Cannot detect the 2nd monitor

I set up a new hp PC Friday and managed to successfully transefer all of my old that wouldn't work for the new (reconditioned). This framework has been implemented to UltraMon and reuse 2 screens.  EVERYHING worked perfectly and I was able to work for the rest of the day.

After coming back Monday morning, a single monitor works and I spent the last 2 days, looking at EACH side of managing this problem can be resolved and nothing helps. I contacted ultramondirectly, but that was no help whatsoever.

It has been suggested that I might need another graphics card? If this is the case, how can I get one and solve the problem.

Thanks to all those that are willingto help offer


Since the second monitor worked once and now it does not work, it may be that one of the components has not or there is a bad connection.  Check the connection to the 4 port is secure and that the monitor is coming by trying it on another computer.  If these two is Yes, then perhaps the displayport to DVI adapter has failed.

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