Cancelled ONLY alerts

I'm trying to find out why cancel alerts ONLY as assumed active alerts sent to my email address.  Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Clues?


Public Patch (Build 3294016) for VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 (2139886) has published this issue

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    I don't have one of those watching, but in general, it is in "Printing Options" which you can access by clicking right into printers and faxes or by simply clicking on the button 'Properties' in a print dialog box (once you have selected the printer).  If I had to guess, I'd start by looking at the "Color" tab, but it could be on a different tab.

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    that goes away after I got report that the location has been acquired, without any user interaction?

    See you soon,.


    the dialog class provides easy access to several pop-up windows. You can use the cancel to unshow the popup method.

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    When you use iCloud as your e-mail account, you can configure your watch so that you are notified only on e-mails from certain senders. All other e-mails can still be read on your watch, but you will not be notified as they are received.

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: My Watch (tab) > E-mail:
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    Try here:

    Hotmail has its own support at the Windows Live Solution Centerforums. Please address any other question you may have on one of the forums on the right side of this page.


  • Can't cancel a file download-security warning.

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    1. what version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer?

    Click on the link below for more information on how to determine the version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer.

    2 has there been any changes to your computer until the problem occurred?

    If your problem is related to Internet Explorer I suggest you follow the troubleshooting steps and check if this solves the problem on your computer.

    Method 1:

    If you use Internet Explorer as you web browser.


    How to optimize Internet Explorer


    Note: Photos and videos do not work in mode without modules.

    Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.

    Method 2:

    Step 1.

    Check if the problem persists in safe mode with network.

    Start the computer in safe mode with networking, to do this, follow the steps below.

    Access the menu advanced startup options by turning on your computer and pressing the button F8 before Windows starts.

    Advanced startup options menu select SafeMode with networking

    If the program works fine with safe mode, then try step 2.

    Step 2.

    The computer in the boot and a test

    Follow step 1 in the link below,

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    If everything works well after a clean boot, you can deduce that some third-party services are at the origin of the problem.

    Continue with the remaining steps to pin-point on the third party service. After find you the program that is causing the problem, you will have to perhaps to update or install a newer version of the program, if you rarely use that you should consider uninstalling the software.


    Important: n ' forget not the computer to start normal follow step 7 in the link.

    Note: When you perform a clean boot, you may temporarily lose some functionality. When you start the computer as usual, the function returns.

    I hope this information helps. Please get back to us if you have any other questions on this subject.

  • A few hours ago, I paid for a subscription that I now want to cancel. How can I do this?

    Can someone please help me to cancel my subscription?

    The order can be cancelled only when the transaction is complete, please wait for a day to cancel. Thank you


  • Sudden increase in size of alert file < SID > .log

    the file < SID > .log Alert is abrubtly increasing in size that is in process girls free disk space, so more no DB connection.

    I stop the database, took a bakup of the alert log file, negated the alerts log (using cat/dev/null > alert.log) and started the database.

    From now, its OK, but can I cancel this alert log file while the database is running. ???

    Hi Vicky,

    Yes, you can... you can even delete the alert.ora file that has the database open: Oracle will recreate it just the next you will need to write to it.


  • How to show the background application


    I want to follow an alert in my application when the application is in the background.

    I tried with this code: -.

    Alert: AlertDialog var = new AlertDialog();

    Alert.title = "alert";

    Alert.message = 'Notification '.

    alert.addButton ("Cancel");

    alert.addButton ("Show");

    alert.dialogSize = DialogSize.SIZE_SMALL;

    alert.addEventListener (Event.SELECT, alertButtonClicked);

    Alert.Show ();

    But it does not show the alert outside the application.

    But on further research on the web, I had found earlier than (IowWindow.getAirWindow .group ()); will allow the alert to be strictly within the application. Is this means that show() alert will generate alerts in the foreground, even when the application is in the background?

    Also, I want to put the application in the foreground when you press the button display. is it possible

    That is to say, the application state must be changed programmatically to 'normal '.

    Please help me

    Thanks in advance

    Vineeth K

    Looking for QNXSystemPowerMode to learn more about how to run your application even when it is in the background.

