Cannot install Games for Windows Live

I need to install Games for Windows Live to play several games on this laptop.

When I run gfwlivesetup, all downloads very well and gets to the point where it installs GFWL and I get the following error every time:

"An error occurred during the installation of assembly ' Microsoft.VC90.CRT, version ="9.0.21022.8", publicKeyToken ="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b"processorArchitecture ="x 86", type ="win32 "'. See Help and Support for more information. »

Looking through several log files, I discovered the error to be (0x8007078f) code that relates to, "connection failed: the machine you log on is protected by an authentication firewall." The specified account is not allowed to authenticate on the machine. »

So two things come to mind. The account is authenticated and firewall. Well, my account is an administrator account and right click on gfwlivesetup and choose "run as Administrator" does not change a thing. Well, screw the router, I just take the right out of my router modem jack and plug rather the ethernet of my laptop, without going through all the ports that can be blocked. The only firewall that is up and running (the only one installed) is the MS OS firewall, so let's just turn this baby off and still the same error.

So if we ignore all the error code (0x8007078f) completely, then we can treat the error originally presented... I see basically: processorArchitecture = "x 86", type = "win32".

Well, I'm running a Windows 7 64 - Bit, and my processor is a Core i7-740... I am out of the resources here. I have seen many people having the same problem or similar (Google reveals a lot). So if someone is willing to stick with me throughout this, I intend to see resolved (at least for me). I only pray that as I did not reinstall Win 7 or make repairs. They do not understand all of these DVDs with the laptop.

Thanks in advance,

Jimmi G

PS: System Specs

Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel Core i7-740


GeForce GTX 460M

Realtek HD Audio



The information below should be beneficial to obtain a resolution.

Thank you

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  • Cannot install games for windows marketplace, games/install crashing because xlive.dll

    I'm having a problem with a bunch of my games crashing because they say xlive.dll is missing. When I try to uninstall and reinstall Games for Windows live using the link online it starts installing and then gives me the error

    Error writing to the file: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\xlive.dll. Make sure you have access to the directory.
    People said on the forums that games for windows reinstall should solve this problem. Since the XLIV error is the one I am trying to fix I do not understand why the installer would also break due to this file. How can I get rid of these errors?


    You may need to contact Xbox support for help on this issue.

    Games for Windows LIVE game support

  • Games for windows live will not yet installed

    So every time I try and install Games for Windows Live, it says it has "successfully installed, as shown here.

    Then I hit the launch, and it appears.

    I check my installed programs there. I have check the path, not here. I have no idea where it installed, if it is still installed at all, and if ever, it will install. I'm just trying to play with friends on GTA 4 xD

    If someone has help, it would be amazing. I searched the internet for days. Thank you!


    Please contact the Microsoft Community.

    I you have to check out this link-

    Let us know if you have problems with Windows in the future.

  • Games for Windows Live Setup error: "an error occurred during the installation XLiveRedist.msi.

    Original title: Games for Windows Live installation problems.

    I am trying to install Games for Windows Live, but there is a problem. The installation program downloads very well, but when I try to install the program, I get an error stating that: "an error has occurred during installation XLiveRedist.msi. I don't know what it is, or what I can do about it. Anyone know of any solution?    Thank you

    Hi Blackpudding427,

    Please post your concerns on the following forum link that is more related to your problem and can be solved better.

    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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  • Games For Windows Live

    My computer will not let me install Games For Windows Live

    Hi Ironaiden,

    (1) game in which you try to install?
    (2) you get an error message during the installation of the games?

    I suggest you to contact windows live forum for installing games. Check out the link given below to the Windows Live forum.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shalini Surana - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forumand let us know what you think.

  • Games for windows Live ERROR

    I installed games for Windows Live Client. I have internet but when I opened it shows an error on the internet connection. Please give me the solution

    And I want to know the use of gfwlive, and if we can save game with it so how...  Please allow...

    Hello Keshav,

    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue.
    I suggest you try the following article and check if it helps.
    Error connecting to Games for Windows Live
    If it does not help, please report the issue on the Xbox forums.

    Thank you
  • Where is the location of games for Windows Live Marketplace Temp?

    Hi guys,.

    I'm having if bad weather try to install Games for Windows live. I downloaded the Installer and ran it on my computer Windows 8. The downloader has downloaded the files required to install GFWL, but for some reason some got to the point where it said 22.3 MB to 30 MB download and then immediately jumped and said GFWL is now installed.

