Cannot connect wireless or even turn on the wireless "switch" on my computer

I recently installed a copy of Windows 7 Professional, yet the installation, I couldn't have the wireless network to connect to what either.  The first thing I noticed was that my wireless button (which is a touchscreen as a device on the top of my keyboard) was not on, can I turn it on, or do I not have the fn + f2 option.

My computer is a HP Elitebook 8440p and regardless of what precedes, I proceeded to install drivers wireless on HP support site, they had to choose some and I ended up trying 3 which did not work.  I found a page of networking which showed these drivers wireless with a connection of sorts but closer examination revealed that the problem lied with simply turn on my wireless switch.

LAN works fine (I'm here now) and the wireless switch control active if I turn on my any and hit him (orane to blue towers), but otherwise, I am astonished.  I don't think that the router is the problem, but it is a 'Fast' model... that's all I know at this point, although I'll try to find the type of exact model if its important.

I think it's information pertienent, thank you for any help you can provide!


My computer shows management I installed the drivers...

In fact, I found the answer (I hope help you someone else with your post if the time is not lost)

My wireless is fine, it turns off when I plug my ethernet cable.

Appreciate the answer however.

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    ·         You get the error message?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you update the drivers for hardware connected to your computer on the Web site of the manufacturer check if it works.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    Method 2:

    Also, follow the steps in troubleshooting section and check if that helps:

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    This new but I hope someone can help me.

    I'm having difficulties to connect to a wireless network with my Tecra M1. I think that the problem could be with the card Intel (R) prowireless MiniPCI LAN.

    I tried to reinstall the driver for it, but nothing worked. I access the access point Via a cable but cannot connect wireless.
    I reinstalled the software PROSet I printed user's guide, and he tells me if he have Driver version "". I have Driver version "" installed on my laptop and this seems to be the only one on the Toshiba site, so I can't find "" to install instead of ' '.

    Any ideas where I can find this driver? I tried to let windows manage my wireless connection but not able to connect. I also tried free config but it couldn't connect either. All above can see the available network but cannot connect. Any ideas on a resolution. I am trying to connect via a router belkin G + MIMO.
    No problem connecting via a direct cable.

    Thank you


    have you tried to connect with another machine to check if it works?
    Otherwise, I suggest the following things:

    -Disable all security features
    -update the firmware on your router
    -dhcp instead of IP´s sets the value
    -read the manual of the router, sometimes they have weird parameters

    and finally and most importantly, try to connect with your M1 to another access point to make sure that you connect your machine to a wireless network.

    Welcome them

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    I have Intel Centrino Wireless - N installed 2230.  I went out to the Intel Web site and most recent driver.


    I rolled back the driver in Device Manager, and now I'm able to connect automatically when I turn on the laptop.  The driver that works has been dated to August 2013.  The Windows update in June for this caused driver wifi whenever I turned on the laptop.

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    Dear, Mizzy2Fy4U


    1. from which site you downloaded Windows vista home edition?
    2. what operating system is already installed on the computer?
    3. What is the exact error message about hardware and the floppy?
    You can also perform the resolution of the problems of Internet connection and check:
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  • HP Wireless 8630 good power, but cannot connect wirelessly to the computer

    I've done an update on the printer - but can not connect to my computer wireless.

    My tablet, computer and phone impression yesterday.  Any ideas?

    Here's how I finally solved this problem - as one info for others.

    Turn off the wireless router.

    Is turned off the printer.

    installed HP Print and Scan doctor who rnoted two different IP addresses for the same printer.  (The printer would not find the second one on his own).

    Doctor repaired and connected scanner.

    Doctor of Scan installed on another laptop (she also couldn't find initially).

    Now, everything, including phone and tablet to work like a charm again.

  • HP Envy 4500 cannot connect wireless to the printer

    Recently I bought HP Envy 4500 printer. Connected to my router ok TP-Link3631 and have successfully printed from android phone and portable computer connected wifi but cannot print wireless from the office, running XP Pro, but allows you to print via a USB connection. Office see printer through a router using 192.168. etc and printed the report. Have tried to install the software via disc cd and internet several times, Inc. reinstall, but can not get computer to connect. Have been round and round in circles several times, also used print and scan doctor without success. It seems that the software is not fully installed. Or maybe something wrong with the network. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you

    Hi @atr345,

    I see by your post that one of the computers is not recognizing the printer on the network, but you can print by a USB connection. I can help you with this.

    Type the IP address in the address bar of Internet Explorer to see if the built-in Web page printer server load on this computer.

    Check the computer IPV4 address to see if it matches the first 3 games of the IP address of the printer.

