Cannot change the photo security screen

The image I have chosen for my screensaver is also that I want displayed when I lock my keyboard (at work). Instead, the old image will appear when I lock the keyboard. How can I change the image even as the screen saver?


1. is the computer connected to the domain network?

Unfortunately, by design, it is not possible to change the wallpaper for the Security screen that appears when you lock the screen.

However, you can publish your comments for us on the link below.

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    The other day that my child was playing with the remote on the TL938 and when I started the TV today, it is in fashion Store for photo (very dynamic color and contrast).
    Try to change it - nothong arrives and after a few seconds the TV restarts.
    I would appreciate if someone can tell me what I can do to exit this mode?
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    Thank you



    I think LR should automatically detect PS Elements and set up as an external editor, when being installed. However, if there is a problem and it is not automatically set up, you can try and set up manually yourself. Instructions on how to do this are here; l

    I had an older version of PS Elements on my system, when I started using LR and LR does not pick it up as an external editor - I guess that's because I have PS CS5 installed, and he who used instead.

    I hope that this work around will solve the problem.

  • Cannot change the login screen to display all users.

    I'm unable to change the sign on screen to display all users.  It is said to remove the client service for netware (CSNW), when I go to remove only the open is available.  The service has not been started.

    Where did you go to remove the Client Services for Netware?

    Go to network connections (start > run > ncpa.cpl > OK)
    Right-click on the icon for your network adapter (most likely, Local area connection), and then select Properties
    On the general tab, you should see a list under "this connection uses the following items."
    Select the Client Services for Netware, click to remove the check mark, and then click Uninstall.
    OK your way out.
    Restart (it is not automatically)
    After Windows starts, go to control panel > user accounts > Change the way users log on and outside
    Select the options you want and click on apply changes.

    The list of questions should normally (personal computers) include only 4 following:

    Client for Microsoft networks
    QoS Packet Scheduler (optional)
    Sharing files and printers for Microsoft Networks (only if you want to share files or printers)
    Internet (TCP/IP) Protocol

    If you do not see Client Services for Netware on the general tab of the connection to the Local network or if you still have the problem after uninstalling it this connection, examine the properties of other components in the network connections.  For some of them (e.g. Dial-up), the list of questions is on the network rather than on the general tab tab.

    If you can't find the Client Services for Netware for ALL network connections (and therefore cannot remove), reinstall it, and then follow the instructions above to uninstall.

    To reinstall:

    1. go in the network adapter Properties/General tab you use and then click on install
    2. make sure that 'Client' is highlighted, and then click Add.
    3. highlight "Client Service for Netware", click OK
    4. leave your PC restart.

  • CS6 on a pc.  Cannot change the resolution on photo downloaded from my Android phone.  What should do?

    CS6 on a pc.  Cannot change the resolution on photo downloaded from my Android phone.  What should do?

    You should find the forum for any product it is and post your questions there.

    Here is a link to a page that provides links to all of the Adobe forums...

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  • Cannot change the password using the question of security in l/min.

    We have an identity server. We have a lost password management application. There is a webpass and a webgate configured for the application of the LPM. The mode of communication is simple. The forgotten password feature does not work for the application of the LPM.

    Steps to re-create the issue
    -In the form of connection, the user clicks on "I forgot my password"link
    -User enter 'User ID' and then click on submit
    -It redirects the user to a page of challenge question, the answer to the question the user and click on submit
    -The next page confirms the user had correctly answered the secret question. And invite the user to enter the new password, retype the password, and then click Save
    -When, click Save shows "cannot change the password. The screen is refreshed. The new password is not saved.

    Identity & Webpass - BP08 Server version

    Thank you.


    For the LPM error "cannot change the password" check if you set a "minimum age" in the definition of the strategy of password.
    "If you set a minimum age of 2 days for example, the user will not be able to change his or her password before 2 days after the initial setting of the password and you will have 'identity/oblilx/logs/oblog.log' shows: ERROR 0 x 00000901 lost_pwd_mgmt.cpp:264 'cannot change password' loginName ^ xxxxx" in oblog.log

    --> In our POC password minimum age has been set, and we have forgotten that we have in him... This is why we hade this error on the LPM scenario...
    --> After setting the minimum age to 0, the scenario LPM works every time

    Best regards

  • Good for laptop - cannot change the ISP; keep returning to a previous provider

    Windows 7 laptop of my grandson, I'm migrating FIREFOX (excellent resource!) of my aging XP desktop. An existing Mozilla installation on the guarded device tries to connect to an ISP in Sydney (1000km) which kept out, I guess because the signal is too weak. Too far - on the Internet?

