Can you have v4.1 and v3.5 hosts in the same cluster?

Can you have v4.1 and v3.5 hosts in the same cluster?  Before that I have to try, I thought I would check.  It would be only temporary until all hosts are upgraded.


> Yes, 3.5 and 4.1 can coexist.

But they can be managed vcenter 4.1 only, and you must leave the old license server for 3.5 hosts.


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    You can clone this VM VM A i.e (require vCenter or vmkfstools allows you to clone the drive ONLY) and name VM B. do you want on original VM. Something happened to A VM, VM B you Savior.

    vStorage the device (here). It will use your local or DAS.

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    No, it is not possible to vmotion or storage vmotion between CPUs from different manufacturers - I heard rumors that two manufacturers are working on technology that will help in the future-

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  • Can you have configured USB and wireless printing simultaneously on mono Laser HP 1102w

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    [Content removed]


    You should be able to connect the two, but not Ethernet and wireless at the same time.

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    Hi myitanalyst,

    JO 6500 supports one 1 type of network connection is to say either wired or wireless, but USB and network can be connected at the same time

    ex: USB + Wired or wireless + USB.

  • Can you have SMU 1062 q turn on without using the power button

    I use a q SMU-1062 for a test project that will take place inside a protective case.  The power button on the chassis will be covered by a plate on the protective case that make it boring and difficult to switch on using the power button on the chassis.  The chassis will be plugged into a power strip of travel - lite which is mounted in the case.  Is it possible that I can have the power to frame on when I turn on the power strip?

    I found another route.  In the controller BIOS, I changed the parameters of loss of AC power to TURN on after that AC is returned.  This allows me to use the power strip in my configuration to control the electric network distributed to the controller.  The following steps will describe how I got this.

    1. Power of the SMU-8115 controller.

    2. A message will appear on your screen, press to enter SETUP

    3. Select 'Remove' (quickly, because you don't have a lot of time before the window disappears and the controller continues to load normally.)

    4. This will open the main Menu of the BIOS

    5. Select the Advanced tab (use the arrow keys to highlight the selections and the different tabs, select a setting change with 'enter'

    6. Select > Configuration power and rest

    7. Change the configuration to power on when power is restored.

    The controller can be normally close by using the start menu, and "shut down".

    Start button / stop of the chassis is still capable of turning the power on to the controller, but now when I shut off the AC power strip and then return power, get the controller chassis.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Can I have a blackberry and not pay for all the internet services?

    Hi I'm new on this and my t-mobile phone that I broke and I looking to upgrade to something that will help me to stay a bit more organized, but are unwilling to pay for the service package that comes with the purchase of a blackberry from t-mobile. I know that I could get one on craigslist or ebay or something and I was wondering if I could just put in my Sim Card and it would have all the functions without the internet and emails. All I really want to the phone is easy navigation, good organizer, easily send SMS and calls. Thanks for the help! -Sully

    Sully, Hello and welcome to the Forums of Support

    Sorry, no. Without the BlackBerry data Plan, you will get very little data from the device functions... voice and SMS, Yes. Calendar, contacts, etc., Yes. No RIM push email.

    You can use the Opera Mini browser for the internet with the setttings TCP active for a browser for free... just watch your billing and ensure that you are not charged.


    I try to create the letter head in Notepad and want to have the fonts of upper header of the police of 'field '. is it possible and if so, how?


    To answer your question: no, you can't have different text in Notepad. This is because Notepad is designed to create and edit text files using the basic of formatting text. I recommend using Microsoft Word (which is part of Microsoft Office) to have different text etc. styles (if you don't have Microsoft Word and don't want to buy it, you can use a trial version. In addition, ago a productivity suite open and free, similar to Microsoft Office and provided by another company, called OpenOffice, which allows you to have different text styles).

    Although, I would recommend to get Microsoft Office, there is a program called WordPad (or TextPad, depending on your operating system), which is designed to create and edit text with complex formatting. It should be in the accessories (in the same place as Notepad).

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    I hope this helps and good luck.

    If this does not work and / or is not useful, just reply to this, and I'll see if I can revisit the issue to provide more useful advice.


  • Can I have my catalog open on several machines at the same time?


