Cannot connect to the line after I restarted my laptop

Yesterday I had my laptop, so I restart my laptop before you log out of my line. After that I restarted it, I can't open my LINE again. Do you have someone knows how to fix this?


It is one of the .dll files for the application have been damaged since the restart suddenly while he was frozen.

You can try 2 things.

(1) find the online application your add or remove programs in Control Panel and select the option to repair.

(2) uninstall the application and reinstall it.

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    I was able to solve the problem by turning on "Airplane Mode" for 5 seconds, then shut off again. Everything seems to work fine now.

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    Does anyone have a solution for Win7 Pro 64-bit?

    See you soon.

    Hi Zagato,

    The question you posted would be better suited to the TechNet community. Send the query in the link.
    Hope this information helps.
  • Error message: Ethernet is not a valid ip address configuration and cannot connect to the Internet after installing Windows 8.

    Original title: Internet not working after installing Windows 8. Help, please

    I installed Windows 8 a week before, which had Windows Vista. When I was with Vista, I had no problem with the Internet, I had. But shortly after I installed Windows 8, the problem began. The connection is hardly 2 minutes. In addition, it is not navigate beyond my home page. After troubleshooting the result came as Ethernet is not a valid ip address configuration. It makes me really frustrated. After all, I was looking forward to navigate in windows 8, this problem makes me think really bad. If someone could help me, it will be grateful to you.

    Manorajan respected,

    I too had d same problem but I solved it later on myself.
    Here's how to: -.
    1-make sure you have intel network driver I installed your windows it pc. Download (on any other pc and transfer and install in it) and install it in your pc respective windows 8. Here is the link to download:-
    Den DOWNLOAD realtek lan driver here to install in the installation of theres no error ignore it... do not panic and reinstall... as it is already installed

    2 - unplug your LAN cable and Wi - Fi

    3 - go to network and sharing den center left side d click on change adapter settings clik left on the network card intel

    4-go to "Ethernet Adapter local area connection' properties and Deselect"Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) "

    "5 - Select" ""Protocol Internet Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) '

    Press the properties button

    6 - Select "use the following IP address:" option and set this ips

    IP = "ip address".

    subnet mask =

    default gateway = your ip from the router (you can recheck all say on any other pc having a successful conection even wid tell by checking the properties of dial-up connection or any smart phone like any iphone or android mobile, if it is used as a wifi too in led staus/properties to your respective wifi name)

    7. in the second section select "use the following DNS server address:"

    Set "Server DNS PreferAlternate:" your router ip that entered u in "default gateway of" this. " pinterested ok and try to connect in wireless lan

  • WRT600N still cannot connect to the router after factory reset

    OK, so I reset the router but I can not yet connect to installation using the password factory (admin/admin) (white/admin) (admin/empty).   Now, I have a network encrypted and without access to the configuration... I even tried to use the installation CD, but it does not recognize the router.   Anyone have this problem or know of a possible fix?

    Thank you, Carl

    Hey try resetting the reset button of the router in a way to equip
    light flashes on the router & then make a full of electric network
    cycle that is, unplug the power to the modem & router cables

    & then connect the power supply to the modem first once all the lights are
    Green, you can plug the power cable to the router & discover
    This will definitely work!

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    I use the same email for the standard user account and the administrator account and I forgot my password of the administrator account and every time I have reset my password using this mail I have reset the standard not the account password for administrator user account password. How can I solve this problem?

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords:

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    1. you must identify which application you use to create your documents.

    2. in addition to the name of the application, you must specify its version.

    3. Please ask your question in the appropriate forum.  Assuming that you are dealing with a version of Microsoft Word, which would be the forum Microsoft Office Word.

    4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you use Word 2003, 2007 or 2010, see-->

  • Help! Safari cannot connect to the server

    I really need help! I tried to forget the network and turning it back on, I have disabled the firewall and remove all extensions of safari. I seems that nothing works.

    I get the message 'Safari cannot connect to the server' on almost every site except this and facebook. I can't enter same or ASOS. I just got the message "Safari could not connect to Server" I'm not a computer genius so hopefully someone here can help me...

    You may have installed one or more variants of the malware "VSearch' ad-injection. Please back up all data, and then take the steps below to disable it.

    Do not use any type of product, "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" on a Mac. It is never necessary for her, and relying on it for protection makes you more vulnerable to attacks, not less.

    Malware is constantly evolving to work around defenses against it. This procedure works now, I know. It will not work in the future. Anyone finding this comment a couple of days or more after it was published should look for a more recent discussion, or start a new one.