    Reinstalled my new ISP contact, reinstalled a fresh copy of Firefox, copied the old profile XP (just underneath the random string file name), but cannot change the fault. Firefox at startup tries to raise the old ISP (Sydney) and expires, and then allowing me to establish a manual connect with the ISP (my current) new.
    Perhaps a clue: in my Firefox troubleshooting info, change preferences, the browser start page is the address of 'old', with 'override mstone' ignore, what look like prints of registry entries, but I can't change all that - and maybe it's wise! An annoying secondary question: on arrival, the laptop listed no administrator user. So I am me came as an administrator, but I wonder if a past or current even Admin hidden could register (or other) entered resistant to change.

    Late discovery: the laptop is apparently infected with browser pirate Search Google throws a series of removal procedures, and I'm now working through them.
    What Miss me?

    Sometimes a problem with Firefox can be a result of malware installed on your computer, you may not be aware of.

    You can try these free programs to search for malicious software that work with your existing anti-virus software:

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP, if you do not already have one.

    More information can be found in the article troubleshooting Firefox problems caused by malware .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

  • I signed on XP Pro SP3 as an administrator but you cannot change the timing of Windows Update to 03:00. All options are not enabled. How can I change the time, updates are made? __

    I signed on XP Pro SP3 as an administrator but you cannot change the timing of Windows Update to 03:00.  All options are not enabled.  How can I change the time that updates are made?

    Hi imoffshore,


    Welcome to Microsoft Answers Forums.

    We would like to get some more information from you to help solve your problem. You better, please answer the following questions.

    ·         When was the last time it worked?

    ·         Remember to make changes to the computer recently?

    ·         You have security software installed on the computer?

    ·         You get the error message?

    When you open the tab automatic updates in the control panel or My Computer property sheet, all options of configuration of the automatic updates may be grayed out. This happens due to one of the following reasons:

    1. You are not logged as administrator (or equivalent)
    2. Strategy of automatic updates is enabled
    3. Automatic updates (and Windows Update) access is blocked by group policy

    The options available for automatic updates.

    You must make some changes in the windows registry.

    Important: this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    • Click Start, run and type REGEDIT to . EXE
    • Go to this location:


    • In the right pane, delete the two values AUOptions and NoAutoUpdate
    • Go to this location:


    • In the right pane, delete the DisableWindowsUpdateAccess value

    Using the Group Policy Editor - for Windows XP Professional

    • Click Start, run and type gpedit.msc
    • Navigate to the following location:

    => Configuration of the computer
    ==> Administrative templates
    ===> Windows components
    ===> Windows Update

    • In the right pane, double-click Configure automatic updates and set it to not configured
    • Next, go to this location:

    => User configuration
    ==> Administrative templates
    ===> Windows components
    ===> Windows Update

    • In the right pane, set to remove access to all Windows Update features on not configured

    Change how Windows installs or notifies you of updates

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows XP Pro - cannot use the logon Welcome screen

    I use Windows XP Professional 2002 service pack 3. I am unable to access the logs on the Welcome screen / fast user switching.  When I go to Contol Panel under USERS the opportunity to "change the way users log on" does not appear, nor can I change my photos to logon. Help, please

    Looks like your XP Pro machine is a member of a domain.  When connected to a domain, none of these features are available.  See the following topics:

    "The fast user switching option is not available.
      <> >

    "How to add or change the photo to a user in Windows XP"
      <> >

    If this isn't a work computer and you don't need to be joined to a domain, you can then change to a working group.  Follow the instructions here, but make sure you have access to a login account to local user with administrator privileges before you, or you may find yourself blocked on your computer.

    "How to change a computer name, join a domain, and add a computer description in Windows XP or in Windows Server 2003"
      <> >


  • Cannot change the hosts file in Windows Vista Home Premium

    Posted on behalf of a client:

    Cannot change the hosts file in Windows Vista Home Premium. Read-only value.

    Help, please.


    I suggest you to try the steps below and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Try to take possession of the host file and check to see if the same problem happens.

    To apply permissions to a file or a folder:

    a. right click on the file or folder and then click Properties.

    b. click the Security tab and then click Edit.

    c. do one of the following:

    ·         To set permissions for a user who is not listed under group or user names, click Add, type the name of the user or group, click OK, select permissions and then click OK.

    ·         To change or remove permissions for a user or an existing group, click the name of the user or group, select the permissions and then click OK.

    For more information, see the article mentioned below:

    What to know before applying permissions to a file or a folder:

    Prevent changes to a file or folder (read-only):

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Cannot change the boot options. cannot depend on a windows Defender

    Cannot change the boot options. error message says "Windows Defender is disabled". cannot depend on windows Defender.

