Cannot figure out how to "add-in" for the 2013 Outlook application... said the loading behavior is not loaded. How can I fix it?

Cannot figure out how to "add-in" for the 2013 Outlook application... said the loading behavior is not loaded. How can I fix it?


Hi amandab9126792,

2013 Outlook does not work with Acrobat X because they are not compatible. Please check the compatibility to

Kind regards


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    Hello HeidiZarecky,

    You can follow the instructions in this document to load envelopes for your printer.

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    Do a check with some malware malware, analysis of programs on the Windows computer.

    You need to scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.

    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before scanning.

    Alternatively, you can write a check for an infection rootkit TDSSKiller.

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    Hello Experts,

    I need to automate the aggregation but cannot figure out how.

    Currently after a cube is responsible for environmental impact assessment, I'm in PARTY, go on my server, go to my cube, go to my database and right click. Choose aggregation design... then "recommended use views materialized aggregation.
    It is all manual steps after the cube is loaded. I want to automate this so it is done either as part of the cube or the next step after the execution of the batch to load the cube, depending on the option is possible.

    Any suggestions would be a great help. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    You can use MAXL to automate the aggregation of the ASO cubes.
    Create a maxl [.msh] file with the following command

    Logon 'user' identified by 'password' on the 'server ';
    modify the application of the load system "App1";
    change the database application load "App1" "Db1".
    runs the process of aggregation on the data base "App1". "" DB1 ".

    Schedule it to run after the refresh of the cube. It will bring together automatically.

    Let me know if it helps.

    See you soon

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    Cannot figure out how to turn on bookmarks.  Acrobat DC.

    Hi lawrencey66613426,

    If there are bookmarks in the PDF document, you can display them in the left navigation pane.

    However if you want to create or edit bookmarks, you will need Acrobat application so that it the thumbnails Page and bookmarks in the PDF, Adobe Acrobat DC files. Not possible with the free player application.

    Kind regards

  • Need to free up space to add content - cannot figure out how

    I'm pretty new to Dreamweaver. I created a navigation bar and a beautiful java photoshow on my homepage, but I find dreamweaver totally confusing to simply add some content under the photos.

    I created a test for the existing site directory - it is here

    I'll paste the HTML below and attach the files to the site as a zip.

    I have two specific questions. Fist, I would like to remove the tags < br > two immediately after the code menu bar, but can't figure out how to get the Gallery to the right place without the < br > tags.

    Secondly, I would like to create a room under the Gallery to add the content of my, but I simply can't understand it. Dreamweaver is intuitive unbelieavably for me, I just don't understand not all css properties. Sometimes when you change them it works and other times it makes no difference. If you can look my very small file, it would be extremely useful.

    Thank you

    I put the zip of the site here & d = 1

    < ! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / IN" "" > ""

    " < html xmlns =" "lang ="fr"XML: lang ="fr"> "

    < head >

    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; charset = utf-8 "/ >"

    < title > Nottingham Jazz < /title >

    < name meta = "description" content = "" / > "

    < name meta = "keywords" content = "" / > "

    < link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" href = "css/tcr.css" / > "

    <! - GALLERY SCRIPT - >

    < script type = "text/javascript" src = "js/slideshow.js? sfgdata = + sfgRmluamFuX1R5cGU9amF2YV9zY3JpcHQmRmluamFuX0xhbmc9dGV4dC9q YXZhc2NyaXB0 + q" > < / script >

    < script src = "SpryAssets/SpryMenuBar.js" type = "text/javascript" > < / script > "

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    var fadeimages = new Array()

    fadeimages [0] = ["images/image1.jpg", "", "" "]

    fadeimages [1] = ["images/image2.jpg", "", "" "]

    fadeimages [2] = ["images/image3.jpg", "", "" "]

    < /script >

    < link href = "SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" / > "

    < / head >

    < body >


    < div class = "containerwrap" >

    <! - START HEADER - >

    < div class = "header" >

    < p >

    < img src = "images/logo.png" width = "980" height = "145" alt = "logo" / > < / p > "

