Cannot delete files or folders of data store

I'm trying to remove some of the ISO in our data store to free up space.  Some of them we were able to remove without problem, there are a few that will not a reason delete, it goes through the process, as it's deletion then when it is at 80% on the status bar, a message "cannot delete the file ISOs/resources 2 k 5" ideas how I can get rid of this folder?  The folder is not empty, I tried to delete the file first, then the file and get the same error twice.

are you sure that this .iso in question is not connected to any guest?

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  • Cannot delete file: cannot read the source file or disk

    When you try to delete a specific folder which shows on the list, I get a dialog box saying: error deleting file or folder... Cannot delete file: cannot read the source file or disk

    Is the path to the really long folder?

    Any file or folder has a space beginning or end?

    Click Start, run, type cmd , and press ENTER to open a command prompt. In the command prompt...

    For a file test

    DEL \\.\driveletter:\path\filename

    For a test folder

    RD \\.\:\\
    If this doesn't help not please let us know the full path (and the name of the file if it is a file).


  • Unable to delete the file, get the error 'cannot delete file access denied. "

    See the error will not remove the file:

    cannot delete file access is denied.
    Make sure that the disk is full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use
    * original title - not delete the file show error *.

    Start in safe mode and try. If still no joy, try this tool.

    Unlocker File Remover

    Alternative download sites.

    Download it from FileHippo

    Download from CNET

  • Cannot delete files and music always there but not display upward when I connect to the computer?

    Hi all

    Recently, I had a lot of problems with the music does not or don't play not I decided to delete all my e260 music and start again.  That's where the real problem started.

    For some reason I can't delete three of the albums on my player.  Each of the albums have what appear to be corrupted in them files. My computer does not recognize the file type and file extension is given so I don't know what they are.  Each file "appears" to 4 GB in size but that may not be appropriate for my e260 is obviously only 4 GB in size!

    Whenever I try to delete them I get an error message reading "cannot delete file: cannot read the source file or disc»

    I tried to update the firmware, reset e260 to factory default settings and made 'restore' thingy (where you hold registration and plug it into the computer, etc.) and these files are still there.

    After reading this thing of disk checking on this forum, I did this.  I was then able to remove two of the albums, but when I tried to delete the third album renamed 'a' and the damaged file shows 0 bytes in size, but I still can not remove.  However, I can move it to the folder music to any other folder.  I just can not remove!  When I do, I get an error message saying "cannot delete f: cannot find the file specified. '.  Be sure to only specify the path and the correct name.

    After all that I started my e260, and now I find that 2 other albums are always on it, even if they do not display any where when I connect it to the computer.  I can see and read these albums on the drive, and they seem well, they do not appear to be there when I plug it into the computer and look for them in windows Explorer.  The music folder is not hidden also.  These two albums are not part 3 albums that I could not remove, they are actually part of the new substance started sort of all these problems with the music does not and is not only now that they are the display upwards and play but are not appear when connected to the computer!

    I know it's probably not a lot of information but can someone tell me how to fix this?  If not, can I just format the * bleep * thing or I'll then have an e260 dead?

    See you soon,.


    PS: Sorry for the long windedness of this post.

    Format will not remove the firmware, which is the operating system of the Sansa. It removes only the content that you have added. It will go back to what it was when it was new out of the box.

    MTP does not matter if you have never used it. The ghost album can be just a list remains in your database file. Nevertheless, we must get rid of this corrupt file, so Format is probably your best option.

    For what it's worth, to connect with the PSG, your computer needs Windows Media Player 10 or 11 is installed. XP comes with WMP 9, so he will not see the Sansa in MTP mode. unless you have updated.

  • Cannot delete files from the Recycle Bin


    I'm unable to access my trash, everythime I click on the folder, it says windows Explorer has a problem, then said restarting windows.

    And the window just closes, it is there anyway to delete the files from the trash bin other than to go to the folder it self.

    See you soon


    Here is an article on how to repair a trash corrupted in Vista:

    It restarts if you left or do a right-click on the icon or both?  Here are a few ways to empty it by using two methods:

    1. On the desktop, right-click on the Recycle Bin.
    2. Then click the Empty trash to empty its contents.
    3. You will be asked if you are sure that before it permanently deletes the files.
    4. If you're absolutely sure, then click Yes to clear the contents of the Recycle Bin.
    5. Alternatively, you can double-click the Recycle Bin to open and examine its contents.
    6. And then on the file menu, click empty the Recycle Bin.
    7. After confirmation, Windows Vista will be empty all files from the Recycle Bin.

