Cannot find files on clone super duper, I can restore from Time Machine backup?

First of all, my apologies for cross posting.

I hope I can explain my situation with enough clarity so that someone can help out me. I feel a little bit of panic.

I've had a Mac mini that I sold so need to wipe. I first backed up using Time Machine on an external hard drive. Then, I used Super Duper to clone on a second hard drive. I didn't need a bootable copy of the training, but need access to data, applications, etc. on it from time to time. My intension was to access the data I cloned and stored on the hard drive of my current Macbook Pro. Well, that day came and I went to access my cloned copy of the mini and only see a list of users. I'm not able to find files, documents, and etc.even if I use spotlight to search for. So my questions are:

  1. Can I view the contents of the double machine differently to see more than a list of users? (that is WHERE IS MY THING?)
    1. I have error somehow in my approach?
    2. If I made the mistake with the super duper close, can I restore my time machine to the top of an external drive on another external drive? I want to restore my MacBook hard drive.

Thank you!!


I was running just an another SuperDuper! Clone.

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  • Merger VMDK file after restoring from time machine recognized not


    I'm having a problem with Fusion 3.1 recognizes no not my Virtual Machine copied from time machine. I did what I did and the below error code.

    Question: I just installed a new hard drive and performed a clean installation of Fusion 3.1. After that, I used time machine to restore my virtual machine to Windows 7 x 64 at the previous address. I then open vmware fusion and looked for the virtual machine and click Open. The virtual tried to start but I received the following error message:

    Could not open the file "/ users / / Documents/Windows 7 x64.vmwarevm/Windows 7 x64.vmdk ': the system cannot find the specified file.

    I checked the contents of the package, Windows 7 x64.vmwarevm and the file is there. I don't know why he is not recognized. I have attached a screenshot of the file hard text, text log file and the contents of the package.

    Thanks for your help.

    Dmillz80 wrote:

    WoodyZ - is there a way I can rebuild this section?

    If you can find the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk" within the structure of the backup folder Time Machine which is closest to you, you might get lucky, but really all depends on what exactly in this segment of the disc.  I use the find command in a Terminal to find this file because I do not think that you will find with Spotlight.  If you can find the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk", then in an attempt to at least be able to mount the drive with VMDKMounter in order to try to recover all the data, you can you can always replace the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk" with a segment of fake or another as duplicate file "Windows 7 x 64 - s011.vmdk" and rename it file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk.  FWIW, it will really depend on exactly what was in the file "Windows 7 x 64 - s010.vmdk" about what you might be able to recover with VMDKMounter or even to start the Virtual Machine.  I actually had the results mixed in the past where only data could be retrieved and cases where all data have been recovered and in some of these cases, the Virtual Machine is bootable and in some not so it all comes down to what was in the missing segment.

    At this point you have nothing to lose and everything to win then to give a try.

  • File restore from Time Machine Yosemite to El Capitan

    I need to restore a single file from a Time Machine backup of Yosemite to my new iMac El Capitan.  The file in question has been saved from a Mac Pro from 2008 to a Time Capsule.  I put Time Machine in the dock and right clicked on it, so I could navigate "Other Time Machine disks" and I am able to see the Mac Pro to backup, then select it.  However when loading the backup, it's for my new iMac and not for the Mac Pro.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Hi jt

    To be honest, the easiest is to go through the Finder. Navigate to the document you want and copy. Then simply paste it where you want.

    The finder will allow you to see all of the back-ups no matter the OS at the time.

    Hope this helps, Greg

  • cannot restore from time machine

    MacBook pro 10.11.3 time machine backup data of the computer but cannot restore when entering time machine.

    When you select an item and click on restore, nothing happens?

    What you save up to? Some may not restore from a NAS device.

  • Fusion drive: restore from Time Machine - "the disc cannot be erased."


    On a new iMac (end of 2015), I need to wipe my drive of Fusion of 3 TB (El Capitan, unencrypted, just 1 partition, no Boot Camp partition) and then restore a backup Time Machine (made on a previous iMac, also with disc Fusion of 3 TB (El Capitan, unencrypted, just 1 partition, no Boot Camp partition).

