Cannot change the properties of 'read only' files in xp

Recently, I was not able to change the properties of 'read only' to my files. I click on 'Properties', uncheck the 'read only', press on apply, click OK. When I re - check the records they come up to 'read only' again. I can't find a way around it. It has stopped me to back up files, since I get the message that the files are 'read only' and cannot be changed.
All solutions?
Thank you


The read-only attribute has never been applicable to files under XP. You can try to take ownership of files/folders instead.

Appropriating a file or a folder under Windows XP [Q308421] -

How can I get the Security tab in the folder properties? - MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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  • Cannot change the properties of some mp3 files.

    I right click on a file and go to properties, then detalis everything is empty beside the property tab and I can't enter anything in value, and read-only is unchecked.

    Are you sure these are MP3 files and not another type, such as WAV? Please verify this by checking the file type in the file properties- general tab.

    Have you tried to reboot the PC? If you start Windows in clean boot mode, can change you the fields then?

    Also, please check if you can still edit the tags of the files with an editor of tags like Mp3tag owners.

    Tim Baets

  • cannot change the font color of office files in windows 7

    cannot change the font color of office files in windows 7
    always white and I want black (because of the background of the desktop which is necessary for my work)
    I have not finf sollution in internet
    Please help me


    Follow these steps to change the color of the font of the desktop folder.

    a. right-click on a vacuum of space on the desktop and click on personalize.

    b. click on the link to the color of the window at the bottom of the window.

    c. click the link Advanced appearance settings .

    d. Select the element in the Office.

    e. If you want to change the font, then under police pick the one you want.

    (f) to change the font color, corresponding to the location of police, you have options to change the color of the size and characteristics of the police.

    g. you can make the changes you want.

    h. click on apply and OK.

    i. now, check to see if that makes a difference.

    I hope this helps.

  • Error unknown 0x88982F50 when you try to change the properties of a JPEG file in the Windows Photo Gallery

    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack1 and use Windows Photo Gallery to managemy photos. I like the fact that I can integrate tags and ratings in JPEG files.

    I just noticed though, that the tag is no longer to be stored in the JPEG file. I know because when I saw the properties of the file tag information I have in the Windows Photo Gallery is not present. If I try to change the properties directly, I get an error message stating:

    An unexpected error prevented the operation. Make a note of this error code, which might be useful if you get additional help to resolve this problem: 0x88982F50 error: No. Error Description available.

    I checked the file isn't read-only etc.

    I searched for this error and have found no help. I searched the internet and have seen many forums to raise this issue, but I can't find a solution.

    Note that when I try to fix an image in Windows (eye of harvest/red etc.) Photo Gallery, I also get an error that says I can't save the changes.

    For me, it looks like a component is faulty or missing, but how is it resolved?

    Hi RealPaulus,

    Solution for error 0x88982F50:
    1 open the Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar
    the bottom of your screen and choose the task manager of
    the menu.

    2. click on the processes tab, along the upper part of the task
    Manager screen.

    3. in the processes tab, select the corresponding button at the bottom left
    of the screen that says "show processes from all users".
    and click on it. Click on 'Continue' in the UAC prompt that

    4. the screen should turns off a moment, and then return with
    many more listed processes. Click on the column "command."
    Line"to sort the list and search for:

    "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnetwk.exe"

    Read the description in the next section on:

    Windows Media Sharing Service reader network

    5. click on this process. Click the end «»
    Treat button"at the bottom right of the screen.
    Confirm 'End process' if necessary.

    6 perform the steps 1-5 before opening a Windows Explorer
    window for the first time in the current session.

    Eliminate that a will of the Task Manager process
    Restore Windows Explorer ability to 'see' as well as
    'Add', 'remove' or 'edit' Tags or other properties to a file to
    JPEG files.

    Samantha M S

  • Cannot change the properties of the image

    Hi, hoping someone can help

    I'm adding a lot of images on my site and was eager to improve SEO so wanted to change the properties of the image so I can fill in the Tooltip and text replacement with some additional information. If I put an image on the page I can right click and change the properties, however if I used the fill option and added image for it, make a right click on the image of the page does not provide an option to edit images. Is there a another way to change the properties of the image using the fill option? My site is if necessary

    see you soon


    Unfortunately no, the picture fill properties cannot be configured by clicking on the content. Please do not hesitate to add your suggestion in our ideas section.

    Thank you


  • How to change the properties of a pdf file?

