Cannot connect my cell phone to my computer via bluetooth

Cannot connect my cell phone to my computer via bluetooth

Cell phones are not supposed to be connected via Bluetooth to a computer.

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  • I can't connect my cell phone to my computer via bluetooth. The computer says its lack a Bluetooth device driver.

    I contacted HP through a program that checks the computer for missing updates, but he says his current... I contacted Samsung and the person I was chatting with that says that Samsung did not a. I really need the pictures that are in my mobile phone to my computer!

    How does this relate to the features of Windows Update?

    On 10 may 2012 (10:25 UTC), a moderator moved your Windows Update forum on the Hardware Win7 forum thread.

  • Sending files has failed when sending from a mobile phone to the computer via bluetooth. But vice versa is possible.

    Dear Sir.

    Sending files has failed when sending from a mobile phone to the computer via bluetooth. But vice versa is possible.

    OS: Win XP Prof

    Bluetooth device: Widcomm connected to the desktop computer

    Thank you & best regards

    Magali U

    Hey Ma U,.

    Follow the steps in the article.

    How to troubleshoot Bluetooth detection and connectivity issues in Windows XP Service Pack 2

  • Using ThinkPad XP, cannot send files from mobile phone to the computer via Bluetooth

    Dear Sir, Miss

    I am using my computer (ThinkPad, Windows XP for the sounds played in my cell phone and sent via bluetooth to the computer. Apparently the functions of connection and the computer receives something from cell phone (the "Bluetooth connection status" window indicates that millions of bytes are received by the computer.
    However, I cannot hear anything in the computer and I don't see anyway to influence the volume or audio properties for direct information received by bluetooth to the speakers.

    Can someone explain what I would do to this topic?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


    Hi JacNasy,

    ·         Other sounds work well?

    Check to see if the following is useful.

    Method 1: Log the computer manufacturer's website and check to see if there is an update audio drivers. If so, download and then install to check the issue.

    Method 2: Try to set up the Bluetooth connection again and see if it helps.

    How to troubleshoot Bluetooth detection and connectivity issues in Windows XP Service Pack 2

  • Why the sound wouldn't work on transferred video files from a mobile phone to the computer via bluetooth laptop dv6?

    I transferred several photos and short videos my cell phone to my HP DV6B laptop, but you is no sound on the video clips. Can anyone help please?

    Ronisa wrote:

    I transferred several photos and short videos my cell phone to my HP DV6B laptop, but you is no sound on the video clips. Can anyone help please?

    What you're missing is the codecs for your videos are in the file format.

    Try the VLC media player. It will easily play most file formats.

    Best regards


  • Why have I no internet connection, no cell phone, no wi - fi on the iphone after updating ios 9.3.1 5?

    Why have I no internet connection, no cell phone, no wi - fi on the iPhone 5 after update to iOS 9.3.1?

    Settings network is possibly damaged.

    Tap settings > general > reset > reset network settings

    Then see if your iPhone can connect to a Wi - Fi network.

    You will need to enter your Wi - Fi password.

  • Extension mobility / CAD issue: "You cannot connect because the phone is compatible IPV6"... help please.

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem with the mobility of the extension and CAD.

    UCCX - 41 - 1 CUCM

    CAD 8.0 (2)

    Phone: 7945G (configured according to other phones no 'contact center' of society, but not 'line' unaffected - want them purely for Contact Center users to connect to their posts)

    When the user logs in the phone itself, there is no question at this point.

    When the user goes to sign in CAD, they are presented with the following error:

    "You cannot connect because the phone is IPV6. IPv6 compatible phones are not compatible with CAD. »

    Workaround is to unlock (settings > * #) Network Configuration on the config of IPV6 phone and physical removal.

    Settings > * # > 2 (Network Configuration) > 2 (Configuration IPv6) > button 'more' > 'Clear' button > it presents 'clear IPv6 network settings '.

    The user can then successfully connect to the CSA.