    Note, however, that if you do it wrong, you're going to drain the battery too fast and no one will want to use your application.  Do not set up just to sit in THROTTLED mode all the time if, for example, you want to just check a timer and do something later.  There are ways to use this very effective stuff, if you spend the time to learn.

    In addition, with regard to the "bring programmatically the app in the foreground", it is not possible unless you use a dialog box modal system (in other words, what you get with (()) just does it automatically.

    And it's probably a good thing... If I installed an app which itself has jumped to the forefront, becomes the active application, I would probably uninstall it immediately.  After all, how do you know that what the user is doing is not more important to him that no matter what your application wants to report?  It might be in the middle of a game, or give a presentation, or else where he does not want your application is throwing in the view.

    The same goes for using the 'modal system' form of the dialog as well.  I highly recommend that you not use it.  I believe that it is really only meant for critical problems of the system, such as the lack of flash memory or memory, and you will notice that it is not even use it to the situation of the latter.  (It might not for low flash either... I've never tried still get there.)

    If you want to attract the attention of the user, using a sound index (for now, the way that only acceptable, in my humble OPINION) or wait until the Notifications feature is documented and fully available for us.  That do the little "red flash" appears in the upper left corner and display a notification in the tray (top left corner) as well as how the PlayBook is currently app updates are available in the App World.

    If you insist on the use of the modal approach of the system, I would be very interested to learn what is the use case, as so far, I do not think that someone has described one that would generally be considered a valid use of this API, for most users.

    Finally, if you don't use a modal system, consider to give the user a way to disable it, as in your settings menu.

  • Firewall exception for Captivate 9 new

    Whenever I run 9 Captivate my system wants a firewall exception for captivatenews. The only way this stops is by disabling the firewall, but the firewall must be on for me to work remotely. FYI, I'm not a sys admin, my organization is an it company. So far could not solve. I see 8 Captivate has had this bug. Is there a solution so that I don't have to wait to cancel the alert? VA - I still features if I simply rescind the notice of Exception? Thank you. Diana

    Hi Diana,

    Please go to your installed folder and search the file AdobeCaptivate.ini.

    Cope and stick this on your desktop. Edit this file and set UseEdgeInspect = 0 instead of 1, save it and paste it into the location of Captivate installed.

    Kind regards


  • VCenter in VCOPS node is 0 - red all the time.

    A week ago I had to stop my vcops device.  Since the return on everything is fine except the VCenter node.  We have only 1 data center and have imported only 1 VCenter Server.  The 'World' and nodes Data Center are in good health and in the green.  Each node is yellow or green according to normal.  However, VCenter node is always '0'.

    I tried to restart the Services VCenter and reconnect but no luck.  Someone has seen this before.  Usually, if I see 'Red' I start looking for a problem internally, but this seems to be a false alarm set for me.

    Thank you


    There can be several reasons for this - better go ahead and cancel the failure in vcops alert, if you are sure that the underlying question is resolved.

    That should restore health in vcops back to the 'normal '.

    You can also check clean vCenter health (for example calculated by itself) - this is shown in vSphere Client - in the main screen, open icon 'health' and see what is there. IT should be green. If this is not the case, he will tell you he exactly, which is always false.

    Update: I see that you have actually cancelled the alert in vcops. What I said above is still valid, but you could also go to the menu "configuration" (vcops), find the check boxes «generate alerts individual fault...» "and change the current setting. This should refresh health vulnerabilities and expose any defect "hidden".

  • Find file in the directory

    I am currently using InDesign CS5.5

    I have an automation script for datamerge in javascript, I wrote, but I have had trouble finding all the references looking for files with javascript. I am well aware, you cannot have in javascript for the web, but there are side script server but cannot find where tutorials are online.

    What im will succeed to reach is this line here... but in javascript.

    rootName var = app.doScript ("set dittos to (do shell script" ls/Path/To/Folder")", ScriptLanguage.APPLESCRIPT_LANGUAGE ");

    now, to explain why im using this incase anyone wants this or wants to know... This will give me a list of names of files in a directory...

