Cannot install 2.5 "SATA HDD Inspiron 1525

I read most of the posts, and I have tried EVERYTHING, no chance!


It's a WD blue 500 GB

Here's what I tried...

1 format a partition using my brewing House, works well! Mounts and all!

2 formatted like a partition of concert 120 on my brewing House, working well!

3. I do not see a "lame" someone said xfer of old to new.

4 tried to set the SATA to AHCI ATA operation, no luck.

Trying to install a new Vista 32bits. and he does NOT see the drive. BIOS not see no more.

I'm out of options, I don't know what to do!

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading this!

Sorry listed Intel hurt those, try these: * & DownloadType=.

The Dell that is perhaps too old for the reader.

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