    Step 1

    VSearch malware tries to hide by varying names of the files it installs. It regenerates itself also if you try to remove it when it is run. To remove it, you must first start in safe mode temporarily disable the malware.

    Note: If FileVault is enabled in OS X 10.9 or an earlier version, or if a firmware password is defined, or if the boot volume is a software RAID, you can not do this. Ask for other instructions.

    Step 2

    When running in safe mode, load the web page and then triple - click on the line below to select. Copy the text to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination:


    In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

    from the menu bar and paste it into the box that opens by pressing command + V. You won't see what you pasted a newline being included. Press return.

    A folder named "LaunchDaemons" can open. If this is the case, press the combination of keys command-2 to select the display of the list, if it is not already selected.

    There should be a column in the update Finder window. Click this title two times to sort the content by date with the most recent at the top. Please don't skip this step. Files that belong to an instance of VSearch will have the same date of change for a few minutes, then they will be grouped together when you sort the folder this way, which makes them easy to identify.

    Step 3

    In the LaunchDaemons folder, there may be one or more files with the name of this form:

    com Apple.something.plist

    When something is a random string, without the letters, different in each case.

    Note that the name consists of four words separated by dots. Typical examples are:

    com Apple.builins.plist

    com Apple.cereng.plist

    com Apple.nysgar.plist

    There may be one or more items with a name of the form:


    Yet once something is a random string, without meaning - not necessarily the same as that which appears in one of the other file names.

    These names consist of three words separated by dots. Typical examples are:



    Sometimes there are items (usually not more than one) with the name of this form:

    com.something .net - preferences.plist

    This name consists of four words (the third hyphen) separated by periods. Typical example:

    com.jangly .net - preferences.plist

    Drag all items in the basket. You may be prompted for administrator login password.

    Restart the computer and empty the trash.

    Examples of legitimate files located in the same folder:

    com Apple.Installer.osmessagetracing.plist

    com Apple.Qmaster.qmasterd.plist

    com Apple.aelwriter.plist

    com Apple.SERVERD.plist

    com Tether.plist

    The first three are clearly not VSearch files because the names do not match the above models. The last three are not easy to distinguish by the name alone, but the modification date will be earlier than the date at which VSearch has been installed, perhaps several years. None of these files will be present in most installations of Mac OS X.

    Do not delete the folder 'LaunchDaemons' or anything else inside, unless you know you have another type of unwanted software and more VSearch. The file is a normal part of Mac OS X. The "demon" refers to a program that starts automatically. This is not inherently bad, but the mechanism is sometimes exploited by hackers for malicious software.

    If you are not sure whether a file is part of the malware, order the contents of the folder by date modified I wrote in step 2, no name. Malicious files will be grouped together. There could be more than one such group, if you attacked more than once. A file dated far in the past is not part of the malware. A folder in date dated Middle an obviously malicious cluster is almost certainly too malicious.

    If the files come back after you remove the, they are replaced by others with similar names, then either you didn't start in safe mode or you do not have all the. Return to step 1 and try again.

    Step 4

    Reset the home page in each of your browsers, if it has been modified. In Safari, first load the desired home page, then select

    ▹ Safari preferences... ▹ General

    and click on

    Set on the current Page

    If you use Firefox or Chrome web browser, remove the extensions or add-ons that you don't know that you need. When in doubt, remove all of them.

    The malware is now permanently inactivated, as long as you reinstall it never. A few small files will be left behind, but they have no effect, and trying to find all them is more trouble that it's worth.

    Step 5

    The malware lets the web proxy discovery in the network settings. If you know that the setting was already enabled for a reason, skip this step. Otherwise, you should undo the change.

    Open the network pane in system preferences. If there is a padlock icon in the lower left corner of the window, click it and authenticate to unlock the settings. Click the Advanced button, and then select Proxies in the sheet that drops down. Uncheck that Auto Discovery Proxy if it is checked. Click OK, and then apply.

    Step 6

    This step is optional. Open the users and groups in the system preferences and click on the lock icon to unlock the settings. In the list of users, there may be some with random names that have been added by the malware. You can remove these users. If you are not sure whether a user is legitimate, do not delete it.

  • Extension mobility / CAD issue: "You cannot connect because the phone is compatible IPV6"... help please.

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem with the mobility of the extension and CAD.

    UCCX - 41 - 1 CUCM

    CAD 8.0 (2)

    Phone: 7945G (configured according to other phones no 'contact center' of society, but not 'line' unaffected - want them purely for Contact Center users to connect to their posts)

    When the user logs in the phone itself, there is no question at this point.

