Cannot complete the installation express airport using iOS.

I go to Wi - Fi and find the aiport express under the heading "set up the new airport base station. I can access the quick screen to create my new network. Put in my info and it says creating this Airport Express to create a network. It's when things go wrong.

It seems stuck "to search the new network for a long time. Then he said: an unexpected error has occurred, try again. At this point it I run the Setup again, that the error occurs because I'm trying to connect to the EA. I have to reset the AE to get another shot at the implementation of the new network.

The modem is showing everything is fine. I bought the AE because he said that I could set up through my iPhone. It's very frustrating.


Normally, the installation on the iPhone and iPad software works well and is in fact more reliable software installation on a Mac, it is therefore possible that you have a faulty AirPort Express... just as I did a few months ago.

However, if you want to try the installation a few times however, we can do it. We assume that you have verified that you have a good Ethernet cable connecting the modem and the AirPort Express, correct?

Can you provide the number of brand and model of the modem you are trying to use with the AirPort Express?

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    The graphics card on the laptop no longer works. The stops of the laptop to a black screen when loading windows, but worked perfectly in safe mode.
    I talked to the technician who said to reinstall the operating system, so I used F8 and then chose "Repair computer", and then selected recovery Packard Bell and wanted to reinstall my laptop, which has successfully completed.
    Restarting the laptop and as he cannot get to windows it cannot complete the installation of the operating system, I try to go to safe mode that loads but I get an error saying something in the sense of "Windows is unable to complete the installation in safe mode. Stop and try in windows. I'm stuck now and can not use the laptop at all. I want to be able to use the computer laptop atleast in safemode, required the installation of vista.

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    you have little choice

    1. attach the graphics card

    2 and contact the manufacturer because it is their recovery process, NOT microsofts

    you already know that you can not complete the process of recovery of manufacturers in safe mode

    and we cannot help you with their recovery process

    good luck with it

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    HP Desktop, Windows 8.0.  Do a restore of Windows 8 on the hard drive.  Everything is progressing very well until I get this dialog box message: "Windows cannot complete the installation in Mode without failure.  To continue installing Windows, restart the computer. "When I restart the computer the same message appears in a new dialog box.  Before the restoration of Windows, I tried to reset mode without fail to start to get the operating system will once again but failed to get the operating system to boot at all.  Finally resorted to restore to get the computer working again.

    How to exit this loop?

    OK, here's what I discovered.

    When you get the error message mentioned above, you can hold down the SHIFT key and press the F10 key.  This will put you in the command prompt.

    At the command prompt, type: bcdedit [then press enter]

    so to solve my problem I hade type: bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot [then press enter]

    This put the loop I lived and finished restoring Windows 8

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  • Windows cannot complete the installation - Toshiba NB250


    My netbook has been sitting not used and the road for about 6 months.
    When I tried to use it the other week he was very slow and kept crashing so I tried to erase the unwanted programs from him but I couldn't.

    The netbook kept crashing whenever I tried to uninstall programs and try to do something about this, even open internet explore took about 5 minutes, it's faster on 15, laptop of my father who has a huge 256 MB of ram in it! I gave up and decided to restore it to the factory settings. I found Toshiba HDD recovery option and follow the instructions.

    The way in which the process a window pops up saying "Windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation '. I clicked on OK, all in all I rebooted the machine about 6 times with the same message.

    I tried to boot into safe mode and in the 5th test (previous 4 raised the same message) I "cannot start Windows.
    A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To solve the problem:

    1. Insert your windows installation disc, and then restart your computer
    2. choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
    3. click on "repair your computer".
    File: \windows\system32\config\system
    Status: 0xc00000e9
    Info: Windows could not load because the system registry file is missing or corrupt.

    Now, I bought a new USB drive and booted from that. The first time it kept freezing during configure them then wouldn't start at all. The second date he kept freezing and then took more than an hour to load windows. I left it for a few days, came back to him and all I could get is a black screen with a white cursor. I now need the netbook for Monday so try again.

    For tests 3 and 4 I run through gentle but end upwards with ' Window3s could not complete the configuration of the system. An attempt to take over the configuration, restart the computer. »
    Been several times since both trying without success. Currently looking for a hammer...
    There are now two different options for operating system on it, I tried both, but get the same answer at the same time.

    Someone has an idea, what happens?
    My warranty is I think (is there a way to check?
    I don't remember when I bought it! It was last year or the year before) so I don't think I can get any help from anywhere.


