Cannot delete files - file name too Long

I copied all the files under C:\Users\ to a backup disk (NTFS).  Then I tried to delete the Temporary Internet Files folder.  I'll tell an error message:

The file names would be too long for the destination folder.  You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location with a shorter path.

When I drilled far problem files were I saw a bunch of files with very long names.  I right click on one (in the hope to rename it) and the only available options are: open, pine in the Start Menu, send to.  Delete, rename and properties were missing.

How can I get rid of these files without having to reformat the hard drive?


Try cleaning disc = start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup


You may also need to run checkdisk

How to run check disk in Windows 7


If necessary:

DO NOT INSTALL the eBay Option with UnLocker (uncheck in the Installer) and
then go to folder UnLocker in Program Files - UnLocker and DELETE the
file ebayxxx.exe - you can see it easily.

"C:\Program Files\Unlocker"just the ebayxxxx.exe I forgot its name exactly. "

Site of the author shows that he like Vista/Windows 7 supported now:

UnLocker 1.92 <-- or="" download="" unlocker="">

Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-click on - RUN AS ADMIN

Below also works them on 32 and 64-bit Vista/Win 7 and should work on Win 8/8.1.

Another good alternative - use FileAssassin:

FileAssassin - free

Force delete (cannot delete) closed or in used files or folders with FileASSASSIN

Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-click on - RUN AS ADMIN

And this - MoveOnBoot


I hope this helps.

Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    During the installation of the software downloaded to my psc1315v, I get an error "file name too long - {A1062846-0846-427A-92A1-BB8251A91E91} and my sanner will not work."

    OPS: XP 32-bit

    Download file: gc_wo1 - ENU_NB.exe

    Hi gcflost,

    Follow the steps below and let me know what happens?

    First step: clear temp directory

    1. Type %temp% term or search programs and files of field
    2. Select all the files in this folder, and then press the delete key to remove. If you receive a message that the file is in use, you will need to ignore this file (s).
    3. Proceed to step 2 below

    Second step: downloaded and extracted to your system:

    1 download the drivers and full software features

    2. once the download is complete, double-click the file to extract the software.

    3. when the installation window opens, press the Cancel button to stop the installation

    4. tap folder in the race or search programs and files of field

    5. Locate and open the folder starting with 7z (example: 7zS2356)

    6. right click on the folder and select copy

    7. close this window and all open windows, and then in the Middle the desktop right click your mouse and select Paste. This will move the 7z folder on your desktop.

    8 open the 7z, that you just copied on your desktop

    9 open the Util folder

    10 open the CCC folder

    11 start the uninstall_L4

    12. once the uninstall is complete, restart the computer

    13. run disk cleanup from the tools Accessories\ system under all programs folder

    14. download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player

    15 open the 7z folder and then double-click the Setup.exe file that will be towards the bottom of the open window. Follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall your printer.

    Let me know if you are able to successfully install the software and driver and are able to print & scan?

  • "File Name Too Long" when copying files on USB using Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

    When I copy about 60 GB of library files in a backup folder on a USB key, at the end of the copy, it is a dialog box indicating "file name too Long for the Destination Folder.  It shows that there are 62 records like that, and I can choose to ignore these files.

    1. I had formatted the USB stick to NTFS - which does not allow large file names?

    2. How can I see which files have this problem so I can shorten the file names?

    Thank you!


    What is the capacity of the USB?

    Were you able to copy before?

    Try to format the drive once and then try and check if it is beneficial because it can also happen when there are viruses.

    You can also check the drive for errors.

    Here is the link:

    It will be useful.

  • File name too long in Microsoft Excel 2008?

    I have Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and I'm a big user of Excel.  Often, I receive an error message indicating that the file path that I specify when you create a new file is too long.  I am convinced that earlier versions of Mac OS x did not produce this error, or at least worked better.  I'm 10.11.4, OSX but I suffered with this problem for some time.  I read other reviews, stating that there may be a limit of 259 characters for the file name and path.

    My question: can someone tell me if this path length limitation has been removed or the less liberalised in the latest version of Excel?  Should an upgrade just to get rid of this nasty problem.

    Thank you...

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  • File name too Long to be copied to the same location on Different drive

    I have Vista 32 bit. I know the limits of length of file name.

    In my computer, I have a USB 2.0 hard drive, called 'J '. I have a Freecom 3 TB hard which the manual says is shown as 2 partitions for compatibility issues. It appears therefore as a partition 'K' and 'L '.