    Go to start, type cmd in the search box, enter, then type ipconfig.
    Check the IPV4 address.
    Now, check the IPV4 address for the printer. (
    Do the first 3 sets of numbers match? (if they do not match then the computer is not on the right network)

    Try and ping the printer.

    In the same window, type ping printers (space between ping and IP address) IP address
    What are the results?

    If the available printer built-in Web server, the first 3 sets of numbers of computers had matched the address IPV4 of the printer and you could ping the printer, then try and configure the connection to printer wireless via the USB connection.

    Installation of the software of the printer for a wireless network connection.

    Please go to the first step: preparation for installation, number 4.

    If you need help, let me know.

    Good day!
    Thank you.


    I need assistance to find, how to connect wireless my Windows RT (8.1) and my HP Deskjet 2541.


    Gow do you connect your printer now? Are BOTH on the same network? Please try to use Wndows store to install HP AiO Printer Remote.

    I hope this helps.

  • Cannot connect wireless to the HP3052a

    I read the other thread on this subject, but what they experience is a little different for me, so rather than high jacking this thread, I decided to start a new one.

    I'm trying the 3052 has a wireless connection to my laptop which is running vista.  I tried everything I know to do, without success.

    1. I disabled my antivirus.

    2. I tried to run diagnostic tools that HP put out who said that everything is good.

    3. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers

    Here's what's happening.

    I can print from my laptop via a USB cable.

    I do not use a router. I use my phone mobile hotspot for my internet connection at home. My phone is find the printer and it promises to be a connected device.

    The printer still appears as a device connected to the hotspot, but the printer is not always the case as connected.

    I tried to run the printer software where offers to 'change a device connected to a wireless device.

    I also tried "to install a new printer.

    With the two above attempts (amd everything I try) the software gets to a point where she wants to connect a USB cable to continue. The USB cable is plugged in (and don't forget, it prints via the port USB cable is good but he does not recognize) so I can't ever reach this point.  I removed the cable and replugged in, I tried to run the software in administrator mode.  I think I tried everything.

    At one point, I got the printer on the network, connected to the Hotspot and "all ready." I tried to print and it says it printed but nothing came out of the other end!

    Confiuration WIreless printing shows that everything is properly connected. My hotspot is not safe, race open, so it's not a security problem.

    Where should I go from here?

    Hi danilyn22,

    Sounds like it may be associated with your hotspot. Who is your business wireless?

    You have another connection internet at home, other than the phone?

    If this isn't the case, you can try install on a family or friends network to check the hardware works?

    See the document below for further assistance.

  • my laptop cannot connect wirelessly to the internet with the built-in wireless adapter

    G50-118NR my client specification identifies my network home qwest DSL WPA2 as public wireless whenever I connect wireless using the Atheros AR5007 802 wireless network adapter. 11 b / g WiFi and does not connect to the internet.  I can change the Private type, but it does not help.  I have restored the laptop using Vista Home Prem 32-bit recovery CD and that did not help.   The wired connection works perfectly and other 'g' and 'n' USB wireless adapters also work very well.


    Please read my post on the link below for the Atheros cards and newer routers, and see if you install the latest Atheros driver I posted on it works for you.


  • FF4580 cannot connect wireless - Windows 8

    I historically used the HP F4580 under XP and Windows 7, but not wireless.  I have a new PC running 64-bit Windows 8 and I try to re install the F4580 but would prefer that it works wireless.

    I downloaded the software and the drivers from the HP site and the printer works fine using a USB connection.

    I am trying to convert from USB using the installation of HP Wi - Fi and it states that my SSID is not available. Even when I type the SSID it States is not avaialable.  He told me then the printer that I have chosen is not connected.

    I added the printer by using the mac address of my router as a reliable source.

    I configured directly from the device by using the wireless network wizard and has an IP address of the printer.

    States printed scan wireless located upward and running and works well, but I cannot print to it wireless.  As soon as I remove the USB printer is not available.

    I tried to delete the printer and restart and reinstall.  I disabled antivirus and firewall, but still can't print wireless.

    Someone at - it other ideas or have I missed something really simple.

    Thank you


    Please download the following tool when (a) your computer is on the internet wireless (b) the printer is connected to your computer via a USB port and works and the WPS is enabled:

    The tool will ask you to convert the USB wireless, please say Yes. It will ask you to accept the SSID, security key... It will try to connect to the router with the existing information from your computer and download the full feature software and drivers and install for you.

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite L300D - cannot connect wireless Internet

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L300D-202 and can, t connect to wireless internet. When I try to connect it only gives me not a wireless option, I only get cable or dial options. We have not seen all the wireless devices.

    When we passed by Toshiba assist/connect/conective doctor and pressed the radar message was peripheral wireless network is disabled please turn on the device.
    The wireless switch is active, the light is orange.
    Our other laptop is fine.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks for this info!

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