Cannot connect using fingerprints more on Satellite A300

Hey everybody,

I have been using Truesuite Fingerprint Login to connect to windows, and all of a sudden I can't use it...
I tried removing fingerprints and redo them. Change restart settings, a lot of things.

If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated.

Thank you guys.


Hello Shaun

I found the new version of the fingerprint software. You can get it under the
You can try to remove the old and check with the new version. Sorry, but that's all I can say about it. Maybe new version does not have these problems.

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  • Cannot connect using ThinkVantage Fingerprint software

    Hi, I can't connect using my fingerprint reader. I'm sure that the fingerprint reader is OK, I sucessfully registered fingerprints. I activated the connection of the fingerprint, when the computer starts, windows 7 message saying 'Slide your finger on the green' appears, but when I drag the finger, nothing happens. Fingerprint reader just a flashing green (when I try to finger Chipeur, who is not registered, flashes orange, so fingerprints are registered properly).

    I tried to uninstall the software of fingerprints and the pilot, but his does not work. I connect with the domain account.

    OS: Windows 7 x 64

    Lenovo T410 (NT7Q7MC)

    ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software version: 5.9.4

    Thank you very much for the help!


    The domain account is probably the question given that the fingerprint software is installed for local connections. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this.

  • WLan connected but receives no package - Satellite A300

    Hey my model is Satellite A300, which I went down to XP. After not using my laptop for two weeks, my wireless is dead and will not work.

    1. it used to automatically detect IP and DNS and gateway and all that, but no more

    2 so I put in place manually and that it is connected now - but still, it doesn't receive all packets, even if it sends packets.

    It's painful sssssssssssssooooooo... Help, please.

    Oh, by the way

    -Correct encryption
    -Good wireless driver
    -J' tried to format my computer - that didn't work
    -Use all the drivers of Toshiba Europe, Australia, and Intel Web sites
    -Can connect to the network but not the Internet.
    -test of ping with my manual Gateway - 4 received, 4 sent, none lost

    Thank in advance for your help!

    Reset you the router? Unplug the power connector on the router, wait 10 minutes and then plug it. Maybe it still works.

    Check the settings in the router and windows. All devices must use the same standards.
    Search on the Toshiba site, if you have the newest BIOS and check if the TCP/IP settings are on automatically and in the router.
    Try turning off the router MAC address filter.

  • Cannot create a recovery for my Satellite A300-1BZ CD

    I tried to use the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator repeatedly and with many different brands of discs to create the recovery disk.
    However each time as the laptop is about to finish burning the disc, there is an error and the operation not can be completed.

    I don't think there is a problem with the drive as I have used for many other things including watching movies without problem.
    Could Toshiba please send me a recovery disk instead?
    Thank you

    > Could Toshiba please send me a recovery disk instead?
    A mail recovery disk? Very interesting. Mailed 4 GB image is not so easy.

    I don't know what you're doing, but if you want good tip then use Verbatim or TDK DVD-R blank media. For the DVD-R.
    I have too many Satellite A300 and recovery DVD, I created successfully.
    Do you use DVD-R virgins too?

  • Problem connection or a virus on Satellite A300 - 1 MM

    Laptop is Satellite A300 - 1 MM (Pentium T3200, GMA 4500 M, 250GB...) with x 32 preinstalled Vista Home Premium.
    Initial problem seems to be the forgotten password. I tried to enter safe mode, but it stops a few seconds after loading driver crcdisk.sys
    and continues to start in normal mode. I tried to rename pcmcia drivers as someone suggested, but no luck.

    Then I tried to add admin to the login screen. I used the Vista installation DVD another to open the command in the recovery console
    fast and use "net user administrator / Active: Yes". She showed no errors. I don't know if it's important, but "net user" listed
    only administrator accounts and invited, unusual account that appears on the login screen.
    This account is displayed as "USERNAME". (with), but the folder of the user on the system drive is "D:\users\username".

    Then I tried with manual registry change in the recovery console. In HKEY_LocalMachine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Cur rentVersion\Winlogon\
    I added the key SpecialAccounts and UserList and administrator key dword with the value 1.
    No luck.
    I noticed that after restarting, register forgot all the changes I made.
    I also noticed that the Shell variable which should be explorer.exe is "cmd.exe /k start cmd.exe".
    I Googled it and it turned out Win32:Sality virus.
    I scanned all computer laptop with Kapersky disk but it reported no virus.
    I can't restore C: settings because he asks for password which I don't have.
    I also tried to recover password with OPH Crack, but showed "not found".