    I have a lot of music on my drive J, located in several subfolders. Number of files have reached the limit on the length of file name. TeraCopy using I'm just copy everything in the root of the drive of J in the root of my partition to 'L '.

    Out of thousands of files, 445 of them were not copied. I don't know the reason, but I guess that this is due to the limits of length of filename which is strange, because if the files are already on the J drive why can't they be copied to the partition of L? It's not like I'm adding a new folder in the partition of L, then put everything in there, I put everything in the root.

    TeraCopy is a button that allows you to see why the files were not copied. However it freezes if clicked, because there are so many files - it works when much less files are copied. I guess they were not copied because of file size limits.


    You can check out the following link and check the advice given by jmhonzell on Thursday, September 3, 2009 16:28 and see if it helps:

  • Cannot delete file: cannot read the source file or disk

    When you try to delete a specific folder which shows on the list, I get a dialog box saying: error deleting file or folder... Cannot delete file: cannot read the source file or disk

    Is the path to the really long folder?

    Any file or folder has a space beginning or end?

    Click Start, run, type cmd , and press ENTER to open a command prompt. In the command prompt...

    For a file test

    DEL \\.\driveletter:\path\filename

    For a test folder

    RD \\.\:\\
    If this doesn't help not please let us know the full path (and the name of the file if it is a file).


  • Cannot delete files and music always there but not display upward when I connect to the computer?

    Hi all

    Recently, I had a lot of problems with the music does not or don't play not I decided to delete all my e260 music and start again.  That's where the real problem started.

    For some reason I can't delete three of the albums on my player.  Each of the albums have what appear to be corrupted in them files. My computer does not recognize the file type and file extension is given so I don't know what they are.  Each file "appears" to 4 GB in size but that may not be appropriate for my e260 is obviously only 4 GB in size!

    Whenever I try to delete them I get an error message reading "cannot delete file: cannot read the source file or disc»

    I tried to update the firmware, reset e260 to factory default settings and made 'restore' thingy (where you hold registration and plug it into the computer, etc.) and these files are still there.

    After reading this thing of disk checking on this forum, I did this.  I was then able to remove two of the albums, but when I tried to delete the third album renamed 'a' and the damaged file shows 0 bytes in size, but I still can not remove.  However, I can move it to the folder music to any other folder.  I just can not remove!  When I do, I get an error message saying "cannot delete f: cannot find the file specified. '.  Be sure to only specify the path and the correct name.

    After all that I started my e260, and now I find that 2 other albums are always on it, even if they do not display any where when I connect it to the computer.  I can see and read these albums on the drive, and they seem well, they do not appear to be there when I plug it into the computer and look for them in windows Explorer.  The music folder is not hidden also.  These two albums are not part 3 albums that I could not remove, they are actually part of the new substance started sort of all these problems with the music does not and is not only now that they are the display upwards and play but are not appear when connected to the computer!

    I know it's probably not a lot of information but can someone tell me how to fix this?  If not, can I just format the * bleep * thing or I'll then have an e260 dead?

    See you soon,.


    PS: Sorry for the long windedness of this post.

    Format will not remove the firmware, which is the operating system of the Sansa. It removes only the content that you have added. It will go back to what it was when it was new out of the box.

    MTP does not matter if you have never used it. The ghost album can be just a list remains in your database file. Nevertheless, we must get rid of this corrupt file, so Format is probably your best option.

    For what it's worth, to connect with the PSG, your computer needs Windows Media Player 10 or 11 is installed. XP comes with WMP 9, so he will not see the Sansa in MTP mode. unless you have updated.

  • Unable to delete the file, get the error 'cannot delete file access denied. "

    See the error will not remove the file:

    cannot delete file access is denied.
    Make sure that the disk is full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use
    * original title - not delete the file show error *.

    Start in safe mode and try. If still no joy, try this tool.

    Unlocker File Remover

    Alternative download sites.

    Download it from FileHippo

    Download from CNET

  • Cannot delete files from the Recycle Bin


    I'm unable to access my trash, everythime I click on the folder, it says windows Explorer has a problem, then said restarting windows.

    And the window just closes, it is there anyway to delete the files from the trash bin other than to go to the folder it self.

