

But what if I'm not on the browser? I mean how can I use it with the Windows Applications?

Please help me.

Thank you

Hatwal Vinay


Hi Vinay,

Yes, you can use the integration with windows applications feature.

I see you are using Adobe sign to test with your e-mail address.

Please be informed the integration is available in Adobe Enterprise sign & developer account (stable).

-Adobe plans sign for individuals and businesses. Adobe Document Cloud

Or you can subscribe on behalf of the company.

Or test the integration with developer account (test account) Adobe sign, a Cloud Solution of Adobe documents .

Developer account only add "for demo" watermark to the document.

Integration of reference guide: reference Integration guides | Adobe sign

Feel free to contact us if you have queries or concern.

Kind regards


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