    A lot of my files have the 'Title' and 'author' as someone else that the files have been revised and modified over time. These details are grayed out when I go to 'Properties', so I can not put my info in 'Title' and 'author '.

    Help, please.

    Hi pamoorebx,

    You can change the document possedantes Acrobat help. PDF properties and metadata using Acrobat Adobe Acrobat download free trial | Acrobat Pro DC. However this is not possible using free reader application.

    Kind regards

  • Cannot change the properties of the Module of the Application.

    Hi all
    I'm trying to modify the properties of the module of my Application in Jdeveloper 11.1.13. I perform the following steps:

    (1) right click module the application and select "Configurations".
    (2) select the existing TestModuleLocal and click 'change '.
    (3) following clik the "Properties tab and try to change the property of jbo.ampool.sessioncookiefactoryclass.
    4) click the column value of the jbo.ampool.sessioncookiefactoryclass property and change 'oracle.jbo.common.ampool.DefaultSessionCookieFactory' to ' test. DynamicJDBCSessionCookieFactory' and press enter
    5) click OK and OK

    The changes are not reflected and return to the original "oracle.jbo.common.ampool.DefaultSessionCookieFactory".

    Thank you

    Just check with and it works fine.
    Always on, I can reproduce this. I guess it's a bug in

    As a work around you can add the following line to the bc4j.xcfg file


    then replace xxxx by the class representing your plant.

    You will find the thew file if you double click on the module of the application, click on the 'Configuration' tab and click the bc4j.xcfg link.

    No matter what reason, why you are not using


  • Change the attribute to read-only by using ClientListener?

    Hello friends of the forum...

    I created a form with two INPUTTEXT and put them with read-ONLY using an EL made reference to a BEAN called GENERAL Manager

    < af:panelFormLayout binding = "#{backingBeanScope.backing_Layout2.panelFormLayout1}" id = "panelFormLayout1" > "
    < af:inputText value = "#{bindings." Modulo.inputValue}"binding =" #{backingBeanScope.backing_Layout2.inputText1} "id ="inputText1"* readOnly =" #{General.BLock} "* / >"
    < af:inputText value = "#{bindings." Proceso.inputValue}"binding =" #{backingBeanScope.backing_Layout2.inputText2} "id ="inputText2"* readOnly =" #{General.BLock} "* / >"
    * < af:clientListener type = "dblClick" method = "activate the" / > *.
    * < af:serverListener type = "activate the" method="#{backingBeanScope.backing_Layout2.activarBloque}"/ > *.
    < / af:panelFormLayout >

    ClientListener calling Javascript Fucntion:

    function Activar (event) {}
    AdfCustomEvent.queue (event.getSource (), "Activar", {operation: "Create"}, false);

    ServerListener call the method to change the attribute Block of GENERAL bean and also try to update panelFormLayout...

    {} public void activarBloque (ClientEvent clientEvent)
    * General.Block = false; *
    General.Operacion = clientEvent.getParameters ().get("operacion").toString ();
    * AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance () .addPartialTarget (this.getPanelFormLayout1 ()); *

    (the block is static attribute)

    After I do dbClick I see general.block change its value to false but inputText don't update!...

    So, how can I force it to refresh the components when actionListener is trigger?


    I think that in this case, you must call

    AdfPage.PAGE.addPartialTargets ()

    in JavaScript


  • Cannot change the name of transcoded wallpaper - file supposed to be in use by dmhkcore.exe

    I have a wallpaper that I can't remove.  It does not try to replace it with any theme.  recommended action is to change the name of old but supposed to be in use by dmhkcore.exe file.  I can't find any reference to this file anywhere.  Help!

    I have a wallpaper that I can't remove.  It does not try to replace it with any theme.  recommended action is to change the name of old but supposed to be in use by dmhkcore.exe file.  I can't find any reference to this file anywhere.  Help!

    Start in safe MODE.
    Rename the file there.

    dmhkcore.exe is a display manager easy belonging to DisplayManager of Samsung Electronics.

  • Cannot change the properties of online text in the scrolling text box

    I have a simple text box with a UIScrollBar component added to it.

    Text box properties are on "enter text, multi line.

    The problem is when I want to change a single line of text to a "BOLD" or a different color, changing the content of the entire text box. I tried the setting of the different property for the text box itself with no luck.

    Is this possible? I have to use AS3?