    When I try to open GFWL, it is ALWAYS asking for me to install Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant. I downloaded that and tried to install several times, but without success!

    1. I tried to install with Windows 7 compatibility. -NO Succeess
    2. I tried to install as administrator (right click Run as administrator) - WITHOUT success.
    3. Every time when I open the installer, he don't ask me to redownload the Setup, which makes me believe that he jumps right to the installer downloaded previously, which the Setup file stored somewhere!
    4. I uninstalled and reinstalled SEVERAL times and did a reset later.

    I have reason to believe that this file is corrupt because it did not download the full 30 MB as indicated by the program. So my main question is, how do I delete temporary files, where the hell it might be, so that I can re - run the installation program and do the installation of games for Windows Live Marketplace program redownload the files from scratch.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Morne,

    Temporary files are stored and used in the TEMP folders and TMP/system or the user temporarily a task is performed.

    Well, if you want to delete the temporary files, then try the following steps:

    a. press the Windows key + R on the keyboard. Type folder in the Run dialog box and press ENTER.

    b. press on Ctrl + A to select all temporary files and press SHIFT + DELETE to remove the temporary files.

    Once you have finished the temp deleting files that you can download and check the status of the issue.

    Poster with the exit status.

  • Games for windows live client cannot install

    Please help me to install Games For Win Live
    Vista home sp2 with 2 n 2g of ram 32-bit core system.
    After downloading the file necessary gfwl, after installation, when I try to connect using my valid passport id in the Launcher error message will produce.., stating that my client had problem and work stoppage. Need help please, I have tried with my laptop xp no problem at all, it is only with my office. I tried to many now install and uninstall process.
    Thank U.

    Hi D33Viilz,

    I found a post on the Games for Windows Live site that has addressed your question.  Here are the steps and the link to the original post:

    If you're running Vista, you can not uninstall all .NET Framework before 3.0.

    If you haven't already, you will need to download 3.5 SP 1 here:

    If you are running Windows 7, it should have the most recent of the .NET Framework.

    Also, I would say that you are using the tool Mod proposed ( to completely remove Microsoft Games for Windows LIVE and LIVE Redistributable.

    When you have finished using the cleanup utility, check that it has been removed through programs and features.

    Restart your PC, and then re-download the newest Client of Games for Windows LIVE here:

    Original Link:

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Games for windows live cannot connect

    Games for windows live cannot connect to the internet, this problem started last week when I tried to play Dawn of war 2 online. At that time I was running Vista Ultimate 64 bit and after exhausting all existing boards on this site and many others, I decided to completely format my PC and start again with Windows 7 64 bit, but I have the same problem exact. only now my profile is no longer stored on my PC because I formatted so I can still play offline.

    After trying to connect, it says "the profile could not be connected to LIVE. "There may be a network problem or the Windows Live ID service may not be available" option on the GFWL client network status says:

    NIC: Local 2 network connection

    Internet IP address: not connected

    Local IP address:

    System link address:

    Account PC: PC.000000000000

    UPnP: Not signed in

    PC ID: 0X10DF99910D0A00E8

    I have made the following recommended to others in similar situations, has passed all the recommended ports (TCP 53,80,443,3074) and UDP 53,88,3074, installed and running Windows fix it, Microsoft.Net 4.0 update, installed and run Winsockfix, disabled windows firewall (I have not installed any other protection software yet) compatible UPnP on my router, changed my static connection type and still no progress. My router is supported and I am in a country supported direct (UK). This my independent being, but I also experience certificate errors when you use Microsoft sites, which is strange as I said that the Web site of the company that developed the program that I use is dangerous. It's my totally finished in guys any help would REALLY be apreciated. Cheers.

    I can't believe ive finally resolved, hours after validation. the button on my motherboard battery had been dislodged and my date and time have been reset in 2009, whenever I stop my PC. everything is working fine now GFWL working and no more certificate errors.

  • Games for Windows Live Marketplace/customer refuses to install

    Hello there, as the title suggests, games for Windows Live Marketplace/customer refuses to install.

    I tried downloaded the file several times, install several times, running through a few things that others have posted, despite my problem is not the same and nothing so far.

    What happens is, when you open the customer immediately, without visibly doing anything, stops and says;

    Installation failed
    An error has occurred. Error code: 0 x 80070057
    Please visit our homepage to support for possible solutions: (button)
    For more information about why this error occurred, please check log files: (button)

    Search the error code returns results that are not relevant to me, and nobody seems to have the same problem as I am, with her not get up after initial start-up.