    Go to control panel / customization / Desktop Icons and remove the trash, click OK and close.  Then go back and add the trash.  See if the new basket has the same problem.

    Here is a program that you download that adds a command to empty the trash to the command line if all that you need to do is type of the command in the box search now and it will happen.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Download a file from a local data store

    Hi all

    I was wondering if it is possible to generate scripts downloading a file from a local data store on a Windows Server? Also, there are scripts available to perform such a task?

    Thank you


    Just guessed myself using the cmdlet copy-datastoreitem - good KB article here

    After the connection to your vCenter server, connect to the data store and mount the source as a PSdrive data store, and then use the cmdlet.  It also works well download a data store and the downloading of a data store: just spent around objects in - point and - Destination.

    At first glance, it seems that you need to know the source path of the data store.

    $dstore = get-datastore "YourDatastoreName"
    New-PSDrive -location $dstore -name dStore -psprovider vimdatastore -root '\'
    copy-datastoreitem -item dStore:\VMFolder\VMConfig.vmx -Destination c:\SomeFolder\vmconfig.vmx
  • Deleted files and folders in Dreamweaver keep reappearing

    Help! After that I deleted files and folders in my Dreamweaver sites, they come back! This has happened for the last few weeks and I don't know why!

    I've deleted coming from within Dreamweaver, deleted from the Windows Explorer of Microsoft (on a PC - Vista) even the trash and when I click on a site in Dreamweaver, a small box appears real quick and they all show upward.

    Boxes say: link info from cache... and the other cargo box pops up and says: looking for new or changed files. You can safely stop this, if you have not modified files outside Dreamweaver... 4800

    Could it be and how can I disable this?

    I have Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5.5 and happens in both. Thank you!!!

    1. Open the Site Manager to the top, and then select your Web site.
    2. Click the Advanced tab and local information to the title of the category.
    3. Uncheck the box "Enable Cache". Yes leave it off, it is more of a resource than an asset hog.
    4. Go to the bottom of the list of the Remote Info category and uncheck the "Maintain synchronization information" if it is enabled.
    5. Go to the bottom of the list of categories in Version control. Are you using and control solution version which could be the last recorded together rebuild? Solved? Isn't it? Continue.
    6. Under category, select Design Notes. Uncheck the box keep the Design Notes and then click on the button "Clean up...". ». Leave unchecked.
    7. Click the OK button to save your changes and exit the Site Manager. Release of Dreamweaver.
    8. Download CleanWeaver site GniDesign. This is a free tool from GniDesign who hunts on the _Notes on Windows systems files and removes them safely!

    CleanWeaver 1.0

    You are welcome

  • Cannot delete files .ai

    I can't delete .ai files in Adobe Illustrator v.10 running on Vista.

    error that says "... cannot delete file is used beginning."

    I tried everything the web has to offer including: start-up, different removal software, changing aiicon.dll, shit, chsdsk, etc.

    I sure there are a lot of people who have this problem, I scan the web, however, no solution have seems to be found.

    Help, please!

    I had this problem frequently both. HAVE and. Files EPS on Windows XP, different versions of Illustrator, including 7 and 10. You can try this program:

    It runs quietly in the background until there is a sharing violation (for example, you can not delete a file, etc.). Then it pops up a window showing what process has the file locked. With Illustrator files, the culprit is usually Windows Explorer... my guess is that it tries to generate a thumbnail preview, but somehow never quite finished and leave the open file. You will be able to kill the offending process (which is kind of how dirty to do things, but drastic times... you know). Then you should be able to delete the files without problem.


  • Cannot delete file dat in windows 8. said open in the system.

    I'm trying to remove Norton security on computer with windows 8. removed all but a dat file. Windows says cannot perform the action delete file because the file is open in the system. message from the open file.


    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - click on - RUN AS ADMIN
    (Norton Removal Tool and others)

    Norton Removal Tool

    List of tools to clean/uninstall anti-malware programs

    Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software

    Check with Norton/Symantec support and their online forums.

    Norton support

    Norton support

    Norton - online community

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Cannot delete files/folders in Windows 7

    Following duty reinstall Win 7, I have a lot of old unwanted files and folders. When I try to delete them, I get the message that I need permission from "TrustedInstaller" to make changes. Can someone tell me how to do what you please. I use a rc of Windows 7 64-bit version. Thank you

    You are in the "Improve Performance" of Vista Forum.