    When the user goes to sign in CAD, they are presented with the following error:

    "You cannot connect because the phone is IPV6. IPv6 compatible phones are not compatible with CAD. »

    Workaround is to unlock (settings > * #) Network Configuration on the config of IPV6 phone and physical removal.

    Settings > * # > 2 (Network Configuration) > 2 (Configuration IPv6) > button 'more' > 'Clear' button > it presents 'clear IPv6 network settings '.

    The user can then successfully connect to the CSA.

    The problem is that, after his shift, the user logs on to the phone, then when they log in again, the question is again presented and the 'workaround' to manually remove the IPv6 configuration out of the phone must be done all over again (and each time after that too). Arrrrg.

    I also noticed that in CUCM > devices > Device Settings > Commond Device Configuration > find > my CDC > the IP address Mode IS set to "IPV4 and IPV6.

    A test, I've changed that to "IPV4" only

    User logged off phone, phone rebooted, logged in user, has attempted to connect to CAD, same problem. No change! Ahh some more!

    Finally, I discovered an alternative (to avoid the issue and the previous workaround)... CUCM, I put devices > phone > find > select > sub-heading ("phone Configuration') 'Extension Information' >"Logout profile"profile of mobility of users and then we do NOT have the issue. Phone restarted, connected, do not connect you, tried all the different States - everything works fine now.

    I also found that by setting up a 'line' on the device - the problem is also solved.

    HOWEVER, I don't really want to specify a line configured to the individual if possible phones or mobility of the specific user profile.

    Is it possible to avoid this? What Miss me to avoid specifying a line or a profile on your phone?

    See you soon,.


    Post edited by: Brett Hanson (in the message original, I've specified only the version 8.0.2 as version - to make this discussion more relevant, I just put in the details of the full versions we ran when the issue was present.) CAD, except that I don't remember what version it was then).

    Hi Brett,

    I saw something similar once I installed UCCX 8.x to a customer.

    Workaround there had to be a SU installed on the UCCX.

    If it helps,

    Kind regards


  • VSphere Web Client cannot connect to the server vCenter Single Sign On.

    I'm running the virtual appliance of the trial build 2442330 on ESXi 5.5.0, 2068190

    While I try to log on to the Web Client, I get this error.  VSphere Web Client cannot connect to the server vCenter Single Sign On.

    I put fallow the steps to disable SSO by changing the line add file and ad sso.enabled = false .    Then on the vCenter Server Appliance, restart the vSphere client service by typing service vsphere-client restart .

    I enclose the reference files.

    All ideas will be useful

    This answer was simple, all I had to do was remove the # in front of the statement in the file.   and SSO has been disabled after the restart of the service.

  • Programs cannot connect to the internet, while IE8 and firefox work very well on the internet.

    I used google chrome as my default browser, but one day it stopped working, while firefox and IE always worked / work fine now.  When google chrome no longer works, all my programs stopped to connect to internet, like Skype, itunes, WMP, etc.  The itunes gives error me is "make sure that your network connection is active and try again.  When I download programs through to firefox or IE8, now my default, they download but used to install or connect to the internet (I tried to reinstall chrome after that deletion but it will not be completed).  I was certain this isn't the router or the Internet itself, my wireless works very well to navigate through the Internet and other computers on the network do not have this problem. problem when I connect to other wifi networks.  The help and support center will not be to the point after that I click on it.  I use windows xp sp3 home edition 2002.  I looked through the other threads to see if I can solve the problem, check the exceptions in the firewall, disabling firewalls and other security, running an antispyware/malware, someone suggested (super antispyware), lowered or disabled security settings, but all without success.  I don't know what to do at this point but to restart the system.  Please help, any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

    Hi unlucky2013,

    Follow the steps from the link below: Windows XP Internet programs cannot connect to the Internet through the connection broadband:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • The blackBerry Smartphones No. MMS option and cannot connect to the application server

    Good evening

    For some reason any I can not receive or send MMS on my Blackberry 9520 Storm 2. I still do not see the ability to send a picture as a text when I go on my photos. I don't know if it's the phone or my provider. I have my 9520 unlocked on AT & T with a package data unlimited talk and text unlimited. I tried to have photos I was sent as well, but it was also no chance that I NEVER received a text.

    The second problem I have is that I can't access the Blackberry App Store. Try whenever I have it says that it cannot connect to the server.

    Any help?

    Edit: The problem of the App Store is no longer present (off the network and turned it back), but the MMS problem is still present.


