Cannot find drivers for Satellite C50-A-1DV 8.1 Win


I reinstalled windows 8.1 from Disc I have, but I'm having driver problems, namely find some support pilot on the Toshiba site.

It seems that my phone is not listed, or I can't find it in the support section for drivers.

The drivers so that I am looking are the drivers of the motherboard.
I already tried a pilot site, but my laptop took a good few minutes to turn off after a stop so I doubt than those who were correct. I will try the software intel chipset device and see if it gives me good.

Rest of the drivers, I can get enough simple through the Manager of devices, but not the chipset drivers and probably usb 3.0 also.

On a side note, I noticed I don't need to type the key that I wrote using belarc, I guess that it is registered in the BIOS and windows auto detect it correctly?


According to specification for laptop, your laptop comes with Windows preinstalled 8.1 64 bit so what you need to do is to reinstall the original recovery image that contains all the necessary drivers.

When you say you have installed Win 8.1 from disk, does that mean exactly?
Did you install your own OS version or the original version of Win8.1 recovery disk created?

Anyway, al Win8.1 64-bit drivers, you can download at Toshiba download page -
There you can find all the drivers for your C50-A-1DV Satellite with PSCG6E part number.

Check it out.

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    Here you can find the official page for your laptop model.
    Under the peak of the laptop, you can find option to download the drivers. The search page download drivers for Satellite C50. Model number short option PSCGCV.

    Please note: on the Toshiba download page you can find the drivers for operating systems that are supported only.

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    Go to the page of the Toshiba UE driver

    _Choose: _
    Satellite Pro
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    Satellite Pro A300

    All that s.

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    Drivers for your old laptop that you can find on

    As long as the type of product, choose option ARCHIVES and you will find it.

    Good luck.

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    Would it be possible that it is a model of Toshiba laptop, Asia?

    I think this could explain why you can't find the drivers on the European driver Toshiba page.

    Please check the drivers here

    Here you can choose the drivers FRO Satellite M30x

    Welcome them

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    I put t know what Toshiba driver page you are looking for, but this seems to be a Canadian series of Toshiba and you should take a look on Toshiba Canada website:

    Here, you should find this laptop model

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    Please be so kind and display the name of the model and the model number of your laptop.
    You can find it in the lower corner of your laptop on the sticker of Toshiba.

    By the way: If you followed download page, use of the European model for laptop -
    Older models of laptop computers are listed under ARCHIVE (type of product).

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    I just installed Windows 2000 on my satellite 1800-514 because with Windows XP, it's so horrible slow and I hope that goes better with win2000.

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    Please check a little better all the options before you write something absolute here. Everything you need you can find on the download page of Toshiba under

    Please note that Satellite 1800 is old enough laptop model, and you should search under Satellite-Archive first choose Archive under product type.

    All that s!

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    When you visit the page for your laptop on you will find link to drivers. It is placed under the image of the laptop.

    I checked it. Card reader controller and audio drivers are listed. BT driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba BT portal -

    Good bye

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    When I search all drivers I can't find them
    So means someone help me to get the drivers

    I searched in the drivers download page and when I click serach that nothing happens.

    Drivers, tools and utilities for all operating systems supported, you can find on the download page of Toshiba -
    Please it manually search.

    I can see Win8 drivers are not included, but all the drivers, tools and utilities for Win8 upgrade are available.

  • Cannot find drivers for my Satellite L600-55W


    I can you please help me to find drivers for satellite L600-55W?
    I can not find anywhere


    What is the exact model of this Satellite L600 number?

    You can try to install the drivers of Toshiba's European driver page.

    L600-55W does not seem to be a European series, but I think that pilots must be compatible.

  • Cannot find drivers for my C50T-A382 Satellite


    I have laptop Satellite C50T-A382 *.
    Part No. PSCFNV-003002AR *.
    OPERATING SYSTEM. Windows 8.1

    My problem I tried to reset to factory settings laptop hard drive recovery system
    But after 7% it freezes and crush and showing the blue screen saying, there is problem with reset
    I tried so many things but always overwhelming and could not reset

    Then I canceled reset and when I go back to my windows it does not start... It start hard drive recovery instead
    I tried to start repair but still not dΘmarre

    so I bought a new pro 8.1 windows and install it on my laptop
    the problem now that there is some drivers not found as adapter wireless, Bluetooth and many other
    so I tried to download the driver of your Web site, but after I have my model of laptop and all it has to show me that there is no driver to download...

    where can I find drivers for my laptop... I cannot connect to wifi and impossible to use Bluetooth for my new windows 8.1 pro I bought do not installed the drivers for it...
    so help me please...

    PS: I'm from the Middle East... and my laptop has a sticker says "approved for sale in MEA", and I use to search for drivers and didn't find any *.

    I am wetting to answer... and thank you

    Choose here:
    + Laptop +.
    + Satellite +.
    + Satellite C +.
    + Satellite C50T-A +.
    + All +.
    + 8.1 Windows 64 bit +.

    Now, you will get all the drivers for this laptop series.

    Note: On the page you will find different WLan driver since the different WLan modules were used in the various models.
    Just check each of the drivers

    To get the Bluetooth works, you need to install the additional drivers Bluetooth filter Package. It depends on the Wlan module your laptop stand.
    The filter driver Package good Bluetooth I found in the Satellite C50T-B series

  • Cannot find drivers for two Satellite L750-11W

    I want to reinstall Windows on 2 laptops a L750-11W Satellite and a Satellite L650-1QJ and I decided first to download all drivers... so I opened the browser access the Web from Toshiba site and try to find the drivers and the surprise of your product cannot be found.

    I can't find drivers for any of them... I ve tried auto detect and inserted the soap operas myself but nothing... where can I find the drivers?
    And another question if I'm going to install Win8 on them I can use drivers for win7 or Toshiba will put some new drivers for them?

    If auto-detection doesn t work you can find the drivers manually. I m wondering really t has not thought of that. Go to download page and search for drivers manually.
    It does not much for you. Anyway, if you need help, let us know.

    Some assignments in the past I've understand that Win7 drivers cannot be used with Win8 so you have to wait until Toshiba starts Win8 support for all models of laptops. The list of all the supported portable Win8, you can find on > Toshiba compatibility matrix.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A500-PSAR9E - cannot find drivers for Win 7 32 bit

    Help, please

    I can't find drivers for my laptop Toshiba Satellite A500-PSAR9E
    for windows 7-bit "32".

    I found for windows 7 64 bit, but there is nothing for 32

    Please I want to at least display graphics driver

    Thank you


    Take a look at the Toshiba Australian driver page:

    The Satellite A500 PSAR9A is the same series of portable as PSAR9E.
    The only difference is that PSAR9A has been released in Australia and PSAR9E in Europe.

    I hope I could help!

  • Satellite A300D PSAKCE - cannot find drivers for Win7


    Having Satellite A300D - 157 PSAKCE 00D00LG3 and Windows 7, but I can't find the drivers for.
    In the support page I can only find drivers for WLAN and Bluetooth...

    No driver video and display, no keys, no HDMI, no noise, no gonfigfree... just nothing...

    Anyway I don't have everything that pilots, but I need much the video drivers and display.

    Thank you in advance!

    Then choose Win 7 drivers for other Satellite A300D series; for example PSAHCE
    The drivers can be found on the European driver Toshiba page and should also be compatible.

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