Cannot download and install programs or well they will not start when it is installed

In the past two months all of a sudden some programs no longer work and I can't install new programs.

Ex 1 that I downloaded and installed SKYPE and used it no problem, now I can't open it for use on my computer. If someone calls me, I can access and use it.

Ex 2, I can not install the Blackberry connection on the computer. I can download the program on my counter top, it starts the installation and then installs.

I did a restore on the computer last night to to back to September when things worked. This did not help?


1. have you made changes on the computer recently?
2. do you get an error message when you try to install the Blackberry connection?

It is possible that another installed 3rd party program or application is causing the conflict with this installation. Also launch Skype on own startup and check.
You need to perform a clean boot to find the program that is causing and then disable or remove.
How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State
Note: When you are finished troubleshooting, follow the steps as explained in the article to reset the computer to start as usual.
I hope this helps.

Thank you, and in what concerns:
Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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