Cannot copy text from iBooks?

Hi guys,.

So, I'm currently learning Swift using the Swift Programming Language 2.2 of iBooks. However, it won't let me copy the text I want to run the code from the book to test inside. I could write this code myself but there are a few sections that I'd rather not.

Anyone know why this is happening? In the past I was able to copy the text of the book, but now it is not letting me (it is grayed out).


theboxmike wrote:

However, it won't let me copy the text I want to run the code from the book to test inside.

You cannot execute code in iBooks.

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    Note: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

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    If there is text to be copied (in other words, if the pdf file is not a scanned image of the text), by default, you should see a pointer that will change when you hover over the text to an ibeam.

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    You can test the question via safe mode.

    In addition, you will need to adjust your system by running a check disk and a disk defragmentation.

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    When I get a picture ISO messase text, it allows me to see ad offers the possibility to 'copy of Photos ".  When you select 'Copy of Photos', he said is to do and refer you to the text message - but the photo is never actually copied.  Anyone see this behavior, or better yet know if it can be fixed?  Is this a bug in the OS?


    Tagz - UPDATE!  It works, it was not just to put pictures where I expected them.  Is there a way to sort the most recent photos first?  I would have thought about it earlier that... :-)


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    1. what exactly is the error message you get?

    2. in which the reader is the installed operating system?

    Operating system files can be copied to another drive. If it is installed in the c drive, and if you try to copy as well, then try to copy only your personal files such as photos, emails.

    Respond with more information so that we can better help you.

    I suggest you to use the engine to find a software for creating image of your favorite search system.

    Warning: Using third-party software can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    You can also use the Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files.

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    • Any user who connects to any guest VM on VM-SERVER, which is the host of all the VMS in the Organization, can not access the file for copying, although registration to the directory is there (although slow to come). If the same user connects to any other computer on the network, any computer of VM-no-prompt, then he can access the files on the share on VM-SERVER with no problems.

    • VM' are the guest all configured with Bridged networking like they serve other users on the network. I disable the VMWare adapters. I insert the DisableDos key with a value of 1 as indicated by the FAQ, I restart the VM host operating system and the virtual computer guests.

    • VM-SERVER running Windows Server 2003 R2 x 64. It has 2 1 TB SATA drives, and the action in question is physically located on the D: drive.

    • The VM guest OS are XP Sp3, Vista Sp1, Windows Server 2003 R2 x 32 Business.

    • None of these comments VM are able to access the contents of the files on the share on VM-SERVER.

    • All computer virtual guests are able to access shares located on another server, the primary domain controller of the network that is running Windows Server 2003 R2 x 32.

    Accordingly, I'm worried because the concept of the virtual computer for critical business was my decision and up to the exception of this scenario (and a recently resolved USB printing problem) it went well. Unfortunately even a mess can stop production.

    Note that I have read the FAQ and tried the suggestions that seemed to apply.  I also looked in the forums and haven't seen a specific question/answer.  If there is an answer out there and you read this point please make me, orperhaps you have another suggestion?  I am open to all theories and possible solutions.

    jorilla wrote:

    The card is a RealTek RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC driver 5.699.717.2008 Version

    Maybe see if a new NIC driver help? I see that 5.707 (2008/11/24) seems to be available:


    Is there anything in the event logs of the host?  I know that before I did this DisableDOS registry change on my server I've seen a lot of errors in the event log.

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    Hey, Marcoola.

    I agree that by copying and sticky from PDF to Word maunally are really difficult and tedious work. I have encounterd this problem before. Fortunately the problem can be solved perfectly now. I recommend AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter, which is totally free for months before. This conversion mode supports three app - batch, partial, right-click conversion and it even supports encrypted PDF conversion, previously you must have legal rights. And the conversion quality is superb, all the original text, page, images and hyperlinks will be preserved in an editable word document. It is more useful than those software online for free. It will be useful.

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    It would, of course, the use of the address book in lightning much easier and faster to use if we could do. Please note that I did not edit. Instead, it is necessary to go through the same steps as if editing. That is, open properties and select the appropriate tab, highlight & copy said information, instead just to be able to quickly copy the text you want.

    It's just two more clicks and the conclusion of the text, which can be cumbersome in some Windows Small field, especially for the notes, but when you do it often, he of course becomes a pain. Notes, in particular, becomes a mini database to enter address, be it your personal record for product information for something (which could be extended if many of the parts of something like a specific computer have been identified), bought to share other contact information.

    A third is used especially when we need to get impossible to remember, like your BTC account security information. Keeping in the address book on a home computer, adds a little more security, but you can access it easily.

    Add more functions to the AddressBook allows several functions of copy.

  • Why I can't copy text from these types of webpages (usually Korean Articles)?

    I want to copy the text on the Korean blogs, but I can't even choose the text... or whatever it is on the page (not even of the images). Anyone know of a solution for this? I would really appreciate it!

    Items of the example:

    http://blog.Daum.NET/design11111 & logNo = 220103337490 & Redirect = DLOG & widgetTypeCall = true

    Another extension:

  • Cannot copy Photos from external storage library

    I want to copy my library of Photos of my iMac to an external storage device. I use an SD card to copy the files on as is the storage device external only I with sufficient capacity to store my library (21,86 GB). When I run the copy, all right, but eventually it stops about 21.5 GB (do not remember the exact number). It comes up with the error message "the Finder cannot complete the operation because some data in"Photo library"cannot be read or written. (Error code - 36) ». The library contains a very important image and video files and while I don't have a backup of it on my Time Capsule airport, I added a lot of files since then. One thing I found on other messages of the forum is to repair my library by pressing the command and option that I opened the Photos but I'm afraid that something can go wrong or could not even solve the problem, however if someone thinks he can do the trick I will try it. BTW - the SD card works fine as I tested it on my MacBook Air and it works for other files on my iMac. I also tried using a different SD card but had the same problems. I am running OSX 10.11 version (The El Capitan Public Beta Candidate GM). The reason why I have not yet updated to my computer because I'm worried cause more problems with my library of Photos and, as I said, my only relief is most likely is obsolete. I use an iMac late 2013 and I have had no other problems with my computer, or I do now with the current version, I'm running. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance and wish you a wonderful Christmas.

    What format is the SD card?  The photo library can be on a volume formatted Mac OS extended (logged)

    and as for backups without a good current backup that you will lose data early as things do lack, including the hardware, software and human - you need a constant backujp as TimeMachine anytime


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