    I would really appreciate help!

    Thank you!!!


    If you change the html true property - either by using the property inspector or code if you are working with code - then you should be able to have different styles in a text box. This is the property that you tried and it didn't work so I need to learn more about how you try to apply the formatting.

    In cases concerning need it AS3... In general, I would say that if you do not have an overwhelming need to AS2 so you should use AS3. It has nothing to do with the text of no!

  • Cannot change the properties of language pack and keyboard.

    Original title: keyboard and Windows 7 Home premium language

    The keyboard changes to function under control panel stopped working. How to restore the languaje pack. I keep just Spanish. My OS is Windows 7 Edition home premium

    Thank you

    HI Maria,

    Thanks for posting on Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you can not change keyboard in Control Panel settings and when you say that you want to restore the language pack which was in Spanish. How did you install it?

    Language packs are available for Windows 7 ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise. You can see the article below.

    Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise:

    What is the brand and model of your computer?

    What happens when you click Properties for the keyboard?

    You can see the underside of the articles for more information.

    Change your keyboard type:

    Add or change an input language:

    I hope this helps to solve the issue. If the problem is still not resolved, back to us. We will be happy to help you.

  • You cannot change the properties of the title

    I've never run on this issue before, but I'm in title Designer in Premiere Pro CS6 and cannot make changes to the font color/shade/what either. I'm sure there is a simple solution, but it's really stressing out me trying to figure out.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 6.47.29 PM.png

    I believe that you can size the window title so that the parameters can be off the screen to the right.

    In the upper left corner, click the green button to resize the window - do they appear?


  • UC540 cannot change the properties of Group of circuits ALL_FXO

    I'm setting up a UC540 with a 4-port FXO VIC, with 6 multi lines and a self-contained line.  I understand how to make outgoing calls all use the multi line would be to delete the stand-alone line of the trunk ALL_FXO group.

    Looking at seems to give the right idea on how to draw a line or two, wowever, I do not have this button change step 2 available to... Add me it, change, removal of buttons are not there at all. What I really want to do is prevent the numbering of the ports 0/2/3 and 2/0/2.  Is there another way I can do this?


    You should have these buttons available.  One thing to watch with CCA, is not being able to see the scroll bar on the right side.  Try to move the window in GRP, there is most likely a scroll bar that you don't see, and the necessary keys are falling over and you are simply unable to see without scrolling down.

    Thank you


  • Cannot change the properties of the page [changed subject line]

    I am deealing with someone who when they go in dreamweaver, then go to edit then Properties page they do not see the menu drop-down repeat. have version 9 build 3481. I have the same and I am able to see it. Any ideas on how to solve this problem.

    Thank you


    Will not happen if the 'use HTML rather than CSS' is checked in the preferences?  Can't remember for sure, but I remember there that an ahd setting produces a different dialog box.

  • Cannot modify READ ONLY file attributes using the administrator account

    I tried the windows Explorer and a custom program called Directory Opus. I tried to create several administrator accounts, but not luck.

    I can't work with this existing problem.

    I need a solution.

    I have exactly the same problem.  Following the steps above did not work, folders/subfolders unchangeable rest.  I am the owner of the folder and subfolders.  I don't know yet how they became Read-Only to start.  Read-only on the individual files setting works correctly.  Changing the settings of file does not work.


    According to a message from the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    You cannot view or change the read-only or system attributes
    To summarize, Windows does not include system or read-only folders settings (he was aware of these properties on the FILES however).  Individual applications that you use cannot ignore the State of read-only on a folder and can give an error.  In my situation, an application was trying to create a new file in a folder that has been marked read-only and honored the RO parameter and refuses to try to create the new file.

    To actually change these attributes, properties menu will not work.  The KB source:

    • If you click apply changes to this folder only , the read-only attribute is changed for all files in the folder. However, the read-only attribute is not changed for the folder, its subfolders or files in its subfolders. If you click apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files , the read-only attribute is changed for all files in the folder and all files in the subfolders. However, the read-only attribute is not changed for the folder or its subfolders.

    To change these properties, the user must start a Terminal command line and execute the changes by hand, for example, this command:

    • attrib - r + s c:\test

    .. What will remove the READ ONLY parameter and apply the SYSTEM setting in the folder.  Once more, change the properties of files (including files in subfolders) works as expected with the right click - Properties-> Security menu.

    The basic source of knowledge:

    Bad support, Ms.

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