Cannot delete the history and Top Sites


I use Firefox Mobile 26.0.1 on a Fairphone with Android 4.2.2.
I am fully aware of how I have to delete the history (and Top Sites):
Settings-> privacy-> clear-> private data (select all) clear data

After doing this, I have not even alert "PrivΘes deleted" pop up, but it has no effect. All sites of history and high are still there.

I just UN - and reinstalled the app of the in-game store, so there should be no modules are no longer. Previously, I had installed "CleanQuit" app.
It erases the history to the closure of Firefox which has worked well.
But I can't delete the history in the way described above...

Best regards

Hi again,

I just watched another question, I've had with entries Add on endangered in the menu. I found this is the bug 832990.

After you turn off the checkbox 'do not keep activities' in the developer settings, I'm now able to clear history as it should!

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    Does it work?

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    First of all, you need to update Firefox 17.0, as the version you are using is no longer supported. Then go to settings and you can clear your history, it

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