    According to the document from Apple: 'restore from a Time Machine backup' I...

    1. restart with cmd + R (later also tried cmd + alt + R and also a USB bootable of course El flash drive)

    2 selected "backup restore Time Machine"

    3 selected my external backup disk, Time Machine

    4 choose the most recent backup

    5 selected "Macintosh HD" as a destination and click "continue".

    ... but then the following message appeared "disc cannot be erased.

    Then I tried to erase 'Macintosh HD' via disk utility:

    1. restart with cmd + R (later also tried cmd + alt + R and also a USB bootable of course El flash drive)

    2 choose disk utility

    3 choose "Macintosh HD"

    4. click on tab "delete".

    5. click on the button 'clear '.

    ... then I got the error message:

    "Clear process failed..." Details: Dismantling DIS3 - deletion of logical volumes of the logical volume group - cannot remove the basic storage logical volume. Operation failed... »

    I was in the 'loop', the only way out was to "Reinstall Mac OS X", and then after many hours, he had once again my old installation flubbed with everything I wanted to get rid of!

    How to restore my backup Time Machine - nothing more or less - to my new iMac?

    I lost 3 days now with this problem. I really hope someone has a solution.

    Thank you very much!

    Apple did not provide an easy way to recover from this condition. If you are not able to carry out these instructions, please someone more experienced to help you get. One option is to take an appointment 'Genius' on an Apple Store.

    Starts the Internet recovery mode by pressing the key combination command-option-R to start ringing. Release the keys when you see a spinning globe.

    Note: You need an Ethernet or Wi - Fi connection permanent Internet to use recovery. It will not work with modems USB or PPPoE, proxy servers or networks that require a certificate for authentication.

    In the OS X Utilities screen, select

    Utilities ▹ Terminal

    in the menu bar at the top of the screen, not one of the items in the OS X Utilities window.

    Follow the steps in this thread to ASC to split the fuser unit. The long string of letters, numbers and dashes you will need to enter will be different in your case. Copy and paste into the command in the Terminal window.

    This will remove all data from the fuser unit, then you had better be sure of your backups.

    Quit the Terminal, and then repair the Fusion drive (see "Troubleshooting" on the linked page.)

    Quit disk utility. Then you should be able to install OS X and restore your data from a backup in the main screen.

  • Can what files I exclude from Time Machine backups?

    I use Firefox on OS X Mavericks. I use Time Machine to back up this computer. I know that Time Machine avoid automatically save my web cache. But which of the files in my directory profile I can't back up? I am particularly interested in the webappstore.sqlite, cookies.sqlite and healthreport.sqlite since they are on the larger end and seem to change frequently.

    I have already excluded bookmarkbackups and places.sqlite. I have the browser the value automatically export my favorites so if I need to restore my computer I'll revisit my favorites but not my browsing history, that seems reasonable.

    What type of data is useful for you?

    A reset for example keeps personal data such as bookmarks (places.sqlite, JSON safeguards), history (places.sqlite), biscuits (cookies.sqlite), (signons.sqlite and key3db) passwords, form data (formhistory.sqlite), open tabs (sessionstore.js)

    See the following articles on the file information:

  • How can I copy files from Time Machine without going through Time Machine

    I had to do a clean OS X El Capitan on my iMac install because something prevented it from closing properly. I now El Capitan without any of my old files and applications.

    I want to copy my Time Machine backup, but the record has been marked by a red dot. I can't transfer manually. I don't want to go through a Time Machine, because the last time I did it, it just restore the old configuration that basically had the problem that stopped my computer of closing.

    How can I manually copy the files?

    Do not restore complete.

    You can 'enter Time Machine"to select files and folders to restore.

    Alternately, when restoring from Time Machine backup, customize the restoration as follows: under Select the information to transfer, select only your previous user account. Do not select 'Applications', 'Computer and Network Settings' or "Other files and folders". Deselect these choices. Potentially corrupt applications, lists of properties and changes in the operating system will be migrated and will be any problem that may have been caused by them.

