Cannot install iTunes and a few updates on Windows Vista

Original title: the purchase, I was unable to install itunes and some updates on my laptop.

I could not install certain programs esp. itunes says error message my windows installer is running in SafeMode... or does not work properly (I'm not running in safe mode).  and some windows more major updates such as the profile of framework 4 client for windows vista x 64 bit systems and smaller as live office adds to 1.5 install and let me with 643 and error code 6 B 7.

I was able to install some things that say 'administrator' wil do not allow (whereas I am the administrator, and it's the only profile on my computer) by 'save' and downloaded the installation from the file. but it did not work for the itunes.

I had my laptop to two different computer repair centers and could help.


Try to install and run Windows Installer Cleanup Utility: and see if that helps.

Here is an article on how to solve the problems of Vista update:

When you try to install the program, right click on the system icon and click on run as administrator and see if that makes a difference (sometimes it does).

For problems of iTunes, visit the iTunes support group at the: where they have contact information and access to forums like this one for iTunes.  They will help.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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