    Above is the link to the Windows 7 Forums for questions of Windows 7.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • My widows 7 trouble properties unathorised use computer name cannot delete files

    some files on computer vista laptop 2007 downloaded with windows 7 files when they are created by myself understood wrong name without my permission, I have not synce with any other computer iam owner operator that nobody else uses this computer to my home on the property name corrupted files called true Installer used in a file associated with the name of the server only tried to remove this property from the file name no good security verified was no problem change it clicked no result at the mine name changes only not refused read instructions on tried property name as suggested to delete incorrect name cannot replace with good no consequence all files are incoorrect name on property report came another person, same name as the computer Don mine I saw nobody else does work computer at home or on the websites except me change occurs only when technician fixing something for me set the computer, which has not taken place for 6 months when not it not having problem due to financial reason ido not wish to consult technician install true is not a human being

    Hi Malcolm,

    Thanks for posting the request in the Microsoft Community.

    It would be great if you can answer the following questions:

    1 have had any changes made on the computer before the show?

    2. when exactly do you face the question?

    3. what files you're talking about? Are you referring to all documents?

    4. do you get an error message? If Yes, what is the full and exact error message?

    Method 1:

    I suggest refer you to the link and try to run Microsoft fix:

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    Method 2:

    Try to run Microsoft Safety Scanner for any malware or spyware infection and check if it helps.

    Note: the Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again. The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    If you're still having problems, please reply and we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • General issue of file on why my data store has 3 files with a _1 and _2

    OK, I'm a little new to this thing of VMware, but I was the main actor in this migration and have been the building and move all our servers to our ESX 3.5 with a back-end SAN platform.

    I did well until this weird thing, that I think that I understand, but I just don't know how to solve, or how it happened.  And right next to the bat, no I did not the instant code with this server... those that have been cleaned in the time there... Now

    My situation:

    I have virtual machines that are created equal, that they all have a 'C' drive for the operating system on another dedicated "LUNS for OS Storage" and then they have their readers of 'd' of the newspapers "SQL" on a dedicated LUN in mirror, and then the 'E' drive is on dedicated aonther "LUN DATA.

    If all servers have 2 or 3 LUNS associated with them. That's how the SAN engineer and I designed it. OK works great.  Until one day, I noticed that I was shy about 40 GB space on my SQL LUN. Took time but I think I found the culprit, but I don't know how to solve this problem, or if it will break my dose. So here I ask you all.

    One of my servers called "Server01" has 2 drives associated with it and supposedly 2 / 2 data warehouses, or even what he had initially when it was built in August!

    Now, the operating system data store is fine.

    When I'm on Console V and I click with the button straight on my server and go to his 'change settings' is what I see:

    SERVER01of properties on the "change settings of ' Advanced ' your drive hard 1" to the appropriate LUN and all the VMDK and those files are there. ""  (IE OS LUN 10)

    But "hard drive 2" pointing to the right LUNS (IE SQL LUN11), but his record is called "server01_2"?  What?    She was built and given a hard drive on this LUN, but the name of the folder is wrong.   So I'll browse my store data and low and this is, I have 3 files with the same server name (IE... ( Server01, Server01_1, Server01_2 ) OK so what happened? Why? How? and how in the heck can I get my space back 40gig?

    I checked records the name of the original server, as well as the other files on the data store with the numbers in the annex of _1 and 2 and they have all VMDK files in it... of course dates on all the VMDK files are different and I guess that since the server points to the folder called + "SERVER012" + and its VMDK file has the most recent data buffer on this subject since the last Vmotion We did it, he must then use this folder.

    OK great... but now that messes up my folder structure, and if this server does not use other VMDK files and folders he ate up to 40 GB of my precious space!

    I'm pretty sure when I went on vacation last year, because it is the time of the timestamp on the VMDK files in older records and "dates of the task of the procedures as" trying to clone, suspend, model, reconfgure, snapshot "etc. that the other members of the team tried to do something, which lead to my having 3 files on my store of data with 3 VMDK files in them.?  Nobody seems to know or remind us what it is they are trying to do... great... Well...

    I just want to know + If the server points to a folder called "Server01_2" and it has the most recent date stamp on this subject, can I then rename other files? + and then I can delete them?   And if I successful, how can I get my server to have the name of the correct folder again?    Instead of a * _2* on the end of it?