    I then apply...

    var filename is rootName.split('.'). Reverse(). Slice (1). Reverse(). Join('.');

    which deletes everything except the name of the file without the extension.

    A part of my program is... each csv file that comes in will not have the same name so I use this to get the name and then later apply to my data source and for recording on the PDF file.

    I would be grateful if anyone can help me get looking for a javascript file or if they could send me a link to the location of the documentation.

    I tried to use getFiles ("*.csv"), but I get an error... When I type an alert after getting the file, it displays the file with the full path and I can't use slice because it does nothing. literally, it does not decide. This is why I have been using applescript. I don't know if its more effective or do not use Javascript to do this or just Applescript would keep all languages.

    Finally, I would like to know how to put in place a function or some kind of County to enter only 1 file at a time in the case that 2 files go to the directory.

    Also if anyone wants the code to make a datamerge and save the PDFs I'll post with pleasure.

    Thank you

    jtcdesigns1 wrote:

    I'm better at change to create

    Change this option to your taste

    filename = fetch_me_a_file ("*.csv");
    if (filename == null)
    alert ("No file found, or user canceled");
    alert (filename);
    function fetch_me_a_file (mask)
    var fileList = Folder.myDocuments.getFiles(mask);
    if (fileList.length == 0)
      alert ("No files found");
      return null;
    if (fileList.length == 1)
      return fileList[0].name;
    var selectedFile = Folder.myDocuments.openDlg("Fetch me a file", mask);
    // Canceled?
    if (selectedFile == null)
      return null;

    I was wondering if and how your Split Off Filename line worked, but decided to use this regular expression instead:

    name = filename.replace(/^.+\//, '');

    (replacement of everything before and including the slash with nothing), but then I thought, wait a minute. 'The object' returned by two getFiles and openDlg isn't actually a file name , - even if JS ideally converts a requested full when path-, it is a file object. And a normal file object has this useful property 'name': it's just the name of the file.

  • Help with Javascript for the button Delete

    Hi, Im new JavaScript and have my code works partially, but the trouble with a nested if-then-else statement.

    I have a page element, P4_COUNT, and if its value is 0, the button Delete will allow the user to delete the record. If the number is > 0, a message should appear stating that the record cannot be deleted. That's what I have so far and it works, but the first ELSE is misplaced. This code is the URL target for my button remove.

    JavaScript:var response; response = confirm ("are you sure you want to delete this POC?'");
    If {(response)
    If (document.getElementById('P4_COUNT').value == 0) {}
    doSubmit ('DELETE');
    else {-this other fires when the user hits cancel on the first question above not what I want, I want another one here who said only: "removal cancelled '"}
    -This one should only be fired if p4_count is not equal to 0
    var answer2;
    answer2 = confirm ('you cannot remove this POC, that this POC is associated with a RIF.');
    If {(answer2)
    Alert ('cancelled deletion');
    else {}
    Alert ('cancelled deletion');

    The above should follow this logic:

    Are you sure you want to delete this POC?
    Yes - if p4_count = 0 then
    delete the record
    on the other
    second line: cannot delete this record
    OK - prompt removal cancelled
    Cancel - prompt removal cancelled
    end if;
    Cancel - prompt removal cancelled

    Help, please. Thank you, Laura

    Published by: user8936524 on May 10, 2010 14:14


    Try if it works. I didn't test it

    var answer=confirm('Are you certain you want to delete this POC?');
    else{alert('Deletion Cancelled');}
    }else{alert('You may not delete this POC, as this POC is associated to an FRR.');}

    BR, Jari

  • Mail blocking Photos

    In recent months, I can not send pictures of Photos using Mail. If I click on the Mail, nothing happens. Mail will not open and I can cancel only Photos with force. Normal stop command is grayed out.

    I did a repair of the library. Didn't know that this would cause a new full download to the iCloud, took 8 days.

    Anyway, it did not help. I use a MBP with latest OS - X.

    I can move an image to the desktop file and then move it to the mail to send. I wish I had the original method of return.

    Thank you

    Frans Zantvoort

    What version of the operating system and mail Photos? What has changed since it worked? check mail on its own works very well, it has just begun it of Photos using the capacity for action that fails


Maybe you are looking for