Cannot install driver for Epson V330 photo scanner on W7/64.

I downloaded the (Scan 13870 Manager) driver of Epson - it should be recommended for W7/64, but installation is interrupted (code 28). Can anyone help?


See this:

Fixed error code 28

You can contact Epson support as well.

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    Any drivers/software would be obtained from Epson, specific site you your model and then they must be installed * before * you connect to the printer make sure that you select the correct version of victory

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    I was indeed able to correctly install the driver Windows 7 on Windows 8.1 (x 64). I downloaded the V4.0 - German pilot (since it's my native language) page of Canon and used Compatibility Settings (Windows 7 + admin) Support and the executable installed the driver without worries. After the Installation of the printer showed normally and I am able to print photos using Version 8.1 Windows of the guns 'ImageBrowser Ex' (which I installed in front, requiring "Run as Administrator" too, otherwise indicating a failure during install).

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    When running "find and solve the problems" of section "Troubleshooting" in the Control Panel, I get an error message that says that there is a problem with the driver for the cd drive.  Whenever I try to install the driver, he is not able to do so and contact the manufacturer of your computer.  I also tried to download all the updates and I get essentially the same message.

    Also, here's all that I've done so far.  I followed all these steps, but the last two listed in the help or support of the site.  Here is the link I used:

    I couldn't do a restore of the system in step 7, because the last date that I could find to a restore point has been today (or yesterday).  In addition, I couldn't do step 8.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    See if ongoing automated microsoft fix tool for you works.

    If AutoCorrect does not work, try the manual fix in section "Let Me difficulty it myself, ' on the link below.

    Right to the title of this topic is a "click here to view the solution."

  • Cannot install driver for printer Dell 964 on Windows Vista

    Separated from this thread.

    I have triedany help would be aapericated God bless America. several times to install the driver for a printer, dell 964 on this vista without success


    Please make sure that you use the latest drivers from the Dell printer support website and you have checked for solutions on the support page for your printer:

    If you still can't find a solution, please ask in the forum Dell Pinters here: .

    If you do, make sure that you give complete information, including what is happening and the error messages in its entirety.

  • Cannot install driver for printer HP LJ M1120n MFP HP 6570b laptop with win7 64 bit

    Installation driver Plug & Play doesn't work - it can not find the proper drivers.

    If I try to install the latest HP driver for win7 64 bit (from the HP site), it stops during the instalation (windows program stops due to unknown issues).

    If I try to install the 32-bit version of the driver complete Solution from HP site, it let me to the HP install window. By clicking on the "Install" button, it stops saying "Setup is not supported on this operating system, or the system does not meet the minimum requirements...". »

    printer: HP LJ M1120n MFP

    laptop: HP 6570b

    OS: windows 7 64-bit, selected, automatic driver update drivers on board cooler

    What to do next?

    I found no error in the event viewer, at least not a red icon.

    But I find the solution - in another forum thread. Here.

    1. I have connected the printer to get the error message,

    2. then downloaded and UNPACKED (no) LJM1120-COMPLETE-Solution driver installed (32-bit) here.

    3 went to Device Manager, find the printer,

    4. right click to get the link submenu "Update driver."

    5 choose the unzipped directory driver and let it update driver from there.

    Printer solved.

    Then did the same thing to scan, points 3 to 5.

  • Cannot install drivers for Epson SX230

    Original title: My Epson SX230 multifunction does not work with windows 7 x 64! thre is no compatible drive or supported. Please give me a solution.

    My Epson SX230 multifunction does not work with windows 7 x 64! thre is no compatible drive or supported. Please give me a solution.

    Hi Jamal,.

    Write us with the following details so that we can better help you.

    (1) do you have any driver Epson SX230manufacturer installation disc?

    (2) have you tried to install the jerking?

    I see that Epson SX230 is compatible with Windows 7. You can see the link given below for more details.

    You can download the driver from the link below and install from there.

    Welcome to Epson support

    You can contact Epson support on the details given in the link below.

    Contact us

    Write to us if you are still experiencing a problem. We will be happy to help you come.

  • Cannot install driver for GTX 650 Ti on HP Pavilion p7 - 1187c


    I have a HP Pavilion p7 - 1187c with integrated graphics (DX 10.1) on a card mother IPISB-CU (Carmel 2). I improved the diet of a Corsair 550 (no problem) and then installed a Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX 650 graphics card ti. The map to be able to judge by the fact that the fan rotates.

    When I tried to install the driver on the CD provided by Gigabyte, I immediately get the message: this graphics driver not found hardware graphic compatible so was not able to install. "I'm a computer novice so this message means nothing to me. Any help as to what should be the next step would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible that my motherboard will not simply allow for a separate graphics card?

    I needed to update the graphics card to be able to run 10 X-Plane.

    Thanks again for any help.


    Hi Leon,

    NVIDIA 650 TI requires a power supply via the PCI-E power connector 6 pin to fully turn on.  If the card is not fully turns on then the bios will not see the map and so the OS will not see the map.

    Map of TI 650 is 110 + watts and the without the PCI-E power connector 6 pin he won't be enough power to power the card from the PCI-E slot.  See the image to the location attached below the PCI-E power connector 6-pin.

  • Cannot install driver for HP DESKJET 3050 a j611 all-in-one using windows 7

    Stagnate in the printer, but can not find a driver. Have tried to set as the default printer, but right click I only get CREATE-HELP-DELETE SHORTCUT-PROPERTIES of the DEVICE can someone help as HP are useless

    You don't install it correctly, but just pluged in there.

