Cannot access hard drive Time Capsule... Password not accepted

The device ' Time Capsule 802.11n (3rd generation).

Subject: Unable to connect to the HD TC

I've reconfigured our old Time Capsule (CT) for use by my daughter dependent of the College.  What with the TC seems to work fine (IE. Internet access and WIFI configured etc...).  I reformatted the HD to start from scratch.  And last updated as indicated by the Airport utility application.  The intention is to create a new WIFI area with backup (Time Machine).

When you set up Time Machine I stressed the internal HD of TC, and then it says "connecting to etc...".  After a few seconds, a new mold box presents itself to ' enter your password for the server (name of TC) for Time Machine can access.  I enter the HD password I had setup in Airport utility with nothing doesn't.  I checked all passwords with Airport utility "Show passwords".  Tried all the passwords, and of course which none worked.  And Yes, I even try the previous passwords even if I had changed their

I noticed that using the Airport 6.3.5 utility running on my OS X 10.10.5 machine I can see and change the TC.  But when I use another computer running 10.11.6 is the Airport 6.3.6 utility does not see the TC?

Thoughts and comments please?

Next step may be reset to the factory settings, but feel something going on here...

Thank you

Kind regards


(1) try to reset the password for the utility disk AirPort

(2) open TextEdit on the Mac and type the password in plain text in an editor window.  This will allow you to ensure that all the keys on the keyboard are recognized.  I've seen cases where passwords fail again and again because of a problem with a wrong key on the keyboard or a habit of typing that makes you believe that you enter the password one way, but the result is something else.  Be able to actually see that typed password allows to check that.

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    I had to call tech support and the Department of advanced technology does a remote to connect to my network.  After a lot of control and looking around, they discovered that two of the hidden system files that the E1550 creates hard disk were corrupted.  Once these two files have been deleted the E1550 completed the connection and makes accessible drive.

  • Cannot access hard drive child


    I'm relatively new to VMWare. I had installed a VMWare Server 2 times back. The host OS is Windows Server 2008 64 bit version. I created 2 virtual machines. The guest operating systems were Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, and Windows Server Standard. The host crashed yesterday. I had to reset hard. Once the host has increased, VMWare would not come to the top. I uninstalled VMWare. Help of the positions of the community how to uninstall and delete files, registry clean. Then I installed VMWare server 2 once again. The installation was successful. Now, I created 2 new virtual machines (there is no virtual machine appears in the VMWare server console). The virtual hard drives were available. I connected them to the 2 VMS newly created. Two of them connected. I began VMS and they can be started. But the Windows Server 2003 Standard do not have data on the D: drive. The D: drive is showing all the 165 GB on 165 GB free.

    Then, is not so much known, I tried to connect the hard drive of the child Win2K3Standard - 000001.vmdk to the virtual machine. It could not be connected and I got the error message. After through messages, I came to the conclusion that the good virtual drive to connect is Win2K3Standard.vmdk that corresponds to the parent of reader. This conencts to disk parent, but I think that the virtual machine is not at all to access the child disk.

    The parent disk is about 7.5 GB while the child disk is more than 70 concerts. And unfortunately, I don't have a snapshot backup of the machine. I got the suspicion that there might be something wrong with the machine of the child.

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    The snapshot of course - otherwise repeat you the same mistake.

    Then make sure the vmx has this line

    scsi0:0. FileName = "Windows Server 2003 Standard - 000001.vmdk"


    Description of the vmx settings:


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    You him have not said if you did all troubleshooting. Tell us what troubleshooting have you tried, and then we can give you an idea.

    Furthermore, El Capitan is very stable. However, you should not pass until your system is stable.

  • 696e647863686b2e 7be error cannot access hard drive.

    A few days ago, I copied all my data on a 1 TB external HARD drive and used Lenovo one key recovery to reset my laptop to its factory settings, because I couldn't move to 8.1. Now when I plugged the hard drive of the laptop to get all my stuff it says an error similar to this every time:
    -H:\ is not accessible. Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
    -Drive not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.
    I checked and found a similar problem on the forums, so I ran chkdsk /F R/x H:
    Arriving on stage (2 of 5) it says: an unspecified error has occurred (696e647863686b2e 7be).