    < ul id = "MenuBar1" class = "MenuBarHorizontal" >

    < li > < a href = "#" > home < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#" > bands < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#" > concerts < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#" > feedback < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#" > links < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#" > Contact < /a > < /li >

    < /ul >

    < br >

    < br >

    <! - GALLERY START - >

    < div class = "Gallery" >

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    new fadeshow (fadeimages, 980, 420, 0, 0, 5000)

    < /script >

    < / div >

    <! - END GALLERY - >

    < / div >

    <!--END HEADER-->

    <! - START CONTAINER - >

    < div class = "container" > <! - START LEFT CONTAINER - > <! - END LEFT CONTAINER - > < / div >

    <! - END CONTAINER - >

    < / div >


    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    var MenuBar1 = new Spry.Widget.MenuBar ("MenuBar1", {imgDown: "SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarDownHover.gif", imgRight:"SpryAssets/SpryMenuBarRightHover.gif"});})

    < /script >

    < / body >

    < / html >


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  • HP Office Pro L7590 ject. Cannot figure out how to scan on my new laptop Toshiba Satellite L755.

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    Review the steps below to better understand how to use the scanner software:

    HP Multifunction printers - how Scan: Windows 8

    HP Multifunction printers - how Scan: Windows 7

    HP Multifunction printers - how Scan: Windows Vista

    Scan from Windows XP software with the full functionality of HP for the all-in-one HP printers

    HP LaserJet multifunction printers - how Scan: Windows 8

    Scan from Windows 7 with full HP software functionality for all-in-one HP LaserJet printers

    HP LaserJet multifunction printers - how Scan: Windows Vista

    HP LaserJet multifunction printers - how Scan: Windows XP

    Please let me know of any questions,


  • Accidentally hit 'close' (Ctrl + W) and I cannot figure out how to restore my calendar (if possible)

    I worked a lot in an old first version, although I never got too deep into it. I'm working on a project for 15 hours and who intend to register I clicked 'Close' (Ctrl + W). Stupidly, I saved after that I hit that, and now I can't figure out how I can restore my calendar, if in fact it is even possible. Can someone help me? I can't afford to lose so much effort!

    Guess that it is a lesson in backup records!

    I tried that, no luck, everything is empty except for the imported files. Fortunately, I found auto-enregistre it so I only lost a short time of editing, so I am well and saved myself... Thanks for your help!

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    Nothing to do with Microsoft. Visit the Gmail Help pages.

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    It started about a month or two it y a. almost all Web sites that I visit Firefox lag or stalls pure and simple script error messages, giving me the advice (not responding) to the top of the page or do not respond.

    I tried all suggestions that I found in help, including "Firefox uses too many resources", "Firefox crashes or does not ', and 'Unresponsive script - how to fix. I deleted the history, cookies and cache, reset Firefox, reinstalled, all what I can. I disabled all my extensions and modules one by one to see that if they touched, I took care of everything, including Firefox is updated. Nothing has changed behavior.

    Here, any help would be appreciated.

    How about a whole new profile?

    SEE: use the Profile Manager to create and delete profiles Firefox

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    Currently, I moved to a new apartment and I am now trying to set up my HP Photosmart C4680 printer. I have problems connecting my printer to my network wireless with my MacBook Pro computer. The current version is 10.6. I downloaded and installed all necessary drivers and software from the Web site: HP's Web Site. When I go into the installation process he never asked if I want to connect the printer to a wireless network. I just blazes through the installation and said: "Congratulations!" You have successfully installed Photosmart C4600 series." I called HP and they said they can help but its going to cost money because my printer is no longer under warranty. I hope someone could shed some light on my situation.

