Cannot create a new user account in Vista Home Premium

Running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 installed, running on a LG laptop. I am set up as an administrator, but when you click through the steps to create a new Standard user account, it does not create and does not appear in the list of users.
I tried searching for this issue of TechNet, but was unable to find anything related.
Any help is appreciated

Hi B Pick,

Thanks for posting us the Forum of community of

Since he had been some time since your last post, we marked this as resolved.  Recently I saw messages and found that you had posted about it recently.  Sometimes if a thread shows solved it do not get reviewed again, so, my apologies, it took some time to answer.

A point of interest in considering the issue of "unable to create a user account having administrative rights" is can create you an account that has no administrative rights from another account and then you use that has administrative rights?  Information Justin had submitted and information, I'm reviewing, it would be very beneficial for our steps in troubleshooting to have this documented as being verified.

You would present to us in the forum if this is something you are able to accomplish in a new administrative account that you create for this system?

In another order of ideas, it would be that there are suspicious software loaded on the system.  Try running scan of Virus and malware removal tool.

Here are some links for the Microsoft-Authored applications for these procedures.  Check if these are products that you want to use, or if you have already produced in place for this activity to use them if you wish.

You can download the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool here:

Windows live one care.   Please see the information relating to One Care.  It doesn't have a trial period of 90 days.

Enjoy you post to us.

We will work with you to try to help you find a will.

Kind regards

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  • Cannot create a new user account

    Hello and good evening,

    I have a laptop HP Pavilion I've had for about a month. I was creating a HP recovery disk. As I didn't have the right amount of available disks, I cancelled it. The next time I went to do the same thing, there was a message in the HP support assistant saying that the recovery disk was no longer available.  So I created an image of the system in case I ever needed to recover my OS. It was stored on drive C. I copied and pasted into the recovery d drive [I don't know if you can do].

    Anyway, some things have changed after I created the image of the system. The C: disk OS folder has been renamed Windows C:.

    I felt a little uncomfortable about the whole, so I thought that I create another user account. Hoping that this would also restore my HP Recovery disk.

    In any case, I went to do this and all seems to be OK, install applications and so on, until he came to a blue screen that says "Please wait". He remained on the screen for about 2 hours, after which the battery was flat. I repowered it and he started upward. He returned the same screen. I took the battery and plugged a USB based recovery disk. This led me to the Welcome screen, and I could log into my original user account.

    I'm not game to try again to create another user account in case something terrible happens and it does not restart.

    What should I do?

    1. create another user account give back me my recovery drive originalHP?

    2 could have another go to make him a corruption on my hard drive?

    I don't know if it's an HP or a problem of Windows 8, so I posted both.

    I hope someone can help


    Hi jcdck,

    I see that you have some problems with your recovery disk. Create a new user account won't get your recovery disk. The same file structure will be implemented regardless of the user account. You should not generally be copy or save anything on the recovery disk.

    You should be able to restore your PC to factory settings , but you need to back up personal files on an external drive or burn to a CD. It might not get your recovery back disc because this isn't the Windows function of HP.

    Your only other option is to order the recovery CD for your model. If you can provide me with your product number I should be able to get your link to order. Are which country you located?

    Thank you

  • Cannot create a new user account, the user profile service service does not log and cannot install a program

    I can't create a new user account (Windows 7): the user profile service service has no logon.

    I have an administrative account which is the only account. I have problems with the installation of Autodesk Inventor so I need to create another user to see if I can solve the problem. But when I want to make a new user account and I get the following message: I can't create a new user account (Windows 7): the user profile service service has no logon.

    I haven't added new programs in a long time and I don't know when this question has been raised as I've had my laptop for 3 years and this is the first time I create another account than my original. I don't want to reset my computer manufactured settings.

    I also followed the but I can't find any registry master in the list of profiles. In fact, I am the only user in there...

    It seems that my computer does not have a record in the system registry.

    In fact, the problem started when I tried to fix the "C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer.or on a network. Check to make sure that the disc is inserted correctly, or that you are connected to the Internet or your network, and then try again. If he can't always find the information could have been moved to another location. "I was at least able to connect in the new user but will load a default profile and therefore do not load the profile properly. It seems I've done worse the problem after doing


    at the prompt as an administrator.

    The very initial problem started all this was when I was running from Autodesk Inventor, it gives me the following error: Mismatched Ole32.dll and Comcat.dll. And the is to say that since I am under Win7, the solution is not applied. So I'm stuck. And the next move was trying to see if a new user profile may solve the problem.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    And if possible, please also suggest a "repair" method so I can get Win7 function correctly without reinstalling the whole machine. "" I use a laptop so I do not have installation media.

    Thank you.


    Thank you for your update on the issue.

    I suggest that you try to run the file system (CFS) Checker scan to check all the corruption of .dll files.

    1. Go to Start, click all programs and open the Accessories.
    2. Right-click on command prompt in the list programs, and then select run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click OK.
    3. In the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:

    For more information, see this link:

    Please post back your results for assistance.

