Cannot find graphic drivers for my Satellite C660-1HU


I am using Toshiba Satellite C660-1HU and I can't find anywhere to its graphic drivers, I guess that I need because my max resolution is only 1024 x 768, and it should be 1300 something... In fact it is painfuly your time and hard to find drivers for Toshiba, I spent 8 hours until I can find the drivers from the internet and it was not even intended for C660-1HU, in fact, there is NO driver for this model.

Comments or suggestions? I'm VERY unpleased to Toshiba customer service, it's awful.
Thanks for the help, hopefully you will change everything for the better.

> I spent about 8 hours until I can find the drivers from the internet and it was not even intended for C660-1HU, in fact, there is NO driver for this model.
I put t understand why you're looking for drivers if you can find what you need on the Toshiba support page.

Type of product > Notebook
Family > Satellite
Product series > C series Satellite
Model > Satellite C660
Short-term model > PSC0SE
Operating system > chose your operating system

And you will have all the drivers for each supported operating system. Instead it will take 8 hours not more than 30 seconds to find the display driver.

If you need more help please let us know.

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    Before the return, check THIS :)

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    The link above goes to Toshiba page European.
    The European driver Toshiba page provides all Win XP and Win 7 64 bit drivers for this model of laptop.

    welcome them

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    Thank you, Andy.


    Check it please once more.
    You can find your laptop as follows:
    Type of product > Notebook
    Family > Satellite
    Product series > C series Satellite
    Model > Satellite C660
    Model short-term > PSC0LE

    Can find you it?

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    Hi stalker (what crazy nic)

    Satellite A135 is unknown to me, but it seems that the American model.
    Did you look on the Web from Toshiba site we?

    Please visit this link:

    It s a page download driver Toshiba us.

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    Any help? I have no idea what to do.


    I have checked the specification of your laptop and it says that your laptop has been offered with Win7 preinstalled Hoe Premium. So, if you use original recovery image all the drivers need to be installed and all hardware properly configured.
    It is clearly not the case, so before continuing the discussion can you please tell us what OS you use and why you are missing these drivers?

  • SA10-131: could not find the drivers for my satellite

    Really, I can't find drivers for my satellite toshiba on the site. Looks almost like my model has never been :) Also on google I can only find very little hits when I search for my type of model.
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    Can someone give me a link to the page where I can find all the drivers, I need?

    Hi Niek,

    Go to the following URL and you will find all the drivers for your A10-131.

    Simply enter the details of your laptop.

    Kind regards

  • Where to find graphics drivers for Equium L100

    the disc of recovery for this laptop has been lost and the only available drivers seem to be for vista.
    I downloaded the ATI 200 M of ATI card, but they will not - install say can not find the drivers for this hardware.

    Any comment appreciated please.


    If you are looking for graphic drivers, then you should try these sites, they installation files which were equipped with mobile graphics chips:


    On the omega drivers, you will surely find drivers for your ATI card.

    See you soon

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    I think it's a driver problem, so I would really appriciate if anyone could chip and point me in the right direction.

    Thank you very much!


    At any time.

    Glad to be of assistance.   You have the wireless switch driver for this device.

  • Satellite A300 - cannot find the drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

    I'm of the Greece so I apologise for any errors of syntax, I can do.
    My girlfriend has the Satellite A300 PSAJ4E but his hard disk was destroyed, so I bought him a new (WD Scorpio Black 500 GB) and I downloaded the original Windows 7 MSDNAA to install on the laptop.
    The problem is that it doesn't have the drivers cd so I have to find them on the internet. The other problem is that on the Toshiba official support site it is not found the laptop or the drivers for it.
    So please help me find them. Or tell me if I can insert some of the other Toshiba laptop drivers to it.
    I am ready to format and everything and I don't have the drivers.
    Thank you!

    PS. I found this site but I don't know if it is normal to download them from this site and also, I don't know if I should because I will insert Windows 7 64 bit.


    To download drivers use the Toshiba download page -

    There you can find your model of laptop and all drivers, tools and utilities for it.
    Can find you it?

    If you need help or assistance installation and the installation order please let me know.

  • Need help to find the driver for my Satellite C660 WLAN - 1 H 6

    I can't find this software please help.

    Atheros AR5B95 LAN wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n controller

    This is a laptop: Toshiba Satellite C660 - 1 h 6


    All WLAN drivers, you can find and download from the Toshiba WLAN Portal

    Simply download and install driver Atheros for operating system you are using.

  • Re: I want drivers for my Satellite C660-1TE

    I use Satellite C660-1TE

    with part No. PSC1NE-008007AR

    and I want to download all my drivers and I do not know how and where to get, can someone help me please?

    Download drivers for the supported operating systems you can find on Toshiba page -

    You can find them?

  • Need graphics driver for my Satellite C660 HD

    Can anyone help with a HD graphics driver that works with AutoCAD 14 and more. I have the latest driver for my laptop Toshiba and Intel and just AutoCAD site return to make web sites.

    I3 C660 64 bit, 8 GB of ram windows 7 Intel HD graph version8.15.10.2189

    Screen freezes when loading of Acad.

    Kind regards



    Usually the most recent graphics driver Intel HD can be downloaded directly from pilot site Intel.

    The Intel driver depends on the Intel CPU.
    So I wonder what Satellite C660-xxx you exactly and what CPU was installed in the laptop.

    Could you give some details?

  • Re: Can't find graphic driver for my Satellite C805D

    Hey guys please help me, I have a Toshiba Satellite C805D - PSC9EQ short.
    I can't find my model on the toshiba Web site either :(

    I recently replaced my computer portable ubuntu in windows 7 installed operating system but I don't think or don't seem to have one a graphics driver for it, when I play game says I need direct 3d device and I searched many sites to find for my laptop and I can't find anywhere or im getting plenty of sites who want to download me stuff , but I don't really know if its what I need... as you can see im not a computer person.

    Anyone know or have a direct link to a graphic driver I can download to my laptop pleaseee.

    Thank you

    This model of laptop is not known to me, but she seems to have the same GPU as European L750D with PSK36E part number.
    Please visit and download from there AMD display driver.

    Please test and send feedback.

  • Need graphics drivers for my Satellite P100 WXP


    not sure if I'm good sector. I have the Satellite P100 T5200 I recently installed Windows XP SP2 home edition. It came with Vista. I was not sent a driver CD, but I have managed to find most of them since the formatting of Vista, but I can't find a video driver. Thank you


    Satellite P100 laptop computers were shipped with different hardware specifications!
    You check the full name for laptop (P100-xxx) and visit the Toshiba driver page.

    Choose the right laptop series (you can find the serial number on the label) and download the XP graphics driver for the graphics card right!

    If you are not able to find the right graphic driver for XP, I would recommend research for a compatible graphics card manufacturing sites.

    Good luck

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