    I was wondering if anyone of you has a solution to this.
    Thank you

    Lenovo g500s core i5 clocked at 2.6 ghz 8 GB ram

    Hi Oliver,.

    I you suggest scan you the hard drive health using the Seagate tool and then check if works very well.

    Use SeaTools for Windows

    Please post here with the State of the question and we will be happy to help you further.

  • drive time capsule is not available

    The time capsule disk is not available.

    Finally, he worked on 08/08/2016.

    If the capsule is on a wireless network, other devices work on this network? Have you checked your settings on the screen of Airport utility? You've restarted the router?

    The time Capsule is the computer wifi range? Time Capsule shows a green light?

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    The laptop came pre installed with vista home premium,

    What happens when my time expires and how can they only activate?


    I don't advise borrowing software is not legal.

    Try this instead and explain your situation to a live person.

    1 / click on the Start button.

    2 / in the Search box type: slui.exe 4 and press enter.

    3 / in the find window available for activation phone number, select the nearest location where you lie in the location box. You can click the arrow to the right of the location box to expand your choice of venues.

    4 / once you have selected your location, click Next.

    5 / If the user account control box, click continue or, if you are not the administrator, type in the username and password for permission to continue.

    6 / the window Activate Windows now will appear indicating the phone number you are dealing with a series of installation identification numbers.

    7 / now compose the activation number is displayed on the screen. The phone number is free of charge (telephone), unless otherwise stated.

    8 / you understand that, initially, the line of Activation is Automatic, so you will be asked to enter the numbers displayed on your screen using your telephone keypad.

    9 / once the numbers entered via the keypad of your phone, the automated service will issue you with another set of numbers that you Type in the dialog box that is displayed on your computer screen.

    10 / now you must follow the instructions issued by the automated service to activate your copy.

    11 / if, after going through this process, the activation service informs you that the product cannot be activated and then DO NOT slam the phone down in rage. Rather STAY ON THE LINE and your call will be transferred to an Activation of the device, in other words, someone real who will help you to activate your copy of Windows Vista.

    12 / I am aware that these steps can be a pain, but nine times out of ten, Activation is automatic and can be accomplished quite easily on the internet. This is the reason why the service is automated. It is true that sometimes the automatism cannot stop, and when this happens, you are put through to someone who can help you.

  • We get an error "D: / is not accessible." a device i/o error"when trying to access hard drive

    * Original title: e/s problem

    I am not able to access my hard that says: -.

    "D: / is not accessible." an i/o device error. "

    I also tried chkdsk but it says that it is not directly operatable.

    Hi Rishanpc,

    Thanks for the post. I am sorry to hear that you found a mistake "D: / is not accessible." a device i/o error"when trying to access hard drive.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will definitely help you with this.



    To help you suggest several steps to solve the problem, I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

    1. have you checked if the cables are connected properly?

    2 what is an internal hard drive or external?

    3 have there been recent changes made on the computer before the show?


    The most common cause of a non-accessible i/o error is a disconnected cable. When the computer tries to access a device, and it's no response after several tests, it will generate this error. Another common cause is when a program tries to access a file that has been removed or eliminated.


    Disconnected Hard Drive/cable misconfiguration


    Internal hard drives require a specific set up. IDE hard disks can have only one master. If another hard drive has its defining together correctly pin code, a user is perhaps not able to access the data, and he will receive a message that the drive are not available. Cables come off inside the case of the computer also cause a not accessible i/o error. The user can correct this problem by opening the case and attach the data cables for each drive safely at the back of each drive and the motherboard.


