Cannot add the NFS storage to the data device


I try to add the NFS storage unit of data.

I followed the documentation, and when I ran the script supposed to mount/add NFS storage to the device, an error message indicating that the export is read-only, which is actually not the case:



HOST: is alive.

Mount.NFS: deadline set for Fri Mar 8 21:33:13 2013

Mount.NFS: try the options based on the text 'hard, rsize = 32768, wsize = 32768, intr, addr ='

Mount.NFS: prog 100003, try around = 3, prot = 6

Mount.NFS: try the port TCP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX prog 100003 3 prot 2049

Mount.NFS: prog 100005, try around = 3, prot = 17

Mount.NFS: try XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX prog 100005 3 UDP port 1234 prot on/opt/zimbra/store10 type nfs (rw, sync, noatime, hard, rsize is 32768, wsize = 32768, intr)

Error has occurred: directory does not exist or is not writable: / opt/zimbra/store10

zmvolume failed at ligne./ 49.

Of course, I tried to go to the mount point (in this case/opt/zimbra/store10) and quite capable of writing in it (touch, create the file + dir, etc...).

The data device has root access to the NFS export. I have no idea about the cause of this error.

Any clue?

Thank you very much


In my view, that ashish ask you to run the following command, so that the folder is owned by the user «zimbra»

chown-r zimbra:zimbra

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    I used this thread to solve: cannot add to ESXi host VMFS datastore

    More precisely:

    Try the following command

    #esxcfg - volume - l

    This should show the volume

    To constantly increase the volume, use esxcfg-volume - M followed of the UUID or volume name

    Thank you for looking, sorry to distract. I saw this thread when troubleshooting first. Good day to all!

    Post edited by: TH2

    What type of shared storage using you, and you haven't set up the presentation of the logic unit number for the second host in the same way that you did for the first host? Do you manage the host with vCenter Server, or if you use two autonomous host computers?


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    Hi Jeff,

    The computer manufacturing must have created a partition on the disk or provided you CD to restore the computer to the way it was when you bought it. If you have a PC clone, then probably you need to reformat your hard drive and reinstall the operating system. If you have an OEM computer (example: HP, Dell, ETC) there is most likely instructions when you turn on/off press F11 or F12 to return the computer to the computer.

    Note: Do nothing until you have all of your backup data.

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    Hello. I try to add vmknic with frames in my distributed virtual switch.

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    What's wrong?

    I tried all the combinations of parameters with the same result.

    Ok! I've found a workaround.

    Since adding a vmkernel remote interface doesn't seem to work with DVS, I simply created one on a standard vSwitch and it then migrated to the DVS. And voila: the value 9000 MTU migrated intact with her! Here are the steps I followed:

    1. put the ESX host into maintenance mode - evacuate VMs manually if necessary

    2 remove the VMKernel iSCSI/NFS to the DVS interface

    3. create a standard virtual switch with no physical cards. He has no need to be a VMKernel VM Networking switch is fine. Make a note of the name you gave to the PortGroup created on the new vSwitch.

    4 using the remote control line, add the new interface vkernel specifying an appropriate jumbo MTU (9000) and the PortGroup on the standard new vSwitch. For example:

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    Salvation of DBA

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    Thank you


    Please see (how can redo log group be dropped when it ever becomes inactive?) [ID] 730827.1).

    Thank you

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    To write directly to the photo, you can use the

    Export the photo to go to Photos and then open it in preview or install the extension of"external editors" of the App Store. Then you can open preview directly from the Panel of editing in Photos.  See this tip for user: external photo editors are here

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    Right-click in an empty area of the taskbar, click Properties and then on the tab of the properties task bar, clear the check mark next to "Small icons"  This, of course, also means that the taskbar will be slightly higher, and you won't have the small icons.

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    ·         What is the number and model of the printer that you are using?

    ·         How many computers are connected to the host computer?

    ·         You are on a domain network?

    Method 1:

    You can check the items below that explain how to install a printer in Windows 7.

    Install a printer

    Find and install printer drivers

    Method 2:

    a. now follow the document below to add the printer to the Windows 7 computer.

    b. If the steps above does not help try the procedure below.

    We need to change the port and check. Let us perform the steps below to install this printer and check.

    a. Click Start, click Control Panel, and double click on devices and printers.

    b. click Add a printer.

    c. Select "add a local printer.

    d. Select "create a new port". Select "Local Port" as the port type.

    e. in the "type a port name" box, type the address in the following format.

    \\[IP address of the host computer]------[the share name of the printer]

    And then click Next.

    f. Select the driver in the list of drivers. If no driver available, click the Windows Update button, wait the process finishes and then search for the driver again.

    g. complete the installation.

    For additional help, refer to the article below.

    Printer in Windows problems

    You can also check out the link below that addresses the same issue when you face:

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    Is it possible to add the date and time to a text field where the user is clicking the button of form submit?

    I created a custom send form button and do not use the distribution process to collect the results and would like to have a time stamp of when the form has been sent.