    The problem is that, after his shift, the user logs on to the phone, then when they log in again, the question is again presented and the 'workaround' to manually remove the IPv6 configuration out of the phone must be done all over again (and each time after that too). Arrrrg.

    I also noticed that in CUCM > devices > Device Settings > Commond Device Configuration > find > my CDC > the IP address Mode IS set to "IPV4 and IPV6.

    A test, I've changed that to "IPV4" only

    User logged off phone, phone rebooted, logged in user, has attempted to connect to CAD, same problem. No change! Ahh some more!

    Finally, I discovered an alternative (to avoid the issue and the previous workaround)... CUCM, I put devices > phone > find > select > sub-heading ("phone Configuration') 'Extension Information' >"Logout profile"profile of mobility of users and then we do NOT have the issue. Phone restarted, connected, do not connect you, tried all the different States - everything works fine now.

    I also found that by setting up a 'line' on the device - the problem is also solved.

    HOWEVER, I don't really want to specify a line configured to the individual if possible phones or mobility of the specific user profile.

    Is it possible to avoid this? What Miss me to avoid specifying a line or a profile on your phone?

    See you soon,.


    Post edited by: Brett Hanson (in the message original, I've specified only the version 8.0.2 as version - to make this discussion more relevant, I just put in the details of the full versions we ran when the issue was present.) CAD, except that I don't remember what version it was then).

    Hi Brett,

    I saw something similar once I installed UCCX 8.x to a customer.

    Workaround there had to be a SU installed on the UCCX.

    If it helps,

    Kind regards


  • How to connect my Windows 7 PC to Internet via Bluetooth on my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone?

    I have problems connecting to the Internet on my laptop under that Windows 7, Bluetooth, plugged in on my mobile phone running Windows Mobile 6.1.

    The phone is a Samsung Omnia GT-B7610 and can access the Internet via 3G.

    I can pair the phone with Windows 7 via Bluetooth without problem, but I cannot yet access the Internet on the PC.  The process I use is:

    -Pairing phone and your PC by selecting devices and printers > add a device, etc., etc.  The device is successfully added.
    -Network and Sharing Center > set up a new connection or network > connect to Internet > set up a new connection anyway > Dial-up.  It is supposed to be a Bluetooth option on this screen, but I did not.

    When I do this:
    Devices and printers > right click on the paired Bluetooth device > properties > Services tab, I see that Active Sync Bluetooth Service as the only service available.  Is this correct?

    In addition, I can't get Windows Mobile Device Center to connect/sync to the phone via Bluetooth.

    Any help is very appreciated!

    Hi Kiti, thanks for the reply.  I had just a little work there is, however I came across a program that makes it much easier: WMWifiRouter.  I highly recommend it!

  • How can I connect my nokia 6600 and a laptop via bluetooth

    How can I connect my nokia 6600 and a laptop via bluetooth to send information?

    This is so complicated. I have this suite of pc to 6600 installed in my laptop and I can't connect it.

    Can someone help me?


    have you tried connecting your phone via bluetooth toshiba Device Manager?
    Device Manager is operating the BT device automatically then maybe the pc suite does not work.

    Welcome them

  • Cannot connect the Android phone to computer

    original title: Android Phone

    I have a problem with my new laptop. I don't know what happened but I have a T-Mobile G1 android phone and I use it often to connect to the computer to download or upload music, photos, etc., and for some reason, when I chose USB option on my G1 phone to mount on my computer to copy files and my phone SD card It would normally appear an option dialog to import images or open files, etc and I also look in my computer and I do not see the drive for my phone as it should. I can see in the window devices and printers that my android phone is already there, it will be not just to mount my phone to the computer to copy files and images from my phone and I have no idea why. My friend has a computer with Windows 7 program just like I do and it works fine on his computer. His computer is HP PC and my HP laptop. My phone is able to mount on his computer and it will not mount on my laptop. I thought it's maybe something wrong with the driver, so I uninstalled, disconnected my phone and reconnected again to download the driver again and it always repeats the same problems, it simply don't let not my phone to my laptop. Let me know as soon as possible if a solution is available for this issue.

