Cannot install flash player, download run script error: could not set correctly - undefined reference innerHTML or zero

Unable to download/install Flash Player, download script error: cannot properly set innerHTML reference undefined or null



The script error is caused by the DPI setting on your system.  If the DPI setting is set to 100%, 125%, 150% or 200% Setup returns the script error. If your DPI setting is set to something else, please set it to one of these and Setup online should work.  To check/change the DPI setting:

  1. Start the control panel and go to control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display
  2. In the left menu, select set size custom text (PPP)
  3. In the Windows Setup custom DPI select 100%, 125%, 150% or 200% in the menu drop-down
  4. Click OK
  5. Select apply
  6. Open a session/disable
  7. Online installer should now run without displaying the script error.

A fix for this should be released in the coming weeks.



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  • Cannot install flash player. After you download the Adobe FLash Player installer and running, a gray pop-up window opens but nothing does not appear in it. There is no progress bar or whatever it is.

    Cannot install flash player. After you download the Adobe FLash Player installer and running, a gray pop-up window opens but nothing does not appear in it. There is no progress bar or whatever it is, and even after keeping it running for a long time, there is no progress. Please help with this question.

    Hi Rlap,

    We are aware of this problem and are working on a fix.  In the meantime, please use the offline installation program, displayed at the bottom of the help page corresponding to your operating system and browser:

    Installers are at the bottom of the page, in the section "problems".



  • Cannot install Flash Player as "only one version of this application can run.

    I had problems with Flash Player earlier today and decided to uninstall it (from Windows 7) and reinstall from scratch.  I uninstalled and tried to reinstall it but now I get the following message appears: cannot install Flash Player as "only one version of this application can run" I tried to uninstall I checked to see if there was still a program to install but it does not exist. I checked my files in Windows and there are several files called Install_Flashplayer _16x32... files. I assume that they are created whenever I tried to install Flash Player.  I thought to delete many files install FlashPlayer but decided to ask for help before taking this step.

    Browser: Firefox 35.0.1

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    64 bit OS

    I managed to install Flash Player and it works. I deleted all the installation files except one who did not want to be deleted, then I started to install Flash Player, until I got the message about the conflicting demands. I then used the Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the Task Manager, then closed all tasks except the Flash Player one. Flash Player finished the installation. Then, I opened a TV Player in Firefox and was able to play a program that requires a Flash Player.

    Why don't I have to use the Task Manager to close applications. I don't remember the last time that I used it ut think that it was a year ago, when my computer would not shut.

  • Cannot install flash player on win 10 ie or chrome

    Cannot install flash player on win 10 ie or chrome



  • Adobe Flash Player could not install. Successful installation of Flash Player manual. Flash Player said "Install Complete" However, Flash Player works with Internet Explorer! What seems to be the problem?

    Adobe Flash Player could not install. Flash Player installation manual (32 & 64-bit version) managed after that Ctrl, Alt, delete on the processes tab find firefox.exe * 32 has been active and I finished it. Flash Player installer said "Install Complete" I uninstalled Firefox and Flash Player several times without success. However, Flash Player works with Internet Explorer! What seems to be the problem? [email protected]

    You have probably installed a 64 bit version of Flash for Firefox plugin.

    Firefox is a 332-bit application, so you need 32-bit versions of a plugin to make it work.

    You can find the 32-bit version of the Flash Player installer for a 32-bit version of Firefox here (scroll down to Flash Player (32-bit)):

  • I need to install Flash Player on a computer that does not have internet access. The 'flashplayer18_d_install.exe' I copied everywhere that 'no Internet' computer wants to deal in the internet to do something and of course fails. I need a ins

    I need to install Flash Player on a computer that does not have internet access. The 'flashplayer18_d_install.exe' I copied everywhere that 'no Internet' computer wants to deal in the internet to do something and of course fails. I need an installation file that won't connect to the internet. -help

    Hi colinkerr22,

    Offline installers are displayed at the bottom of the Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows in the section "problems".



  • Cisco ACS SE "set ip" error: could not set up new NETWORK card configuration.


    I get the error "error: could not set up new NETWORK card configuration." When I try to set the IP ACS SE.

    When I called into the device image and tried to do an initial installation, the IP to not hold after the restart and went back to the default value.

    I went by NetPro and apparently it is a common problem. One person it is solved re-imaging unit, but who has not worked for me.

    Someone there with a solid solution? I use NIC 1 FYI.



    Please make sure that if ACS is associated with active before setting Ethernet connection

    or change the IP address of your ACS system engineer.

    Kind regards

    ~ JG

  • Cannot install Flash Player on Mac OS 10.7 Lion 11.7.700.169

    I tried for days to upgrade Flash Player on my Mac (Mac OS 10.7.5, Safari 6.0.4, current Flash Player version 11.6.602.180) but every time I download install and run it, there is a "General Setup error" quickly after the start of the phase "Installation."

    Each time, Setup ends the "create install" and "Download" phases, but soon after the start of stage 'Installation', an error occurs "error: General Setup error" and Safari is open to & type = install & AppID = 500

    It is unusual for another application 'Install Adobe Flash Player' to open it?  During the "Installation" begins, a second box flash icon appears in the dock, but then closes immediately and the first installation program then displays the ' error: General Setup error "page.

    Is there a log of errors that may be the cause of this problem?

    I managed to solve the problem by installing Flash Player 11.7.700.169 direct download installer: .dmg

  • Cannot install Flash Player version 10.1!

