Cannot download my full album from iTunes

I bought 25 by Adele and I can only download Hello and not the rest of the album, if she bought

It appears in the tab purchased in the app Store in iTunes on your phone to download, and/or section purchased from iTunes on your computer (click on your name / icon to the top right of iTunes and then bought on the popup)? If not, check to see if it's hidden: mask and unmask purchases iTunes or iBooks on your Mac or PC - Apple support

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  • I can't download music I deleted from itunes.

    I accidentally deleted some songs from itunes. I already tried to go in my purchases and he that will not appear the songs. Also if I go into the album all I can see is "bought". Help, please!

    If they are not displayed in the section bought for redownloading then you probably have them hidden in the Cloud: hide and expose the purchases made on the iBooks Store - Apple Support, App Store or iTunes Store

  • I preorded album from iTunes and he charged me, but now it won't let me download it because of "insufficient funds".

    I wanted to preorder the album 'Death of a Bachelor' a few weeks ago, and I had enough money, so I did. And he asked me, I thought it was weird, because the album was not yet, but I rode with him. When the album came out today, I had songs that have been previously downloaded, but not those who were out today. I went to my email and clicked on the link that says download my pre-order, but I couldn't because of "insufficient funds". Now I'm pretty angry, because I thought that he had already charged me, but now I don't have enough money to "buy" from the album that I already pre-ordered. Any help will be grateful, thank you.

    You are not charged when you pre-ordered it - if you use a credit card on your account you may have received a temporary store maintain load, but pre-orders are not required for until they are released (Apple cannot load new items).

    If you want to continue the album you will either have to buy a gift card for iTunes on your account, or put a card on it, so that it can be paid for

  • Is it possible to re - download previously purchased music from iTunes?

    I recently had to replace my hard drive due to damage on the physical hard disk while traveling, and I lost all of my music stored there. When I opened iTunes after I had updated my computer, I could see all my music, but couldn't play (mostly) because he was not present on my PC.

    I checked my previous iTunes libraries and the folder is empty, I think has caused my damage on the hard disk.

    Is there a way to re - download music, I already bought on iTunes which is no longer present on my PC? I don't want to have to buy it again, as I've already paid for it once!

    I have an Asus PC I've had for a few years, and I have a (recently replaced) Android phone so I don't have my music stored on an iPhone or similar. I have 10 Windows and the latest version of iTunes

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    See download your past - purchases of Apple Support.

    You can also retrieve some media from your Android phone.

    See how to backup your iTunes for Windows with SyncToy library for a strategy suggested in the future.


  • Cannot download the fix tool from article KB3001232.

    Original title: Windows 7 printing problem - /Ko 3001232 difficulty

    This has promise to fix exact we are having. The download button does not need to download this hotfix. It has expired, or is there a problem with the site?

    It works for me, I was able to successfully download the hotfix by following the instructions in the article.

    You may encounter a browser problem.  Try to delete cookies.

  • Cannot download vmware - client.exe from the web page of the ESXi Server


    I used VMware-VMvisor-InstallerCD - 3.5.0_Update_3 - 123629.i386.iso to create CDs and ESXi successfully installed on the server.  However, post customer I can not download the file VMware - Server Web page viclient.exe.  Says error page Web page could not be found.

    I checked the cd and compressed all the *.tgz files.  None of them included VMware - vclient.exe

    A link to the VMware - vclient.exe would be appreciated.

    Thank you



    You can try the following steps.

    (1) ssh to the box of ESXi using PuTTY or any other ssh client.

    (2) go in /locker/packages/3.5.0/ folder find customer record Vi you should have the viclient.exe file.

    (3) once you get the scp file to your windows desktop using winscp and install it.

    Thank you


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  • downloaded an album purchased from itunes on my IPOD and all the songs are cut one or two minutes before the end of the song! Help, please

    I bought an album (Hot Tuna for $16.99. All songs downloaded on my IPOD, but all songs have been cut until they end. I contacted Apple and have not heard a thing. Did not get a refund either. Someone please tell me what is happening. Thanks, Jeff

    Try to remove the music album / iPod by it slide to the left and tap on delete for each song. Repeat this until you have removed the album in full, and then try redownloading the album from iTunes on your iPod. If the problem persists try restarting your iPod by pressing and keeping the Power + Home keys until the iPod reboots.

    I hope this helps!

  • WMP 12 is not an album I downloaded from iTunes.

    original title: WMP 12 is not an album I downloaded from iTunes. It is located in the iTunes Music folder, but does not appear in the library of WMP 12.

