Cannot connect to the site Web of family security - loop redirection then error.

I am trying to connect to the Security Web site for the family to see the log files and to make some changes.  Identification of phase of my work.  When I connect on the family safety I see it bounce and site security for the family quickly and then I get an error.

Something was wrong and we cannot connect you right now. Please try again later

I tried multiple computers and browsers.  Same results.


Don't know if this is the magic bullet, but I've just updated some information on my profile (add my first and last name) and now I can sign as if by magic in Family Safety. I had also been down since the end of July.

Tags: Windows

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    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    I see that you are having problems logging in to a Web site.

    Quick questions:

    1. What site you're talking about?
    2. What browser version are you working?
    3. What happens when you try to connect to the site? You get the error message?

    In the meantime, if you are using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 please visit these links:

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    Please come back with the details required for assistance.

  • Family Safety: could not connect to the site Web Family Safety - "try again later".

    I am connected to MSLive with my account, the same one that I am connected to help with this issue.  I also see my mailbox, so that my account is active and works very well. When I go to, the URL bar changes several times, then I get a screen that says:

    Something was wrong and we cannot connect you right now. Please try again later.

    This problem occurred for me on three computers, more an iPad and an iPhone, so I don't think it's a problem of the cache of the browser or something like that.

    My son, who uses his computer with installed parental control, trying to send a request by e-mail to me to approve a site that he wants to visit. It also gets an error message by. Family Safety properly blocking sites that I programmed to block, so that part works.

    I did a chat live with a person with MS, which I linked to a response that did not work, then it disconnected. I spoke with another person who told me to call 1-800-642-7676 again. I did, but all the options that I chose was told to visit a Web site or another, then disconnected. So now I'm here.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you.


    Go to Journal of the (to access outlook) click your name or image on the upper right and choose to edit your profile in the menu... click on edit - above the photo of your profile to update your first name and family name - worked for me :)

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    I have a HP p1606dn printer I need to change the IP address. I can't connect to SAP by using the IP address of the printer configuration page. I also tried on a work of the same model printer and cannot connect. I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. I type in in the address bar in Internet Explorer which is supposed to be an approved browser. Thank you!

    If the Web integrated printer server does not load when the IP address is entered, then means generally is not a direct path between the printer and the computer is trying to access.

    You mentioned that you must change the IP address.  What is the reason for this change?  The network IP addressing scheme changed so that the PC and the printer may appear as on different networks?

    I don't know if it will work in your particular situation, because it depends on whether or not it has access to an Ethernet connection.  You could try the connected printer to an Ethernet port which would be on the same network as the PC and then access it by IP addressed assigned to the Ethernet address.  Once the integrated Web server load, you can manually set the wifi information and then return to the wifi.

  • Unable to connect to the site Web SSL VPN with firewall zone configured

    I recently updated my 2911 company and set up a firewall area.  This is my first experience with this and I used Cisco Configuration Professional to build the configuration of the firewall first and then edited the names to make it readable by humans.  The only problem I can't solve is to learn site Web SSL VPN from outside.  I can navigate the website and connect without problem from the inside, and even if it was useful to verify that the Routing and the site work properly it is really not what I.  I don't get anything on the syslog for drops because of the firewall server, or for any other reason but packet capture show that no response is received when you try to navigate to the outside Web site.  I am currently using a customer VPN IPSEC solution until I can get this to work and have no problem with it.  I have attached a sanitized with the included relevant lines configuration (deleted ~ 400 lines including logging, many inspections on the movement of the area to the area and the ipsec vpn, which I already mentioned).  I searched anything about this problem and no one has no problem connecting to their Web site, just to get other features to work correctly.  All thoughts are welcome.

    See the security box

    area to area

    Members of Interfaces:





    area outside zone

    Members of Interfaces:


    sslvpn area area

    Members of Interfaces:



    I tried to change the composition of the area on the interface virtual-Template1 to the outside the area nothing helps.

    See the pair area security

    Name of the pair area SSLVPN - AUX-in

    Source-Zone sslvpn-area-zone of Destination in the area


    Name of the pair area IN SSLVPN

    Source-Zone in the Destination zone sslvpn-zone

    service-policy IN SSLVPN-POLICY

    Name of the pair area SELF SSLVPN

    Source-Zone sslvpn-area free-zone Destination schedule


    Zone-pair name IN-> AUTO

    Source-Zone in the Destination zone auto

    Service-IN-to-SELF-POLICY policy

    Name of the pair IN-> IN box

    In the Destination area source-Zone in the area

    service-policy IN IN-POLICY

    Zone-pair name SELF-> OUT

    Source-Zone auto zone of Destination outside the area


    Name of the pair OUT zone-> AUTO

    Source-Zone out-area Destination-area auto


    Zone-pair name IN-> OUT

    Source-Zone in the Destination area outside zone

    service-strategy ALLOW-ALL

    The pair OUT zone name-> IN

    Source-out-zone-time zone time Zone of Destination in the area


    Name of the pair area SSLVPN-to-SELF

    Source-Zone-Zone of sslvpn-area auto


    I also tried to add a pair of area for the outside zone sslvpn-zone passing all traffic and it doesn't change anything.

    The area of networks

    G0/0.15 26



    G0/0.45 28

    Pool of SSL VPN -

    Latest Version of IOS:

    Cisco IOS software, software C2900 (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.0 (1) M10, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

    Glad works now. Weird question, no doubt.