    If you use Norton, McAfee, AVG, MSE etc., they will be either disable or conflict with the Defender.

    For questions of security program, kindly ask in the Security Forum.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • You cannot change the administrator account

    Original title: sdasdasdas

    I ca't change on my computer, my OS is windows 7 when I try to change administrator, it asks for a password when I put my password it say "" connection failed: the user did not request type of login on this computer "for this reason I'm stock on my user account and I can not install all the tools" because he has an administrator privileges. pls help me. ?


    It seems that you cannot change the administrator.

    Perform the steps mentioned below and see if it helps.

    a: Click Start and type gpedit.msc in the Start Search area and press on Enter.

    b: Navigate to the following location
    Computer configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local political

    c: Under this click user rights assignment.

    d: Double-click access this computer from the network and verify that EVERYONE is added to the list.

    e: Otherwise add it by clicking Add a user or group , and then type EVERYONE, click OK and then apply and OK.

    Hope this information helps.

  • Cannot change the gamma/brightness/contrast

    I got gf260gtx
    Cannot change the gamma/brightness/contrast in Control Panel NVIDIA in the desktop computer games became almost white but nothing happens in games managed mode full screen (windowed mode is ok). In 190.15 new TINT option and that there is market! at a time in the office and games.

    ALSO windows STANDART color calibration OPTION - works in the same way! (really, you can only change gamma, bridhtnes and contrast - have NO sliders to change...)

    I'm back with my problem...
    Really nothing works for me so I dicided to go back to xp.
    Now there is new version of win 7 7600 and I tried - still no change...
    I tried all the drivers + eysy = no result.

    "I think that person just to use this option so no one have the same problem))
    -everyone I asked - just say ' I didn't I'm able to change the brightness it y.

    I tried:

    I noticed - if a game (almost all the real big games) have its own brightness settings it just ignore nvidia control panel/color calibration in this issue, but if it's a little game without this option, it works fine...

    Hello, raf73

    We appreciate that you help test Windows 7!

    You will have to go on Support of Windows 7 forums on the following link to help solve your problem:

    You may also contact NVidia support.

    Thank you.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • cannot change the images downloaded from the iphone 4S

    Photos uploaded from iPhone4s on PC Windows 7 cannot be renamed, copied, changed or anything else. I get a message "error code: (0 x 80070057) '"

    Photos uploaded from iPhone4s on PC Windows 7 cannot be renamed, copied, changed or anything else. I get a message "error code: (0 x 80070057) '"

    I don't know if the following links answer your question, but
    they may be worth a visit:

    Good luck and * proceed at your own risk *.

    FWIW... There is a very long discussion (several pages) to the
    following link:

    Cannot change the imported iPhone 4S photo

    More Discussion

    iPhone 4S image properties is not compartible with Windows?
    Editing can be done on the computer due to the error
    "Windows Photo Viewer cannot save changes to this picture.
    because there is a problem with the properties of the image file".
    Any help?

    More Discussion:

    We cannot turn a few photos in Windows 7 (but can turn others)

    A simple solution is to open the photos in paint or most other
    digital image editor and modify it.

    Some people have reported success using the following free download
    to remove the metadata.

    Property restrictions stripper iphone 4S (JPEG & PNG Stripper)

    Here's a way to turn...

    Easily turn locked iPhone 4 and 4 s Photos in Windows 7 with
    the rotator Lossless JPEG free

    Free download JPEG Lossless rotating

  • Cannot change the power state of VM: internal error


    I freshly installed OS elementary which is based on Ubuntu.

    VMWare Workstation installation worked fine, but after creating my new virtual machine with a Win 10, the same message comes to me:

    Cannot change the power state of VM: internal error

    I looked a little in the log file, found this dump was set to zero, they changed in etc/security /, but that's all I've managed to find.

    Here is my log file

    Thanks a lot for your help

    PS: I'm leaving a beginner in the Linux world, so explanation would be welcome


    Welcome to the VMware community forums.

    I don't think that the problem is related to a beginner linux user, it's a problem triggered by a specific hardware configuration.

    If you look at your log file again, there is an error just before the vmware process attempts to core dump. The dump is a reaction to the problem.

    vmx| E105: PANIC: VERIFY bora/vmcore/vmx/main/timeTracker_user.c:238 bugNr=148722

    If you then put the bug number into google, you get:

    Which indicates in return you can set a configuration file to specify the actual frequency of your processor.

    Your processor is an Intel (r) Core i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40 GHz

    The linux variant of the config.ini file they speak on windows hosts is/etc/vmware/config



Maybe you are looking for