    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. If the recovery image and HARD drive are OK, you should be able to install recovery image and use your neetbook with the factory settings.
    When you've got this netbook as a new machine, I assume you didn't create recovery USB support. Can you confirm this?
    > Now, I bought a new USB drive and booted from that.
    And what is recorded on this USB key?

    I can't say with certainty what the problem, but now you should test original recovery image installation and see what happens. In case the same thing happen over and over again, the problem may be related to the HARD drive.

  • Windows cannot complete the installation during the passage in audit mode

    Hi all

    I was recently trying build a Windows 7 image for use in a high school lab.
    scenario until now:

    1.) configure WDS
    2.) use DISM to add any drivers necessary for the boot.wim and install.wim file
    3.) copied the files to the WDS server
    4.) installed Windows 7 x 64 enterprise on computer in the lab.
    (5.) to the menu screen post install (where it asks you to enter a user/computer name), I pressed Ctrl + shift + f3 to put the computer in audit mode to start putting in place a default profile.
    6.) after the reboot, I get the following message:
    "Windows could not complete the installation. "To install windows on this computer, restart the installation.

    After reading several posts I changed the SATA mode in the bios in legacy/IDE and tried installing again with the same result.

    I tried to install with a new download windows 7 directly from the DVD without integrated drivers, with the same results.

    I used DBAN to completely erase the hard drive and then tried installing twice with the same result.

    I tried to install it on another computer in the lab and still not received the same message.

    Thank you


    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I recommend posting your question in the following TechNet Forum:

  • Windows cannot complete the installation in safe mode

    I really need a help.

    I just bought a samsung series 5 ultra-thin with AMD and windows already installed sound 8.
    And suddenly my laptop was showing a notification to the black screen that says: "Windows is unable to complete the installation in Mode without failure. To continue installing Windows, restart the computer.
    There was only the OK button. And after I press the OK button, my windows will restart and keep showing that the notification. Even I try to turn off my laptop with power button / stop, its still impossible return to normal mode.
    The windows keep again and again, reboot
    Anyone know how to get back to my normal mode? Please help me.


    I just realized that you cannot start to access msconfig... I'm sorry.

    If you have a Setup disk, repair disk or USB flash, you may be able to access the command prompt and enter a command to disable Secure Mode...

    You have a possibility to do a repair on the POST screen before Windows tries to start...

    You may be able to quickly hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the end of the POST right to start an auto repair.

    It might take three tests...

    You must get to the command prompt (.cmd)

    (1) start from the Windows 8 DVD or any other method available...

    Steps 2, 3 and 4 may not be in order, depending on how you start...
    2) click Next
    (3) select repair your computer

    (4) select troubleshooting
    (5) select Advanced Options
    (6) select command prompt

    This link gives instructions on what to do when you receive a command prompt...

    The statement to the command...

    /deletevalue {GUID} safeboot bcdedit where {GUID} is Windows 7 loader GUID.

    {GUID}   refers to the "identifier" listed under a Windows boot loader that appears after entering bcdedit/c.

    In their example, entry to the so command prompt...

    /deletevalue {96378fc1-9402-11e0-990d-e3ec25d51f78} safeboot bcdedit



  • Cannot complete the Installation of Photoshop, guard asks me to insert the disc 1

    I restore my computer as long as the factory recently and had to reinstall my Photoshop CS5.1 by upgrade, I downloaded again using Akamai Installer site.  I'm stuck at "Please insert Photoshop CS5.1 disc 1" because I don't have the disk.  Is there a way I can complete the installation?  I have the serial numbers for my Photoshop CS5.1 and CS2 upgrade.

    Thank you!

    Uninstall all the bits of the Adobe software on your system, run the Creative Suite cleanup tool, install again in good condition. You have installed the Adobe anotehr of CD/DVD software and it's a waste of the installer.


  • Cannot complete the Installation of Snow Leopard on MBP 2009

    Hello! just got a 2009 MBP, it ran very nice El Capitan, but I decided to downgrade to ensure best performance on older operating system.

    So I got this Snow Leopard DVD, everything was OK, then on the first boot, when you select the country/keyboard/account etc...

    at some point in these steps, MBP just freezes, pointer starts rolling in all the beautiful colors and nothing else. Also, a few minutes later MBP shuts.

    Should I mention that first I have deleted all the disk HARD, maybe isn't properly? On the first attempt to Snow Leopard could not begin installation, and then to recover, I think I did it right.

    Now every time MBP try to complete the installation of SL, but freezes.

    I can't go into Recovery Mode or Safe Mode, cmd + r / alt does not work no matter how faster I press on them.