    You can follow the steps below and check if it helps.




    a. go to "Control Panel" in the start menu and choose 'performance and Maintenance '.

    b. click on 'System' then go to the Hardware tab and click on "Device Manager."

    c. find the device that records an error by developing the appropriate category nodes. If the device has a red "X" on the icon beside its description, the hardware is disabled; Go to step d to activate it. Otherwise, go to step e.

    d. go to the general tab and click on "Activate the device" found in the device status section. then press 'OK '. (Note: you may need to follow the guests, as indicated via an assistant of favorable device.) If you do, continue to click "Next" and follow the instructions until the process is complete.) Test the equipment. If an error is displayed, go to step e.

    e. click the general tab and click "Troubleshooting" found in the device status section and then press 'OK '. Follow the prompts to fix the problem. If an error is still displayed, go to step f.

    f. click the driver tab and click on 'Update driver'. Follow the instructions until the process is complete and then to test the equipment.




    Your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us with the information above to help you accordingly.

  • Hard, my time capsule airport is connected to my network. I also use it as my Wi - Fi. The time capsule disconnects from the network periodically and does not restore I have to restart to reconnect. What problem I have

    Hard, my time capsule airport is connected to my network. I also use it as my Wi - Fi and the backup. He constantly falls the internet connection and I have to restart the so he can reconnect. What problem I have?

    What brand and model of your Internet modem you have the Capsule Time (TC) by Ethernet? What exact model of the TC do you have? ... and who is your ISP?

  • my pc will not boot up when I run the disc to recover its says cannot find hard drive

    my pc won't start recovery disc tried tried

    Windows 7 disk but will not work it says can't find hard drive

    Sorry do not know all the details of my pc

    I am not basic pc user

    Thank you

    If you use your PC manufacturers recovery disks and don't see "no hard disk" the chances are that the hard drive has failed.

    When you try to boot your PC normally what exactly is the error message?

  • Time Capsule password

    I want to recover my files from a Time Machine on a Time Capsule backup. My Mac not connect to the Time Capsule said as he tells me that I entered an incorrect password. I've never had a Time Capsule password and it has never changed, nor no one else knows. Whenever I have try and enter my password, it tells me that it is bad when I know that it is not. The files are saved are extremely important and I can not afford these files to be lost.

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    Sorry, I'm not not clear about the question to know if you say that you used Time Machine on your Mac to back up your files on the time Capsule at the long... or, if you have a new Mac and try to access the files on the Time Capsule.

    In both cases, you "see" the time Capsule if you open AirPort Utility?

    We ask, is that you probably don't remember two passwords different on the Time Capsule originally implemented. One of them was a Base Station, or a password of the device... and the other was a wireless network password.

    Chances are, you know your password wireless, but here you are prompted for the password of the basic Station or "peripheral" to the time Capsule.

  • Airport Time Capsule device not found

    I have the time Capsule on the airport of the TB 3 802.11ac (bought 9/2014).  It integrates the latest version of the 7.7.7.  Just last week, I received the error device not found (.. .has been previously a part of your network... etc.).  The internet connection is always good and the component of the time capsule router still works.  When I unplug the device, it can find him but eventually will go down in a few minutes.  I also did a warm reboot, but some results.  Printer connected to the time capsule does not, nor does Time Machine back ups.

    Would be grateful of any advice on why the drive not found error continues to occur.  Thank you!

    You have Back to My Mac enabled on the Time Capsule?

    If so, turn it off for the moment in the AirPort Utility and restart the time Capsule.

  • Re: Satellite L300D - HARD drive with unknown password recovery?

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite L300D of second hand to a colleague and went on to restore its framework Moose per HARD drive recovery according to the guide of Toshiba
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    I get to part 3 and find a current user name, to which the previous owner has no knowledge of, or a password in order to continue the process. Does this mean that the previous owner has locked the recovery process or there at - it a way to recover the system without the password?

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    Theoretically, you could ask the colleague to the password ;)
    HARD drive recovery is possible if you know the password, otherwise everyone could perform HARD drive recovery and would not be without danger.

    Alternative, you can use the Toshiba recovery disc. It will be the same as the drive HARD recovery, factory settings will be restored too.

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