Cannot get the flash player to work. He worked fine2 weeks

flash player will not let me play the vidos it just stop working hope you can help me


Contact the manufacturer of your flash drive.

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  • I have tried literally 8 hours get my flash player to work on my phone Motorola E2

    As I said I tried to literally hours and hours trying to get the Flash Player to work how do


    Flash Player is only supported on desktop systems.  It is not supported on mobile (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows, etc.) devices.

    Refer to the Adobe Flash Player | Technical specification for a list of supported operating systems.



  • I can't get Adobe Flash Player to work on my PC. I feel I have tried everything. How to make this work?

    How can I get Adobe Flash player to work on my PC?

    First of all, try to enable Active Scripting in the areas of Sites Internet Options, security settings, trust.

    You should also add a corrupted on.

    Click Start, type: Internet Options

    Press enter

    Select the "Advanced" tab

    Under reset Internet Explorer settings, click "reset".

    This should restore the Internet Explorer default settings.

    Then reinstall Flash Player


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    Troubleshooting player stability and performance


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  • Re: Satellite Pro A100 - cannot download the Flash player to view the flash animations


    I have problems trying to download flash player for my laptop.
    It simply doesn't get it. So I can't watch the videos.

    It drives me crazy.
    I don't ' know much about laptops.
    I tried to recover and still no flash player.


    I put t know why you cannot download and install the Flash Player, but you must absolutely visit the Adobe Web site: ish

    I downloaded and installed this site flash player and it worked!

  • Cannot get the Fn keys to work after installing Windows 7

    I have completed the installation of Windows 7, but impossible to get the Fn keys to work. I found and installed the 'flash cards' which seems to do a similar thing, but want the good Fn button as well.

    Anyone know who the drivers for it?

    Thank you

    Hello Tim

    How you installed flash cards?
    As far as I know, it must be part of the package of added value.
    You have installed Vista VAP on Win7?

  • Windows Media Player is not listed under the toolbars, and I can not get the mini Player to work

    I have Windows Media Player 11 and can't seem to get the mini Player to show when I minimize it.  When I right click near the clock, what I see under the toolbars is links, language bar, desktop and quick launch bar. What happened to the option of the Media Player window, and how can I get it back?

    Hi RachelAllee,

    1. you remember to make changes on your computer before this problem?

    You can again save wmp.dll, and then search for the question.

    a. Click Start, run and type:

    regsvr32 "%programfiles%\Windows Media Player wmpband.dll"

    b. press enter and restart the computer and check.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How to remove the part of an object grouped several using a shape (Pathfinder does not work, cannot get the knockout groups to work)? Kind of like the opposite of a clipping mask.

    I want to remove the portion of these legs inside of this graph, because a white circle solid at the Center intensifies the effect of the spiral.

    Background, the spiral is a mixture of the people flying around in a circle. The circle is then copied and turned several times. I have not developed the appearance again.

    There must be an easy way to do it, but I can't use the Pathfinders, the opacity mask, knockout groups, and make simple layers does not work. I just want to axe the legs of these easy people!




    This is not correct


    I do several models and want to find a way to make it easy and fast!


    Thanks to you all!


    If I (put) correctly, you should be able to get the opacity mask to work as follows:

    Select (only) the White path and the mixture and then in the transparency palette flyout on create with unchecked Clip opacity mask and mask invert checked.

    Who must hide the inner part of the mixture corresponding to the white circle and let the front remains visible oin the background (circle and all that.)


  • Cannot add the flash player

    I havde created a simple page, it is divided into two columns
    in a single column, I have just the text in the other, I've added a flash viewer (which works fine) I want to do is to add a flash drive in the Viewer. Pretty simple sounds but when I try it said its impossible to "this change should change the code which is locked by a model or a translator," I am confused, I managed to put the viewer why can't not drive? I tried to insert into another layer same error

    any ideas?

    Thank you

    The error is thrown probably because the original poster uses CS3 or
    earlier and chose a check for the Flash version at the insertion of the Flash
    on the model of child page. This control requires an onload event in the body
    tag. The body tag is locked on a child page template. So - the error.

    The solutions are-

    1. don't make a Flash version check, or
    2. apply the Flash on a dummy page, then copy the body tag in the
    model of child page. Then copy the onload call in an editable region to
    the bottom of the page (this combo box must be added to the model,
    and allowed to be propagated to all child pages first).

    Murray - ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you * MUST * write me, don't don't LAUGH when you do!)
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    "Walt F. Schaefer" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > This message often cannot be taken literally and the indication of the code is
    > Errors in the page. Validation of the page before going any further.
    > --
    > Walt
    > "Mitch5560" wrote in message
    > news:[email protected]
    > I havde created a simple page, it is divided into two columns
    > in a single column, I just text in the other, I added a flash image
    > viewer (which works fine) I want to do, is add a flash
    > player
    > on the spectator. Pretty simple sounds but when I try it says its not
    > to
    > "this change would require an amendment to the code that is locked by a.
    > model or
    "> Translator" I'm confused, I could insert the viewer why don't not the
    > player?
    > I tried to insert into another layer same error
    > any ideas?
    > Thank you

  • Satellite U200 - cannot get the LAN port to work


    I hope someone can help. I reloaded a new version of windows on my laptop, I don't have the recovery disk but downloaded all the drivers from this site. However, I can not the LAN port to work. I tried several times to install the driver but no luck. In the Device Manager, it says device cannot start for the Intel 82559 fast Ethernet LAN on motherboard.