    Any help? Please, I beg you!


    There is no recovery mode installed with 10.6, so "can not enter Recovery" isn't a mystery.

    Boot from the DVD and check your hard disk with disk utility. If you wait one quarter minute after having responded to the 'what language?' question, the menu bar is displayed, all you can choose disk utility menu.

  • "HP Support Assistant cannot complete the installation of updates"


    I bought HP Envy m6-1204TX "The only language of Windows 8, 64-bit version" last month. I m facing problem on HP support assistant. Some updates have been downloaded automatically by HP support assistant, and now a message is to be displayed 'a restart is required to complete the installation of the updates'. When I restart my pc, the same message is displayed again. installing any updates. I restarted my pc, more than 6 times but in vain.

    Is there a solution for this problem?

    Please try to uninstall, download of the last being and resettlement. Here is the link to the latest version of HP Support Assistant:

    So here's a support document which guides you step by step:

  • Windows cannot complete the installation "Windows is unable to complete the installation. Please reinstall.

    Needing extra space, I bought a new 500 GB western digital drive. I removed my old drive, installed the new and inserted my windows 7 professional 64 bit cisk. Booted from the cd and installed windows. After crossing it spins the facility and shut down to restart, I got a message tht says "Windows is unable to complete the installation. Please reinstall. I did it twice with the same result.

    What could be wrong. Thank you.


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities.

    Until we start troubleshooting on this issue please provides us additional information by answering a few questions, this will help us better solutions to the problems.

    1 are you install windows 7 operating system of the Windows full version Setup disk or recovery disk?

    2. where did you get the installation disc?

    3. you try to reinstall the old disk operating system?

    I suggest you to see the link and see if it helps.

    Windows 7 installation problems: frequently asked questions:

    If so please answer us, we can help you better.

  • Cannot complete the installation of the agent vCenter Converter on server %. Error code 1 603

    I have attemptred to convert a Server Windows 2000 Server SP4 on a server of VMware ESXi 4.1.

    I started the process of a PC Windows XP running VMware converter-all-4.3.0 - 292238 and I got the error "could not complete the installation of the agent vCenter Converter on server %. Error 1 603 "code.

    Read in the forums, it seems that the correct version of VMware Converter Standalone is up to 4.1: is this correct?

    To solve the problem, I installed VMware converter standalone 3.x on Windows 2000 box, but I don't think it's the best choice.

    Can someone please help understandiong what is the proper way to convert a Windows 2000 Server?



    Faced with the same problem.

    Solution: manually install the agent of vmware converter on the machine that you want to convert. Choose install Cusotm and only install the agent (client or server)

    See you soon


  • Cannot complete the installation of Adobe Flash bc update saying Safari is not closed?

    This has been a constant problem for me over the months - I know that I'm not an expert in information and technology, then now, after trying to google the solution, I'm soft hand that I need my computer to high performance work for my Masters program. I have a year of Macbook Air - I get notification that a new version of Adobe flash is available - I agree and I'm starting to download during the 3rd and last stage, the window claims he is unable to complete the installation until safari is closed - at this point I close safari or safari is already closed and I hit "try again" - he keeps on gives me this error until I want to pull my hair out of my head strand by strand - all ideas?

    Check your moniter of activity of a process of safari.

  • Cannot complete the installation of the printer

    I tried several ways but have been unable to install my printer, (Olivetti Boumat90 20) on this laptop. Tried to download the driver from site Internet Olivetti, but the download is not completed. Can anyone help? The printer worked perfectly with my old computer which was also Windows XP so I don't understand the problem here.

    Thank you

    > Tried to download the driver from site Internet Olivetti, but the download is not completed
    May I ask why you post here in the forum of Toshiba?
    It s an Olivetti printer and you speak to someone from support of Olivetti.

    You cannot perform the download of the driver may be that is the reason why you could not install the printer on this laptop

  • Satellite L750 - cannot complete the installation of Windows

    Just bought new computer initial sart upward and installing Windows.

    Get the loop of the error. "The computer started unexpextedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows Setup cannot continue. To install Windows, click OK to restart, then restart the installation. Whenever I click ok to install Windows error reappears.
    Cannot install Windows.

    Maybe the computer back and get a new one?


    You can already access the Windows Advanced Boot menu and start the recovery of disk as described here:

    Otherwise I agree with and you must return the phone and ask for a replacement. These things shouldn't t generally occur on output from the computer to the box. I m sure that the store will replace it for free. ;)

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