Can you turn off or get rid of ligatures in muse?

Can you turn off or get rid of ligatures in muse?


Ligatures are a CSS / presentation of fonts. Muse of all is to use the text in characters, the rest is totally dependent on what font you use and if the actual rendering of ligatures is enabled in your browser. It is more than something TypeKit, so this may enlighten you a bit:

Typekit help | Using OpenType features

Typekit help | Syntax for OpenType in CSS features


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    Thank you Bernd Alheit.

    Weapons of suggestion of as soon as I dug and found in preferences, general: 'show of storage online saving files', unchecking allows it to return to the value default or 'old' Save as way past versions.

    Thank you!

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    You can also have an addon to open new tabs in a new window.

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    Try this new extension - turn off private browsing:

    Ignore the review I did there on the 22nd, as both versions again, improving have been released during the 6 days and most of the articles I've written about have been fixed.

    Richie just needs to get to the function disable compensation no browsing history, who works at.

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    The easy way to recover is to hold down the power button until it turns off the MacBook Pro. Press the power button to restart the MacBook Pro.

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    iPhone 5 - can't turn off / reboot that can not enter password

    Screen has the 'things to do' info partially down the top of the screen, unable to access the "forehand" (try but does not) to unlock, when press button on / off nothing happens (normally have to enter the access code, but cannot get to it!)

    Any ideas?  I'm leaving tomorrow at 04:00 to travel and NEED this phone.  Have a "Genius Bar" appointment at 05:10 this evening in a busy shopping mall but prefer NOT to have to do!

    A C & P is appropriate here...

    If it has NEVER been jailbroke, here are a few standard repair procedures:

    First of all, try a system reset.  He heals many ailments and it's fast, easy and safe...

    Hold down the power button and the Home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" text if it appears.  You won't lose any apps, data, music, movies, settings, etc.

    If the Reset does not work, try a restore.  Note that it is nowhere near as fast as a Reset.  It could take well over an hour!  Connect via a cable to the computer that you use for synchronization.  In iTunes, select the iPod/iPhone/iPad, and then select the Summary tab.  Follow the on-screen instructions for restoration and don't forget to say 'yes' to the backup and go back to iTunes on the computer (NOT iCloud) because it is more comprehensive.  You will be notified that all data (apps, music, movies, etc.) will be deleted, but that the restoration is complete, you will be asked if you want the backup content to be copied to the iPod/iPhone/iPad.  Even once, say 'yes'.

    At the end of the basic restore, you will be asked if you want to synchronize the iPad/iPod/iPhone.  As before, say 'yes'.  Note that syncs selection will disappear and the restoration will terminate if you do not respond within a reasonable time.  If this happens, only applications that are part of the IOS will appear on your device.  Corrective is simple – bottom right of iTunes, choose manual 'Sync '.

    If you are unable to do the restore (or it does not help), go into Recovery Mode according to the instructions here.  You will lose all your data (game scores, etc.,) but, for the most part, you can redownload apps and music without being recharged.  In addition, read this.

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    Original title: chris

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    You have XP that your Thread appears in Windows_XP - Windows_Update Forum at the web address?

    You should only get the malicious software removal tool every month now as Support for XP ended in April.

    If you do not want to get this:

    Click Start > right click on my computer > click Properties > click on the "Automatic updates" tab at the top of the system than appeard Properties window > click the option box for "disable automatic updates > apply and OK your way out.»

    See you soon.

    Edit: just saw that you do not have XP. I typed the reply to your message to moose that you posted your second post

  • which is updated when you turn off your computer

    I got a problem with the connection to the internet and also using IE9 when I could. I solved my problem of the internet first by disabling my FIOS router wireless can will turn off PC and when starting, I first turn on my computer desktop and then put on my FIOS wireless router after waiting for about 20 seconds.  IE9 still has problems of since I installed Firefox and it works fine. When I had problems with getting Internet from my office, I was able to access the internet through my laptop using the same wireless router FIOS. I know that I was going through the FIOS wireless router because I could see the correct SSID number. So my question is what happens when off their workstation (which is updated). My desktop is Windows Vista Home Premium and using a wireless router FIOS I know is not (FIOS router) at the origin of the problem.

    When you stop your desktop computer, how could anything updated? This is the stop.

  • I can't turn off DEP for Itunes. How can I prevent Windows stopping?

    I installed itunes. Windows it stops when I try to download music, I bought.  I follow the instructions on how to change the data execution Protection settings.  When I choose itunes I get a message "this program must run with execution protection (DEP) data enabled.  You can't turn off DEP for this program.  What can I do to have Windows let me download my music?

    Hi Tracey532,
    So the problem here is that you cannot download your Itunes Music on your drive?
    1. what device do you use to download?
    2 have you tried to synchronize?
    3. what happens if you drag and drop the files?
    4. what happens if you try these steps in safe mode?
    Eddie B.

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