cannot change region on the App Store after the cancellation of the apple music membership

I can't change the country on the app store after the cancellation of subscription music apple (turn off auto-renewal), still getting the same message "To change stores, you must first cancel your membership of Apple's music"


Hello, TanBrar.

It seems that you are unable to change your country on your App Store because you always get a message to cancel the Apple music, even if you have already done.  The following Knowledge Base article provides clarification on the manner in which the process of cancellation of Apple's music ends:

Manage your membership Apple music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC

Disable the automatic renewal, cancel your membership

If you wish to cancel your subscription of Apple's music, turn off the auto-renewal.

Your membership may be renewed if you don't turn off your automatic renewal 8 hours or more before your renewal date.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  1. In the music application, press your profile icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on View Apple ID. You may need to connect.
  3. Under subscriptions, click on manage. If you have more than one subscription, type on your membership (membership of music Apple) to see your membership options.
  4. Under renewal Options, disable the automatic renewal. Confirm your selection, and touch done.

    If you don't see the option to disable the automatic renewal, your subscription will automatically stop at the end of the current billing cycle.
  5. Press done to return to the screen of your account and then press done to return to the application.

As shown in the image and the description of step 4, the subscription stops at the end of the billing cycle. After this date, you should be able to complete the change of your App Store:

Change your iTunes Store country or region

Thank you for reaching out to the communities of Apple Support.

Kind regards.

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  • Why is my iTunes play count incorrect since I started using the apple music?

    Apple music - usually as the because you work and I listened to some great stuff.  BUT, I went on holiday in Italy (no data service) to find that I have virtually no songs on my phone. I was just find around with iTunes on my mac and phone. I wanted to make sure that I got a lot out there.

    I have a couple of smart playlists, I checked the last played column and it's more than a month, according to my iTunes I have not played any music at all since I joined apple music.

    This is why my smart playlists are not updated etc etc.

    How can I fix this? I disabled could run the music on my phone and downloaded all the music on it but the data are still hurting.

    Help, please

    Hi wooliewoollard,

    If I understand your question, you want to know why your iTunes Library to play the counts do not show your activity using Apple's music.  Could you give a little more information on how you use the Apple music subscription?  It seems to me you have been mainly streaming content on your device.  While you can indicate your Favorites, which will update the suggestions For You, unless you download music to play offline, play music from your music collection, counties smart playlists and the game will not be updated.

    Take a look at the resource below to get a better understanding of the functioning of the subscription of music to Apple and the music app:

    Use of music music Apple in the app

    Listen offline

    You can download songs, including songs that you purchased from the iTunes Store, adding music from Apple, or have been matched or downloaded with Apple music or iTunes game - to your device to listen to when you're not connected to the Internet:

    1. Tap the Options icon plus next to the item.
    2. Press the download icon to the right of the work of the song at the top of the menu of Options, or tap more to download from the bottom of the menu.
    3. The song is downloaded on your device.

    To display the music you downloaded for offline listening, go to my music. In the section recently added, press the category picker (artist, album, etc.). Only downloaded music is at the bottom of the list of categories. When this setting is enabled, My Music shows only the songs you downloaded on your device. Disable this setting to see all of your music, including the music stored in iCloud music library.

    Add songs, albums, and playlists

    You can add songs, albums, playlists and music videos to your library from anywhere in the Apple's music. Items that add you on one device are also added to your other devices that are connected to the Apple's music.

    On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    1. In the music application, find the song, album, or playlist you want to add.
    2. Tap the More Options to the right of the name of the song or the album.
    3. Press on to add the song, album, or playlist to my music.

    Songs and albums appear under my music > library. Playlists appear under my music > playlists.

    On your Mac or PC

    1. In iTunes, find the song, album or playlist you want to add in the New tab or for you, or search within Apple's music. You can search music Apple from any tab except for the iTunes Store.
    2. Click the More Options to the right of the name of the song or the album.
    3. Click on add to my music.

    Songs and albums appear under my music. Playlists appear in the sidebar tab Playlists in the Playlists of music from Apple.