    See you soon


    Here is an article on how to repair a trash corrupted in Vista:

    It restarts if you left or do a right-click on the icon or both?  Here are a few ways to empty it by using two methods:

    1. On the desktop, right-click on the Recycle Bin.
    2. Then click the Empty trash to empty its contents.
    3. You will be asked if you are sure that before it permanently deletes the files.
    4. If you're absolutely sure, then click Yes to clear the contents of the Recycle Bin.
    5. Alternatively, you can double-click the Recycle Bin to open and examine its contents.
    6. And then on the file menu, click empty the Recycle Bin.
    7. After confirmation, Windows Vista will be empty all files from the Recycle Bin.

    Go to control panel / customization / Desktop Icons and remove the trash, click OK and close.  Then go back and add the trash.  See if the new basket has the same problem.

    Here is a program that you download that adds a command to empty the trash to the command line if all that you need to do is type of the command in the box search now and it will happen.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Cannot delete files .ai

    I can't delete .ai files in Adobe Illustrator v.10 running on Vista.

    error that says "... cannot delete file is used beginning."

    I tried everything the web has to offer including: start-up, different removal software, changing aiicon.dll, shit, chsdsk, etc.

    I sure there are a lot of people who have this problem, I scan the web, however, no solution have seems to be found.

    Help, please!

    I had this problem frequently both. HAVE and. Files EPS on Windows XP, different versions of Illustrator, including 7 and 10. You can try this program:

    It runs quietly in the background until there is a sharing violation (for example, you can not delete a file, etc.). Then it pops up a window showing what process has the file locked. With Illustrator files, the culprit is usually Windows Explorer... my guess is that it tries to generate a thumbnail preview, but somehow never quite finished and leave the open file. You will be able to kill the offending process (which is kind of how dirty to do things, but drastic times... you know). Then you should be able to delete the files without problem.


  • "Cannot save (file name) because the file is already in use or left open."

    When I tried to save as a file, I get an error msg:
    "Cannot save (file name) because the file is already in use or left open."

    The file is unwilling to accept any Photoshop.

    Mac Pro, OSX 10.5.6
    Photoshop CS4.

    I searched the Forum but did not find anything even though I'm sure someone has already asked it.

    would love to get a solution for this.
    Thank you

    If Photoshop says that the file is opened - then some external process left the file open. It has nothing to do with it being open in Photoshop, or even in the bridge. This sometimes happens when Spotlight had bugs (who came more than once and been corrected in versions of dot operating system).

    The external process could be another application or service to OS like Spotlight.

  • Cannot delete files with long file names in Windows 7

    Unnecessary Windows 7 will not erase a file whose name is too long. I have no name, it is in a temporary folder of IE. I can't get rid of it as options to rename will not be visible.

    Thanks, but I have solved the problem. The error message was about 'file path or destination file name is too long. It is the backup to the temporary internet file that was causing a problem: he made the PATH too long as she added additional elements on the path. That was simply solved by the path to 2 bits, (path upper and lower file path) to cut and remove separately.

    When I tried to delete the .jpg image with the extremely long filename at the end of the long path he says as the destination folder (ie the TRASH) could not hold the file due to excessive length. It's confusing to say the least.

    Anyway that little trash has bit the dust.

  • My widows 7 trouble properties unathorised use computer name cannot delete files

    some files on computer vista laptop 2007 downloaded with windows 7 files when they are created by myself understood wrong name without my permission, I have not synce with any other computer iam owner operator that nobody else uses this computer to my home on the property name corrupted files called true Installer used in a file associated with the name of the server only tried to remove this property from the file name no good security verified was no problem change it clicked no result at the mine name changes only not refused read instructions on tried property name as suggested to delete incorrect name cannot replace with good no consequence all files are incoorrect name on property report came another person, same name as the computer Don mine I saw nobody else does work computer at home or on the websites except me change occurs only when technician fixing something for me set the computer, which has not taken place for 6 months when not it not having problem due to financial reason ido not wish to consult technician install true is not a human being

    Hi Malcolm,

    Thanks for posting the request in the Microsoft Community.

    It would be great if you can answer the following questions:

    1 have had any changes made on the computer before the show?

    2. when exactly do you face the question?

    3. what files you're talking about? Are you referring to all documents?

    4. do you get an error message? If Yes, what is the full and exact error message?

    Method 1:

    I suggest refer you to the link and try to run Microsoft fix:

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    Method 2:

    Try to run Microsoft Safety Scanner for any malware or spyware infection and check if it helps.

    Note: the Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again. The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    If you're still having problems, please reply and we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Cannot delete files from the external hard drive after copying using Robocopy

    Original title:! VERY DIFFICULT QUESTION! Files that cannot be deleted!

