Cannot connect to Windows Home Server 2011

I just installed a Windows Servr Home 2011.  I can not all my clients to connect to the server.  All my customers use Win 7 Home Premium.  I can see the server in the Windows Explorer to the customer (my desktop PC).  If I click on the icon of the server, I can browse shared files.  The directions tell to connect you, enter http:/// log in as a URL to the browser. When I do that, I get a 'not found' by DNS.  I tried to enter http:/// connect as URL and he did enter the web page to download the SW to administer the server.  However, the name of the executable if the server name is used must be ComputerConnector (.exe.)  If I downloaded it using the IP address, I get the file ComputerConnector (.exe.)  When I try to run it, I get an error message that says that this name has nonstandard characters.  I renamed the file to use the name of the server and got the same error.  I assume that the name of the original file is in the header.
I also went to (network > servername) in other devices in Windows Explorer and end up downloading a file named ComputerConnector (fe80__b487_7b89_297_e93c) .exe. I get the same error as before.
I have the dashboard 2011 WHS connector installed on my laptop and it works OK.  Given that the office has not connected, I can't configure the server to backup my office.  It is also true for my HTPC and another laptop.
All the computers are in the same homegroup.  I ping the server with the IP address and the name of the server.

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