    As the log file suggest you, I am running 64 bit Windows 8 Pro.

    Logging started: 25/02/2013 12:47:03
    Source file: D:\Downloads
    OS v6.2 (version 9200) 64 - bit
    OS product type: 0 x 00000030
    The user by default LCID: 0 x 0409
    Command line: "D:\Downloads\gfwlivesetup (1) .exe".
    (12: 47:03) Direct DL: 0
    (12: 47:03) Recent DL: 0
    (12: 47:03) offer ID:
    (12: 47:03) Initialized
    (12: 47:03) C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Local\Microsoft\GFWLive\Downloads download folder
    (12: 47:03) version download file for C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Local\Microsoft\GFWLive\Downloads\gfwlivesetup_15560.ver
    (12: 47:03) initialized resources
    (12: 47:03) Download status:
    (12: 47:03) download status:
    (12: 47:03) download status:
    (12: 47:03) download status: application/octet-stream
    (12: 47:03) download status:
    (12: 47:03) Download status: C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\7NPLHSZ1\gfwlivesetup[1].txt
    (12: 47:03) download status:
    (12: 47:03) current version: 3.5.0089.0 (WGX_XLIVE_V3.05_RTM (panblder). 110411-1052)
    (12: 47:03) the most recent version:
    (12: 47:03) Failed download [Code: 80070057 0 x]
    (12: 47:03) an error occurred. Error code: 0 x 80070057
    (12: 47:03) an error occurred. Error code: 0 x 80070057

    having the same problem. trying to play gtaIV on windows 8.1

    tried to install GFWmarketplace. but his failure. have downloaded the files, but it cannot continue to install.

    See the log... help please.

    Logging started: 17/03/2015-16:28:10
    Source file: C:\Users\RogerAnthony\Downloads
    OS v6.1 (build 7600) 64 - bit
    OS product type: 0 x 00000003
    The user by default LCID: 0 x 3409
    Command line: "C:\Users\RogerAnthony\Downloads\gfwlivesetup.exe."
    (16:28:10) Direct DL: 0
    (16:28:10) recent DL: 0
    (16:28:10) ID of the offer:
    (16:28:10) Initialized
    (16:28:11) download C:\Users\RogerAnthony\AppData\Local\Microsoft\GFWLive\Downloads folder
    (16:28:11) initialized resources
    (16:28:11) file version C:\Users\RogerAnthony\AppData\Local\Microsoft\GFWLive\Downloads\gfwlivesetup_19165.ver download
    (16:28:11) download status:
    (16:28:11) download status:
    (16:28:15) download status:
    (16:28:15) download status: text/plain
    (16:28:15) download status:
    (16:28:15) download status: C:\Users\RogerAnthony\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\6J603I1K\gfwlivesetup[1].txt
    (16:28:15) download status:
    (16:28:15) current version: 3.5.0089.0 (WGX_XLIVE_V3.05_RTM (panblder). 110411-1052)
    (16:28:15) latest version: 3.5.0089.0
    (16:28:16) download redists only
    (16:28:16) Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE (pending)
    (16:28:16) games for Windows Marketplace Client (pending)
    (16:28:16) Microsoft .NET Framework (found)
    (16:28:16) Windows Live ID Sign - in Assistant (pending)
    (16:28:16) download Notification of start: 0
    (16:28:16) Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE (download...)
    (16:28:18) increased by 15%
    (16:28:18) Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE (downloaded)
    (16:28:18) download Notification of beginning: 1
    (16:28:18) games for Windows Marketplace Client (download...)
    (16:28:20) rise by 43%
    (16:28:20) games for Windows Marketplace Client (downloaded)
    (16:28:20) download Notification of beginning: 3
    (16:28:20) Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant (download...)
    (16:28:22) rise by 100%
    (16:28:22) Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant (downloaded)
    (16:28:22) download Notification of arrival: 0
    (16:28:22) Install began
    (16:28:22) install Notification of beginning
    (16:28:22) Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE (check...)
    (16:28:22) Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE (pending)
    (16:28:22) InstallProduct error: 0x800b0003
    (16:28:22) an error has occurred. Error code: 0x800b0003
    (16:28:22) an error has occurred. Error code: 0x800b0003

  • I bought the PC Version of Fable III of this year early and installed and created an account with games for windows Live!