    Hi Blacky,

    Your ad is very technical and it seems that you understand how to use or install a computer. Sounds like a computer technician bit ;)

    Anyway, if I understand your correct announcement, you forgot login password for your laptop. It's always a little awkward
    But you must understand that there is no formal way to recover or reset. If this password n t be sure.

    I never had this problem and I think that you won't find a lot of information here on this topic. I think that the only way is to use Google. I can see that there are a few interesting pages on the password reset. Just look for a little

    But in the worst case, you will need to reinstall the laptop while using the Toshiba recovery disc. After that, you have back factory settings and you can use Notepad again. :)

    Good luck!

  • How to use PCMCIA card in Satellite A300-177?

    I recently bought a PCMCIA Wireless for my laptop Satellite A300-177 and when I went to fit it has discovered that they are now using the Express card.

    I was wondering would this converter made
    I know it sounds kinda obivous but with companies these days you never know if the conections are the same, although they share the same name.


    Is your laptop delivered without WLAN card or you want to use the faster wireless network card?

    The compatibility of the adapter may confirm the manufacturer itself. They must offer specifications for clean products.

    In any case, I think that your laptop has WIFI on board and I don't see the reason to have this much extra. Sorry, but it looks impressive to me. I can understand that you do because the laptop is free WIFI but... I do not know.

  • I need to connect the second HDD in Satellite A300-14V


    I'm using A300-14V and now I need to install the second HARD drive. But 2.5 hard drives have different heights from 9.5 mm to 12.5 mm including a right for my Satellite A300? And I'll need to also buy a slide.

    Could someone please clarify that she is and give me the part number?
    Thank you.


    Did you check if your laptop is able to manage the second HDD?
    I mean there is a second HARD-drive Bay, but have you checked if there is a connector needed?

    You should check this first before you buy hard drives

  • Unable to connect to the hotmail account in Mail app Error: you cannot connect this account more features of

    I'm unable to connect my windows for Mail app account and perspectives 2013
    Error: you cannot connect this account with more features. First remove another device with help or your Internet service provider or system administrator.

    There is a known issue of 2013 Outlook triggers this error.  See

  • Users of VPN cannot connect using application using port 3404

    VPN users are connecting using vpn tunnel to destination of a pix 515e however, they are unable to use the connection on port 3404 application. He used to work, or so I was told, but it no longer works. What I am doing wrong? Please notify. Here is the config:

    IP - dealer pool room

    IP pool local DYNAusers -

    IP pool local DYNAusers2 -

    vpngroup address pool DYNAusers PCPVPN01

    vpngroup 192.168.x.x wins server PCPVPN01

    vpngroup PCPVPN01 DYNAsplit of split tunnel

    vpngroup idle 1800 PCPVPN01-time

    vpngroup password PCPVPN01

    vpngroup address pool DYNAusers WELLVPN01

    vpngroup 192.168.x.x wins server WELLVPN01

    vpngroup WELLVPN01 DYNAsplit of split tunnel

    vpngroup idle 1800 WELLVPN01-time

    vpngroup password WELLVPN01

    vpngroup address pool DYNAusers2 SRVCVPN01

    vpngroup 192.168.x.x wins server SRVCVPN01

    vpngroup SRVCVPN01 DYNAsplit of split tunnel

    vpngroup idle 1800 SRVCVPN01-time

    vpngroup password SRVCVPN01

    permit ip access list DYNAsplit 255.255.25


    permit access ip list DYNAsplit 255.255.25


    DYNAsplit list of allowed access host ip

    DYNAsplit ip access list allow any

    access-list DYNAacl 60 allowed ip

    Permitted connection ipsec sysopt

    Answer sheet crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-md5-hmac Dynamics

    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-sha-hmac To_NHP

    Crypto-map dynamic DYNAmap 30 game of transformation-dynaset

    card crypto VPNtunnels 30-isakmp dynamic ipsec DYNAmap

    map VPNtunnels 40 ipsec-isakmp crypto

    crypto VPNtunnels 40 card matches the address 150

    card crypto VPNtunnels 40 set peer

    card crypto VPNtunnels 40 the transform-set To_NHP value

    card crypto vpntunnels 40 the duration value of security-association seconds 3600 KB

    s 4608000

    VPNtunnels interface card crypto outside

    partner-30 map ipsec-isakmp crypto

    ! Incomplete

    ISAKMP allows outside

    ISAKMP key address

    subnet mask

    ISAKMP nat-traversal 20

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 30

    ISAKMP policy 30 3des encryption

    ISAKMP policy 30 md5 hash

    30 2 ISAKMP policy group

    ISAKMP duration strategy of life 30 86400

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 40

    ISAKMP policy 40 3des encryption

    ISAKMP policy 40 sha hash

    40 2 ISAKMP policy group

    ISAKMP duration strategy of life 40 86400


    It is good to hear that the problem has been resolved. Please note do you have for the job?