  • How to permanently remove a user account from Vista home premium at all times

    I have tried to delete a few old my laptop turned off user accounts and cannot do so for a reason any. I can prevent them to appear on the login screen, but they still appear in the "USERS" folder ??? Someone at - it a

    the idea that actually works?


    Be sure to back up all files under this user account before removing.

    How to delete an account in Vista

    Vista: How to remove a user account

    Manage user accounts - scroll to the bottom to create a new user account

    I hope this helps.

  • (Word2007 and Acrobat Reader 9.3) software applications do not respond (show the codes of errors/etc) ONE of my user accounts (running Vista Home Premium 64); will work perfectly on all the other (total of 3) user accounts.

    8.3 and word2007 Acrobat (version family and student) does not not in one of my user accounts - no problem in others; downloaded Acrobat 9.3; problem persists in Acrobat; Failed to get support for Word as they know is no longer my (expired) product key. Any method to repair/restore/reinstall to only the affected user account.

    Hi Chuck41,

    Since both applications work correctly on some other user accounts except the account of a user that can occur if this user account is damaged.
    You will need to create a new user account and then transfer the file and the settings of the user account damaged to the new user account.

    For more information please visit the link below.
    Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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  • Cannot create a new user account account & comments pasted as an administrator. How can I activate built-in Administrator?

    It's a long story, but it is a case of me not having only not the slightest idea of what I was doing and the things themselves are mean. I tried to access the built-in function

    Administrator on my laptop, so I could create a password for it and to transform my only other account user in a standard account. The only way I knew a bit about this world work (at the time) was going to safe mode (already did this on another laptop of mine and it worked,) but the built-in administrator is not. Unfortunately, when I do my first mistake a lot of errors, I decided that I could force the built-in Administrator"is displayed by the guest in an administrator account so I could turn off my main user account. I realized that I couldn't change guest in standard account so I turned it off as an administrator. When I'm home in safe mode I finally see the built-in administrator so I put my password for it, but I noticed the UAC did not have a password field to type and 'yes' is gray. Thinking that it was because I left the account called Administrator, until I turned it off I go to reactivate it if I could go back to the standard, but the guest account would not change back or extinguish again causing the built-in Administrator "to disappear from the safe mode and therefore, preventing me from the question of fixing.

    I've tried so far of troubleshooting:

    (Start, typed the CDM, run as administrator, typed user administrator / Active: Yes) Having failed, I got msg "System 5 error has occurred. Access denied. "

    (Start, typed the CDM, run as administrator, typed net users) see three accounts on my computer administrator, guest, and my main account.

    (Start, typed the CDM, run as administrator, typed 'Jack' xxyyzz net user / add) Having failed, I got msg "System 5 error has occurred. Access denied. "

    I tried to create a new account, but it still says "the specified account name is not valid, because account names cannot contain the following characters / \ []" :;|<>+=,? ". ' * ' , but I don't use any of these at all!

    Change the Standard user account to administrator did not

    I tried to disable the guest account, but that didn't work either

    If anyone has ideas or definitive answers to how to help me solve this problem would be very useful, thx!

    The guest on my computer account has administrative authority.

    If your guest account has administrator privileges (why?) then you can do this:

    1. Log in under the guest account.
    2. Click the start planet.
    3. Type cmd.exe in the search box.
    4. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter
    5. Click on "Run as Administrator".
    6. Type the following commands and press ENTER after each:
      NET user administrator / Active: Yes
      NET user administrator 123456
      (to set the password to 123456)
    7. Log in as administrator.
    8. Plan ahead a little and create, test, and document an alternative admin account, even though you have a spare House key. This will save you a lot of trouble.
    9. Demote, then disable the guest account. There is a security risk.
  • Cannot create the new user account InContext Editing

    Whenever I try to create a new account or someone that I invited to be an editor or a Publisher tent, we receive an unnecessary error message that says: "there was a problem trying to create your account.»  Please try again. "This happens after you have entered the name, address of e-mail and typing in the image verification code and clicking"Create Account ".  Tried on IE, FF and three different computers, before and after the deletion of cookies.  Does anyone know what causes this?

    Thank you


    Hi Barry,.

    the InContext Editing service has expirenced some short downtime due to infrastructure problems and it is possible that you tried in the minutes...

    Now, the service is running. I just created an account and it works beautifully.

    Could you please try again see if it now works for you also?

    Thank you


  • Cannot remove or demote user accounts windows 7 Home premium

    I have an admin account on my computer which has a standard user account until my son has changed. When I try to downgrade by going to the page account in Control Panel and then clicking on change the type of account, and then click standard user, nothing happens. I tried deleating it's when I try to delete the account, even when I say delete all the files it will not erase. I tried the cmd on label office as command and the net/del user account and it says user name is not found

    currently impossible to check on a business trip, but if it helps you, it was done using a bootable iso program called pclogin now

    See my response to your other post. Please do not cross-post, as it leads to duplication of efforts. On the other hand, try to post all the relevant details immediately. Password cracking program 'PC connection' is very relevant!

  • I created a new user account, but it does not appear to connect to it. (Vista Home Premium)

    I created a new user account for my admin account.  I tried to create a standard account and I tried to change to an administrator account.  The only place that this account presents itself is managing it new user accounts in Control Panel.  If I try to change user or sign out and then sign back, it never gives me the possibility to sign until the new user account that I created.