    I tried to install Flash Player 10.1, and the difficulties I've ever had with previous versions. When I try to install it it comes up with this message: error 1031: [path to FLASH PLAYER] [CODE of ERROR WINDOWS]: the file could not be written due to lack of permissions.

    This should be wrong, because I am the admin of my computer, there is no more authorization on my computer that I currently have. I use windows vista Home premium. I tried adobe support, but they are bloody useless. Someone help me please! I have currently no flash drive because I followed his instructions and uninstalled my previous version.

    Thank you


    Soemthing is definitely wrong with this file!  Let's try a clean uninstall and reinstall:

    The installation of Flash Player folder is now empty?  If not, can you reboot and see if that the DLL file is now gone?  If not, can you try to remove it manually?

  • Cannot install Flash Player for Firefox

    I am running Windows XP it with SP4.  IE and the latest version of Firefox are installed.

    In IE and Firefox, trying to install Flash Player with the standard binding, I get an error message in a small window opens, the title "getPlus + (R): error," text 'Cannot load a GUI,' box 'OK '.  I got this by locating a stand-alone installation for IE, who uploaded a file to install it on my computer.  However, this does not work in Firefox, even when access to this link from Firefox.  The file runs, but Flash Player still shows as not installed in Firefox.

    I can't find any program separate stand-alone installers for Flash Player for Firefox.

    This error seems to be generated by the Adobe getPlus product installer.  My thought was to uninstall the Adobe installer and try again.  However, the Adobe installer appears in the list of installed programs, accessible via the Control Panel, BUT by clicking on the button to uninstall the program does nothing.  The program is still present.  I can't find a location for the installer from Adobe on my hard drive.

    Hi Chris, I'm very well know the DLM/getPlus/getPlusPlus/NOS. :-) I see that you are too much now :-) Most users have no problem removing DLM to Add/Remove/programs and features through Control Panel.

    There are a number of things to check. Using IE, go to tools > Internet Options. Click settings, and then view the objects. There that anything appearing on the above?

    When you tried to delete the DLM, were using the administrator account?

    Now, using the start SEARCH, enter in the "part of the name of" gp.ocx and note where it is and right click and delete it. Then, run a SEARCH on gp.inf and do the same thing.

    Did you uninstall Flash Player using the Adobe uninstaller program then try again to install FP in FF?

    I have some info Add ' l on the DLM, etc and will try to get it.

    Thank you


  • 64-bit system cannot install flash player

    I don't see any artwork/photos on Web sites. The photo has an 'x' in a box in the upper left corner of the picture frame always and tells me that I need to install Flash Player. I have a 64 bit system and told me to make my computer a 32-bit system to install FP. No same indication as like going to this topic or if I shouldn't!

    Read the info at the Adobe link above.

    The Internet Explorer shortcut in the Quick Launch toolbar, and in the x 64 Vista Start menu will run the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer by default. Why run the 32-bit version if IE on the 64-bit version of Vista?

    There are actually two shortcuts for Internet Explorer in the "Programs" menu Why two and what is the difference?

    This is the title of each and they run exe:

    Internet Explorer
    "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Internet.

    Internet Explorer (64-bit)
    "C:\Program may Explorer\iexplore.exe.

    One runs IE in the "Program Files (x 86)" folder, this is the 32-bit version. The second is the 64-bit version.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Cannot install Flash player on Windows 7

    I just install window 7 ultimate 64 bit version. When I install flash player, there is a black Virgin page pop up. I expect the white page more than 15 minutes then. There is no action at all. It seems fleeze. I try to restart and install again. The same problem occur. How to solve this problem?

    As always, use offline installers

  • Cannot install Flash Player (Mac)

    I'm trying to install Flash Player on a Mac of Yosemite (10.10.1). Whenever I try to open the installation program, the icon appears in the dock but no user interface never appears and activity monitor describes the application as being insensitive, forcing me from smoking it. I also tried to use the installer to "Flash Player for Safari and Firefox - NPAPI" linked to the Troubleshooting Page and while it provides a user interface and allows me to accept the license agreement it freezes the same way when I accept the terms on the first screen and successful install.

    It is a clean installation of Yosemite, which is not even 24 hours old. The only other things installed on the Machine are the Manager package Java and Apple Homebrew development of command line tools.

    Thanks much for the ideas that you guys can provide.

    I just noticed that there is an update for Mac OS X after posting this (10.10.2) and, of course, that corrects the problem. Why does not install Flash on 10.10.1? It's a mystery.

  • Cannot install Flash Player for Windows 7 64 bit for IE


    Recently I bought the Windows 7 64 bit laptop. Before that, I use my desktop PC with Windows 7 32 bit and everything was fine.

    My problem is on my new laptop with Windows 64 bit, I'm unable to install Flash Player in Internet Explorer. I saw there are a few options to choose the operating system, but what is happending, I always choose Windows 7 64 bit and install it for Chrome and IE is quantity.

    Please give me some suggestions.

    I can play under game on Chrome but unable to play on Internet Explorer, version 10.

    Thank you

    XIe Hui


  • Cannot install Flash Player - says I need to download the missing plugin

    Firefox 3.6.10

    32-bit of Windows XP, SP 3,

    I always have to uninstall my current flash player before installing a new version.  So I uninstalled, but when I try to install the new version, I get a message at the top that I need to install a missing plugin.  All I get when I is me GP. Downloaded XPI that doesn't do anything.  What should I do?  Thanks for any help!

    GP (GetPlus) is the Adobe Download Manager.  Download the installer of Flash Player directly from (for Firefox) and you won't need any DLM.

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