    I guess that on the deployment guide said that the firewall will not support inspection of TCP to the free zone, however, class nested maps are used to accomplish this, to be completely honest, I think it's a mess and the best thing to do is action past to auto for the protocols that you want and then drop the rest.

    Let us know if you have any other problems.


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    Try this process. WinSock and TCP/IP

    Type Cmd in the search text box.

    Press Ctrl-Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to run a command as administrator prompt.  Allow the elevation.

    Type netsh winsock reset at the command prompt and press the Enter key.

    Do the same process to refresh the TCP/IP just replace the command typed with.

    netsh interface ipv4 reset press enter

    netsh interface ipv6 reset press enter

    ipconfig/flushdns, press enter

    Restart your computer.

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    This happens in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I use Windows 7.

    Safari on Windows, right? It's interesting, because Apple supports more than centuries ago.

    I recommend that you upgrade to the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, make sure that you have applied all the Windows security updates available, and then try again. If you don't always connect, what do you see in the browser console? (To open the console of Firefox, go to the Tools menu, the submenu "Web Developer", then select "Web Console").

  • Cannot connect to the site account, while Microsoft Web could open a session in Windows

    I can connect my laptop windows 8 with original mail.

    When I try to open a session on microsoft account it says the account does not exsist.

    When I tryto register again once he said that email is used.

    Its my email which is originally the lem pro.  I have 1 and it took a lot of time.

    I created this new email for assistance.

    No one can help. Maybe you can.

    Windows Live ID support:

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    Getting message "Unable to connect to xxcloud" in the Storage Manager (ver.

    Everything looks ok on the main system (Win7) Green everywhere check :-)

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    Cloud Edition ix2-200-DC386F FW

    Any suggestions?

    so you must enable the automatic configuration of UPnP on your router... after that, you should be able to connect on your IP

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    These Fix - Its are very overpriced and often do not work. I wouldn't worry, frankly.

    What is your real problem? I'm sure someone here can help you solve without needing to run a Fix - It.
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    I can't access some Web pages like the movie online, eBay, Amazon, etc. sites, when I try, I got the note as 'safari cannot connect to the server' and my chrome also got error like massage "this webpage is not available" more my App Store unable to work properly can not download updates»» I tried to delete all the data of the website... and uninstall extensions, but there was not work //I got a MacBook Pro 2014 middle with OS X EL capitan 10.11.2//some on help me please

    Please remove the 'ESET' product (if you have it installed) by following these instructions. If you have a different version of the product, the steps may be different.

    Back up all data before making any changes. Never install any product "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" again.

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    During the last week, I was unable to access the site Web of John Lewis and the message "Safari cannot open page because the server dropped the connection unexpectedly. Sometimes this happens when the server is busy. Wait a few minutes and then try again"I retry but get the same message all the time. Can access all other sites ok.

    I emptied the cache, deleted the cookies and history. Enter the name of the site in its entirety is not helped either.

    Unable to access the Web by John Lewis site with my iPad either.


    Try restarting/resetting the router.

    Try a reboot.

    Make a backup using Time Machine or a cloning program, to ensure that data files can be recovered. Two backups are better than one.

    Try to set up another admin user account to see if the same problem persists. If back to my Mac is enabled in system preferences, the guest account will not work. The intention is to see if it is specific to an account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later.

    Isolate a problem by using a different user account

    If the problem is still there, try to start safe mode using your usual account.  Disconnect all devices except those necessary for the test. Shut down the computer and then put it up after a 10 second wait. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the SHIFT key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear. Startup is considerably slower than normal. This will reset some caches, forces a check for directory and disables all start-up and connection, among other things. When you restart normally, the initial restart may be slower than normal. If the system is operating normally, there may be 3rd party applications that pose a problem. Try to delete/disable the third-party applications after a reboot using the UN-Installer. For each disable/remove, you need to restart if you do them all at once.

    Safe mode - on El Capitan

    Start Mode without failure-El Capitan.

  • Only when I try to connect to the hotmail Web site, internet explore said that he can not access the Web site?

    I was able to access hotmail account every day except today I tried several times to connect to the site on the Web page, but internet Explorer comes up with the error message that it cannot connect to the Web site.  I tried a diagnostic check on my end, and nothing seems to be wrong.  I can access other Web sites.  I tried the suggested methods to clear my browser which has been online on the microsoft answers site.  Nothing has done so far.

    Status of Hotmail:

    For now, it is said there is a problem:
    "Hotmail is having connection problems. You might see an error message when you try to connect. »

    You can try to check your email at a later date.

    For the taking in charge of Hotmail:

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    Use this link to make sure your plugins are up-to-date.
    If all are listed as unknown or research, don't worry to their topic.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} by holding down the < shift >
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    key and then from Firefox. Is always the problem?

  • I worked on the Web site of our Church and all of a sudden my computer does not connect to the site. I get a message saying that the connection to the server was reset while the page is loading. Can anyone has any ideas on how I fix?

    I worked on the Web site of our Church and all of a sudden this week, my computer does not connect to the site. I get a message saying that the connection to the server was reset while the page is loading. Can anyone has any ideas on how I fix?

    The error message "the connection was reset" can be caused by a bug for the attack of the BEAST fix (browser exploit against SSL/TLS) that the server does not support.

Maybe you are looking for