    Take care

  • How to unsubscribe or cancel the apple music?

    How to unsubscribe or cancel the apple music?

    Follow the instructions here > view, change or cancel your subscription - Apple Support

  • Problem with 'My music' in the Apple music

    Anyone have this problem?

    -When I logout and then re open a session in the Apple music, I go to the 'My music' tab, but all my recorded songs are lost.

    Please help me how to solve this problem.

    Thank you!


    Go to setting > music. You will find "iCloud Music Library". Turn it on and go back to your music app. You should probably see all of your music saved again.

  • I try and put music on my phone through the Apple music and it says something about waiting for 90 days. Anyone know what it is or how to ignore it?

    I try and put music on my phone through the Apple music and it says something about waiting for 90 days. Anyone know what it is or how to ignore it?

    Looks like you may have recently changes your Apple ID you use iTunes on your iPhone.  When you change this ID, you are locked for 90 days.  You can change to another code, but you can download past purchases or save the content on your device until the expiry of this original lock.  When you change IDs the first time it is a nice warning that appears and asks if you are sure that you'll be locked in this ID for 90 days.  There is no way around the lock, other only of waiting.  I think that this prevents you form jittering in all your Apple ID friends and just download all, but that's probably what you're going through right now.  Good luck!

  • New music/playlists appearing is not on the Apple music

    This has happened for the last month or two... my Itunes and Iphone 5s are both updated. I used to be able to create playlists of music on iTunes and short while later he would automatically show on Apple music on my phone. Same thing with the music I want to rip from CD.

    Recently, even though my music Apple's is more in sync with my iTunes. I created new reading lists and added new music on iTunes and it's been weeks that anything on the Apple music when well even the music I buy via iTunes appears on music from Apple.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Hello lavatomy,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand that updating playlists of music on iTunes on your computer and are not updated on your iPhone.  This indicates that your music library to iCloud may be disabled on one of your devices.  Please make sure that this option is enabled in both iTunes on your computer and your iPhone.

    Music Apple Sync on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and your computer

    See you soon.

  • Cannot search on the app store after that put IOS update to 9.2.1

    I use the iPhone 5. After I updated my software to 9.2.1 the screen recommended, high graphs on the screen page, Explorer screen and screen search on the app store is empty. I am not able to find and install new applications after the update. That update screen is visible.

    Got, it works. In my view, it has been disconnected.

  • I can't use the App Store after installing iOS 9.3.1

    I can't use the App Store or iCloud, after I installed the iOS 9.3.1.

    Force restart your iPhone...

    Press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

    Then try the App store or iCloud.

  • Can I reinstall an app that I bought from the app store after a clean install of El Capitan?

    Hi all

    I did a clean install of El Capitan, which made my 2011 macbook pro currently unusable.

    A few days after installation I met problems I've ever had before. Baffled because since my drive hard worked completely fine with the Mavericks and Lion. No disk ever utility error. Computer froze a couple times the 5 years ive had the it. It has been stable.

    I explained my failed attempts to solve this problem in another thread here.

    So, if this is not relative, which seems to be caused all of this, I concluded it's a failing hard drive?

    My question is the only program of value I have logical hard disk Pro X (bought and downloaded 3 days ago) so anyway, given my problems with the hard drive I have can always reinstall logic after I got a new drive and reinstalled OSX?

    I'm on a PC at the moment and looked everywhere to find my purchase history of Logic Pro X. The only thing I can find official is my receipt by e-mail. I logged on the site with my Apple ID and it show nothing bought for the last 90 days. Active iPhone and cant find a purchase history. This suggests to me that you need to check on a mac on the App Store?

    Yes. You will need to check and it redownload via the Mac App Store with the original ID of Apple.