    If your friend's phone works on your laptop, you should contact HP you may have a problem with your USB port.  Have you tried a different port?  Another cable?

    From your description, it is clear friend phone works on the friend's PC and your phone works on the friend's PC, but your phone does not work on your PC... so the only thing that you don't have to tell us is whether friends phone works on YOUR PC.  As soon as we have this sort, where actually the question, but for now, it is clearly your laptop.

  • Can not backup iPhone 5 or connect to cell phone applications

    I've just updated to 9.3.1 9.2, thinking that Apple had solved all the problems reported with 9.3.  However, now my phone is not connecting to cellular telephone applications, siri does not work, and the phone will not save.  It works fine when connected to wifi, but once I leave the House, none of my apps won't work (letters of google maps, Facebook, apple, anything that requires cell, that's all!)  I made all the simple fixes that I have known and that you can find on the internet: restart button apple button and power off to restart, turn off cell phone and turn it back on, turn off wifi and turn it back on, reset the network, iCloud is disconnected settings and reconnect, deleted all my photos/reset the backup settings so there is a lot of storage on my cloud , is found on my head, turned left, and none of it worked.  I'm ready to reset all but without a backup, I'm afraid to lose all my contacts.  Anyway around this?

    Does anyone else have this problem?  Suggestions and help that I have already mentioned above is welcome.  Thank you. Unhappy in Portland and the thought of Samsung is in my future.

    Backup to iCloud only works in Wi - Fi, you can not use a cellular network connection to backup your phone to iCloud.

    If the iCloud backup does not work, back up your phone to your computer using iTunes and set it back to factory settings, and then restore from that backup.

    On safeguards in iCloud and iTunes

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    Restrictions put in place in settings/general/Restrictions?

  • Why can't connect to cell phone wireless

    my friend wants to use my laptop through his mobile phone


    ·         What happens when you try to connect to the wireless cell phone?

    ·         You get the error message?

    ·         What operating system is installed on the computer?

    ·         Who is the cell phone you are trying to connect?

    ·         How do you use the cell phone with the laptop wireless?

    I suggest you install the pc suite software and drivers for this particular cell phone and check if it helps.

  • I am trying to connect my cell phone to the top to get pictures out of it, how do I know what to install support is the phone

    I have a Dare phone and I am trying to connect it to the computer so I can get the photos and videos out of it. I need to know how or what I need to install to do this


    read the information below

  • Can I access wifi via my cell connection on my iPhone 6 if there is no available wireless system? My husband Samsung cell phone can access wifi via cellular connection.

    Can I access wifi via my iPhone 6 s cellular system? My husband Samsung cell phone can do that when no wifi system is obvious.

    I need to change the above question. How can I connect Internet through my cell system if no wifi is available? Thank you.

  • X 230 bluetooth does not work - cannot use the cell phone as personal hotspot

    I try to use the bluetooth in my X 230 to connect my laptop with my cell phone. I want to be able to use my cell phone as a personal hotspot, where I am in an area where no WiFi secure. I would have thought that it would be a standard feature in a laptop that is presented as a business device, but apparently this is not the case.

    I installed the bluetooth driver and the updated system, as suggested by joelle...


    ... but it's still not working for me. I am now able to connect my mobile phone to my X 230, but instead of allowing me to access the internet via bluetooth, a dialog box appears that allowed me to play songs that are on my cell phone using the laptop speakers.

    I am disappointed that bluetooth driver has not come pre-installed on the 230 x, and I'm disappointed that I'm not able to use my cell phone as a personal hotspot for my x 230.

    I solved the problem myself by following the instructions on this page.

    In Windows 7, go to the control panel > hardware and sound > devices and printers
    Then right-click on the bluetooth device (in this case, an iPhone) and choose Properties
    Deselect all EXCEPT Personal Area Network Access Point

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