  • Satellite L750D - cannot connect using the administrator account


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L750D-14R and it I cannot access to my administrator account, I had not changed my password or anything either, and, the night before, I had been on that fine and the next day he said my username or password was incorrect.

    I tried to put my password in full about 30 times and he wouldn't so I had to use the account invited to try and find a solution, whenever I connect I try to put my password and it still says the same thing.

    Can someone help me please?

    Someone at - it other access to your laptop? I mean the password cannot be changed without reason.

    Maybe a stupid question now but have you created the recovery disc? Problem is that without this password, you will not be able to install the OS by using recovery image saved on the HARD disk and in the worst case, you must reinstall OS by using the recovery disk.

  • Toshiba 39L4353D cannot connect using Intel WIDI after upgrade to win 10

    installation of Intel Widi into my TV 39L4353D has worked with my old laptop windows 7, I've recently updated to a new 10 portable windows and intel Widi does more. I checked that I have the most up to date drivers and software for the laptop and the TV.

    The laptop detects and connects to the TV, but nothing appears on the TV screen.

    Hi Henoir.

    For Intel WiDi using the Windows 10 system problems, please see this document from Toshiba:

    How to activate Intel WiDi (Wireless Display) within Windows 10 with a receiver certified Intel?

    It will be useful.

  • No internet connection - IE displays blank page - Satellite A300-15 has

    I use an A300-15 has the other programs like Messenger detect the internet but opera firefox and internet explore are not able to use a wireless home network.


    You said that you can not access it using the wireless connection.
    Have you tried to use the LAN cable and check if you can browse using the connection of the wire? You should do it.

    But like kody said the reason why you are not able to use internet unique browsers might be enabled firewall

  • ldap_result back cannot connect when inactive more than 30 dry between calls


    I've migrated from 5.2 to 11g and got an error that I don't have to 5.2

    When retrieving a large number of asynchronous entries if the process takes more than 30 seconds between calls to ldap_result he received an error "unable to connect to the LDAP server.
    If I did the same search with a lower appeal or equal to 30 sec, I don't received entries 70K no problem.

    I changed the idle_timeout to unlimited - same mistake

    I wrote a piece of code that perform research, get 100 results an asynchronous - sleep for a few seconds and go get the next 100.

    If sleep is 30 seconds or less it works OK
    If sleep is 31sec or more it fails after the first sleep (153 listings)
    The same can be accomplished by using ldapsearch and stopping the result for more than 30 sec using CTRL-S

    Is there a setting I'm missing in 11g?

    The same code works well with the same data in the version 5.2

    Thank you

    Such behavior is probably caused by a timeout setting - it may be nsslapd-idletimeout, nsIdleTimeout or a time defined by the customer in the real demand. It can be useful if you would paste the access showing log a full timed out connection - BIND thru DISCONNECT - more than the output of "grep-i dse.ldif timeo."

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    I tried to sync my phone to iTunes and I get an error message stating "invalid response from the device. I tried to remove the password, and it still doesn't work. I also tried using a new USB cord. I'm doing something wrong? I can't sync my music or ringtones. Will there be an update to iOS 10 soon to solve this problem? I am extremely disappointed that I can not connect my new phone!

    You use iTunes version 12.5?

    Get the latest version of iTunes - Apple Support

  • 4G the Z10T Portege - Win8 cannot connect using Sonicwall Global VPN


    We have installed the latest version of the client to Sonicwall Global VPN on the Toshiba Portege z10t with a Telstra Sim card inside.

    When we connect to our office, in the step acquired IP, stopping the process there.
    If we use a Telstra 4 G Wireless router, it works perfectly.
    Apparently, there is something of the z10t that blocks the process.

    Someone had the same problem?
    We have upgraded the bios and drivers on the z10t, but without success.
    Kind regards

    It is not easy to say why this is happening. In my view it will be difficult to find someone here who can test for you or someone who has an identical machine and use the same VPN client.

    Missing important information: do you use original image recovery Toshiba or clean install of the OS?

Maybe you are looking for

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    If my elitebook 2530p go to sleep nothing he will wake up. I have to hold down the market and forcing it to restart. Any suggestions please?