  • Restored HD from a Time Machine backup of my old iMac (stolen) from my new MacBook Pro.  Not all the files have been restored.

    My iMac 27 "(2011) so my wife 13 '' MacBook Pro (2011) were recently stolen after our House was robbed.  My wife got a new MacBook Pro and I restored it successfully its data (selected "backup restore Time Machine" during the installation of its new MacBook Pro).  However, I also got a new 15 "MacBook Pro in lieu of the iMac 27".  I have, once again, selected "Restore from Time Machine backup" (selected the iMac as the backup source) when installing my new MacBook Pro.  When it was finally over, I told Time Machine to inherit from the backup.  Unfortunately, none of the files in the My Documents folder or the photos in my photo library have been restored.  Was it a bad idea to try to use the backup of the iMac as a source for the MacBook Pro (both running El Capitan)?

    is it possible that your documents are stored on another drive which was not part of the backup plan? or is the HD in the big enough MBP to inherent the old backup.

    If you open the time machine with the original backup disc, you should be able to browse the content

    If the files are found, you can restore by right-clicking (or CTRL + left mouse)

  • Impossible to restore a file from Time Machine

    I messed up a data file and tried to restore from Time Machine. It produces the message "the operation cannot be performed because you have not granted access to the Finances of 2016 VDJS. I use an iMac 2009 beginning running OS 10.8.5. I checked permissions, and since I'm the only person using this computer all read - write permission. The version of the file I am trying to use to replace the messed up one was recorded only a few days ago and should have the same permissions. I apparently can't use disk utility to verify or repair permissions on the time Machine if the problem is with the saved file. I have another backup using DropBox, but I organized "intelligently" so that it records the changes made to the files they are saved on the computer, if the vehicle has currently the messed registered version. Others have reported this problem as a result of this message on the permissions, but not in similar circumstances, while the situation I'm in.

    Start with E10 in the 1st article linked.

    Troubleshooting of Time Machine

    Solving the problems of Time Machine

  • Clone of Time machine backup to a new drive?

    I'm trying to help out a new Mac. Before, I had two back ups of all my data: on the hard drive of my old iMac and my external time machine backup disk. Long story, but during the process of troubleshooting using AppleCare support, my iMac has been cleared. Now, I have only the Time Machine external backup.

    I bought a new drive for Time Machine external backup on my new Mac. I am very very afraid of something bad happens to my old Time Machine backup during the troubleshooting process. My question is, is there a way to clone back to the top of my old drive time machine to the new, so I once more two copies?  If something happens to my old time machine up during this process of troubleshooting, I won't lose all my files.

    I'm not familiar with the Time Machine backups, and even if they need to be cloned since that they are not bootable backups.  The following link is dated but maybe having the relevant documents:

    The restore function of disk utility included in directions of OS X. alarm -

  • "Cannot find file" dialog box

    I get a dialog box after you start Win7 32-bit which indicates just that "cannot find file."

    He is obviously trying to load something but I have no idea what...

    Any ideas where it might come from?

    Is there a utility somewhere that shows this boot file is loaded?

    Thank you :-)

    This will do what you're after.

    Autoruns from Sysinternals

    I hope this helps.

  • Cannot switch between multiple Time Machine backups

    I generally save my 2010 Macbook Pro to a 2012 Time Capsule, which is attached to my router via an ethernet cable (most recent) wireless. On a trip, I make the additional backups on an external hard drive. However, when I go home and try to return to the TC, my internal HD is now on the time Machine "Exclude" list and cannot be removed (greyed out). When I try to save, I get a message saying "no disks are available to back up."

    What has happened a few times, and the only solution I could find was to delete my original Time Machine backup and put a new (which took forever).

    Any ideas why my HD internal is added to the exclusion list after using Time Machine with an external hard drive?