    Any suggestion would be great!    I learned the hard way that if your VM operating system is built and pointing to a file with a specific name, and you try to rename it to match the server, your operating system does not start!. LOL I hope that is not the case with a folder that has a 20gig assigned to HDD with oner VMDK file in it...


    Thank you


    No problem.  Cold migration allows you to move all your files in a data store.  You can use svmotion to move disks to different LUN, but the syntax is somewhat more complex.  The help option shows exactly how to move a machine virtual disk at a time.  Basically, you can move a disk with the config file, so basically, you move the config file and the disk of your choice in the data store that you need.  Move back the config for the original data store file, then repeat the process with the next disc.


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  • Cannot delete file win xp sp3

    I have two files that I can't remove.  The name is avidemux_2.5_r7200_win32.exe I d/l from somehow, they changed their date on themselves at the 06:43 04/30/1986 on all attempts, the error message is the same: it is used by another person or program.  I realize that there is a perion in the middle of the file name.

    I can't change the name.

    I tried to remove it by using the right click, delete file and tasks folder, cmd prompt del filename and cmd prompt deltree filename.

    I tried to change the attributes with the only success beint removing hidden.

    I am able to copy the files to another directory, but the copy is undeletable also (so now I have 4 copies).

    I'm unable to move the file to another directory.

    I used regedit and delete any key with this file name (the company is the nth file).

    I restarted in safe mode and cannot be removed using the foregoing.

    There's a copy on my backup NAT and I can not remove this file from here either.  Understand an output, please.

    Well, I thought I knew about the removal of things but...  I really need some help here.


    This looks like a nasty piece of malware.  No legitimate program protects himself as well...

    My next step would be to start from an operating system on a CD.  I love the free Hirens Boot CD
    Hirens: <> >

    Download the file .zip, extract it to the hard drive, and double-click the file ".cmd" generate/create a bootable CD.  Boot your system from the CD and select the option 'Mini Windows XP'.
    Booting from CD does several things for you.  First, it ensures that none of the files on the hard disk are "used" and in the second place, malicious programs on the disk hard which can actively prevent the deletion of one such file will not present when booting from a CD.

    AprΦs the dΘmarrage, you might want to make sure that there are no attributes system or hidden on the file that you want to delete and you will find a multitude of utilities on this CD that should be able to get rid of this file for you.  In my view, there are also utilities anti-malware on this CD that you can choose to run while you're started towards him.  Let me know if it helps


  • Finding deleted files and folders

    I have a woman living under my roof, which has decided to delete the value for the year of my photos and my files into oblivion...

    Any way to recover files that were not only sent in the trash but empty from there?
    I tried to restore my system to a date earlier and all records were back, but they were all empty.

    Is it possible to recover these files and folders still intact?

    Thank you


    It depends on how your file has been deleted.

    If your file was shreded using third party software so it is not possible...

    If it was simply window option Removing guy then... you have a restore option... You have not installed or copied all the files etc in the same place has PROVIDED...

    The best third party tool, you can use is the recovery of the PC a third-party tool...

    If you copied or whatever installed to the location where the files have been deleted... then stop trying you Cann't get back them...


  • Cannot delete files - file name too Long

    I copied all the files under C:\Users\ to a backup disk (NTFS).  Then I tried to delete the Temporary Internet Files folder.  I'll tell an error message:

    The file names would be too long for the destination folder.  You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location with a shorter path.

    When I drilled far problem files were I saw a bunch of files with very long names.  I right click on one (in the hope to rename it) and the only available options are: open, pine in the Start Menu, send to.  Delete, rename and properties were missing.

    How can I get rid of these files without having to reformat the hard drive?


    Try cleaning disc = start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup


    You may also need to run checkdisk

    How to run check disk in Windows 7


    If necessary:

    DO NOT INSTALL the eBay Option with UnLocker (uncheck in the Installer) and
    then go to folder UnLocker in Program Files - UnLocker and DELETE the
    file ebayxxx.exe - you can see it easily.

    "C:\Program Files\Unlocker"just the ebayxxxx.exe I forgot its name exactly. "

    Site of the author shows that he like Vista/Windows 7 supported now:

    UnLocker 1.92 <-- or="" download="" unlocker="">

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-click on - RUN AS ADMIN

    Below also works them on 32 and 64-bit Vista/Win 7 and should work on Win 8/8.1.

    Another good alternative - use FileAssassin:

    FileAssassin - free

    Force delete (cannot delete) closed or in used files or folders with FileASSASSIN

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-click on - RUN AS ADMIN

    And this - MoveOnBoot


    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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