    I bought the PC Version of Fable III of this year early and installed and created an account with games for windows Live! About 2 months ago, I formatted my computer and reloaded windows 7! Last night I downloaded Microsoft Flight and used my existing account to play! Today, I installed Fable III and the game won't start as it says that I am not connected to the internet! This is wrong since I write here for you! Why my game will not, organize that I have connected to my account last night with problem now? Please help me?

    Yes, unfortunately GFWL's an imperfect system. Steam has similar problems. I find the best way to avoid
    problems is to play all the games that are related to a system off line.
    I have absolutely no interest in what GFWL can offer online, in any case.
    Many games have a "fix" for GFWL, which are generally easy to find through a search.
    Of course these only help facilitate offside line.

    Try Timeslips Fable 3 GFWL remover - it is well known in the modding community, particularly
    its managers mod for Bethesda games and his job is safe to use.



  • Cannot connect to Games For Windows Live

    I used to connect, but now I can't connect to Games for Windows Live in Resident Evil 5. Here are the steps I've tried and have failed.

    1. Sync would have time with internet time.
    2. Assigned a static IP in my router and forwarded the ports UDP 88 and TCP/UDP 3074 to this IP address.
    3. Give my NIC priority in the data card advanced.
    4. Downloaded the latest version of gfwlivesetup.exe.
    5. Deleted my internet cache.
    6. Has allowed the application of GFWLClient.exe in my Windows 7 firewall.
    7. I have all the criticism and non-critical Windows updates installed.

    I can connect on the market very well out of the game. Here is the information on my network settings from in the game.

    • Network adapter: network Local 2 connection (my Local Area Connection 1 is disabled)
    • Internet IP address: Not logged
    • Local IP address:
    • The system link address:
    • Account PC: PC.000001A56CA8
    • UPnP: Not signed in
    • PC ID: 0XA7906366EECD27EE
    • NAT type: open

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Please contact the Microsoft Community.

    I wish that refer you to this article for assistance more-

  • Virtua Tennis 4 - games for Windows LIVE

    Virtua Tennis 4 cannot start (steam purchase) because the game cannot connect to Games for Windows live service. It turns out that Batman Arkham Asylum is unable to access the service, too. So the problem seems to be related to the service. Uninstall and try to reinstall the service appears a window of compatibility problem known for her, a help line (via the button) is currently (29/12/2012) is not available.

    Without the service won't start even Virtua Tennis.

    On my sons computer (RC Win8) the service works correctly (with him), so it might be a problem with the configuration of my computer (PC connected to the DC games started through local account). I know that some games have problems trying to run them from a DC user (perhaps because of the redirected folders), but the local user was the way to go. Not the case this time.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Virtua Tennis 4 error message has

    "Fatal Error!"
    Could not initialize the Games for Windows Live. This application will be closed.

    Uninstall the "games for Windows - LIVE redistributable Microsoft ' and 'Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace' and resettlement of did the trick.



    first a few times I have uninstalled, and used the Setup program provided with the game (compatibility issue window), later I ran the installation from the web site. The installer found the client already installed (but did not check the version?) and took the plunge. Only after uninstallation, the correct client has been downloaded.

  • Games for windows live program does not. is not resident evil 5

    I am resident evil 5. the game won't start it comes up with an error xliveinitialize. also games for windows marketplace program will not work. I have download. install it. then try to run and he told me that the software files are missing and I want to install them. so I click Yes and it will make me re-download anywhere. and that never works. so now, ive got a game, I can't play and a program to make the game play that will also work. What can I do to fix this


    (1) what version of windows are you using?

    (2) at what point of the installation you get the error message?

    See the link below.

    If the link above is not enough, post in Games for Windows - Live forums.


    I hope this helps.

  • Games for Windows Live how to save GTA IV Savegames

    A few weeks back I installed (via Windows updates) Games For Windows Live and it diverted Launcher of GTA IV all my save games of this profile now gone. All progress is lost. I restarted the game from the beginning and finally reached this point.

    But there are few questions.

    How to get back up to record games. What profile must be saved from App data or similar folder. And reinstallation of one or the other or both Windows and GTA IV. I have to recognize correctly save the profile and games. Am I'll settle GFWL (reinstall on windows) or I can play games with GTA IV save and start the game with the GTA IV launcher. In short be Games For Windows Live to play GTA IV. I really hate GFWL recital that he deleted hours of gamplay saved on my drive.


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