    I did a robocopy and he left during the night and when I came back it was in some kind of loop and my external hard drive was full. The files are not visible in Explorer and if I try to delete them in the command line that fails because some are too long. Urgent I need to redo the space on this external and copy the files to my parents and charity before fly me soon. Please can someone help me.

    * Looks like that I have multiple instances of the same files

    I don't know if you will be able to do this before your flight, but the drive must be partitioned and formatted, reformatted, or scanned for errors of NTFS file allocation table with repairs enabled. Depending on the size of the disk, this could take some time. You can also check statistics of SMARTDRIVE with a utility like Crystal Info disc to see if it is a failure.

    If you do not drive Professional recovery tools available, the native CHKDSK will do in a pinch.

    C:\Windows\System32>chkdsk /?
    Checks a disk and displays a status report.

    [CHKDSK [volume [[path] filename]]] [/ f] [/ v] [/ r] [/ x] [/ I] [/ c] [/ l [: size]] [/ b]

    volume Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
    mount point or volume name.
    filename FAT/FAT32 only: Specifies the files to check for fragmentation.
    /F fixes errors on the disk.
    /V FAT/FAT32: displays the full path and the name of each file
    on the disk.
    On NTFS: Displays the eventual cleanup messages.
    /R Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
    (implies / f).
    L:size NTFS only: changes the size of the logfile to the specified number
    of kilobytes.  If the size is not specified, displays currently
    /X force the volume to unmount it first if necessary.
    All open handles to the volume would then be invalid
    (implies / f).
    /I NTFS only: performs a less vigorous check of index entries.
    /C NTFS only: skips, checking of cycles within the folder
    /B NTFS only: Re-evaluates bad clusters on the volume
    (implies / r)

    The /I or /C switch reduces the amount of time required to run Chkdsk by
    skip certain checks of the volume.

    Any routine review and car repair will take time. CHKDSK is no exception.

  • Cannot delete files locked in the temp folder

    I emptied regularly delete all files in the temp via the function folder in the Tools menu of IE9 and also by searching on folder and deleting the contents of the temporary Local AppData file in the users folder.

    Ten days ago, I found there are some files in the folder temporary AppData that were locked and could not be removed. This only happens in a user account, and this isn't an administrator account. Opening of properties on any of the files by checking the Security tab, I find I am wierdly the sole owner of the file, but have limited permissions. I tried to change the permissions to get total control and then remove the file, but that did not work, nor has anything else I could think of. This included the stop of all open applications and disconnects all users.

    Other file properties:

    -Open with "Windows Shell Commo" - little matter that is.

    -Similar names to ~ DF38C18158B32C1039. TMP

    -Attributes: ATI

    -The size is small (512 bytes, for example)

    -No previous versions

    Normally the files in this folder have names like this except without the ~.

    After having in vain tried everything I could think of to delete these files, I downloaded Revo Uninstaller, who managed to remove all the files locked in the record at the time.  However, the problem resurfaced shortly after and this time Revo Uninstaller did not work.

    I spent a few days of research on the net and try different options without success until I stumbled on a recommendation to go into Control Panel, search for Java, open its settings menu and refuse authorisation for Java to back up the data on my computer.  It worked - I went back in the folder, the files were no longer locked, I was able to remove them as I usually do and I had no other problems with the locked files. Until yesterday.

    I double-checked the settings of Java to ensure that authorization still denied to save data on my computer. I don't remember now if I set permission to refuse when I checked again. I tried then to Revo Uninstaller again, but he failed again to remove these files locked. I noticed today that the date for all files is last July 15.  It seems (so far) no new files have been generated, but I still cannot delete locked files 51 of my computer.  My biggest concern, obviously, is security.  I don't want to locked files including origins, functions and activities that I do nothing on my computer, especially if I'm unable to remove them.

    I want to know how to remove these files, what caused do them appear in the first place and how to prevent them from happening again.

    Thank you!

    Thanks for this suggestion, Oberwald. It came a little too late, however.  Finally, it occurred to me to try my anti-virus software file shredder function and he managed to remove the locked files.

    I believe now these locked files were likely due to some kind of malware - after shredding, my desktop Recycle bin flashed repeatedly icon when I shut down the computer. Also, after have logged you in today, I find everything runs much faster and no sign of keylogging.  Seem to be back to normal.

    I was able to save the link and it will try in the future if necessary.

    Thanks again!

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