    Thank you!

    Sure. Before your submit order add a command run JavaScript with this code:

    this.getField("SubmitDate").value = util.printd ("mm/dd/yyyy hh: mm", new Date());

    Change the field name or date that required such boss.

  • Add the data in a field of multiple selection?

    Just got got off the phone with the support of Eloqua ask about the possibility of adding data in a field of multiple selection over time. Apparently, it's possible through mailings of form, but no list will be mailed.  Wouldn't be great if during a download list, you had the ability to add data from a field in your file .csv for existing values in this area in Eloqua.  Here's a use case for this scenario... in our society of industry can be part of multiple market segments.  Depending on the event, a person can feel they are part of the market segment 'Radar', but another event specializing in Sonar... they indicate that they are part of the market segment "Sonar", both being true.  There is currently no easy way to enter these data in Eloqua over time as part of the downloads from the list.  Based on the scenario above, the existing value is 'Radar', but if "Sonar" is the value of the field for the next download it replaces the value of 'Radar '.  Ideally, we would be able to capture the two values.

    I said that if there is enough interest in this idea, Eloqua would consider developing a new option for downloads from the list add vs crush.  I hope others can find a use case for this idea.

    Hi Tina,

    I know it's a bit old but I had a simular problem on adding values to a multi select.  Here's how I approached it.

    1. Add a text based contact field Eloqua to transfer your csv values.  Let's call it "MultiSelect download Value" for this example.

    2. Add Eloqua add values to a multiselect contact field.  What we'll call "MultiSelect Final.

    3. create a program that will add the download list.

    4. in the program, create a step to update Contact data

    . in the update rule, update "Definitive MultiSelect' field, Append the value in the field value, value will be hardcoded, check use a delimiter": ", marks the conditional rule the field" value to download MultiSelect "equals the value hard coded or one that you would like the field to be.

    b. create all update settings you need for your data.

    I approached this way because our downloads from the list should be add the data over time.  The field ' value to download MultiSelect ' allows it to be overwritten on each download.

    Let me know if you want more details.

    Thank you


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    I have a problem.

    Every day I see error for one of my servers in "reports":

    2016-07 - 05T 06: 00:47.971 + error 06:00-[7F2F3FA5E700] [[email protected] = transport sub]

    Cannot use hotadd mode to access the FileSrv1/FileSrv1_1.vmdk [Cisco2-datastore]: can't get using this method.

    (Mounting VM using vm-3198 transport hotadd failed: cannot access the data store for one of the drives of the Machine virtual FileSrv1..)

    At the same time, I havn't this error for the other servers.

    "FileSrv1" has not has installed "VMWare tools". After the instalation "VMWare tools" on this server, the problem is resolved.

  • How to add the date felxfiled in OFA

    How to add the date felxfiled in OFA

    Hi gurus,

    How to add a date in the form OFA field. I tried but no optin schedule it. I need to add the calendar options before the flexfiled.



    Allocate FND_STANDARD_DATE segment value your FDF everywhere where you want to see the calendar on the page of the OFA.

    Let me know if you need more help on this.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot add the header HTML - CFWebstore on CF11


    I get the error below on a new installation of CFWebstore v6.6 on CF11. I used a previous version of CFWebstore on CF7 and CF9 without problem. Looking for suggestions...

    Cannot add the HTML header. ColdFusion is unable to add the header specified in the output stream. It's probably because you used to define one of the ColdFusion Cookies of Session or authentication cookie. To do this, please use configuration at the application server level. The error occurred on line 213.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    I found this answer:

    To resolve this issue, connect to Coldfusion Admin, go to the memory Variables and uncheck "Disable the update from Coldfusion cookies using tags/functions of Coldfusion." Memorize your settings, and then restart your Web site.

  • Add the date/time of sending of the e-mail form

    Is it possible to add the date and time, a form is sent in the e-mail subject or body when the sender clicks a button to send email? So what I want to do, is when they click the send e-mail button, the subject could say 'Submit form' 16/02/15 at 09:27.

    Research further and was able to reach my goal with a bit of JavaScript.

  • When OMF add the data file in the tablespace

    Hi friends,

    We use oracle 11.2 with CMS (oracle managed file) for the database on the linux platform. the parameter - DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST had been set. at the present time, we received a message from global warming this tablespace criterion is 85% full.

    According to the document of the oracle, OMF auto will add a data file in the tablespace tast. more than a week, I do not see any data file has been added by OMF.

    I want to know when OMF adds the data file in the tablespace? 85% or 95% or some (parameter) setting this action?

    Thank you


    OMF does not automatically add a new data file.  You must explicitly add a new data file with the ALTER TABLESPACE ADD DATAFILE command tbsname.

    What is OMF is to provide a Unique name and a default size (100 MB) for the data file.  That is why the ALTER TABLESPACE... Command ADD DATAFILE that you run didn't need to specify the file size or file name.

    Hemant K Collette

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