    I use Windows 7 on a new PC and I also use iTunes.  Albums and songs that I already downloaded on iTunes appeared in my WMP library without problem.  I just downloaded a new album on iTunes and he played, but he does not appear in my WMP library.  Previously downloaded material is present in the WMP library.  How can I fix it?


    I suggest you try this method and check the status of the issue.

    Install the latest version of codecs:

    Warning: using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    You can also refer to:

  • Download slow album on itunes

    H bought the album from iTunes and would like to download, but it takes forever and I checked and there is nothing wrong with my download speed?

    Sometimes we get just a slow connection to the server, or download crashes. All you can do is put in pause, restart your computer and the router and try again.

  • I told myself this morning pop-up box that I need to download and update immediately (from 5.0 to 5.0.1). Was - this legitimate?

    I was just surfing and got this pop-up box. I did download, but it seemed that he was unable to connect to the place to get the file, so I closed the box to decide I would later. When I arrived on the web site of Firefox, it tells me that my browser is up to date (yet to 5.0), so now I wonder, was legitimate this bubble?

    When I came back to my computer it had restarted itself.


    Give a few days to 'settle' on all servers.

    OR, you can download the full installer from the link below, SAVE it to your desktop (so you can find it), then close Firefox, and then click/double click on the installer, you have just downloaded and let it install.

    NOTE: There are some add-ons that have not yet been made compatible with Firefox 5 which have caused great consternation for a number of users. Only the developers of these modules can change versions of Firefox with which their modules are compatible. Toolbar Google and some toolbars installed by AV/AS security providers commonly don't are not yet updated by their developers.

  • I m using ipad mini I got the app store update message about garageband 2.1.1 and I hv software download full GarageBand via itunes, but cannot be installed software bcz itunes sync error

    I m using ipad mini I got the app store update message about garageband 2.1.1 and I hv software download full GarageBand via itunes, but cannot be installed software bcz itunes sync error

    Try to reset the App Store:

    Close the App Store completely from the window of the selector app by double clicking the Home button and slide up the App Store preview pane until it disappears from the display. Then sign out of the iTunes Store (in the settings).

    Then perform a forced reboot. Hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    Then reconnect to the iTunes Store.

    Also try by going to settings > general > Restrictions > and make sure that iTunes Store, Apps install, delete the Apps and In - App purchases are all under the section allow. Try to install again.

  • I bought a full album, but a track is not downloaded and listed as "bought" in the store, but cannot be read.

    I bought a full album, consisting of 19 tracks and videos. For some reason, a track cannot be downloaded. The button on the right side of the list in the store it shows that 'bought', but I can't play there (as opposed to other securities). The title does not appear in 'My music' and there is no download pending.

    Any ideas to have access to such a title?

    It appears in the section purchased for download? Click on your name / icon to the top right of iTunes then click purchased on the popup example

    Or click on the purchase link under quick links on the right side of the home page of the iTunes store.

  • Series TV downloaded from iTunes will not play on the portable media player error: media type cannot be read

    Series TV downloaded from itunes will not play on my player portable media. I get the message, "the media type cannot be read.

    Hi ChristopherEaddy

    1. what operating system is installed on the computer?
    2. What is the type of file that you try to play?
    3 is supported by Windows Media Player file type?


    I suggest you to check and to provide us with the information about the installed operating system.


    Please refer to the below planned links and check the formats supported by windows media player file. Check if the information helps-


    I hope this helps.

  • iTunes cannot download episodes of my podcast feed

    I'm working on obtaining the sermons of our Church on iTunes. We have a WordPress site and I installed the Podcasting plugin seriously Simple (SSP). The food that gave me of PHC is It will not be validated on Podcast Connect. I get a message that says that he "cannot download episodes from your workflow." He sees our album and lists the episodes, but cannot download them.

    I also tried to create a feed in Feedburner - but got the same results. Our audio files are hosted through GoDaddy, not sure if this is a problem? Here is a picture of my settings in PHC. I'm not at all experienced in this area, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Is the URL given for your media top of page file

    This produces a "File not found" error and redirects to

    which is a web page that contains built-in readers. You should always check your Media URL file by entering it in a browser: should play directly in the browser, not in any kind of built-in player and it should also not force a download.

  • I cannot download my purchase, even when the album said that has already been paid, what can I do?

    I cannot download my purchase, even when the album said that has already been paid, what can I do?

    What happens when you try to download it? And you try to download from the purchased for example section if using iTunes on your computer, click on your name / icon to the top right of iTunes then click purchased on the popup.

    If it does not show there then check if you have hidden it: mask and unmask purchases iTunes or iBooks on your Mac or PC - Apple support

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