    So I thought to it. My girlfriend and I just moved into an apartment together and I both are "identical" printers in my office. After a full day of trying to get the first printer to work, I looked at mine and saw a sticker on the front of it wireless. I watched his and realized that his is not the sticker wireless. Then I looked at the model numbers and realized his is a HP Photosmart C4680 and mine is a HP Photosmart C4780. So what I did, I used his MacBook Pro (Version 10.6.8) to download the software for the HP Photosmart C4780 from the HP Web site. I have connected feel to the Mac via USB and begin the installation. During installation, it asked if I wanted to set up the printer to a wireless network. I said "Sure!" He asked for the network I want to use and then set up the printer to the network. Then I had to go to "Print & Fax" in "System Preferences" to add the printer. After that, I was ready.

  • my daughter has created another account and does'nt remember the password would close the account else completely off cannot figure out how to do it please help

    Please help me understand this

    You can change your password to something that you remember another administrative user account. If you had only an administrative user account and you have forgotten the password, all is not lost. You can then follow the general recommendations for implementing user accounts in Vista that I will give you at the end of this post.

    All this requires a certain level of computer skills. You know better and that take the machine to a competent local computer tech (not a type of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad place) is the best solution for you.

    If you have an installation of Vista DVD (not a recovery DVDs), you can start the system with it. Select the default language, then select "repair your computer". Then select "Command Prompt". At the command prompt, type:

    NET user administrator / Active: Yes [press Enter]
    NET user [insert here the name of your user account] [insert the new password of user as 1234 here] [press Enter]

    [Note: do not enter the brackets!]

    Remove the installation DVD and restart the computer. Now, you will be able to connect to your user account by using the password that you set; for example, 1234.

    If you do not have a Vista installation DVD (only have a recovery disk), the computer mftr. may have given you the option to repair Vista (not a system recovery!) system in the diagnostic menu. This menu of diagnosis is the same one where you can choose Safe Mode. Get to this menu by repeatedly pressing the F8 key as the computer starts. If you do not have this option, you can make a bootable Vista file repair DVD in this link:

    Note: All the Neosmart recovery disk downloads are torrent files. There is a good explanation of the torrent on the site Web of Neosmart files. You will need a torrent as muTorrent client to get the files. Torrent client will download the .iso file with which to create the bootable DVD. You will need to use third-party burning software such as Nero, Roxio or the free ImgBurn ( ) to burn the image .iso image file, not in the form of data.

    Once you have fixed things, log on to the additional administrative account you will be made by the suggestions below and disable the administrator account integrated yet for security reasons:

    Start Orb > Search box > type: cmd
    When cmd appears in the above results, right-click and choose "Run as Administrator" [OK]. Now, you will get the command prompt. At the command prompt, type:

    NET user administrator / active: No. [Enter]

    Exit the command prompt.

    General recommendations for creating users in Vista:

    You absolutely don't want to have only one user account. As XP and all the other modern operating systems, Vista is a multi-user system with integrated system of accounts as default Administrator and comments. These accounts should be left alone because they are part of the structure of the operating system.

    In particular, you do not want one account user with administrative privileges on Vista because the administrator account integrated (normally only used in emergencies) is disabled by default. If you use as an administrator for your daily work, and this account is corrupt, things will be difficult.  It is not impossible to activate the built-in administrator to rescue things, but there may be more that you want to do. Better not to put you in a bad situation at first.

    The user account that is for your daily work must be a Standard user, with the extra administrative user (call it something like 'CompAdmin' or 'Tech' or similar) only it for elevation purposes. As a user Standard is recommended for security reasons and will help protect your computer against infections. After you have created "CompAdmin", connect to it and change your normal user account Standard. Then log on to your regular account.

    If you want to go directly to the desktop and ignore the Welcome screen with the icons of the user accounts, you can do this:

    Start Orb > Search box > type: netplwiz [Enter]
    Click continue (or provide an administrator password) when you are prompted by UAC

    Uncheck "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". Select a user account to connect automatically by clicking on the account you want to highlight and press OK. Enter the password for this user account (when it exists) when you are prompted. Leave blank if there is no password (null).
    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • media center trying too watch the TV, but message says no tuner available to satisfy the request cannot figure out how fix tuner worked very well

    Media Center does not allow me to watch tv message keeps saying no tuner available to satisfy your request, that I have set up signal again that no change was working fine now not at all

    Hi peace1900,

    • You did it any software or changes to the material on the computer recently?
    • When it was working fine the last time?