    I suggest the following:

    (1) registry HRT

    • Homescreen > Options > Advanced Options > host Routing Table > BBKey (it matter little what line is current) > sign up now

    (2) Service reference books

    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service

    (3) restart to take batt

    • Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! But, the fact that you can't do SMS or MMS seems to indicate that they are not part of your plan service provider - that is why, if the above does not help, then contact them to see if you who are on your plan on their part.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Store Windows unable to download 'we cannot connect to the service you need right now. " Check your network connection or try this later.

    Whenever I try to download an app of any kind on the Windows (games, news or social applications) store I get an error message saying it is unable to download or try again later, this happened last week, & it worries me because I am not allowed to download applications. He said: "we cannot connect to the service you need right now. "Check your network connection or try this later. If anyone can solve this problem for me, it would be a great relief.

    Original title: Windows Store-downloads

    Try the troubleshooting steps below after completing the methods provided by Vinodh.V

    Method 1: Make sure that the Date and the time is accurate

    Open quick run (Windows key + R)
    Type timedate.cpl , and then click OK
    Click the Internet time tab

    Click change settings

    Click update now , and then click OK once the time is Sync

    Method 2: The problem may be caused by the Proxy settings

    If you use a Proxy

    Press the Windows key + X to open the Menu power user
    Click prompt (admin)
    Of that type the below command and press enter

    netsh winhttp import proxy source = ie

    If this does not work, you can reset the proxy settings using below command

    netsh winhttp reset proxy

    3:Fix Windows Update method

    Running Windows Update troubleshooting tool can solve some problems.

    Open Control Panel

    Click on find and fix problems under system and security in category view (or) click on Troubleshooting if you have large icons or small icons view

    Select the fixed problems with Windows update.

    Select Next and then click Finish when the process is complete

    Method 4: Search for the latest Windows updates

    Open quick run (Windows key + R)
    Type wuapp , and then click OK
    Click check updates
    Download and install all pending updates.
    Restart the computer

    Method 4: perform the Scan SFC

    Press the Windows key + X to open the Menu power user
    Click prompt (admin)
    Type in the command, and then press on enter


    Method 5: Upgrade to the Local account and switch it to the Microsoft account

    To switch to local accounts

    Press the Windows key + C to open the bar of charms
    Click settings
    Click change PC settings
    Click USERS or accounts
    Click on your account
    Click Disconnect
    Enter the current user password and click Next
    Click sign out and finishing
    Log on to the user account

    To switch to the Microsoft account

    Press the Windows key + C to open the bar of charms
    Click settings
    Click change PC settings
    Click USERS or accounts
    Click to connect to a Microsoft account
    Enter the current password
    Enter the password of the Microsoft account and click Next
    Click switch

  • vMotion fails at 9% - Source host cannot connect to the destination host


    I wonder if someone could shine any light on why vmotion fails to occur between an ESXi host who has just been restarted, in order to test HA. I have the following configuration:

    3 x ESXi5 DL360 G7s with two 4-way NIC

    VSphere Vcenter 5

    1 x cluster configured for DRS HA

    2 x Procurve 2910 - 24G

    The switches are not connected to each other.

    Both switches are configured as such:


    All ports are not marked. NO PLEASE, no routing

    Each host vMotion vSwitch is connected to two switches by 1 x 1 GB nic

    I configured a vswitch on each host of vMotion. There are two ports vmkernel with two IPS on the same subnet. There are two vmnic attached to the vSwitch. On each port, a Vmic is configured to be active while the other is unused. I enabled frames on the vSwitch and 2910 switches. A VLAN has been configured on the two predisposees 2910 for vmotion with frames and defined traffic on "no label". I can successfully vmkping all the ip s vmotion on all ESXi hosts. However, when I test HA by stopping an ESXi host, when I restart the ESXi host I am unable to vmotion in that ESXi host. When I test vmkping I find that the host rebooted can only vmkping itself and no other host can vmkping it. Vmotion attempt fails on 9% and errors with the source host cannot connect to the destination host. If I restart the two switches of 2910 I can then perform a vMotion and the vmkping is a success.

    Help, please?

    Thank you

    lansley2000 wrote:

    I have since read up on the various load balancing options and find that your method is preferable during the method of "ip hash.

    I'll make the change to "port based" and link the two switches

    Hello Simon, I think it's a good option to do, since the hash IP load balancing is a bit special and really requires both interfaces to connect to the same physical switch, which must also have a specific configuration. If you like the results after the new changes.

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