    I read another post that said to try to restart in safe mode, what I tried without success.

    I also don't get no error messages, so I was not trying to fix anything, given that I'm not sure it's broken and I don't want to do something worse.  I only use this computer and Vista for a few days now, so I hope it's something simple I'm missing because I am not yet familiar with the operating system.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.



    Logon as administrator

    You must open a command prompt at the entry of the order.

    Start - type in the search-> CMD box find top - make a right click on - RUN AS ADMIN

    Run CheckDisk and continue as needed.

    Good luck. Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • I created a new user account and now I can't find my documents, photos and music

    I created a new user account and made computer administrater and now all my documents, music, photos have gone what to do to get back to my old account


    1. did you remove the old account?

    If you have not deleted the old user account, and then follow the steps in this link to copy files to the new user account and check if it helps:

    Check if that helps.

  • Prevent the creation of new user accounts in Vista

    Is there a way to prevent the creation of new user accounts in Windows Vista? What about restricting internet access to all new account that is created? Help! :)


    If your contact is logged on as administrator, then he or she can create a new user account. If you don't want someone else to create a new user account, you can then create a standard account for them, in this way, they will not have the privilege to create a new user account.

    Create a user account

    If you don't want to give them access to the internet, then you can use the parental control.

    Set up Parental controls (Vista)

    Hope that helps.

  • Create a new user account takes computer problems?

    I had a computer guy clean virus I had and upgrade me to Windows 8, but now I have adware runs in the background and am getting kicked out of my programs.  Another type of computer I was just create a new user account - will that help?  Will I always the same questions?

    Hi Sqrlr,

    My apologies for the misunderstanding. :)

    If you have some kind of virus/malware, I would recommend running a full scan of your computer to get rid of it.  If necessary, you can use the Microsoft Safety Scanner, it's free:

    Also, please see the following thread similar with a possible fix:

    I hope this helps!

  • How do I create a new user account with windows XP Home Edition after operational failure

    How do I create a new user account with windows XP Home Edition after operational failure

    Hi andyprice,
    -What is the operational flaw that you speak?
    -You receive an error message when trying to create a new user account?
    Write us with more information pertaining to the matter to help us help you better.
    In the meantime, you can refer to this article:
  • I just created a new 'user account '. Now all my files are considered to be "hidden".

    original title: hidden files

    I just created a new 'user account '. Now all my files are considered to be "hidden". "I have thousands of .psd and jpeg files). Is it possible to change this for all files in that account without having to access each?

    I don't know what caused the problem, but you can go to control panel | Folder options | Display and enable the display of the hidden files and folders.


  • the profile user account folder can be renamed instead of create a new user account

    I noticed this issue posted everywhere that none got the answer, the person posting was looking for.  Basically, the question is "can the folder of the user profile account be renamed? '...  I have the same problem.  I sent a PC in for repair.  They reloaded the operating system and created the new test user account.  Rather than just create a new user account, I've renamed the test NAME user account.  I couldn't help but notice later that user account folder name has remained the same "TEST".  That's why you have people to ask the question "can the folder of the user profile account be renamed instead of create a new user account."  It of an easy fix but does not answer the question.

    It is not usually. If you have a computer, why not have just him take care of it for you instead of friction top yourself? ;-)

    Try this instead if you really must do it yourself:

    1. create a new administrator account. Call it 'CompAdmin' or 'Tech' or similar. You definitely want to have an administrative user account like this set up that you will use not except for emergency situations. You will use this in the elevation of privileges in your daily report - which will be a Standard account - but will not need to connect to CompAdmin after that company copy unless something goes terribly wrong. ;-)

    2. create a new user account Standard for your daily work. This called something that makes you happy. I don't know your real name, so I'll call it "HDXer". Connect to HDXer to create the profile files/folders.

    3. connect to CompAdmin and:

    a. Control Panel > everything on the control panel > Folder Options

    b. click on the view tab, click hidden files and folders, clear the Hide protected operating system files check box and then click OK. Now you can see everything.

    c. using Windows Explorer ("computer"), search for the file C:\Users\Test.

    d. Select all files and folders in this folder, except the following files: Ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log and Ntuser.ini.

    e. click on the Edit menu and then click on copy. If you don't see the Edit menu, press ALT.

    f. Locate the C:\Users\HDXer folder.

    g. click the Edit menu and then click on paste. If you don't see the Edit menu, press ALT.

    Sign out and then sign back in as a HDXer. All your stuff should be there. You need to configure your icons and wallpaper (Control Panel > Personalize) and some preferences have been postponed, but really with the exception of the email all your data, Favorites, etc., should now be at the HDXer.

    If you have messages in an e-mail program, such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird or Outlook, you must import your e-mail messages and addresses to the new user profile before you delete the old profile. Because I don't know what you use for email, I can't give you the details about it. If everything is working properly, you can remove the old Test profile by using the user accounts applet in Control Panel. It won't hurt anything to make you leave the trial on the system for a while, or even forever.
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