    I am trying to improve my workflow that I now regularly switch between several machines to do my photo montage. To facilitate this I have moved my catalog to OneDrive and have OneDrive running and synchronized on all machines. Sometimes I let Lightroom open on a machine while I try and continue work on another and I was concerned that this might be a bad idea. Supports the file catalog is open in multiple instances at once or do I close Lightroom on a machine before using another?

    Using an external HARD disk and their transport between machines is not an option for me.

    Thank you.

    No, you can have a catalog open on multiple computers.

    You are responsible for corrupting the catalogue and to lose everything. The database is SQL lite which is single-user...

    You can try your idea of opening and closing on each machine that can work well, people use Dropbox for that. The key is to know when a catalog is closed and stopped being written...

  • How to have an amount and cut in two at the same time

    Hi everyone, I need to display the data as in the example (4 areas):
    Product Category           Number of tickets by category               Product               Number of tickets by product
    Category 1                              100                            product A                             50
                                                                           product B                              50

    Category 2                               10                             product C                              8
                                                                           product D                               2
    As you can see, I need to see the total number of tickets for each category of product and then cut in two by product.

    In an attempt to have this result, I take the following fields the sector of activity:

    Product category
    Count (tickets_id)

    but I'm not able to have the amount of tickets per category and the quantity of tickets per product at the same time within the report... because as soon as I shared by product I lose the total number of tickets by category...

    How can I have this two amounts together? The first designating all of the notes of the category and the second split by product at the same time?

    I tried to do a calculation count (count (tickets_id))... but it is not possible... I got the error "Aggregate functions Nested are not permitted..."

    Any help will be appreciated

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Alex,
    In cases like yours when you need two different levels of aggregation, you can use the analytical functions.
    From BA to select only the Product_Category elements and product and create new calculations:

    1. on behalf of the tickets:
    Count (tickets_id) more (Product_Category partition)
    2. for the number of tickets per product:
    Count (tickets_id) more (partition Product_Category, product)

    you will get:

    Product_category count by product by product category
    1 100 A 50 category product
    Category 1 100 product B 50
    Category 2 10 C 8
    Category 2 10 D 2

    Now if you want you can use the sort and apply the sorting group so it will look like your table model.

    Note that I assumed that a product may be in a category.
    If you got another one then just change groups in the calculation according to the needs.

  • Can you explain to me why I do not get the same result (vSphere Client Web vs API)


    When I create a new switch logic of vSphereWebClient/network & Security/LogicalSwitches

    I don't see a RESTClient 'GET nsx_url/api/2.0/vdn/virtualwires» '.


    Thank you

    Logical switch how do you have in your environment. This particular API call you are using has a paging feature and by default returns only the first 20 objects.

    The NSX 6.2 API Guide

    where? PageSize = XX & YY = startindex specifies the results of the query to the major pages. The default pagesize is 20 and default startindex is 0.
  • Can't seem to load and listen to music at the same time

    So I got my Droid X for a week now. A great phone. But I'm having a problem. Basically, I want to listen to music while it is connected to a computer via a USB cable to charge. "' Charge mode I guess put the phone in" only "would set the phone to use only the USB cable for power and not mount the sd card to access on the computer. However, this is not the case. I always get a message"your sd card is busy" when I do that. Any ideas? I don't want my phone to die while I'm listening. Battery life seems to be a constant problem win this phone that would be very nice if I could charge it for use.

    Just put the phone in 'PC' for USB Mode, plug it into your computer and you should be able to load and play music on the phone or the phone with the PC is turned off.    I throw my phone all the time that when I am traveling with Windows 7 on my laptop or Vista on my desktop when you work at home.   PC Mode is a shared reading where SD card is accessible by the PC and the phone and at the same time while allowing phone to load.

  • Intel and AMD CPU processor in the same Cluster vCenter

    Okay, guys and girls, doing vCenter/ESX 4.x cluster support a joint brain of AMD and Intel CPU?

    I have succeeded in their own groups so many individual servers but never asked on the mixture of AMD and Intel servers in a Cluster of ESX.

    I'm sure that's not possible or supported, but I have to ask anyway. Send a link to support your statement.

    Thank you

    N °
    A VCA active cluster only allows processors to a single supplier in the
    cluster. VirtualCenter and vCenter Server you do not add a host
    another provider in a cluster enabled EVC.

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