  • Search icon disappeared from the app store after update 9.3

    I just updated my OS to 9.3 and then I tried to download an app, so I clicked on the app store. And there is no more ' search' button. So, to see anything close to a "search", I have to go "Refresh" or "purchased" and I see a little box of tiny search at the top right. I said okay, guess now search is just an action commonplace for people to apple, but either, then I typed the thing I wanted to download. But have I not the results list? NO! Of course it will not find anything, because this isn't the appropriate research field. Where is the search box? I won't update my iphone now because of this.

    The search on the bottom button is now a search box in top right.


  • Cannot change region DVD on the Satellite settings


    I'm not very savvy but im having a problem with my computer settings satellite phone in computer science.
    I changed the region of the DVD 4 times and am changing for the last time again to region 2.

    However when I do this it says that I have no administration privileges, but I am the only user on the computer and, therefore, the administrator.

    Anyone know what I can do to get the player to change the region. It is said that there is a change to the left, but do not allow editing.

    Any help would be useful.
    Thank you

    I didn t do all the experiments with the evolution of the region, but it is really strange, you were able to change it without any problem and now all of a sudden you need administration rights. It is also possible that the last time the passage of the system not fail that it will be granted by the administrator and because of that there is this security alert.

    Try a new account with the Fund Administrator rights and try to do it again.

  • What ID uses the app store after the Migration?

    Because my own computer will likely be left to the local Apple store for repair tomorrow, I borrowed a laptop that a colleague does not. My computer is a 15 mid-2010 "MacBook Pro. It's an early-2011 13 "MacBook Pro. I had to borrow his computer once before when mine was being repaired. That day, I need only a few of Apple's applications for what I had to do for work - Pages, Numbers, Keynote. I bought those under my Apple ID for my own machine. For his machine, I connected my Apple ID work and bought a few applications, including these 3, of this ID. It was quite earlier.

    This time, I need a larger group of applications to do my job, so I used Migration Assistant to move the contents of my computer. I went to open one of my docs to Pages and tells me that I must upgrade to the Pages. I don't understand it because I thought that all of this came with the migration wizard. Then I went to the app store to update the Pages and it wouldn't update, has declared that the app was purchased under a different apple id. The only thing I could think to do was log out of my apple ID and in my work apple ID. First of all, I got the same message, but now the Pages seems to update. Do I have to use my ID to work on this machine, or my own ID or what? Anyone know?

    You are on your own with this. You should not be mixing and matching Apple IDs on a computer that is not really yours. If it is a work belonging to Mac, do not use your Apple ID to install applications from your account on a Mac what he normally controls. And when you return the Mac, you have to delete everything you have installed using your Apple ID.

    Apple job ID? What is your personal ID or a company you are using?

    By the end of 2012 mini Mac, OS X El Capitan 10.11.2; Apple Watch, 38 mm silver AL, Watch OS 2.1; iPad 2 & iPhone 6 + iOS 9.2 air

  • Why is my missing App Store after I upgraded 9.3.1?

    I was waiting for my ipad complete the update, then I went to do something else. When it finished to update, I noticed my App Store was missing, the first thing I did was to try to search upward if this had happened to someone else. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything, so I came to the community page on apple for help, can you help me?

    It can be disabled to restrictions. Settings > general > Restrictions > allow installing apps should be on.  However, if the iPad is supervised by a school, you may not be able to change the settings. -AJ

  • Change country in the Apple Store

    I want to change my country in the App Store to change my billing information, but I can't find my country name in the Apple list offer for me.

    You are looking for in Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast.

    How could I do?

    You can choose a country that is closest to you

  • Change of account from App store


    I bought a second hand (Windows 8) laptop. The previous owner had set up an app store account, and I want to change the accounts to mine.

    Whenever I try to download an app, I wonder the password previous owners. Also, when I try to access the settings / settings/preferences or your account, I wonder for his password.

    The previous owners username appears several times in the registry.

    I'm happy change the registry, if I know what keys to change/remove.

    Please can you me how to change the account to my own one?

    Create a new user account on the computer by using your own account from Microsoft... Using the account of someone else is dangerous and you should not continue to use the machine like this. Heck, I would even reinstall the OS just to be sure.

Maybe you are looking for

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