    Can someone please offer some advice? I am a person of correct PC then understand the concepts and can get around the windows.
    Thank you

    Satellite U200 what model do you have? The number of other Sat U200-xxx would be very useful to know which LAN chip was equipped with your laptop.

    But generally, you can find all the drivers on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Check the model number and serial (bottom) and choose the correct LAn driver Toshiba page.

    Notes; Win XP should be updated to the last State. I mean that you need SP2 and the additional fixes to ensure that everything would be fine.

    Good luck



    Windows 7 x 64 to Internet Explorer versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Try this:

    Press Start > type in the Internet Explorer search box and wait for the results > you will see you can run Internet Explorer (this is the 32-bit version) and Internet Explorer 64 bit... choose the first one you will be able to install Adobe Flash Player. After that, when you want to play some flash content, you need to use Internet Explorer 32-bit version... There's no other way.

    If you want to find in your drive, you can find them here:

    • IE (32 bit) - C:\Program Files (x 86) \Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe
    • IE (64-bit) - C:\Program may Explorer\iexplorer.exe
  • HP officejet Pro 8500: cannot get a wireless player to work

    my HP Officejet Pro 8500 wireless printing works fine, but I can't get the scanner to work - it does not able to communicate with the HP device. My operating system is Windows Vista. The error message I get when trying to use the scanner by clicking on the icon "HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910 Scan" is "scanner communication cannot be established."

    Thank you for your help

    Hi @utopian,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you can not scan with your HP Officejet Pro 8500 on Windows 7 using a wireless network. I'm happy to discuss this issue for you!

    Please have a look through this guide to scanning, a 'connection error' or "Computer no. detected" Error Message is displayed when scanning for HP Officejet Pro 8500 has e-All-in-One printers (A910).

    Hope this guide helps!

  • Cannot get the floppy drive to work.

    Well, maybe noone here will want to address this issue, but I really need an answer that I use the files mentioned below in my profession. Any help would be appreciated. And if I posted this in the wrong place, sorry, this is the first time I used these forums and didn't really know where to post. 

    OK, I know this floppy are are outdated, but I have a bunch of files that I created years ago when the diskette was everything you had.

    I had a disk in my computer that I was using and one day I tried to open some files in the floppy drive and it says that the disk has not been formatted and I wanted to format the IDE drive.

    I got a new floppy disk and it says the same thing. I tried to format it and received a message that said Windows cannot format the drive.

    So, I thought that maybe the old IDE floppy drive had gone belly up. I ordered a new floppy USB of TigerDirect drive and installed. It does the same thing.

    Can someone help me get this floppy drive so that I can access work files.

    I have a HP Compaq dc7600 form small computer running XP Pro SP 3. The floppy drive I ordered is an external USB floppy drive PowerUp G54-8016.

    I have a Zip USB drive and it works.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I don't know why the IDE floppy drive was working and then quit, and now the new floppy drive will not work.

    Hi kemperhills,

    ·          Is it possible to check if the floppies are still good?

    ·          The diskette was made read-only?

    According to this Microsoft article this could happen because the disks are bad:

    Was there a kind of switch on it? If so have them try to change the switch and try again.

  • Cannot get the film loader to work

    I have trouble getting my animation Flash loader file works. I created 3 movies test (1.swf, 2.swf, 3.swf). Each of the test file has long been a second. Everything they do is display a number. In my loader file, I load the test files a second part. The first two movies load very well, but instead of loading the third film the charger makes a loop to the first image and start again. The last film is ignored even when I place the order. For example, 3. SWF does not charge for 1-2-3, and does not load swf 1. 3-2-1. here is the actionscript code that I used. Anyone know how I can fix this problem? I am using Flash CS5. Thank you


    unloadMovieNum (1);

    loadMovieNum ("1.swf", 1);



    unloadMovieNum (1);

    loadMovieNum ("2.swf", 1);



    unloadMovieNum (1);

    loadMovieNum ("3.swf", 1);

    The reason why I'm a little confused, you're not using stop(), so I wonder how your timeline is to progress beyond. The loaded SWF files needs to communicate with the main timeline or your main timeline look the _currentFrame of the clip loaded into waiting so that she reaches _totalFrames.

    Here is an example (sans-stop ()) in saved AS2 until CS5 (I can't go lower) who did what you describe and works perfectly fine for me:

    Is there a difference between that and what you do, and this simple example works for you?

  • Get adobe flash player to work

    I downloaded several times adobe flash player. Whenever I want to play a video that requires it Im told to download adobe player again. I have windows 7,64 bit and use google chrome and IE9. I close windows install by following the instructions and the download and installation has always successful but its not not being installed for I can use it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled without success. I have not found the answer compared to other issues. I'm sure that there is something Ive missed. Thank you

    Is this the same computer as in that previous thread of yours? -Online

    V11.4.402.287 Flash Player is installed?

  • Cannot get the CD player in one of my ESX 3.5 servers to start a Server 2008 CD

    I can't understand what Miss me on my server to start the CD. I can start on my different identical server without problem and then get the new created image which can be missing? I compared the settings on both servers in the console and everything seems to be the same. Thanks for any help.

    Pull on the CDROM from the server to work and put it in the non-working server. Check if the drive is bad.

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