    Time Machine backups on a network drive or a disc attached locally stored in different formats. Switching between them was not in the overall theme of the design of this service of OS X.

    I suggest that you set up Time Machine to use multiple disks.

    FWIW, in my case, I backup destinations, Time Machine on a Time Capsule and an external hard drive of 2 bolt of lightning. When both are available, the time goes 'take turns' Machine backup on each drive.

    If a disk is not available, it backs up to that which is, and which ignores the backup of the other. When the two are connected again, backups continue on both.

  • Cannot transfer Time Machine backups on the new drive

    I store my backup Time Machine on a Seagate 1.5 TB drive when the drive starts giving errors.  I had files on this computer and was able to transfer all except for 2 who were on unreadable sectors.  Fortunately, one of these files was an older archived version that I could afford to give up and the other was a temporary file in the photo library and since all other items were okay, I think I'm good.

    The problem came when I tried to transfer my Time Machine backup of 800 GB for a new disk.  When I copy and Exact-paste (cmd-opt-shift-v) the Backups.backupdb to the new drive, it gets the extent of November 23, 2015 and then dies because reports of the Console to the system, it gets an IO error when you try to read:

    /Library/SystemMigration/history/migration-245250B6-4F52-4FBB-BD61-546A8C19CCD5/ QuarantineRoot/private/var/db/dyld/dyld_shared_cache_x86_64

    in the relevant backup.  And because it's an IO error it simply abandons the whole process so I have no backup from November 23, included, for now.

    Because the disc is unstable, I wasn't able to use disk utility to make repairs on it.  The disc is what is and I have to deal with the mess, that I do not have the disorder, that I would have.

    I tried to manually place the missing files in the database, but the operating system will not let me.  I want to just copy my backup / OS X stop abandonment and be more like Windows and give me the options to "try again" or "fail" instead of just quitting!  I mean, why should I lose my backup all hierarchy of 23 November and beyond, simply because you cannot read a file, a file that I could simply replace in the backup of the current version or you can just ignore it.

    I tried to copy files on and setting xattr on them to be backup items, but they are wrong.  I tried chflags parameter to make the writable directory, but it does not work.  I can't copy the missing files to fix my archives.  Help.

    Please, don't try to transfer backups of a failed drive. Placing the disk aside until you don't know no longer you need the data, then delete and recycle. Start a new backup set on the new drive. For more security, you always have more than one backup.

  • File not found error when opening a virtual machine (from No-Time Machine backup)

    Hello world

    I have a problem with my installation of Fusion 2.0.6 on my iMac to Snow Leopard related to a "file not found".  I did my best to analyze the positions of the community to see if anyone has experienced this before.  I found several posts and tried the suggestions in these posts, but I have not been able to solve.

    I'm trying to restore from a full backup of my XP VM. It's not a backup Time Machine; just a straight backup of VM together using SuperDuper (part of my nightly backup routine).  To restore, I copied:

    -> BACKUP/users/John/Documents/Virtual Machines/Windows XP Home Edition.vmwarevm

    for -> MacHD/users/John/Documents/Virtual Machines/Windows XP Home Edition.vmwarevm

    Merge, I opened the Windows XP Home Edition VM, only to get the error:

    «File not found: Windows XP Home Edition-000005 - s001.vmdk.» This file is required to power on this virtual machine.  If this file has been moved, please provide its new location. »

    I find the file hard (what is there) and get the same error message several times.

    Interestingly, when I try to open the same VM from the backup location, I also get the same error.

    Really stuck now and don't know what to do.  Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    It seems that the latest files are missing. The virtual disk which I guess has a size 5-6 GB provisioned consists of 3 files, of which 2 are missing for snapshot 000005 (Windows XP Home Edition-000005 - s002.vmdk and Windows XP Home Edition-000005 - s003.vmdk). Unless you have some backup, your options are limited and you will need to go back to the last instant whis is dated March 2012.

    Windows XP Home Edition - 000005.vmdk descriptor file (text file) will show the files that make up the virtual disk (the Flash disk in this case).


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