    Method 1.
    If your computer has installed TV tuner hardware, follow these steps to resolve the error messages so Media Center can use the tuner driver. After each step, Open Media Center and try to view or to set up live TV. Continue following the steps until the error no longer appears and you can watch TV:
    1. If you use a cable of the card and the computer resumes from a standby or standby mode, wait at least 20 seconds before starting any software that uses the tuner, including Windows Media Center.
    2. restart the computer to Resync to Media Center driver:
    a. Click Start.
    b. click on the arrow in the toolbar and then click on restart.
    c. wait that Windows and all startup items load before you open Windows Media Center.
    3. If you have added a new tuner card, make sure that the tuner card is compatible with Windows 7 Premium or Ultimate. Search for certified for Windows 7 on the product packaging or consult the following website to check the compatibility:
    Microsoft support: Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility List (in English)
    4. change the Windows Media Center Receiver Service specific to a Local System account account name:
    a. click Start , and then type Administrative Tools in the start search box. Click on administrative tools in the search results.
    b. double-click on Services .
    scroll to the bottom of the list of Services and find Windows Media Center Receiver Service . You may need to expand the name column by dragging the right side of the column heading.
    d. right-click on Windows Media Center Receiver Service and then click Properties .
    click the Connection tab , and then select the Local System account .
    f. click apply and then click OK in the message Services.
    g. restart the computer.
    h. click OK again and restart the computer.

    For more information, see the article below:

    Method 2: Reinstall the drivers for the tuner:
    1. If you have added a TV tuner card separately, install the drivers that came with the tuner.
    2. If your computer came with Windows 7 Premium and a tuner, reinstall the drivers for the tuner. Click Start, all programs, Recovery Manager, and then click Recovery Manager again.
    If you are prompted, click Yes to continue.
    3. in the Recovery Manager screen, click the hardware driver reinstallation and follow the on-screen instructions to restore the tuner driver.

    Method 3: Install the driver from the manufacturer of the tuner tuner updates:
    If you have added a TV tuner card separately, go to the manufacturer's Web site and install the driver for the tuner updates.

    What should I know before adding TV tuners to use with Windows Media Center?
    Solve problems with watching TV on your computer
    Get help for your TV tuner card
    Method 4: use the system restore to the system at a time where the error has not opened. If you are not familiar with the Microsoft System Restore function,
    For more information about system restore, see the following links:
    If the system restore does not help to solve the problem, try to uninstall and reinstall the Windows Media Center.
    Method 5.
    Uninstall and reinstall the Windows Media Center:
    Step 1.
    Uninstalling in Windows Media Center:
    1. go to start and in the search type "Turn Windows willing or not.
    2. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    2. go to media features and uncheck the brand in the face of Windows Media Center.
    4 restart the computer
    Step 2.
    Reinstall the Windows Media Center:
    1. go to start and in the search type "Turn Windows willing or not.
    2. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    3. find the multimedia functions and place a check mark in front of Windows Media Center.
    4 restart the computer.

    It will be useful.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I have a dell laptop with windows XP I want to use a wireless mouse but cannot figure out how to turn off the pc mouse

    I have a dell laptop with windows xp I want to use a wireless mouse but cannot understand how to turn off the pc mouse

    Thank you for your help, I saved it for future use. My computer it turns out that's very smart after all the fourth test of every thing, I turned it on and the mouse remotely worked, thanks again

  • Cannot figure out how to put in Mode 'drive '.

    The icon of the little book just don't appear in the title bar, no matter what I do. Tap, hold, double tap, etc. What I did to cause this and how to cope? Moto X, 4.4 Android. Thank you.

    This will depend on the page. Some pages are not able to understand or are too big to be simplified by the mode 'drive '.

    It is not a perfect tool, but will work on many sites of new Commons. Also can be false positives where reader mode is enabled for a page without true main body.

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  • Build 7600: This copy of Windows is not genuine.

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