    It must have taken all of 10 seconds to locate your model on the site of HP

    You install using the cd of HP, or the full functionality of the HP site download and does not connect until the installation says to

  • HP Photosmart Premium C309 g: cannot install driver for C309 g on Windows 7 (64)

    After the download and launch the program, he "extracted" to 100%, then disappears.  The installer has simply never opens a dialogue window.  He continues to run forever.   Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    I tried to clean up the registry by using the WinThruster and the Windows Fix - it, application software, but failed.

    Her pinter works well from other devices that are connected to the same network.

    I spend 2 days on this issue and, therefore, your help and support will be much appreciated!

    Best regards, Jan

    Hi @OpaJan

    Follow the steps below and check if it solves the problem:

    1 open the Mcafee Virus and Spyware Protection software you are interested in, click on calendar and perform analyses. Click analysis in real time, and then click stop. Never select and confirm by clicking the button turn off.
    2. open the dialog box run by clicking on the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard. Type %windir%, and then click OK.
    3. type hpoins*.dat in the search bar at top, if there is that no result rename the extention in old instead of dat. (e.g. hpoins1.old)
    4. type hpwins*.dat in the search bar at top, if there is that no result rename the extention in old instead of dat. (e.g. hpwins1.old)
    5. start the Run dialog box by clicking the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard. Type MSIEXEC /Unregister. in the Run dialog box and click OK.
    6. launch the Run dialog box by clicking the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard. Type MSIEXEC/REGSERVER in the Run dialog box and click OK.
    7 restart your PC
    8. run the installation file and check all difference.
    9. Once you have finished, remember to open McAfee and re-enable real-time scanning.

    If the steps above does not help to solve the problem, open the Device Manager and devote the processor category, if you have an AMD processor trying to install the patch below:

    Kind regards

  • TWAIN driver for epson Stylus 600.

    TWAIN driver for epson Stylus 600. warning can't load, although the scanner works.


    Please go to the Microsoft Community Forums.
    1 are you getting this error message trying to update the scanner?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?
    Here are some ways you can follow to resolve the problem:
    Method 1:
    Check out the link and follow the steps in the article:
    Solve printer problems
    Method 2:
    Try to install the drivers in mode to boot from the manufacturer's Web site.
    See also:
    Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7
    I hope this helps.
  • Windows 7 will not recognize driver for HP Scanjet 5370c scanner

    I was not able to get Windows 7 to recognize the driver for my HP Scanjet scanner on my new HP Pavilion Elite a9200z desktop computer.  I tried to install the original driver delivered with the software that not only failed, but it was necessary to do a system restore to an earlier date.  After downloading the software update and the driver on the HP website (for the XP operating system. (No), the software successfully installed but Device Manager said there is no driver installed.  I tried Udating driver in Device Manager, but none were found on the system.  I'm afraid that because the driver is not signed by HP, this is perhaps the reason that the system will not recognize it.  I do not receive a message about the driver being made and has been disabled.

    Where would the driver have been installed under Windows and what would be the name of the file?  Is it possible to install a driver that has not been signed on Windows 7, even though I know that it comes directly from the manufacturer.  I came on this forum that says HP email support is no longer in effect for this scanner.  Scanner was working fine under Windows XP.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

    Thank you for your response.  I posted the same question to the Board of Directors Microsoft as well.  One of the technicians gave me a link to a website that has software in support of scanners which pilots the manufacturer has not, for some reason, took worth to upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7.  I installed Vuescan driver bundled with the program which works perfectly, and my scanner HP Scanjet scanner 5370c is upward and great in Windows 7.  They have a list of more than 100 scanners supported by the program.  So, anyone interested should check the list before you buy the program.  No, the program is not free, but it is much cheaper ($39.95) that pitching on a scanner perfectly ideal of work and having to buy a new one.    Anyway, if anyone is interested in the possibility of using their scanner ' is no longer supported "with Windows 7, the website below might help.

  • Driver of Epson stylus photo PX710W

    I can't find the printer driver for Epson stylus PX710W for my new photo notebook Windows computer 7

    Hi Gillian,

    Welcome to Microsoft communities.

    I understand that you are not able to find the printer driver for Epson photo stylus PX710W.

    Follow the steps described in the articles below:

    Update a hardware driver that is not working properl ' t-work correctly

    Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware

    See the link below:

    Drivers & support: Epson Stylus Photo PX810FW

    Please report if you are still having the problem. I'll be happy to provide you with additional options available that you can use to get this problem is solved.

  • Cannot install itunes for windows - error: Apple Application Support is required to run Itunes Helper. Uninstall and reinstall (as I did twice)

    Cannot install itunes for windows - error: Apple Application Support is required to run Itunes Helper. Uninstall and reinstall (as I did twice)

    For general advice, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates.

    The steps described in the second case are a guide to remove everything related to iTunes and then rebuild what is often a good starting point, unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach.

    Review the other boxes and other support documents list to the bottom of the page, in case one of them applies.

    More information area has direct links with the current and recent buildings if you have problems to download, must revert to an older version or want to try the version of iTunes for Windows (64-bit-for old video cards) as a workaround for problems with installation or operation, or compatibility with QuickTime software or a third party.

    Backups of your library and device should be affected by these measures but there are links to backup and recovery advice there.


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    XP drivers for XP, NOT of Windows 7...

    Go to control panel > devices and printers > click on "add a printer".

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    A list is displayed, but the printer is not in it, then click Windows Update. After a few minutes, a revised list will appear and if you click on the cannon, the BJC 1000 is in the list.

    Click on 'NEXT' and follow the installation instructions...

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